Emme and Max Muñiz Visit Mom at Work!

07/17/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
James Devaney/WireImage

While on the New York City set of The Back-Up Plan on Thursday, Emme Maribel and Maximillian David stepped out with grandma Guadalupe to visit Jennifer Lopez, who was shooting in Tribeca.

The twins, 16 months, are the first children for Jennifer, who celebrates her 40th birthday next week.

Click below to see Max!

James Devaney/WireImage

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giftbox on

They’re getting so cute. It looks like a little bit of Jennifer is starting to peek through in Emme.

Ashley on

OH my these twins are tooo cuuute!!!! We definitely need to see more of them! They look so much alike! I think Emme looks a lil like Jennifer but mostly like Marc but Max definitely looks like Jennifer! I am happy to see these cuties!!

french gigi on

wow mark has some really strong genes!
they are precious.

Megan on

Good lord how cute are they! This is the first really up close pic of them and oh boy are they gorgeous! LOVE Emme’s bow in the hair–they are a pretty good mix of both Marc and Jennifer…beautiful kids–and it’s not hard to tell that’s Jennifer’s mom is it…haha they look exactly alike…

BEAUTIFUL twins! Heartbreakers for sure!

Erin on

They are so adorable!!!!!!!

jo on

i dont believe in piercing kids ears so young it seems so cruel my childeren had to be eleven before i would even consider it.

Becky on

Is Emme wearing a diamond tennis bracelet?! Max is getting hair! I love when he had the bald head. They are SUCH cute kids!!!

L on

It’s so funny…I can’t tell who they look like even though Mark and Jennifer look so different. The babies are a combination of the two. They are both so cute! I love Jennifer and the movie “El Cantante” that they made together was amazing. I think it was the best acting she has ever done. Congradulations Jenny! I am glad you found what you were looking for. I am glad you are happy! Que Dios te bendiga mama! (means god bless you mama in spanish)Jen if you read this- we want more pics of your babies. They are so cute to look at.

Lis on

My goodness, they look just like Marc!

bungalowbliss on


Becky on

Jo – I must be a cruel mom then because I got my daughter’s ears pierced when she was one and I see nothing wrong with it.

Mariel on


J-Lin on

They’re cute!

Getting your ears pierced is no worse than getting a shot. I’ve had my ears pierced since six months.

SarahC on

Oh, look at Emme’s black curls and I love her little summery dress. So pretty! Boy she is getting big and getting to be quite the monkey as well chewing on grandma’s necklace. She must be dying to walk. Cute family.

Georgia41 on

I’m shocked no one has commented about the necklace that Emme is chewing on 🙂

lissa on

In Latin america, it’s commom to have the ears pierced at hospital, really commom, every little girl pierce the ears in hospital. I know that the twins were born in the USA, but Marc and Jennifer are from Latin America…

sdfsd on

I think getting your ears pierced is a decision you should make as an individual, not a choice your mother or father should make for you when you are too young too consent.

Nancy on

Cuteness!!!! *faints* ;o)

Donna on

You can sure tell these are both Marc and Jennifer’s kids. No surrogate here. Very cute.
When Sarah Jessica Parker’s daughters get older, it will be interesting to see who they look like.

SarahC on

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc were born in the Bronx in new York and so were their parents and other family members.

Leah on

I’m starting to see a little of Jennifer in Emme. How cute.

Alex on

Cute babies, definitely look like daddy! I’m not a fan of the piercing on babies either really. It does seem to be one of those strange cultural anomalies that is accepted entirely in some places, but it totally frowned upon in others. In the UK, it’s pretty much a vanity thing and you tend to see it most on babies with young mothers who think it looks nice, rather than having a cultural reason for doing it. I’m very much of the mindset, like another poster said, that it should be the choice of the child and not the parent, since it is physically unnecessary for the child’s wellbeing. I don’t think it looks nice on young babies, but that’s just my opinion. My children will not be getting their ears pierced until they are at least 12 or 13 at the minimum (assuming they want it done).

Jase on

Is it just me or do they look tiny for their age?


Cute babies!!

I pierced my daughters ears when she was 4 months old, call child protective services! LOL

In Mexico all my nieces and my friends daughters got their ears pierced before they left the hospital by a specialized nurse. They are all HAPPY, HEALTY and LOVED girls now.

vixen on

Very sweet. I agree with Jase though, they do look very thin compared to other kids their age?

am581 on

Piercing baby’s ears is indeed very culture based. As are things like circumsicion. What is considered perfectly normal in one place may be viewed as bizarre/grotesque in another. Me? Pierce your baby’s ears if you want to. Circimcise your son if you want to. Nearly all manage to turn out just fine and dandy whatever the case may be. Dont worry about it. She’s cute, pierced ears or no, and I’m quite sure she doesnt remember having it done.

