Johan Samuel Gets Chatty!

07/19/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

Hello?! Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel chats on the phone — perhaps to dad Seal? — with a little help from Heidi Klum on Thursday in New York.

Johan, 2 ½, plus siblings Henry, 3 ½ and Leni, 5, along with grandma Erna (none pictured) were on their way back home after spending some time at a West Village playground.

The newest addition to the brood, a baby girl, is due in October.

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Ketta on

Wow. He is getting so big. I can see he’s going to be a heartbreaker.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Such a cutie, cutie. I always think that he is the one who looks the most like Heidi out of the three.

brandi on

He is so adorable! Can’t wait to see what the baby girl looks like in a few years!

mich on

I love this family. Erna looks like a typical grandma.🙂 So funny. I want his hair. It is fabulous.

Jo Ann v. on

OMG, he is so so cute !!

Anon on

My friend walked up to me the other day and was like “you have hair like one of heidi klums sons” it made me laugh. They are adorable and Johan looks tall!

Vanessa on

OMG he’s so tall!

hollie on

what a gorgeous big boy hes getting!!!! lovely family cant wait for the new addition!

ohh…and i want his hair like now hahaxxxx

Cheryl on

Something makes me feel sorry for his grandma Erma.Can’t describe what it is but no matter how old she is I don’t think it’s easy to carry such a big boy.
He’s an adorable lil cutie,though!:)So are his siblings.Wish them all the best!

Melissa on

He is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what their new little girl will look like. I love this family🙂

Solène on

This is not the grandma on this picture, but a nanny. Erna was there but not carrying the kids.

Julia A on

This picture made me smile. Johan looks like he’s really into the conversation.
By the way, that’s not Erna in the pic. She’s one of the family nannies.

Cece on

Does anyone know if Heidi has a tatoo on her arm??

Lani on

I can’t wait to see her baby girl she might resemble Nahla

Larissa on

Johan looks just like Heidi sometimes. Same face expressions…

Erna has longer and blonder hair and looks exactly like Heidi.

Elli on

CECE – yes, it is a tatoo on her left arm and it reads “Seal”. There are also three stars symbolizing her kids.
Quite something for a model, huh?

Mimi on

Lani, do you mean resemble Nahla in that they’d both be bi-racial females? Cause how would two children with different parents resemble each other unless all bi-racial kids look the same to you? I personally don’t think that Heidi or Seal resemble Gabriel or Halle so I just can’t see how their children would look similiar except from a purely racial pov. Maybe you can explain it?

gianna on

He is so tall, so is henry, they look older for their ages. None of the kids leni included look much like heidi, all 3 kids overall favor their dads more, I think the next baby will too. She said on regis and kelly this week, leni wants to name the baby susie real bad and henry likes the name vanessa.

aroundtheywaygirl on

I agree, Mimi. That was a bizarre comment. Do people really think this way. That all bi-racial children look alike? I guess President Obama should look like David Jeter?

Jessicad on

She is so cute, I love this family. I love that they got another girl too! I thought it was so sweet when she said they’d look around the table and feel like someone was missing, and now they have the second daughter they wanted, can’t wait to see her!

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Wow, he has really grown since the last time I saw a pic of him. He’s such an adorable little boy and in my opinion looks so much like Heidi. He’s gonna be a real heartbreaker for sure.

Nicole on

I believe it’s “Derek” Jeter.

And I also think you guys took that comment a bit harshly. I don’t think Lani meant that in a racist way or in a way to say that all biracial children look the same. When I read her comment, I took it as she meant “like Nahla”, as in the sense that Nahla is a blend of both her parents in skin color and features, rather than favoring one parent over the other.

Crystal on

This is by far my ABSOLUTE favorite celebrity family! I ♥ Seal, Heidi, Leni, Henry, Johan and baby girl Samuel on the way! I’m so happy for them getting the family they have always dreamed of! I can’t wait to see the new baby! Johan looks JUST like Heidi! He has Heidi’s face on his little body! lol!🙂

nettrice on

Why can’t the kid look like Seal (have his African features) and be a heart-breaker? Maybe it’ll be the older boy, Henri, who is the heart-breaker. Both are equally cute in their own ways and I appreciate BOTH ways.

