Tisha Campbell-Martin Holds Shower in Style

07/21/2009 at 03:30 PM ET
Gina Lee Photography

Celebrating their baby-on-the-way – a boy! – Tisha Campbell-Martin and husband Duane Martin were joined by celebrity friends for a French Cirque du Bebe-themed shower, held Saturday afternoon in California.

Hosted by family friend Jayneoni Moore, the bash drew pals Samuel L. Jackson, Leah Remini, Cedric the Entertainer, Holly Robinson Peete, Eriq La Salle, Niecy Nash and Pauletta Washington.

Styling by Jennifer Sbranti of Hostess with the Mostess transformed the lavish location into a whimsical wonderland complete with mod elephant vases, monkey statues, zebra-print tablecloths, sparkly crystals and giant ostrich feather “trees” comprised of more than 200 electric blue and golden yellow feathers.

“I was so surprised by everything and how extraordinary the party was,” said the Rita Rocks star, 40. “I am such a control freak and usually plan my parties, but this was the most beautiful – from the people, to the decor, to the food.”

Tisha’s creative, French-inspired menu was catered by The Party Goddess and included an opulent cheese display overflowing with olive pâtés, le petite beef sliders topped with triple cream brie and homemade sweet potato fries dusted with Cajun spices.

Guests sipped on specialty drinks that included a “French Martin-tini, “Toast to Tisha” and fresh blueberry lemonade with mint leaves, – from bartenders in masks reminiscent of Mardi Gras – while sweet tooths were satisfied with Heavenly Cupcakes’ 5-tier tower displaying over 200 gourmet treats.

Due in early fall with a baby brother for son Xen, who turns 8 next month, Tisha was ecstatic about her Peanut Shell-sponsored shower.

“Everyone enjoyed themselves,” said Tisha. “It felt more like a family reunion than anything else, which was just the best!”

Source: PEOPLE

— Jennifer Garcia

Click below for photos from the shower!

Gina Lee Photography
Gina Lee Photography
Gina Lee Photography

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Lola Marie on

Congrats Tisha. I wish for them a healthy happy birth!

JL on

Leah looks pregnant to me…maybe it is just the angle or the dress or something.

Lynn on

I’m surprised Nicole Sullivan wasn’t there, considering she’s also pregnant and works on the same show!

Tisha looks really good here. I can’t wait to see what she names her second son.

JL, I’d love it if Leah was pregnant again.

bonnie on

I wish they would have given information about Tisha I could care less to hear about all the people who gifted her things!! enough with sponsors trying to get free press! I am sure that the host did it all for publicity too! can’t we just get stories of heartfelt baby showers?? this looks gorgeous but it is not heartfelt at all!

FC on

Cupcakes and that blueberry lemonade sound good to me. Sign me up for the party, lol! Seems like she had fun at the shower, too.

Janet Lopez on

Wow! The pics are fantastic! They make everything look absolutely beautiful!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!


what a cute shower!! i am glad they all had a great time!

cristie robles on

Does anyone know if Leah wants another one?. One article said she only wanted one. I hope she does have another.

Erica on

Looks to have been a beautiful event! I agree that it’s a bit impersonal to have a sponsored baby shower in lieu of planning your own but I admit, I would probably do the same thing if I were Tisha because it 1) cuts down on the work she and her friends had to do and 2) those cupcakes look amazing! lol.

I remember Leah emphatically saying that her daughter would be her only child, so I highly doubt she’s expecting.

JMO on

I remember her gettin very big with Xen but this time she looks a lot more fit!! And I know she made no secret about wanting a girl but hopefully she’s happy w/ her baby boy to be!

Katie on

Everything looks amazing! I absolutely love the colors, the use of feathers and the cupcake tower. Looks like so much fun!

Nina on

she looks great! where was Tichina Arnold? i thought they were always close.

Anna on

What a nice advertisement party or was it supposed to be about a baby?

aroundtheywaygirl on

I love Tisha. Her and Tichina Arnold have the most amazing singing voices. Congrats to her. Can’t wait to see the knew baby.

Kristi on

I thought you were only supposed to have a baby shower for your first child…?

JMO on

Kristi –

When it come to celebs they can have as many shower’s as they want. Traditionally though you get one shower. However if the children are spread a part more then 5 years then I don’t see why you can’t have a second shower. Personally though I only go to one shower per person since I can’t stand baby/bridal showers in the first place. I do not believe in second bridal/baby showers unless like I said it’s been a long time in between!

Kristi on

Thanks! That makes sense and I did look back and see that her oldest is 8 so I can understand having another shower. I personally am not a huge fan of showers either especially since I seem to get invited to them all the time and unless they are a really close friend of mine, I barely even know the child. I always said I should make a list of all the baby showers I have been to and make sure to invite them to my shower when it’s my time to have a shower…I have spent a lot of money on babies I don’t even know lol!

lizzielui on

Multiple baby showers is not only limited to celeb moms. I think society in general is way more lax these days for rules regarding showers, especially when it comes to mothers with multiple kids. As is the case with Tisha I suspect that since her oldest child is 8 she no longer has any baby necessities laying around.