And please dont give me a list of health benefits of circumcision or how it is SO different than ear piercing. I used the comparison because its something done to a baby’s body by parental choice and causes pain, however fleeting, not because I am saying anything negative/positive about having it done or not done (ears or “other”).

Mariel on

Im from latin america, and i have been using earrings since the day that i was born… its very common here- Its our culture. And its nice, we love it!!! Max and Emme are really beautiful babies!!!

Alice on

They are adorable!! They have really become cute toddlers and not just babies! I think they look very much alike.

About the ears piercing, it hurts more when you do it later. I had mine pierced when I was a baby and my parents said I didn’t seem bothered (of course I don’t remember) and I had them pierced again at like 15 or 16 and it hurt like hell and for months.
It is not necessary for your child’s well being but it’s not harmful either and if they don’t like it growing up they can just not wear earrings and the holes will reseal. I think most girls/women like earrings though don’t they, it’s pretty 🙂

NYC_Nona on

They are so sweet!…Perhaps they look little to some ppl due to the fact their parents are not really large ppl to begin with…Marc, as we all can see, is a small framed man…it comes as no surprise the kiddies may be petite…Beautiful children, nice to finally see close up photos of them!

ElenaS on

They are cute. And about ears piercing here in Macedonia girls get their ears pierced few weeks after they are born so for me it’s not a big deal that Emme has earrings

ericka on

they look like their dad

Jessicad on

They are sooo cute! Emme looks so tiny and precious!

I wish I had pierced my daughter’s ears when she was younger, she’s 20 months old now and I think it’s too late. I was just scared to hurt her, but I think they look so pretty with them pierced! Chances are she’s going to get them pierced someday anyway, had I done it earlier she wouldn’t remember, oh well:)

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

My goodness, all this adorableness is killing me!! They are both such a beautiful combination of Jennifer and Mark.

Mrs. R. on

Such a great grandma photo. Grandmas are always good for having jewelry to chew on 🙂

Jennifer on

Awwww…they are sooo cute! 🙂

Lauren on

Totally agree with am. My relatives on Long Island all pierce their daughters’ ears as infants, the girls lead perfectly happy, healthy lives, and look adorable doing it. If a mom wants to pierce her daughter’s ears, fine-I think baby girls with earrings look adorable. If they want to wait til their daughter’s older, fine as well. I’ve never understood the hang-ups some mothers seem to have towards this procedure, ever since I begged for years to get mine done before my parents relented at 8 and a half.

MZ on

My mom is from Brasil, so she had her ears pierced in the hospital. She was so upset when she couldn’t get mine done in the hospital here in the US. The pediatrician made her wait till I was a month old before he would do it. All our Brasilian relatives sent me earrings and bracelets as soon as I was born. My mom kept earrings in and the holes clean and then when I was a little older I decided I didn’t want to wear earrings and she was fine with that. As a teen I was lucky enough that the holes hadn’t closed and I so I could easily start wearing earrings again. I don’t think piercing the ears as babies takes away the right of the child to make that decision later on. If they don’t want earrings, most likely the holes will close up.

I have a son now, but if one day I have a daughter I will definitely pierce her ears as soon as I can.

baby nursery decoration on

They sure do look a lot like daddy!

Rachel on

I agree with Mariel, I am Hispanic and female babies have their ears pierced when they are just infants. I being one of them and I don’t remember having them done at all.

Emme and Max are too cute for words!!

KiKi on

They have darkened beautifully.

Patti on

I think Emme looks like a minature Jennifer, and Max is a mix of both parents. They are beautiful children. They will be blessed to get their parents’ singing talents as well!

blackrose on

They had my baby cousins ears pierced when she was only one day old ,they say its better cause babies dont feel the pain

ecl on

You are kidding, right? Babies don’t feel pain. That was the crap they thought a hundred years ago when they operated on babies who weren’t numbed. They DO feel the pain, they just don’t remember it!

Marla on

They are different complexions than their parents I see. The children look much browner. They are small but cute for their age.

Amanda on

They are really very beautiful twins!!! 16 months is such a cute age!!!

Jules on

Honestly WHO Cares if her ears are pierced or not? It is really none of OUR business, it is THEIRS………their parents. I am sure you would not appreciate being criticized about every parenting decision you all make as I am sure there is NO perfection here.

Morena on

I was going to mention the different coloring between the twins and their parents too. I think little Emme is so cute and brown. I know mothers who have their baby daughters ears pierced but the practice always frightened me because little babies pull at their ears. The twins are so adorable! they look so much like their dad.

Dounia on

OMG again with the ears drama…I understand that some people don’t understand it as they’re not used to it, but I think that some of you could show a little respect for others’culture -there’s nothing wrong with piercing a baby’s ears apart from the temporary pain. And now with the modern techniques it doesn’t even hurt!
I got mine pierced when I was three months old and I’m glad my mom did it, so I didn’t have to “suffer” later.

