The Spelling-McDermotts After Dinner Pick-Me-Up

07/22/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Ahmad Elatab/Splash News Online

How cute! While Tori Spelling looked on with a smile, Dean McDermott gave kids Liam Aaron, 2, and Stella Doreen, 13 months, a ride to the car after dinner at Coogies on Saturday in Malibu, Calif.

After their restaurant run, the family stopped by CVS to pick up some things, but quickly left once little Liam starting having a meltdown!

Catch Tori and Dean every Tuesday night on Home Sweet Hollywood, airing at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

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ang on

i love stella’s boots, so cute. tori’s been on the today show in NYC this week talking about mommy bloggers and such and dean’s been on local tv in L.A. promoting the ride for autism he’s doing(since meeting jenny mccarthy while filming earlier this year-readers will know her son evan has the condition).

Ashleigh on

This family is great!

becka on

Looks like Tori might be suffering from an eating disorder. I have never seen her this thin. Look at her legs.

Brandi on

I love how Tori has a handprint of food smeared on the bottom of her shirt. Looks like me after I take my kids out to eat.🙂🙂

jenny on

Oh lord have mercy it’s the eating disorder comment again…Look everyone its not a photo op!! What will you complain about?

Melissa on

Tori is thin… Really really thin. There is no denying that. I hope she has folks around her that are paying attention and can intervene when necessary. Sad.

bungalowbliss on

Huh, I was thinking how good (happy) Tori looks here. Cute family all around!

Becka on

Jenny, it was just an observation.

Jessica on

Such a sweet family! I feel bad for Tori, Liam seems to be a handful! I have a son and daughter the same ages as Liam and Stella, luckily my son’s not really a terrible two year old.

jenny on

I’ts an old observation.

Suzanne on

Tori has always been thin….I think they look really happy and Liam looks and acts like a typical two year old to me. I think they are a lovely family….

Mom of Ella, Max, and Hayes on

Does anybody know where Stella’s blanket/sweater is from she is holding? Anyway, Tori does look REALLY thin. Look at her legs compared to Dean’s! And Jenny,I think people have the option to say what they want. Many are concerned about Tori, and we are just trying to get people to realize this may not just be a “getting back into shape” weight loss. Just because many people have pointed it out, i’s fine!!!! We just want her healthy.

aurora mia on

Oh my gosh…look at her legs compared to Deans! Yikes….But I do love her 🙂 This is a great photo.

Micheley on

They are such an adorable family!
And about Tori’s weight, I just started watching Beverly Hills 90210 and noticed that Tori was thin way back when. I think, like Tori mentioned, people got used to her being pregnant and the aftermath of pregnancy and they just aren’t used to it. But on 90210 she was def. the tiniest girl.

Angi on

So cute! Also, looks like the kids got mommy messy😉

Erin on

I love Tori, but if she was my friend I’d tell her I was concerned about her weight. Just like I would to a friend who’s too heavy. Granted I’m not her friend – but I do notice the obvious! I suppose Courtney Love looks fine, too? Come on. Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you don’t have eyes and a brain.

Jessica on

Suzanne, I don’t know what kid of two year olds you’re around, but mine isn’t throwing tantrums left and right and hitting me like Liam does to Tori! Two or not, that kind of behavior is not acceptable for a child of any age. I agree with Tori when she said she gets nervous when she has to discipline him in public because everyone is watching and ready to judge. That’s why I feel bad for her.

Becka on

Jenny, it’s not an old observation. Others seem to agree with me. And like I said, I have never seen her THIS thin, so to me, it’s a new observation. I don’t mean anything bad by it. It just saddens me. Tori appears to always have struggled with her looks. But now, being the mom of 2 kids, she needs to stay strong and healthy for herself and for her kids. She may always have been thin, but this looks unhealthy to me. JMO.

JMO on

I have a feeling they’re letting Liams hair grow long. I sure hope not he’s too cute for long hair! And stella, wow , a spitting image of her papa!

Ali on

I love this family but I have to admit I often wonder how late the kids stay up at night. I know every family has a different schedule but I’m used to the two year olds around me going to bed around the same time as my son…7:30pm.

