Katie Holmes' On Set Visitor

07/22/2009 at 11:30 AM ET
PhotoNews International Inc./FilmMagic

Taking a break from filming on a brisk Wednesday in Victoria, Australia, Katie Holmes enjoys a walk around the outdoor set with daughter Suri, 3.

Katie’s new movie, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark — a horror film — co-stars Guy Pearce and will be released in 2011.

Click below for a second photo of Suri!

PhotoNews International Inc./FilmMagic

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Alecia on

Suri is such a mini-me of Katie, I love how engaging her eyes are, she’s a doll.

Kristi on

She has such a cute expression on her face in the second picture…like she is up to something or has secret…very cute!

angelbaby33 on

Have we ever seen Suri in pants before? I honestly cannot think of a picture before this when she was not wearing a dress! Too cute!

Anon on

These pics should make everyone happy. Pants AND a jacket:)

Emily on

Cute pics didnt realise Katie & Suri were in Oz, I had seen some pics from this past weekend of Tom in LA with the Beckhams, so I bet Suri is missing her daddy!!

Diane on

Sometimes I wish I could be an actor, but I don’t think I could handle the life. Cute picture. Suri is growing up so fast.

Shannon on

She is such a DOLL!!!!!!!!!! She has such pretty eyes, and always the cutest expressions on her angelic little face. Say what you will about Tom and Katie, but I’ll be darned if they don’t make beautiful babies (now if they’d only get makin with another one!)

Lis on

Suri is getting SO big! She is such a doll baby! I think she needs a little brother or sister to play with… 😉


OMG look Suri is wearing pants and a sweater!!! what to critize them on now?? LOL

That child is gorgeous!!!

Erika on

She’s so cute!! I love her outfit!
Is Katie wearing two coats? It looks like it. I often forget that it is winter in Austrailia, but how cold is it really? I always thought it didn’t get as cold there as it does here (in New York).

jojo on

I agree, Anon..pants jacket & socks!!!! But I bet someone will find something to complain about…

Brianna on

That last photo especially is just so cute! Nice to see Suri smiling; she looks like any normal three-year-old when she’s not dressed up all fancy.

Mina on

@Erika: she’s probably filming outside & the costume isnt warm enough. Summer here is considered winter is Australia so it might be cold there. I’m not 100 sure if it’s winter or fall but I know the seasons are reversed somehow. Someone clarify for me if I’m wrong! Thanks!🙂

Victoria on

Pants? Sneakers?? A jacket? Who is this child?😉

lawgirl on

It is the middle of winter in Australia. The seasons are completely reversed from those of the northern hemisphere. It gets chilly and damp in Melbourne since it is on the south coast of the country.

ang on

yep it’s winter.it doesn’t snow much, mainly in the mountainous areas-capital cities not really.i live in canberra, about 3hrs south of sydney and here and melbourne get to zero degrees(freezing point in celcius)or slightly below it. sydney is more like california. it gets a bit cold but not really because it’s further north. currently where i am it’s 6:35am thurs and about 6 degrees above freezing.joy.

Jane on

She’s so cute! For some reason, it looks like she has two different sneakers on! The one on the right foot looks more like a high top with the laces going up, and the left one looks a bit bigger but a flatter shoe! Maybe it’s just the angle of the camera.

Mary-Helen on

She is such a doll!

I love how crazy her outfit is, with the sweater and the hot pink pants and what looks to be mismatched shoes. Maybe she picked it out herself?

Amy on

I think the pants and sneakers were photoshopped on.

teacey on

Sydney can definately be COLD in winter (6 degrees celcius and under at night and early morning) but Melbourne is colder for sure so no wonder they’re all rugged up! Suri is a cutie pie! I love her cheeky smile

actualsize on

@Teacey they’re not in Melbourne in these pictures, they’re in central Victoria (Mt Macedon) which is much colder than either city, much like any of the central highlands.

Suri is so cute. I love that she managed to work some fluoro pink into her outfit, even if her mom insisted on pants and a jacket =)

J on

I live 10 minutes away from Mt. Macedon where this picture was taken. It would have been freezing up there in the mountains since we are in the middle of winter here.

Erika on

Wow!! I had no idea, I thought most of Australia was like Florida is in the winter (which is warm compared to New York) but thanks for the clarification!!!

actualsize on

Erika, parts of Australia close to the Equator are tropical of course, but the more Southerly you go, the more temperate it gets. Much like in America, I imagine, the more Northerly you go the more temperate it gets.

CelebBabyLover on

Victoria- LOL! Anyway, Suri’s a cutie and growing up so fast!

Anne on

Suri is so cute and all so grown up.

Nika on

I love that Suri looks like any other child in this picture, very normal! She is a sweet little girl and Katie looks so happy to spend a little time with her little girl inbetween shooting this movie.
I’m sorry I just have to say, I’m really curious whether Tom and Katie will have a second child, because they are such a cute happy family! But ofcourse it is none of my bussiness.

Bancie1031 on

awww Suri is so cute …. it’s good to see Suri again since we haven’t seen her in a while …..

Ellie on

Glad to see Suri in not just in warm clothes but clothes she can easly run around and play in.

At this time of year in Melbourne the temp ranges between 53F and 64F. But as they are at MtM it would have been around 50F.

and btw Sydney is not much warmer than Melbourne in winter.

annie on

I live only a few moments away from where they’re filming. Believe me it’s cold! I went for a walk on Thursday morning and it was minus three. It’s always much colder in the mountains than in the city.

Suri looks like a lovely little girl and Katie looks wonderful too!

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