Mary-Helen on

My youngest daughter got her ears pierced @ 2 months and it was much better than when we got my elder daughter’s done. She pulled on them and they got infected, while my youngest forgot about them once we left the salon.

As for the twins, they are too precious! I love how cute they are! I saw these pictures on another site and couldn’t believe the hateful comments about these adorable little ones. I am so glad CBB would never allow them.

Anon on

I am South Asian (originally from India) and girls there get their ears pierced very young. I got mine pierced when I was 6 or 7 months old. My daughter was born in the U.S., but when we took her on a trip to India when she was 16 months, we pierced her ears then. Yes, she was in pain for a while, but within a few hours she was playing again and just fine. Personally, I think earrings are cute and not a big deal.

angelbaby33 on

She is such a cutie! As for the pierced ears, my daughters both got them pierced at 4 months and did not flinch. As for letting the child decide, I can honestly say that I do not know one female adult that does not have pierced ears. I am sure that there are people out there obiously, but I can imagine that if there are girls who are in school that do not have them pierced, they probably want them. Unless their mom has gone out of their way to freak them out about it!

keesje on

I think ppl on this comment just like to make a big deal out of everthing.

Im from Friesland, The Netherlands and most of the babies here i have seen her get there ears pierced at the age of 4 months

So is this a dutch to then culture??? I think not is just the choose of the parents.
And to me its sounds kinda weird waiting till u 12 or 13 to get u ear pierce. Buts thats just me:)

I think its ok thats some mom like to wait till there girls are 12 or 13 but dont judge other ppl who think differnt.

stedine on

The twins got real cute.

Ummm… I got my ears pierced right after I was born. I love it, my holes will never close and I don’t remember any pain from it either (I remember the pain from my bellybutton piercing though, ouch). I think it is easier to monitor them and keep them from infection when they are a baby.

gaia's mom on

I also saw a bunch of negative comments on other sites. I mean given I thought they were average looking babies when the muniz’s brought them out at that concert, but here they look really cute.

Sarah on

Jo- my daughters ear were pierced @ 3 weeks of age because I pierced ears for a living for 3 years and doing it when they get older is more traumatic in my opinion and more likely to get infected because they like to touch them when they get older and as far as being cruel she cried 10 times more from her shots at the doctors than from her ears being pierced. cruel… i think not

Cassandra on

They are so gorgeous. And so tiny! They remind me a lot of the babies in my Puerto Rican family because they’re all so tiny but the minute they hit 5, they shoot straight up!

Piercing the ears is definitely a touchy subject here. I got mine done when I was 9 months and my mom said all she had to do was say ‘ice cream’ and I stopped crying. I got it again when I was 13 and let me tell you it was a beeyotch! Keeping it clean was really hard, I’m glad my mom did my first holes when I was so young because then she took care of them for me! 😛

Mary on

I couldn’t help but notice all the talk about pierced ears. My almost 3 yo daughter doesn’t have pierced ears for one reason and it’s not because it will hurt. It’s because I think it looks really tacky. A baby should look as such, not like a miniature adult. I will wait until she’s ready and wants to get them pierced and we will go together, make an event of it and I will buy her earrings SHE picks out. I can’t wait until that day and how sad that so many mother miss out on that because they do it when the baby can’t even sit up yet. Strange.

Janet on

What’s the big deal on pierced ears on a baby? Geez that’s been going on for decades! ALL RACES I’ve seen in my life have done that. I guess it more a MOM PREFERENCE than anything “cultural based”. As for the necklace eating–isn’t that COMMON IN MOMMYHOOD? Wow. These are healthy, WELL CARED FOR, children… pierced ears and necklace chewing is such PETTY TALK.

gaia's mom on

Some of you are so ignorant and I try my best not to use that word, but its fitting. It is indeed cultural difference. Latinos, Blacks(in africa and abroad), and South East Asians(I won’t vouch for anyone else cause I don’t know) do indeed pierce their girls ears at a young age, its a cultural norm not dictated by race but culture. I think one would be hard pressed to find a Latina or Indian mom who was fully immersed in their culture who disagrees with piercings. Yes its moms preference but where does moms preference come from? I grew up thinking that every girl got her ears pierced at a young age until I saw an episode of full house. My daughters ears are pierced and all the girls and a few of the boys in her playgroup have pierced ear(s) too.


You think it makes a child look like a miniature adult because you for whatever reason associate pierced ears with adulthood. A person who comes from a culture where piercing occurs shortly after birth don’t have that notion. I can think of other things that could be a right of passage or symbolic for my daughter aside from pierced ears. Give me a break. It is so frustrating when others don’t even try to understand or take into consideration cultural/background differences. I don’t think its petty talk, if people would just say “ohhh okay where I live its a big deal or its not important here” and just leave it at that instead of insulting other peoples choices

Amy on

Ear piercing cruel? What about circumcision???