Caitie on

I seriously wish more people would watch their show before commenting on her weight. She just talked about it last week. She said that it’s hard because she was basically pregnant for 2.5 years in the media spotlight and people don’t remember her from before. They just remember her when she was heavier during her pregnancies. She also said that she IS healthy, but that she could probably take better care of herself than she does. She is NOT anorexic, she is NOT 95 pounds like the media likes to claim she is. She’s said that she does not weigh any less than she did during her 90210 days and that if anything, she probably could eat healthier but with the two kids, the promo and stuff she’s been doing for her book, and the work she did last season on 90210 sometimes it’s easier to grab what’s quick and not necessarily good for you.

She said that when she looks at the pictures that the media uses, she sees someone who is tired and stressed and is working to help support her family. I know people on this site always have issues with celebrity moms because they think celebrity moms should be able to do it better because of the resources they have available to them or because they claim they “have to do” things when they really don’t, but that’s neither here or there. Those are her words “tired and stressed”. She’s also been under stress with all of the stuff her mom has been pulling with the media. The open letters and such. If Tori has said it once, she’s said it a dozen times on the show. She would LOVE for her mother to be a part of the kids lives. She wants her mom to meet Stella and to be a grandmother. She has said that if Candy called and asked to see them, she would let her in an instant, the she would never deprive her kids of their grandmother or Candy of her grandchildren.

I love this family and the weight crap annoys me. It’s fine and dandy to judge off of a few pictures that the paparazzi take, but what you see in pictures is never the whole story and it’s sad that people are so quick to just assume they know all because of what they see in a few pictures.

Mary on

Who said Liam was hitting Tori? It said he had a meltdown. It’s funny when people say, “that’s unacceptable” or “you need to get control of your children”. As a mother of a very well behaved 5 yo son who never went through the terrible two’s and an almost 3 yo daughter who is hell on wheels, I can say, I raised them both the same way and some kids just have a little more sass in them. I sometimes feel I have zero control over my daughter and it’s frustrating but my son was really easy going at her age. So I feel for Tori, I think she’s awesome and her family is beautiful.

Angie on

“I seriously wish more people would watch their show before commenting on her weight. She just talked about it last week.”

I don’t understand why it is that every time someone says anything critical of this family people chime in with the response that we would all understand if we only watched the shows and/or read her books. I’ve watch every episode of their show, and read both of her books, and I still think she is too thin (much thinner than she was before she got pregnant). Watching the show and reading the books did nothing to improve my opinion of this family.

As for Liam, I have had to keep the mute button handy this season because I am worn out from listening to his tantrums. And I do not agree that it’s typical two year old behavior. I have taken care of 52 children over the course of my nanny career, and his behavior is not that of a typical 2 year old. It’s behavior of a two year old whose parents either: aren’t firm enough, don’t keep him to a consistent enough schedule, or are exposing him to too much stimuli. After watching the show I can see that in Liam’s case it’s a mixture of all three.

Terri on

Tori has always been extremely thin. Always.

Cute pics of Dean toting the kids.

Mrs. R. on

Good gracious. What parent HASN’T had to leave a store because their overtired toddler has had a meltdown. No matter HOW much ‘control’ one exerts over their child’s behavior, sometimes the kid just has been pushed to the limit (aka, past bedtime, after an excting restaurant dinner, running one more errand, etc.) If Tori & Dean left with a crying kid in tow, it means they WERE being responsible. It’s not like the story reads “Tori and Dean allowed Liam to throw a tantrum in the store, kicking, screaming, throwing candy bars and energy drinks”.

Meg on

I swear, it’s either one celebrity is way too thin after pregnancy or she hasn’t lost the “baby weight” fast enough. Every female’s body is different. Get over it.

Suzanne on

I don’t think LIam is throwing tantrums left and right!!!!!! on

We love Tori and Dean!