Alecia on

Tisha looks lovely, smiling from ear to ear, just glowing…

Sandra on

Can I have my baby shower sponsored?

Angi on

My kids were 6 years apart. My friend threw me a baby shower for my second. It was really nice. Not huge, but fun! Nothing wrong with it. Plus, we didn’t have baby stuff left over from the first one.

Becky on

I think if you have a another baby that is a different sex, then a shower is OK because you need more stuff but 2 back to back showers for the same sex seems a little much. My friend has 3 kids and had a shower for all three, but family and friends put it on. It’s not like she asked for a shower and what’s she going to say? No. I wouldn’t say no if someone offered, but I would never expect/ask for a shower after the first.

Lis on

^I think that’s why people should register for gender-neutral items. In my opinion it is greedy and tacky to have baby showers back-to-back.

Chicki on


I always thought the point of a baby shower was to “shower” the baby with gifts! I don’t see how it’s greedy or tacky to have more than one shower if you have more than one child! I had no idea about that shower etiquette — thanks for clarifying.

Once, a co-worker refused any of us to throw her a baby shower because according to her “my husband and I don’t NEED a shower” and I thought that was one of the rudest things I had ever heard! We wanted to “shower” the child, but this point was lost on her!

jk on

Tisha and I have the same Pediatrician. Many times I have seen her in the doc’s office with her son and she’s a doll and so down to earth. She’s very approachable and sweet. I’m happy for her and wish for her a happy and healthy baby.

Terri on

Baby showers are usually intended to celebrate a first child, but I tend to buy gifts for friends no matter how many kids they have. It’s fun!

Jennifer-Rose on

A shower is thrown for the mother-to-be, not by her. I can’t understand the animosity about a sponsored baby shower. If you can get someone else to pay for decorations, the venue, food, etc, why wouldn’t you. Why is it any less heartfelt to hire an event planner for a baby shower? With most women being busy working moms,or simply just busy, the last thing they have time to do is organize a great baby shower. I’m an event planner organizing my cousin’s baby shower and I can assure you, my heart has gone into every detail, just as it does for every baby shower I throw. Also, if you hate baby/bridal showers, don’t go to them. Trust me, most expectant mothers or future brides would rather you not be there, than have you attend and bring your negative energy to their events. Everyone, regardless of their social status deserves to have a great event in honor of their special day whatever it may be. Begrudging others only makes you look petty and small.

Jennifer-Rose on

Also, letting people know you don’t need a baby shower is a very considerate thing to do. Especially considering the economic climate. Let’s remember the shower is for the parents and the child, not the guests. Besides, not everyone likes to be the center of attention and they may find a baby shower incredibly uncomfortable. Also, they might actually think a shower for their child might be wasteful. Especially if the couple is well-off. Let’s keep in mind that a lot of the toys and items we see in celebrity showers go to charitable organizations and shelters.

CelebBabyLover on

Lis- Well, frankly, most gender-neutral items these days are not very cute!

As for having multiple baby showers….As another poster said, another reason for having a second baby shower is that the second baby is the opposite gender of the first. Another reason can be that it’s the mother’s second (or third or whatever) child, but her first with her current partner (in otherwords, the mother was either widowed or divorced after her first child’s birth and then re-married later), and the baby is, say, the first grandchild, niece or nephew, etc. on the father’s side.

In that case, it’s very understandable for the father’s family to want to throw a baby shower.🙂

bonnie on

Jennifer – it is not about someone throwing tisha a baby shower that I think anyone is complaining about. The problem is that this article is purely a opportunity to advertise. I can’t imagine that these people who did the shower except for the host (possibly) even know her. So mentioning the caterer, mentioning there was a sponsor etc.. means that they needed press to make something like this happen and it is getting old. We see on here weekly that these kinds of things are happening. Which also is ok, but give us other details.. this article did nothing to tell me anything about how tisha is feeling, what her friends think, what her husband thinks! nothing just pure advertising and to me that is a turn off!

Larryn on

When you have events of your own, if someone asks you about where you got certain items or who made the cake, do you not tell them? It’s the same thing. No business would survive without advertising or word of mouth. I am quite sure that if you all were offered an all expense paid ANYTHING, you’re going to take it. It’s not like she or her husband didn’t have the money to have one, but if I have the opportunity as a business owner to get my name out there, I would sponsor a party too. NO big deal!!

Larryn on

And as far as etiquette, there is one baby shower “rule” but that is old fashioned and out-dated. I have four children, all girls, and I have had four baby showers. Not at my request, but those are the kinds of people I have for family and friends, we celebrate life no matter how many times it’s brought into the world. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks and to each it’s own! God Bless!

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