Karen on

Enough w/ the ear piercing comments….good grief!!!

For me, Emme chewing on the necklace is more worrisome.

Kelli on

Am I the only person that is offended by the comment regarding surrogacy?
You can sure tell these are both Marc and Jennifer’s kids. No surrogate here.
That is much more ignorant than any ear piercing comment. When you hire a surrogate, more often than not, they use your eggs, and your husband/partner’s sperm. The surrogate only houses the child for you! SJP’s babies will most likely look like their PARENTS. (aka, her and her husband). Seriously, think outside the box. mkay?

hiede on

my father was in the milatary and I was born in Germany and my mother told me that as soon as I was born the hospital asked Mom if she had a pair of earings with her they would peirce my ears then but she didnt have a pair so i was a few weeks old b4 i had my ears peirced.

and they are adorable

Donna on

A surrogate can host the parents ovum, but she can also host a donor egg and father’s sperm or a number of other options. YOU think outside the box.

Mia on

The babies are so cute. I think Emme looks a lot more like Jennifer, and Max is a combination of both. They are really cute kids.

On the topic of ear piercing-It’s easier to pierce ears when they are babies because 1. They don’t remember the experience and will probably hold still instead of squirming around as a toddler/older and 2. The nerves in the ears aren’t as sensitive as they are vs. as you get older, and the fatty tissue and cartilage are so soft, it just pierces through really easily.
I don’t see anything cruel about it ,and its very common in most cultures, esp. the USA to get it done so early.

I know, from my personal experience, my mom got my ears pierced when I was a baby because (even though I was dressed in ALL Pink, and my name was a girl’s name) people would still think I was a boy, and my mom got my ears pierced to make it pretty clear “This is a baby girl” (the pink + the name + the ears pierced). It’s very common.

I think my ears might have been pierced in the hospital as well,which is where they also often perform circumcisions on male babies. Unless the parents request not to, either for cultural reasons (like waiting 8 days to do a bris in the Jewish religion) or just having a preference to not circumcise..etc. And on the topic of pain, with circumcisions, the baby boy is given wine right away so he falls fast asleep and doesn’t remember a thing. The parents freak out 100x more than the baby, esp. the mother. Babies heal very fast and don’t remember those kind of things 🙂

Tee on

Kelly, I can’t say that I was necessarily offended by the surrogate comment but it did bother me. So many people are still uneducated when it comes to surrogacy.

RIP Michael on

I am AA and my mom had my ears pierced at 3 months and she claims I didn’t flinch? Something about baby ears being so thin and just cartiledge (I’m more than sure I spelled that wrong…sorry) 🙂

Anywho I love my ears pierced and plan to do the same with my future daughter. (I can’t say if the practice is traced back to my African roots but my family has done it for generations). I’ve had family members pierce their sons ear…now that I wouldn’t do.

mochababe73 on

These are the cutest babies ever. Well, other than my own.
I think that it is a cultural thing. I am a black woman, and I attended predominately caucasian schools growing up. I noticed that the black and hispanic girls all had pierced ears. The majority of us got them when we were babies. The caucasian kids didn’t until they were in high school usually around the age of 14. It was a big deal, and we-the minorities-didn’t get what the big deal was.
I guess that my parents were bad as well. I really don’t think that we should call parenthood into question over something as petty as pierced ears.

Anna on

I’m also from the Netherlands and most babies I know don’t have pierced ears. I think it is more done amongst teem moms because they think it’s cute. I think a person should be able to make their own decision on piercing holes in their body. The same goes for circumcision.

Their kids are very cute, they have done a great job at keeping them away from the spotlight.

Rach on

Tee, I think Kelly’s comment was referring to the rumours when Jen was pregnant that she was having a surrogate cary her babies because her bump was weird,abnormal,her age etc I can’t exactly remember the details..but it was somewhere areound those lines.I found the comment a little weird also, but I remembered the rumours.I think Kelly meant well though, like to say “wow , those kids look so much like their parents”.

As far as the piercing thing..I somewhat agree with not getting it done too late and early..but for purely superficial reasons.

My mother had my ears pierced at a year old I think it was. The first one was fine, but once the pain set in, there was no way in hell I was going to let the woman go through with piercing the other ear. They managed to hold me down enough for her to do it. To the eye, they were level. As I grew though, they were beginning to be very noticeable that they were off. By the time that someone mentioned it to me that it was fixable (I thought that it was too close to the original hole),I was like 18 years old, and by that time,I had three piercings in each ear and in the one ear, they ALL needed to be redone to line up correctly. Needless to say,I didn’t do them, I just kept the one pair and I am waiting for them to close enough, that I can go and get them corrected.