Caitie on

Angie – I’m referring to watching the show in relation to her weight specifically. That’s great that you think she’s too thin, but I was talking about the people claiming she’s unhealthy. She’s responded to the criticism and people either haven’t seen it or have seen it (like yourself) and refuse to believe what she has to say. People are going to continue to be judgmental and think that their opinion is right no matter what celebrities say and that’s a really sad state of affairs. I really want to know where this mentality came from that it’s okay to judge others.

Jessica on

Suzanne, have you watched the show? Liam is constantly in tantrum mode. And Mary, Tori herself complains about Liams hitting, she said in the last episode “yeah Liam only hit his teacher twice” and you see him hit his parents in almost every show. Totally agree Angie, definitely not typical two year old behavior.

lauralee on

I always think it’s weird when people comment about toddlers/babies/young children going to bed late. Some kids are late people, just like some adults are. We’re all late people in my family. My 2-yer-old goes to bed somewhere between 10 and 11pm. But he also sleeps til about 9 or 10 am and takes a long late afternoon nap. As long as the amount of total sleep is enough, and the child is happy and healthy, it doesn’t matter. Personally, I could never in a million years imagine putting a child to bed at 7:30 (I know daycare/school is an issue for some; we homeschool so don’t have to worry about that aspect). 7:30 is still really light out! And my DH doesn’t get home until after 6. We’re not going to kill ourselves to try to speed out some evening routine just because of some arbitrary idea of when kids should go to bed (despite what my own mom thinks, LOL!) We are often just headed out the door to dinner around 7 or 7:30 and might run an errand or drop by the bookstore or park afterward…I’m not a huge Tori fan, but I won’t criticize her there.

robinepowell on

Wow those kids look like Dean. I noticed Lian’s gone blonde now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Stella did too.😉

crimpe on

Looks like Dean gained whatever Tori lost.

Anna on

Love them!! They have such beautiful children.🙂

Stephanie on

Wow, so many people judging about what’s “typical 2 year old behavior,” really makes me feel disheartened about the parenting job I’m doing. My 2 year old is on a regular schedule for eating and sleeping, we have plenty of structure and discipline, and yet he’s still pretty wild. I have to be constantly vigilant that he’s not hurting my 10 month old son, or myself, because it’s a pretty regular occurance. I feel beat down at the end of many days, and reading comments like this make me feel like the crappiest mom ever. I feel for Tori, it’s so difficult. And people delight in telling me that the three’s are worse – thanks so much!

Anna on

She was thin on BH90210 but not this thin. This looks unhealthy.
And not everyone watches the show, it’s not even on where I live.

Angie on

“I really want to know where this mentality came from that it’s okay to judge others.”

I don’t know, you tell me since you’re juding those who are judging Tori. At least some of us can admit that we’re judging. I judge Tori because she has sold her life to the public and put it out there on display. If she doesn’t want to be judged for her personal life then she should keep her personal life personal. As soon as you sell your life to the highest bidder that all goes out the window.

I would love to know where the attitude of “We should never criticize other’s choices even when those choices involve exploiting two small children for money” came from. I believe in using the brain I was given to think critically about what I’m being told, and to decide for myself whether the words someone is telling me is true or not – rather than just blindly believing what someone tells me, especially when what they are telling me blatantly contradicts the reality of the situation. Tori tells us she isn’t thinner than she was before pregnancy when there are pictures to contradict that. Tori tells us she can’t afford to be a stay-at-home Mom even though she has a reality show that shows just how extravagant her lifestyle is. Tori tells us she is nothing like her mother even though she spends about 50% of the time on the show doing exactly what she complained about her mother doing. Tori tells us she does everything for the sake of her kids even though what she is really doing is exploiting them for profit.

So, no thank you, I will not take the “I’m not going to judge” approach – because I am really sick of Tori’s attempts to deceive the public.

Tracy on

Tori has always been thin. She looks great IMO. My niece is 2.5 yrs old and has her moments. She can be sweet as pie one moment and have a meltdown another when she does not get her way.

Her bedtime is no where near 7:30pm. If she went to bed at 7:30pm she would wake up at 12:00 thinking it was a nap. She asks to go to bed between 9:00pm and 9:30pm and sleeps about 9 1/2 hours.

Please – if you do not live in their life – please do not judge. Every child/person is different.