Mallory on

Good grief! People will find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to argue and disagree about or take insult to. Relax!

That’s a beautiful picture! Heidi and Seal have a beautiful family and I can’t wait to see what their new baby will look like.🙂

anon on

Both boys look pretty ‘black’ to me and I hate saying that because black people come in all shades and features from Halle to Grace Jones, from Djimon to Debarge…but I think the boys favor their dad in features and coloring, I have noticed that Johan is the one that gets the ‘awww so cute!’ comments quite a bit and he is the one that resembles Heidi the most.

As someone who has been on this site for a few years, I have noticed a implicit prejudice in some of the comments that reference minority children(whether that be biracial, asian, latino, black). It used to annoy me but theres nothing to do about it.

I don’t think that the Nahla Aubry comment was meant to be like that, but the comment was silly in my opinion, regardless.

kate on

my mom couldn’t carry my son like that. wow!

Erin on

Well, Nahla is 3/4 white, so I think this baby will be darker and just as gorgeous, they all are, you cant really go wrong with their genetics.

gaia's mom on

Ahhhhhhh, seriously…………..



brannon on

slightly frightened by this thread. in any case, that child is stunning. suppose that was his only option considering the genetics though.

angelbaby33 on

gaia’s mom- Thank you for a Grey’s Anatomy fix since the new season does not start for a couple more months! Seriously! :o)

Jen DC on

Awww, look at those legs! If I were that nanny… Johan would be walking because he looks half her size already!

I love talking to my almost two-year-old nephew on the phone – their conversation is all stream of consciousness, so I can only imagine what Johan is chattering about.

kai on

lol, the poor nanny.

he is CUTE! can’t wait for their new arrival, am especially curious about the name!:)

Lis on

Johan has five names? Good grief. I know people have the right to name their children however they want, but five names is just silly!

daniela on

My goodness – Johan is a breathtakingly beautiful child! He going to be a true heartbreaker with those adorable curls…that I envy! LOL!

lizzielui on

Silly to you Lis perhaps, but in other cultures (especially African Cultures where Seal’s extended family is from) long names are quite common and are often given to children to show honor and celebrate heritage.

anne on


Lol I have three names and two last names. My names were given to me to honor both my grandmothers and I am sure that their child’s names are perhaps the same way. Plus I think it makes him more unique in that he doesn’t have to have regular names like the rest. I grew up hearing all three of my names together and never thought anything of it. I don’t think it’s silly at all. Silly are celebrities who named their kids APPLE or PILOT INKSPECTOR, that’s just wrong. But to each their own.

gaia's mom on

My daughter has 5 names too and I have 5 and my husband who is German has 4. I like long names

Lauren on

What is this, the PMS thread? I seriously wish there were more men on this site during times like these to break up the emotional drivel you people come up with sometimes. Unbelievable.

Anyway, Henry has great taste in names. Vanessa would be a perfect choice for their daughter imo.

sinclair on

“Johan has five names? Good grief. I know people have the right to name their children however they want, but five names is just silly!”

ignorance is silly, as well.

Rach on

I never really understood all of the hullabaloo about the name Apple.It’s common in alot of cultures. I had a great relative who was English and named Apple, my mother’s name is Cherry,I have two nieces named Lily and Holly and an old classmate named Clementine.If I have a daughter, my husband would like her name to be Violet. None of those names seem odd to me. My mom said it was pretty common in the “old days” to name children things like that with fruits and flowers like Hyacinth,Primrose, and months (January,April,May,June,August).

Name :Apple
Meaning sweet fruit, cherished one

I think the new baby will be a gorgeous addition to this gorgeous family.

Laurie on

is it just me or does Leni look a lot like grandma Erna??
btw Johan looks sooo cute!

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