I wonder where they got this idea that children don’t remember pain.. maybe when you become an adult, but i’m not sure it is the same for all people. I still remember many of the things from my toddle-childhood. My son is 7 months and I think he has stored and catergorized the nurse’s face that gives him his vaccines. Everytime we go in there, the mood will change and he will start remebering and fussing.He never cries for the first,but the second one her cries for like 2 seconds until he gets his pacifier.

CelebBabyLover on

J-Lin- I agree! I also had my ears pierced six months ago…and it barely hurts at all! You just feel a very brief prick as the earring goes through, and then it’s all over!

Anyway, adorable babies, and I personally think it’s adorable that Emme’s trying to snack on her granny’s necklace! 🙂

Rach on

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but Jenn looks so much like her mother and wow her mom is so gorgeous for her age !

Kitty on

I think the reason the twins look thin is because they favor Marc more and Marc is a very thin man. I think it’s the genes.

Cute kids !

ingrid on

@Amy: both are cruel. but comparing one bad thing with a worse one, doesn’t make the bad thing any better! parents should respect the fact that they don’t own their kid’s bodies and that they don’t have the right to decide those things for them.

Janet on

GAIA’S MOM– sorry for the caps I just wanted it to be noticed. I’m Filipino-American and yes my mom pierced my ears around the time I was 9. I said it’s a PARENT preference because even though it may be normal and expected in one’s cultural not ALL the parents in the culture have the same mindset on pierced ears. It’s really up to the parents. To say the word ignorant is quite harsh…remember we bring forth our own perspectives…we learn from one another. No need to generalize others as “ignorant”.

Lorus on

I personally believe that a child’s body is their own and I have no right to physically alter it without their permission. This is why I won’t pierce my daughters’ ears and I won’t circumcise any sons I have in the future.

Both my girls were very petite as young children. My 8yo is still one of the smallest kids in her class yet she eats like a horse. My 18m old is about 21 pounds and 32 inches! Babies come in all shapes and sizes. For every chunky monkey there is a skinny minnie.

brannon on

Wine? Circumsision is an interesting debate (not for this post) but wine?

Lara on

Ummm, Keesje. I too am living in The Netherlands and I know NO babies with their ears pierced….maybe it’s just a Freisan thing….

When I lived in Spain we saw lots of babies with their ears pierced and it was my husband (who is Dutch) was the one who commented on how odd a tradition it was.

Cute babies!

Mary on

I’m seeing now that it’s probably a cultural thing, that’s great and I like #68’s comment. Just personally for me, I don’t like the way it looks on babies. It distracts from their pretty little, plump faces…I just don’t like it, sorry.

Mandi on

Emme looks like Jennifer while Max looks like his dad. Very strong genes.

Shirelle on

Max is cute!

Mandi on

Don’t you people have anything else to do but critize the way some people parent. Maybe you should go look in the mirror. Let people parent the way they want and mind your own business!

Mari on

Does anyone know a woman who regrets that her mom/parents chose to have her ears pierced as an infant?
Ask the same question to some circumcised/uncircumcised males – you’ll hear some regrets from both sides, I’m sure.
While I feel circumsicion is not necessary, piercing ears is a completely different argument.

Becky on

I am so suprised no one has said anything about her diamond bracelet yet!

KLM on

“Honestly WHO Cares if her ears are pierced or not? It is really none of OUR business, it is THEIRS………their parents. I am sure you would not appreciate being criticized about every parenting decision you all make as I am sure there is NO perfection here.”

I can’t stand people like you who walk in to the middle of a conversation and always take the high road, the moral highground. Why? Are you honestly defending these celebrities? Do you feel very strongly about this cause? Or does it just make you feel like a better person? No talked about “perfection” or even really critisised others parenting choices. In most cases people offered their opinions, what they know to be true, and some commented on what others said. There was little talk about Jennifer specifically. Most people talked about themselves. Every time comments are generated here someone will swoop in and go “it’s none of our business” or “how would you like it if…” We are supposed to discuss OUR feelings, that is why there is a comment section to begin with. If you have nothing to offer in way of opinion about the subject then please don’t make others who have contributed feel bad for having an opinion. When people are horrible and insulting then obvioudly you can tell them to back off etc. But your comments here when the conversation is fairly light and therefore unneccesary look like an attempt to feel high and mighty. Just my opinion.

And the kids of course are absolutely gorgeous. I’m not a huge JLo fan but I think she is an incredible person. I am happy for her. She seems to be in a much better place personly that she was 5 years ago. Best wishes for her and her family.