Linda on

I watched the show last season. I watched it because I was bored & couldn’t find anything else to watch. I had never really liked Tori that much before, but fell in love with their family & their friends & haven’t missed it since. Tori has always been skinny & I think she looks cute & is just a little girl. My daughters were all skinny like her & used to get mad when people would call them skinny. I wish people would quit putting such an emphasis on every woman’s weight. We are all different. I cry everytime she talks about her relationship with her mother. I can’t imagine not speaking to my daughters & not being in my grandchildren’s lives. I would not let anything keep me away from my kids & grandkids….Are you listening Candy?!

gaia's mom on

People “forgot” how thin she was?? Heidi Klum was pregnant was for the part 4 years and no one jumped on how thin she looked and she’s a supermodel! I don’t know if she’s got an eating disorder or not, an eating disorder encompasses a lot more than just losing a lot of weight.

I do know, that she looks different and to a lot of peoples eyes unhealthy, whether she is or isn’t none of us can judge. But even if she was unhealthily thin or had an eating issue I doubt she’d come out and admit it. Weight issues are rampant in the entertainment business yet celebs rarely come out and talk about their problems until they’re past them(if ever).

Oh and my kid goes to bed around 10-11 too. I don’t go to bed until 12 or 1 so if she went to bed at 7 our schedules wouldn’t match. Plus her father comes home pretty late and they need some time in.

CelebBabyLover on

Jessica- Interesting about the teacher comment! I wonder when Liam started going to school, and why we never see photos of them taking him to school?

Karm on


While I don’t agree with your sentiments on letting your child stay up late, I am happy to note that he does get the recommended 12 hours of sleep per day as that is what a child his age requires. It is very different when you have your child at home and that routine works for you.

And again your notes on school?daycare are insightful as well. I have several small children in my class who do not take a nap, go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 6am. THAT is unhealthy and is depriving children of the REM sleep they need to grow and learn.

Just to clarify I am not judging you but sharing some expert opinions with other moms and caregivers. Thanks!

By the way it is funny to me that Liam and Stella look so different in this photo. Often they have a strong resemblance between them.

Sarah on

I am liking this show more and more. Tori and Dean are just so likable and their kids are adorable!

natz on

aaagh!!! Most of you people are being so catty and annoying. GEEZ!

Bancie1031 on

I think Tori looks great as does the rest of her family ….. Liam and Stella are such cuties and look so much like one another …..
Sorry but I can’t help but say this …… I love have other people love to “chime” in on a way someone else raise their children ….. if said person isn’t caring for YOUR child why does it matter how they choose to raise their child(ren)or if you think their child throws tooo many tantrums then just be glad that your child “didn’t behave” that way …….

emma on

Ahh Liam aka Monkey and Stella aka buggy are so cute

Jessica on


Jessica- Interesting about the teacher comment! I wonder when Liam started going to school, and why we never see photos of them taking him to school?
I have no idea when he started school or where he goes, I don’t stalk them. Watch the show, it was a big deal getting himm ready for the first day of school, monkey backpack and all. She was telling her friend Jenny how Liam has only hit the teacher twice. How am I supposed to know why there aren’t pictures, just because the paparazzi don’t take pictures of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen! I’m pretty sure she also explains how she had to dodge the paps in a parking lot to take him to school…

melania on

Oh baby- I remember the terrible twos. I only had real problems with one out four (not bad). Actually the baby isn’t 2 yet so I should say one out of three and fingers crossed on the fourth.🙂 Our son was so badly behaved at Liam’s age. He hit a priest at his preschool and a teacher too among countless other behaviors. I was so embarrassed and I still don’t think I’m over it yet. Unlike Tori, we did not go out to eat, to church, or really anywhere for over a year. You know, sometimes hindsight is 20/20 and there were things I could have done differently but he was the firstborn and I didn’t know any better. Now he is 12 and so caring, smart, and responsible you would never know he is the same boy. So there is hope.

Jessicad on

Brancie1031, I agree with everything you said!

