Maggie Stewart: Up, Up and Away!

07/22/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

She’s getting some air! Jon Stewart and wife Tracy give daughter Maggie Rose, 3 ½, a lift while strolling in the Tribeca neighborhood in Manhattan on Saturday.

Along for the ride was son Nathan Thomas, 5, who clung to his Daily Show host dad — maybe he wasn’t interested in jumping around!

Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash News Online

Nathan wears Tsukihoshi Kids’ Child 01 Tod/Pre in Navy ($54) while Maggie wears Crocs Kids’ Cayman in Burgundy ($25).

Click below for a photo of Jon and Nathan!

Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash News Online

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Brianna on

That first picture of Maggie is adorable and Nathan looks so big in the second one!

eva on

Maggie is a total cutie. I adore John Stewart,he puts a smile on my face everytime he’s on TV and now the entire family does too.

fergette on

Those are some cute kids!

Ann on

I love that t-shirt Jon’s wife is wearing!!! Where can I get it??

Elizabeth on

What a sweet family photo. Maggie looks just like Jon.

Emily on

Ack! This makes me cringe because we did the same thing with my son when he was 2 and ended up in the ER with a dislocated elbow (nursemaids elbow). I LOVE this guy so I don’t mean anything is wrong with him or his family…I just had a bad experience that now makes me nervous!

Hea on

Such a pretty family. 🙂

I just have to say, my friends held their three year old by the arms like that and his shoulder (or if it was his elbow, I don’t remember) dislocated.

S on

my parents accidentally pulled my brother’s arm out of his shoulder socket while doing this. I’ll never do it with my kids! be very, very careful.

12 Weeks Pregnant on

What a lovely picture and what a happy family!

marlee on

Cute family! How great would it be to have Jon Stewart for a daddy!

Anna on

I remember my parents doing the same thing with me and I loved it! Sometimes accidents happen but please don’t let it stop you from having fun with your children.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Awww these pictures are too cute!! Nathan looks just like his daddy IMO.

Hea on

Anna – Have you ever had a dislocated shoulder? That’s not a walk in the park painwise… I would never do that to kids.

Casey on

Aw! They are so cute! Good things Nate is so big Maggie looks like shes gonna be beutiful and you know how boys are Jon will probally have him scare all her boyfriend when she is older.

Bug on

I’d never criticize someone’s parenting, but my parents accidentally dislocated my shoulder doing this with me when I was little too!

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- I think Anna’s just saying that you can’t always going around worrying about accidents. Some times you’ve just got to have a little fun! 🙂

That said, I definently believe you about a dislocated shoulder not being a walk in the park. I know a few people who have had injuries to their rotater cuffs (that’s the “socket” part of the ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder if anyone’s wondering. The “ball” part of the joint rotates in it, hence the name rotater cuff. :)), one of whom even had to have surgery….and they made it very clear that the healing process was no fun! Therefore, I can imagine that a dislocated shoulder is even worse!

Casey on

I doubt Jon would do anything to hurt his children on porpose. Heck my parent let my older sibs play ball with me in the pool and I only got hurt a couple times.

Kirby on

First thought was OMG…daughter was throwing tantrum a while back and my gf grabbed her hand to pick her up off the floor – dislocated DD’s elbow. Amazing kids hospital here in Calgary was really laid back and said they see it all the time from parents swinging kids around or doing things like this totally innocently. Popped elbow joint right back in and DD was fine within minutes. Afterwards the child is more susceptible to reoccurrence during this type of activity. Love your kids, play with them, just be aware.

allie on

Usually when dislocation happens it is because the kid isn’t ready to be lifted by hands and ends up twisting or is turned slightly wrong. I mean, of course it can happen anyways, just sharing a major cause. Since it’s not that the joint just can’t handle the stress- think of the countless hours this girl probably spends swinging on things already!

Also, anyone looking for a good, insulated, non-plastic water bottle: the mom is carrying thermos’ foogo (I think that’s what its called). The lip pops up and a soft bendy straw is there. My charge has one, and honestly, I must admit I am jealous! They are amazing! And they have insulated sippy cups too….