Kristi on

I really don’t think it’s a big deal to get an infant’s ears pierced…my only issue is that I don’t think she should be wearing hoops. Toddlers can be very curious and not so gentle and I’m hoping her brother doesn’t try to pull them out. Either way, I think they are both adorable…I especially love Emme’s curly hair 🙂

Mari on

Adorable babies…lovely family.

phililpa on

THey are cuties. I didn’t even notice the little girl had her ears pierced until it was mentioned. I never did my girls. To be truthful I just never really thought about it. My friends have done their kids. Doesn’t bother me–it is their children. Personally babies are cute regardless if their ears are pierced or not.
I too have decided to make a special day out of it with my daughters when they are ready. Go to the spa and let them pick out their own earrings. My cousin did that with her six year old. Her daughter was so excited, she was showing strangers her newly pierced ears. It was really sweet to see.
We all do things differently, and raise our kids different.As long as they are healthy and happy, we did our job right.

Jessica on

OMG, I must laugh at some of these comments. When in God’s name did ear piercing on a infant become cruel??? It’s a prick and it goes away in about 30 mintues. If the child grows up and decides they don’t want to wear earrings then they will close up (eventually). I’m black and I had my ears pierced at 6 months and I’m glad my mom did it so then I wouldn’t have to get it pierced later and worry about it getting infected with all the touching and roughhousing.

I can’t believe how judgmental and holier than thou some of these commentators are. “I would do this and I would do that,”…. Um who cares what you would do and what your opinion is. Say the children are cute and move on.

Maybe some of these comments are racially motivated because majority of Black, Latina, and Indian mothers get their daughters ears pierced and it seems as if White American mothers generally don’t. Hmm.

Karmen on

I am a Puerto Rican woman and growing up I attended integrated schools and I don’t remember any of the white kids with pierced ears; only the Hispanic girls had their ears pierced at an early age. The twins are cute but I’m still marveling over how different their colors are from both Jennifer and Marc. Both cuties are much browner than mom and dad. I’m just glad my mom waited until I was three to pierce my ears.

spanish on

I am from spain and here is normal that baby girls have his ears pierced. And yes i am white and have blue eyes! so for my is not a racial thing.

bungalowbliss on

Wow, really? Sometimes the comments on this site are nothing short of ridiculous. Bleh.

Sarah K. on

Do any of us who had our ears pierced as babies actually think it was cruel? I noticed that no one so far who went through the experience is unhappy about it. Only those who chose not to go that route seem to think it’s cruel.

I had my ears pierced as a baby and I have never even thought that it was anything but normal until I was in grade school and others didn’t. I really don’t see the big deal. There are a lot worse things in this world.

Neici on

This ear piercing debate about letting the child choose is funny. Parents veto children’s decisions they disagree with all the time(You are not wearing the tutu with the wool sweater). So they will let them have them done if there is no religious reason against it. I had mine pierced at 5 1/2 because I asked for it. I still remember it was at a May company store in Fashion Valley in San Diego and it did hurt. I wished I would have had it done as a baby.

Hanna on

such cute kids! how do you pronounce Emme? is the e at the end silent?
about the pierced ears: I don’t think it’s a big deal. From my own experience, in Germany nearly all girls have their ears pierced before they start school at the age of 6. so I think it’s even better to have the kids ears pierced when they are small babies, because they don’t touch their ears.

Dounia on

@ gaia’s mom

I couldn’t have said it better than you, kudos!
And to those who disagree: piercing our babies ears doesn’t make us bad parents or make them look “tacky”. We respect your opinion, so why don’t you just do the same instead of making offensive remarks?

Anna on

There’s nothing wrong at all with piercing a baby girl’s ears. I’m not planning on doing it to my daughter, but in some cultures, that’s what you do, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Dounia on

And also @ spanish: Jessica is talking about the situation in the US. In Spain it’s completely different, as here it’s normal to have your ears pierced at a young age

Mary-Helen on

Hanna: I believe Emme is pronounced “Emmy”

Becky on

Mary-Helen – You’re right. I always thought that name was pronounced like Em, but I heard JLo say it on an interview and she said Emm-E.

Camilla on

I got my daughters ears pierced when she was about 5 or 6, but I think it’s fine to do it earlier. I think the scariest part about it is thinking about the needle BEFORE the actual piercing. Babies are spared the fore-thought cause they don’t know what’s going on. The only thing I’d recommend is making sure the individual is experienced with piercing.

MaddKiwi on

Absolutely gorgeous babies. What else would you expect with a mom like Jen? 😀 They’ve grown so much( in height and hair :).As for piercings..i had mine done when i were 1 with the piercing gun and apparently didn’t flinch. I had those gold stars in for about 8 years 😀 i’ve now had many in one ear,many in the other It’s each to their own,you don’t have to rag on someone if they think it’s ok, it’s just their opinion.

Terri on

The last time I saw Emme, not too long ago, she looked a lot fairer. She has pretty coloring. I think they both favor Marc.

