Corolle Dolls: A Baby For Every Stage

07/18/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Most little girls are into baby dolls and Anya is no exception. We received a few Corolle baby dolls early on and they easily became Anya’s favorites. In our house, Bebe Do ($70) is Queen and is it any surprise? With her chubby punim, eyelash lined eyes that close when she “sleeps”, a soft velour outfit and yummy vanilla scent, this 14″ doll is perfect for the 2+ child.

What else makes Corolle dolls special? At first the selection may appear overwhelming because there are SO many Corolle dolls, but there is a doll for every age and stage your child goes through. A newborn’s first Corolle might be the ultra-soft and floppy Doudou Puppet Grenadine ($25) because though a baby doesn’t understand the concept of dolls, they recognize faces, and snuggly loveys are perfect for tiny hands to hug and hold. As your child get older, the large Rag Doll Grenadine ($35) is a good option as is the Babipouce line ($32) which has a vinyl head and soft body. For the 18+ month old child who is beginning to imitate her parents and wants to care for her own baby, a small, soft and lightweight doll that is easy to dress and undress is called for. The 12″ Calin line ($35) would be appropriate with their soft beanbag bodies (a few even have hair) — my favorite is the absolutely delicious Calin Naima — as would the Chou Twins ($45) and bathtub-friendly Tidoo line ($40). For 2+, choose from the 12″ “girl” Poupette dolls (as opposed to “baby” dolls), and slightly larger 14″ baby dolls like Bebe Do and Bebe Charmeur. If your child wants to brush the doll’s hair, the 14″ Chouquette have long soft hair that you can put in pigtails. 14″ Bebe Tresor coos, babbles and giggles according to what her mommy (or daddy) does.

At 3+, your child can “graduate” to the 20″ Bebe Cheri who is the same size as a 3-month-old infant and can wear their clothes! There’s also 14″ Emma and Paul who use the potty and three more dolls, 17″ Lila, Marie and Lia Interactive, who, like Bebe Tresor, respond to your child. And for the hair stylist in training, there’s even a Styling Head with long blonde hair. For big girls who want a friend and not a baby, there’s 14″ Miss Corolle who has long hair, 13″ Les Cheries who are very fashion-oriented and 16″ Les Trendies who combine colorful hair with soft bodies.

At every stage, there are adorable and trendy clothing and accessories.

If Bebe Do is Queen, then the 12″ Chou Twins ($45) are Prince and Princess. Or sometimes, Princess and Princess since, without their pink and blue striped outfits and matching pacifiers they’re gender-neutral. These dolls are renamed more than any other in our house — once named Baby Dada and Baby Sally, they are currently Baby Siena (after her best friend in preschool) and Baby Sister (because she really wants one).

Tidoo Lutin Bright

The newest addition to Anya’s baby stable is the 12″ Tidoo ($40). She had been begging to bring Bebe Do or the Chou Twins in the bathtub but that’s only going to end in a moldy mess since they are not meant to be immersed. But Tidoo is specifically designed for bathtime as it’s filled with polystyrene beads that dry quickly. Not only that, but Tidoo floats and sucks its thumb. I have a feeling this will be Anya’s new favorite doll now that summer is here.

Choose from five versions: Tidoo Lutin Bright (above), Tidoo Strawberry, Tidoo Suce-Pouce in (pink) Pajamas, gender-neutral Tidoo Sorbet, and the African-American Tidoo Graceful (also in pink pajamas). All have blue eyes except Tidoo Graceful and Tidoo Sorbet.

— Danielle

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lena on

70 is pretty absurd for a baby doll, even the ones from american girl are 40

Vanessa on

I see nothing special about these dolls to spend $70 bucks on. They look like they’re from the Dollar Store.

Elsa on

While I agree that the prices are a bit high, I grew up with Corolle dolls and so have most of the girls in my family. I absolutely loved mine and i I ever have a daughter she’ll probably get one too.

stevie on

My daughter has a Babicorolle ragdoll and it’s all soft, she’s 7 months old and loves it, it was only $20 though. I see this brand of doll at local toy stores for less than $70, it doesn’t have a smell though😉 some of these dolls are a good deal, some are way over priced!

Mary on

I think if you are going to buy an expensive baby doll, it should only be a FAO baby. They are the nicest dolls with he weight of a real baby. On Christmas my niece got one and my brother thought it was a real baby! You get to chose hair color, eye color, and they are very well made. We didn’t even buy the expensive doll clothes for the baby. The dolls are big enough to fit into real baby clother so my nieces just dressed their dolls in their baby brothers old newborn clothes and they had so much fun. My sister wound up keeping her old newborn carseat and stroller because the girls used them in the hours they played with their dolls.

Kellie on

My daughter has had Bebe Do since she was 6 months old — she is now 7! This doll has been the number one plaything in our house — it is the only toy my daughter consistently plays with and has been taken everywhere and is slept with EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Six years ago, my mom paid $50 for Bebe Do, but she would be worth every penny of $70. She is in remarkable shape for the amount of play and travel the doll has had in her lifetime — and she still smells like vanilla!!! I wouldn’t hesistant on spending money on Corolle dolls because they are great quality. Instead of buying your little girls a zillion cheap dolls, invest in one good one. You won’t be sorry.

We even buy the Corolle baby doll clothes for her, and they hold up well too, through many washings. I can’t say enough good things about my daughter’s Bebe Do doll!!

