Forest Whitaker and Family Celebrate Mandela Day

07/21/2009 at 02:30 PM ET
Johns PkI/Splash News Online

Academy-Award winning actor Forest Whitaker and wife Keisha Whitaker arrived with half their brood — daughters Autumn, 18, and True Isabella Summer, 11 — to the Mandela Day concert, held Saturday at Radio City Music Hall in the Big Apple.

Mandela Day is “an annual celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and a global call to action for people to recognize their individual power to make an imprint and change the world around them.”

Together, Forest, 48, and Keisha, 37, have daughters True and Sonnet Noel, 12 ½, while Keisha has Autumn and Forest has son Ocean, 19, from previous relationships.

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Alecia on

The family looks lovely…Forest has lost some weight, he looks waaay thin.

T. on

what beautiful girls 🙂

L on

What a beautiful family..

I believe he lost it for an upcoming/current role he’s in!

eva on

Since the last king of Scotland I’ve been a loyal Forest Whitaker fan.His family looks so happy and I love the poetic names tha gave their kids, very hippie.

dorothyl on

Wow Forrest has very nice looking family.

Thanks for the photo!

Sheila on

Autumn is GORGEOUS! That’s a beautiful family right there. ITA–Forrest has lost some weight–he looks good.

gaia's mom on

Both girls and Kiesha are very attractive.

Mrs. R. on

What a lovely looking family. Best part: the girls are dresssed for their age. I could immediately tell the older one was about 18, and the younger one was a preteen. It’s nice to see a family where the kids look their ages.

ericka on


How did he lose so much weight!? I need to go on that same diet!

What a beautiful family

french gigi on

wow…forrest looks great with the weight off. he is a fabulous actor. his wife is just stunning. lovely family.

marlee on

What a beautiful family!

FC on

Damn, Forest did lose some weight. He looks good, though, almost like a different person completely.

Anyway, I think their girls are gorgeous. True seems to be a blend of her parents. I can see Forest in her smile, but the rest seems to be her mother. 🙂

sinclair on

Great fam…and I want to see more of Forest–he does such great work. Tired of the same overrated actors.

t on

beautiful family, I am a Forest fan and I must say thin or not so thin, I don’t care I love his acting. he’s a genius!

juliet on

I agree with Sheila – Autumn is gorgeous. Is she a model? I too like how the girls are dressed and look their age.

Erica on

I love Forest Whitaker and think he looks great. I’ve always thought him and his wife were destined to be together because they independently chose such earth-themed names for their first two kids. And their girls are definitely adorable.

blondiebear on

Autumn looks just like her mother – stunning! True looks a little more like Forrest, so perhaps not quite so lucky, but still a pretty girl.

Doreen on

Wow, he DID lose a lot of weight!! Autumn is lovely!! She looks just like her Mama!

gaia's mom on

“Autumn looks just like her mother – stunning! True looks a little more like Forrest, so perhaps not quite so lucky, but still a pretty girl”

Seriously? Classy.

Caitie on

He’s getting ready to start a new movie called The Experiment based off of the 1971 Standford Prison Experiment. It’s sort of a remake of the German movie Das Expermient. He’s gonna be joined by Cam Gigandet, Adrian Brody, and one other guy I cannot remember at the moment.

Crystal on

I am sooooo in ♥ with Keisha Whitaker!!! She is the epitome of grace and beauty! What a wonderful family! Forest has lost weight and everyone looks FANTASTIC!!! Autumn looks just like her mother and True is a good mix of both! I love all the kids names!! 🙂

Erica on

gaia’s mom: don’t you feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone sometimes? 🙂 The sad thing is the original commenter still probably won’t see the issue with her post…

Crystal on

What a beautiful family! And Autumn is BEAUTIFUL! both girls are, as well as their mother!

Jane on

I think True is absolutely stunning.

bungalowbliss on

Wow, blondiebear, just wow.

True, you’re a gorgeous young lady! Keep smiling, girl!

daniela on

“Autumn looks just like her mother – stunning! True looks a little more like Forrest, so perhaps not quite so lucky, but still a pretty girl”

Like whoa. Seriously??? Some people…. True is gorgeous – look at her silky skin and that beautiful smile. And I think she looks exactly like her mom – same nose, eyes, smile – she just has a darker complexion. That’s it.

Both girls are gorgeous, this a gorgeous family and I loved Forest on The Shield, he did an amazing job!

LisaR on

LOL. Erica, isn’t it ironic that these people were out celebrating Mandela and a comment like that came up? Twilight Zone indeed! All we can do is laugh.

gaia's mom on

Twilight zone indeed. I hate when people say things like “what a odd face nose, regardless she’s beautiful!” Its so “????” inducing. True is darker, but has keisha features.

dawn on

he has a beautiful family. and WOW he has slimmed down a lot!