Terri on

My mom had my older sister’s ears pierced as a baby. Then she did mine and I cried so much that she swore she would never pierce another baby’s ears. So when my younger sister arrived she waited until she was old enough to ask to have her ears pierced. Personally, I’m glad I had it done when I couldn’t remember it! I’m a wimp when it comes to pain.

JMO on

ah the good ol’ ear piercing debate never gets old!!

Remember to each their own. I had mine done at 6 months and plan to have my daughter’s ears pierced as soon as the doctor okays it…why? simply cause I want her to have them and nothing more. It’s my choice.

Emme and max look ALOT like Marc but Emme has a bit of Jen in her. Both babies are very tiny but I guess being small at birth probably plays a part in their petite sizes.

sam and freya's mum on

Alex ITA, would wait until my daughter’s at least old enough to want them and ask for them, I think it’s unnecessary (although I realise it’s cultural in certain countries, not that common here so is probably more that I’m not that used to seeing it on kiddies under two!, we’re in NZ). Personally think it looks a little tacky on little ones, just my opinion, no offence to those that kids have them that young, I wouldn’t, and after all, everyone has an opinion, lol..

sam and freya's mum on

cute pics of the kids, had to add! and I agree with Mary’s comment too, why make them grow up so quick, seems like trying to make their look pretty when they’re still young, bit selfish perhaps?, parents thinking of what they like, making choices when the baby can’t – but I guess that’s what parents do for their kids while they’re too young to make decisions, but don’t see the point in them – kids should be kids, not made to look older than they are…!

janie on

Sorry but I think the baby girl looks ridiculous wearing a diamond tennis bracelet and earrings!

Renee' on

Jen and Marc:

You two have the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. I agree with everyone, they really look like Marc but you CAN see alittle of Jen in Emme. Good luck to you both in the future. Keep singing those beautiful songs Jen.

gianna on

You don’t see much of them, they both look like jennifer. Emme looks just like jennifer as a kid, and max looks like her too. Jlo and marc both have round noeses and similar complexions so it’s hard to tell sometimes who the kids favor, but it’s her mostly. His other 3 kids, I recently saw pics are all marc.

Mel on

janie Says:

“Sorry but I think the baby girl looks ridiculous wearing a diamond tennis bracelet and earrings”

Differnce of opinions, but I love it! I’m West Indian (Trini and Guyanese) and giving baby braclets, necklaces and rings when they are born are very common as I’m sure their in many Latin and other parts of the world. I have many of my baby rings still and can’t wait to give them to my kids.

CC3 on

As for little Emme chewing on her grandma’s necklace, as a former preschool teacher and mom of one, children chewing on anything they can get their hands on at this age is normal behaviour (Emme’s probably teething) and I’m sure JLo’s mother would have the common instinct not to allow her gandchild to choke on her necklace. And the ear piercing? Yes, it’s painful but children do forget and this should be up to the parents in terms of how they dress their children.

Melissa on

Like a few on here, I had my ears pierced when I was a newborn and I see nothing wrong with it. My aunt even pierced her grand daughter’s ears the day after she came home from the hospital. I suppose it is a cultural thing because I’m Mexican American. I think it’s a good idea to do it especially if your daughter has no hair. I remember when I was out with my brother, his wife (who is caucasian), and my littlest niece, my niece was mistaken for a boy even though she was wearing pink because she’s so bald. Maybe if she had earrings, it wouldn’t have happened, who knows, but both of my nieces do not have pierced ears because their mother choose not to even though I know they’d look so much more cuter with a little pair of earrings. Emme looks beautiful with them on and the curly hair. I’ve always been a big fan of Jennifer & Marc’s and their children are absolutely gorgeous!

CelebBabyLover on

sam and freya’s mom- As another poster said, parents make choices for their children every day. For example, toddlers Max and Emme’s age aren’t old enough to choose what to wear. Parents also chose things for their kids such as whether or not TV is allowed, and if it is, what shows the kids can watch.

It’s also usually parents who choose what to fix for dinner each night.

Monique7 on

They are two of the most beautiful babies. Just gorgeous 🙂

sil on

That dress is from Target! My two girls have them.

I am Italian and it is very normal to pierce baby girls ears very early in life and normal for many relatives and friends to give the baby gifts of gold jewelry, especially tiny earrings, when they are born.It is very culturally significant and traditional as a celebration of their birth to give them jewelry they will have for their entire life.

I think it looks very sweet too. I had both my daughters ears pireced before they were one at the pediatrician and they never had a problem with them at all. As a matter of fact, my 3 year old now is so used to them she likes to pick out cute earrings and change them. Right now she has little fishes in for summer!