It annoys me hearing from all the perfect know it all mothers out there who know how to raise every child and judge the rest of us for doing it differently. I didn’t see Tori asking us for advice on Liam’s meltdowns so I really don’t know why people are even talking about it, it’s her son, her business.

sunflower on

it doesnt matter if Tori was thin or not before being pregnant – she’s always been TOO thin then!But when youre on the tv every day and everyones always watching you and comparing you to ‘the way she was before’ then sure she’s bound to want to be that thin again, even if it wasnt healthy then and isnt healthy now.

And certainly isnt a healthy role model for girls to aspire to and message for women to roll with their lives and grow as their bodies change. Being as thin as you were in your teens and early 20s doesnt look good on an older body that has changed shape.

It’s a shame that she feels that pressure and more a shame that she is falling for it. not a good place to be.

Seraphina on

I think the family looks cute in that picture. I remember back in the 90210 days Tori saying she was a size zero and all her clothes had to be especially made, so I too doubt that she is thinner than she was back then.

I’m sure like all of us, Tori and Dean are doing the best they can.
I don’t think they’ll ever be universally adored by people at CBB for a couple of reasons: Firstly, they each cheated on their respective spouses and broke up their marriages to be together and secondly, they have a reality TV show and their children are on it. For those reasons people think they can judge them harshly.

Maybe they are jerks and out to exploit their kids, and maybe they’re just actors raising a family and happy to let their lives be filmed and shown on tv. Who knows?

kai on

@Angie: Amen! It’s like motherhood/cute babies whitewashs everyone these days.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Those kids are so precious!! They both look like a mini Dean.

diana on

I’ve just been today through identity photos of myself from the last 12 years. In this time lapse I’ve had 3 babies and gained 15 pounds, yet my face at least (but my body also) look skinnier, bonnier. I’ve lost the teen cheeks.
Also, I haven’t seen Brook Shields for some time on film, and I was surprised, at Staples Center, how angular her face is nowadays. Remember her in Blue Lagoon? All that sweetness of her face transformed into a different expression.
Maybe a similar transformation is going on with Tori, also. I, for one, am envious that she’s so thin after 2,5 years of pregnancy. Not green envy, just admiration and regret I haven’t been the same. And in a few years, when things will settle a bit with the kids, she’ll be more rested, relaxed and curvier.

Zbella on

All I can think when I see Tori is how sickly skinny she looks. Thin is one thing, a walking skeleton is another. She has a problem, no doubt. I also lost too much weight when my second child weaned himself. I had 2 children and went from pregnant to nursing to pregnant to nursing (even overlapping for several months). The kicker was when I had issues with my family, my husband got a new job and we moved 3 times. I went to the doctor when I saw that my size 2 jeans were falling off my hips. It was really scary. I thought I was eating, but in reality I had no appetite so I wasn’t eating enough. What worked for me was getting pregnant again😉 Now that my youngest has weaned I’m still at a healthy weight and I hope to stay there. I’m not saying Tori is anorexic (although she sure looks it) but her weight could and will affect her concentration, health and fertility. It’s very serious. I hope she is getting help and support.

Regarding 2 year olds, I learned my lesson in not judging others. I had a 2 year old boy with sensory issues. He hit doctors, teachers, strangers, anyone who touched him w/o permission. It took us 3 years to figure out what was going on and by then we had a lot of people telling us to spank him or that he was a bad kid. Nope, he’s a great kid who was misunderstood, even by professionals.

I was a nanny and teacher before I had kids and I know you will never understand until/unless you have a kid with different needs or personality. I learned how to care about what the public thinks because it’s the child who matters. This is one reason I would NEVER have cameras in my home!

anon on

Wow she is grossly thin…(I apologize for the negative comment). But, that does not look healthy to me at all…

Becky on

I can honestly say I am jealous of Tori and Dean! Here I am, sitting in an office, while my husband is at his job. My daughter is with her sitter from 8am-4pm and we struggle to pay the bills each month. If I was offered to do a reality show and invite a camera crew in my house a few hours a week to film our everyday life, as a family…….I would quit my job today! They get to be home with their kids and earn a living. I am sure her children wouldn’t mind growing up on TV or with a camera crew in their life because they will remember being with their parents all the time! I would do that in a heartbeat! I don’t feel they exploit their children and the comments they get when they take their kids to events…I don’t get them because they just want to be with their children, I see nothing wrong with that. Call me crazy….

