Brad Paisley's Sitter Services: The Grandparents!

07/22/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
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Long before they discovered they were expecting their second child, Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly could not ignore a vivid dream she had depicting a family complete with a son named Jasper. When the couple later confirmed baby-on-the-way was indeed another boy, the name choice was quite obvious. “We kept thinking about that…we toyed with that idea all the way until we were in the hospital,” the country singer tells The Boot.

Once baby boy made his debut, the proud parents began testing the waters with their family, searching for a general consensus on their name choice. “We started running it up the flagpole, and in spite of what the flagpole thought, we did it!” he says of choosing the name Jasper Warren for their 3-month-old. Fortunately, the couple expected the criticism of their unconventional name choice; They were met with a similar opposition when they announced the name of their first born William Huckleberry, now 2.

“This time…it was like, ‘Oh, Jasper? Okay, let me think about that.’ Each set of parents had the same kind of reaction: We said it and they said, ‘Well, what about…? Have you thought about the name…?’ And they [suggested] another name, like it was up for discussion!”

Happily raising their two sons, both Brad and Kimberly intend to do just that: bring up the boys on their own with little to no outside help. Instead, the couple — who clarify they “don’t have anyone on payroll” when it comes to sitter services — rely on the continued support from their close family and friends. “I’m lucky that my parents are in such good shape and they are only 60,” Brad notes.

When the two recently needed a break, and decided a trip to see Up would do the trick, the country singer made one quick phone call and hours later Brad and Kimberly found themselves enjoying the film. “It’s nice to do that and then come home and know that they are with their grandparents and they are having a better time than when we’re here…and learning more probably!” he laughs.

Click below to read about Huck’s developing verbal skills!

Full swing into toddlerhood, Huck continues to surprise his dad every day. Lately, for Brad, the shock has come in the form of Huck’s advanced verbal skills, with his son keeping him constantly on his toes. “The other day, I was sitting there reading him a book and patting him on the back. He said, ‘Hey, why are you burping me, daddy?'” he recalls. “He doesn’t miss anything at all. It’s unbelievable.”

While his speech skills may be not be anything to scoff at, neither is his ability to maneuver the family bulldozer! Not unlike many little boys, Huck has taken a particular liking to all things mechanical and enjoys pushing “some rocks or dirt around” on the property.

“And by the way, he knows how to run it now because it’s hand joy stick controlled. I’ll have someone here and I’ll say, ‘Watch this — go forward!’ And [Huck] pushes it forward and raises the bucket.”

Ready to head out on tour, Brad finds comfort in knowing he is only an airplane or bus ride away from Kimberly and the boys. While he may be missing out on the day-to-day routine as he performs throughout the country, the doting dad keeps this philosophy in mind: work hard, play hard! “There’s maybe three days away from my family and then I’m home,” he says. “And while I am here, I’m completely home. I’m not working eight-hour days.” With two rambunctious sons, Brad laughs that the perks of life on the road may be well worth the constant traveling!

“I think what I’m going to really love about touring is me waking up at 11:00 in the morning and calling [to] see how it’s going.”

Source: The Boot

— Anya

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kristin on

They sound like very down to earth parents who aren’t using their celebrity status to get out of being a parent. I totally respect them for that. I could understand the use of a full time nanny if you had a whole bumch of kids at home but I think two kids does not warrant the use of a nanny. Love them both!!

Deb on

Glad to see more on Brad,Kimberly and their sons!!! Love his music and her acting!! Wish they’d release a picture of Jasper and a recent picture of Huck,though.

Cathey on


MZ on

love this family! i totally empathize about the family response. when we told my in-laws our son’s name, they just stared at us and my FIL laughed and said “no, really, what’s his name?” ummmm…!
we didn’t even name him anything unusual!

Tiffany on

They seem like great parents! I am not crazy about the names Jasper, for a human (it was my cat’s name)or Huckleberry, but to each his own. No matter what we name our children, there will always be a friend/family member/stranger with something to say about it!

Jamie on

Haha MZ now I’m curious, what’s your son’s name?

megan on

” We said it and they said, ‘Well, what about…? Have you thought about the name…?’ And they [suggested] another name, like it was up for discussion!”

If they only wanted to hear “that’s really cool / nice!”, they shouldn’t have shared the name before the birth. That aside, Brad and Kim are one of my favorite celebrity couples.