Jessica on

This doll does not look worth $70, I agree with Vanessa, it does look like it’s from the dollar store. I’ve seen thse in person and wasn’t impressed. My daughter will be getting an American Girl Bitty Baby from Santa this year… on

My three year old daughter Martha has three Corolle dolls and all are quite loved. They are each a different size and serve a different purpose to her, but all were worth the money to us! One in particular, she carries most places…so much so that a friend of my daughters got the same doll this past Christmas and named it “Martha Doll.” It’s a bit confusing to my daughter, but very cute!

Corolle dolls smell divine and are of amazing quality. I love that they’re made under high standards and regulations, to the best of my knowledge. I know these dolls will last for many years! And I’ll admit, I find their faces loving and angelic too!

CelebBabyLover on

Aren’t these the same dolls that Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt have been seen carrying around?

Debbie on

We love our Corolle doll!

Cheryl on

My two-year-old daughter Vivienne has Bebe Do but her older sister Vanessa,3,got a FAO baby from Santa last Christmas.And I have to agree with Mary.Bebe Do just isn’t worth that sort of money.I bought my girls other Corolle Dolls a few weeks ago which they liked much more.Here they are:

12 Weeks Pregnant on

What a lovely doll, especially the pink one with the little bunny!

actualsize on

CelebBabyLover – yes, they are. Shiloh was seen carrying the boy from the boy/girl twin set in November 2007 in New York. Which is kind of neat in hindsight, because about 10 months later her mom gave birth to boy/girl twins!

Jasmine C. on

I would prefer to buy and American Girl doll or Bitty Baby than a Corolle Doll!

Aria on

$70 is ridiculous. I kept waiting to read what was so special that they cost that much. Also, not a big fan of a company that doesn’t make an even remotely ethnic choice in looks. Only two dolls don’t have blue eyes?

Aria on

ok, I stand corrected, the ones with blue eyes are other ethnicities, but still, the fact that there’s only one choice for girls of color is sad.

Aria on

*without blue eyes

anon on

I think I’m just gonna get my daughter a Kenya doll and call it a day.

Rose C. on

What is a “chubby punim”?

Jane on

Aria- I agree!

MomE on

My 18 month old daughter has Baby Charmeur. It is an absolutely beautiful baby doll. I grew up with Corolle too. So I simply had to get one for her. She’s had her Charmeur since she was about 13 months old. Previous to that she had a babipouce, which she still has and it sleeps in her crib with her. My daughter is an excellent “mommy” to her babies, and these dolls are wonderful.

Also, you don’t have to spend $70 to get one. I got the babipouce for less than $20…around $16, and the Charmeur for less than $40. If you’re reading this you can shop around on the internet and find a good price.

SweetDiva on

Thanks Aria for pointing that out. I have a hard time supporting a company that doesn’t recognize my child’s existence.

Amy on

These dolls were rated a “medium” risk at so my daughter will not be owning one. If I’m going to spend $70 on a doll, it better be healthy and not full of plastic and synthetic scents.

Helen on

It’s not the most attractive doll adn to be honest I despise the fact that it comes with a bottle. We do not need to normalise bottles to young children, we need to normalise breastfeeding .

anna on

I think the Corolle dolls are lovely, but the FAO babies seem gorgeous as well. Anyone care to post a link so I can see them, since I don’t think I’ve found them when I googled the name…?

coolauntie on

I have to say, I grew up with these dolls and continue to give them as gifts because they’re highly durable. I still have one that I received as a toddler (I’m now 27) and she STILL smells like vanilla after 25 years.

As for some of the posts on ethnicity, if you look on their website they have a ton of ethnic dolls including Calin Yang, Caling Darling, Clain Naima, Tidoo Graceful, Poupeette Loli, Poupette Lili, Cecile (who has a FABULOUS main of curly black hair), Cathy (a native american), Dolly Tina (another great hair style!), and Dolly Licorice. They cover hispanic, african-american and asian descents. As a hispanic woman myself, I’d never support a company that only promoted “white” dolls. The pictures on this post only show white dolls which may have lead to this discussion.

I think before you comment that the company doesn’t include dolls without “blue-eyes” or blonde hair, you should do a little research. I will continue to spend my money on this brand for my nieces, nephews and my future kids. The dollar goes much furthur than any other.

Mary on

I grew up with a Corolle doll and my daughter will be receiving baby “Charmeur” from Santa this Christmas. As a previous poster noted, $70 is the full retail price. Honestly, you are stupid if you choose to pay the full amount. Our locally owned toy store had them on sale for 20% off on a regular basis and amazon and ebay are full of brand new dolls WELL below retail value.

Why are they so expensive? Go to a toy store and check one out! You can not judge these dolls by pictures you see online (and the model featured in this article is not my favorite, there are many cuter ones out there). The quality is fantastic. I still have my first Corolle doll that I was given when for my 4th birthday (and I’m 33). It is in awesome shape despite the fact that it’s nearly 30 years old. I played with it all the time and so did my two little sisters, four younger cousins and pretty much any little girl who ever visited my house. The doll’s eyes still open and shut! Most of our other dolls eventually lost their heads or other body parts. This is the only one my mom kept because it actually held up! Plus, it also happened to be our favorite doll so it really is impressive that it stayed intact.

Plus, you can wash them in the washing machine (just make sure to put them in a pillowcase and tie it shut) and let it air dry, preferably out in the sun.

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