Becky on

Also, Jessica….Celebbabylover was just asking a simple question and she complemented you on an “interesting comment”. She wasn’t being nasty or snide so I am not sure why you are giving her such an attitdue. She is always very nice in her posts and don’t feel she deserved that. She actually brought up a good point. We know from the show that Liam is in school now, and once she pointed out that we never see pics of them taking him to school, she’s right. That is suprising because like SJP, we used to see pics of her taking James to school all the time, but, with Liam, they probably don’t walk him to school, they probably drive him so there would be a smaller chance of getting pictures of him going to school.

babyboopie on

All I can see is an emaciated lady, a straggly guy with a scared looking baby and a toddler who looks extremely mischievous! That is what I see.

Jana on

Liam is only 2 and appears to weigh more than Tori. Both of Tori’s legs together are only half of one of Dean’s legs. I’m surprised he doesn’t break her! Any woman who excuses Tori’s weight is probably also very thin or wants to be. I don’t care what is said in the books or interviews. Tori needs to go on a diet of steak and potatoes–end of story! Tori was never this thin on Beverly Hills 90210. I watched nearly every episode and was never grossed out by her weight like I am now.

April on

We can’t compare a woman’s leg to a man’s but I think the poster was using it as a reference. Tori has great friend’s, a good husband and a great relationship with her dr-I’m sure she doesn’t need us to bring her weight to attention. Enough! My daughter doesn’t have constant meltdowns at 2.5 although she does have them But she doesn ot have the pressures of celebrity sourrounding her either. Tori and Dean do a fine job with him, are human and parents. Also my daughter doesn’t have a sibling-he’s had a busy year in the middle of a difficult stage for any toddler. I beleive in exposing my daughter to as much as I can and now Tori’s life and mine are total opposites I do not think taking them to dinner is any problem what so ever. Keep loving your babies Tori-great job! Can’t wait to park ito n the couch for the next episode!

CelebBabyLover on

Becky- Thank you!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

About Tori’s weight…It could very well be that Tori is the type of person who simply has trouble keeping weight on. Some people have super-fast metabolisims and thus have trouble gaining any weight, just as some people seem to gain weight even if they eat the healthiest diet on the planet!

kai on

They all have super fast metabolisms and are either “naturally skinny” or just “stressed”. Nevermind that Hollywood is probably the vainest, most competitive, weight-obsessed place in the world.

you can’t diagnose a mental disorder from a picture, but she looks ill to me in recent pictures. I’ve never seen anyone being this thin without being sick one way or the other. That said, it’s none of my business, but those excuses irritate me to no end. come on.

leonor on

some people are just thin. I would be more worried about the fact that many of the people writing in this blog are too fat. Being overweight is a lot more dangerous than bein thin. Tori looks great and her kids couldn’t be more adorable. She seems like a GREAT mom and a sweet, nice person.

CelebBabyLover on

kai- I never said that every women in Hollywood who’s thin has a fast metabolism, is naturally skinny, or is stressed. I’m just saying that those things (whether seperetly or in combination), DO probably account for SOME of the thin women in Hollywood.

All I was trying to say is that we have no way of knowing why Tori is thin, if she has an eating disorder or other mental problem, or if she is sick (only she, Dean, her doctor, and possibly her close friends can know those things for sure). It might be due to a fast metabolsim, it might not be. My point is that we really shouldn’t be judging Tori, since we have no idea what’s behind her thinness.

lenor- Actually, being underweight can be just as dangerous as being overweight. Anorexia, for example, can and often does kill it’s victims. Even when Anorexics don’t die of their diease, it often has devestating effects, such as organ damage, brittle bones (due to calcium defincy), and infertility.

Bottomline, being too skinny can be just as bad as being too fat. That said, I agree with you about the fact that some people are just thin! That was what I was trying to say earlier. Some people can be thin…but still be perfectly healthy!🙂

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