Mariel on


Mia on

I agree with comment #88. First, everyone feels differently bout ear piercing. You don’t like it, that’s your opinion but you’ve no right to insult other parents who chose to pierce their daughters’ ears. I am really offended on behalf of my mom and aunts. Calling it cruel is just ridiculous. Child abuse is cruel. And who actually looks in the mirror and thinks, “Why the heck did my mom pierce my ears when I was a baby?” You either wear earrings or don’t.

s.e. on

My daughter, who is four, does not have her ears pierced. Nothing ‘cultural’ or anything like that. I only felt it fair that she decides (when she’s older) if she wants holes in her ears. But I think little girls with pierced ears is cute. I just couldn’t do it to my daughter!

I don’t know if I find either of the twins ‘cute’. They look well cared for, though.

Maggy on

Get off of the pierced ears thing…there’s nothing wrong with it…at least she didn’t pierce Max’s ears…that would be worse.

mermaids614 on

Why is it such a big deal about getting the ears pierced as children. I can say in my culture–Black American, we typically always pierce our baby girls ears, usually as early as the doctor okays it. That’s usually no later than 6 months of age. I have latina in-laws and friends also, and they typically do the same, piercing the childs ears while they are still an infant. I don’t understand why it’s so shocking to some people. It’s a personal choice. If that child grows up and decides she doesn’t like wearing earrings, she can stop wearing them, and usually the hole will close. I think earrings make baby girls look gorgeous.

Daisy on

Glad to see Jen is starting to poke through a little in these cuties, & the earings are adorable…isnt a shot just the same thing!? People are always so sensetive on here…LOL

Bancie1031 on

OMG … Emme looks just like JLO! Can’t tell who Max looks like in this picture …. it’s good to see them again … they are such beautiful children 😀

Alex on

The twins looks super alike.

Mariel on

@ Janie : JEALOUS?????

mary on

well these kids are adorable!!!! even though i wouldn’t pierce my daughters ears that young i don’t think that makes them bad parents. i just think that when they are old enough to know what they want and can tell me in words is the age that they should get their ears pierced. i was 5 years old and i told my mom that i wanted my ears pierced and she took me to go get them because i could clearly tell her what i wanted and thats what i wanted. it should be their decision its their ears

Angela on

My girls had their ears pierced with their birthstones on their first birthday. My next daughter turns one in November and she will also have her ears pierced ON her special day. I cannot foresee them being upset in any way and if they choose to not wear earrings when they are older then that will be their choice. I used EMLA cream on their ears—-it numbs it. They didn’t flinch for a second and there wasn’t a single cry. I was more ‘scared’ than they were, but it was all over in mere seconds.

Sol on

Jo: That is the beauty of having YOUR OWN CHILDREN, you can make the choices you want for yours and other parents can do what they feel is right for their own. Pierced ears on girls is very much a cultural tradition in Latino families. Also many parents feel that doing it early on makes the healing process better for the child. An infants ears heal must faster and they are less likely to have problems with the piercing.

mermaids614 on

I’m surprised nobody has commented on how great Jennifer’s mom looks. She doesn’t look like she could be the mother of a 40 year old.

Becky on

They are adorable!
I don’t really agree with ear piercings on babies, like it’s already been said it’s not necessary for the baby and they may not even want it. Unless it is for a cultural reason I see something wrong with ‘assuming’ that a baby will want holes in her ears, and that if she doesn’t just take them out, it should definitely be the other way round!
All this about it hurting less when your a baby, come on, it hardly hurts at all when you have it done at 13, 14 or whatever, I have 2 ear piercings in each ear and a belly piercing so I’m not against piercings at all, I just think it’s the babies choice. My mum made me wait til I was 11 and I respect that and will do the same for my children.

Annettte on

Piercing a child’s ears is very cultural in Hispanic families. I’m hispanic and it’s common to pierce a very young child’s ears. Most of us don’t wait till we’re 16 to this. Just part of our lives. You shouldn’t judge a parent for this.

Millie on

I am so glad to see people, especially “latinos” standing up for and supporting Jennifer, finally… she may be who she is and might not be liked by many, but at least she worked hard to get where she is at and has proven that we can all make things happen in a world where certain races want to shut doors and just direct us to “no where” path and keep our children from making it in this world… if you don’t like how we do things in our culture, well sorry, it’s too bad, we’re not hear to please you!!!!!

joselyn on

I can’t believe the fuzz being made about the piercings…as far as I can tell Emme looks perfectly happy. I had mine done when I was a baby…at the hospital like it’s common in Latin countries…I choose to wear earrings SOMETIMES and you know what? I don’t have a problem with the holes closing its convenient….and the thought “it should of been my choice” has NEVER crossed my mind because at the end of the day..i do have a choice i can put them on or i can take them off…i didnt have to beg my mum for a piercing i didnt have to be “old enough” i love it.