Melanie on

I don’t think they did announce it beforehand…if you read, it says “once baby boy arrived, they began testing the waters…” And regardless, whether you announce before the child arrives or not, you shouldn’t be met with opposition (maybe jokingly as it seems their families did…but not serious)

MZ on

Jamie, his name is Miles Blue. We had announced the middle name before he was born, because it was my dad’s middle name and he passed away a few years ago. So, my assumption is that they thought the name Miles was weird.

Jamie on

MZ–I *love* that name!!! I think it’s so cool!!! 🙂

Micheley on

I love both of their kids names. I love the name Jasper, it is one of my favorites. I just think alot of people connect it to Casper lol.
They really aren’t that unusal compared to some celeb baby names.

SH on

MZ, I love that name too. We actually had both of those names on our list…wierd.

We got the same reaction from our inlaws when we told them that we wanted to name our 1st baby daughter Ella. They looked at us like we were green and said “well, what are you gonna call her?” and we said “wellll….ELLA!?!” and they said, “well, maybe you’ll have a boy”

can’t please everyone…

Then we had our son and we named him Chance. Same inlaws said “Isn’t that a name for a horse?”

I swear. Some people. Or maybe it’s because it’s the inlaws…I don’t know…

We also have a Kristofer and a Georgia – got grief for those too.

JMO on

That’s funny about the name. When my first nephew was born we thought he was going to be named one thing and they decided against it. So they had to pick a name and when they told us what they were naming him we were like, “seriously, what?” his name wasn’t strange or anything but it was something we hadn’t really heard much of. Well bc everyone made a stink they got a bit discouraged and almost opted out. But they couldn’t leave the hospital w/out a name on the birth certificate so they just went back to it and said, “screw the family we like it were keeping it!” Now 8 years later I couldn’t picture him as anything else!

JMO on

SH –

That’s funny. I told my mom once I wanted to name my future daughter Amelia and my mom goes, “hmm so what do you want to call her?” I said how about, “Amelia?” my mom was like, “uh okay!” And it’s funny cause she gave me a short name so I purposely couldn’t be nicknamed and now she’s trying to nickname my kids!! lol

and btw my beautiful orange tabby kitty is named Chance😉

Sarah M. on

There’s a reason the majority of parents don’t tell anyone the babies name until they deliver. Before, you get the bland answers or suggestions. After, you get “That’s cute.” (even if they don’t think so)or not having them mention the name at all. I liked how Nancy O’Dell put it, though. When she told people she was naming her daughter ‘Ashby’, she said lots of people didn’t like it. She simply told them that her and her husband liked it and that it meant something to them. More than anything, what works for 1 family, doesn’t work for another. (1 of my brothers is Draven and my sister is Krystofer. It’s not my style, but it is my mom’s.)

I love this couple and how down to earth they seem!

MZ on

Thanks Jamie and SH🙂 My mother loved the name, b/c that’s actually what my parents were going to name me if I had been a boy. One of my grandmothers can’t pronounce Miles (or so she says, lol) so she just calls him Blue. We wanted something not too common and that couldn’t be shortened.

Jasper was actually the name my parents had picked out for my sister if she was a boy. It’s not quite my style, but I think it fits so well with Huck and it just seems like a good name for the Paisleys if that makes sense. I hope we get to see pictures of their kids again soon!

abc on

I totally understand the name thing my boyfriend’s mother cant stand our daughters names after they were born we told and like MZ FIL she laughed and asked what they were really and they arent out there names cant please everyone

SouthernBelle on

I absolutely love this family! And the name choices for their boys just seem to “fit!” When I see pictures of little Huck, I can’t imagine him as anything else and it actually brings a smile to my face because he and his name are just so darn cute! I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about Jasper, once I get to see more pictures of him. The names are unusual without being too “out there” and, besides, if they like the names, that’s all that matters! I would love to see more pictures of both boys! I’ve loved Kimberly since Father of the Bride and I love Brad Paisley and his laid-back personality, too. They are the cutest couple…and they make cute boys, that’s for sure!

Lauren on

FWIW ladies, I love the names Miles Blue, Ella, Chance, Kristofer, and Georgia. Guess I have horrible taste in names too!😉

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Brad and Kim’s name choices. Huckleberry and Jasper are so far from my cup of tea that I can relate to how the relatives felt upon being told the names. You really can never please anyone.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

They seem so down to earth and I love both of their son’s names.

SH on

JMO, that’s funny about your cat having the name Chance…we were thinking about naming our baby Georgia Emilia…kinda like Amelia. thought that was wierd 🙂

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