Ashlee and Bronx Head to Mommy and Me

07/17/2009 at 02:00 PM ET

Balancing her chunky monkey on her hip, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz takes 7 ½-month-old son Bronx Mowgli to his weekly baby class in Studio City, Calif. on Thursday.

Bronx is the first child for Ashlee, 24, and husband Pete Wentz.

The Fall Out Boy bassist just left for a trip to China yesterday, Tweeting, “Heartbreaking the first time [you] leave [your] lil dude when they actually recognize you. On the way to airport.”

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Perigee on

Wow! What a handsome chubster!

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Wow, he’s gotten sooo big!! He looks bigger than 7 1/2 months in my opinion. Ohh and did they dye his hair?? I could swear his hair used to be darker.

Brooke on

He is so cute! But he looks so big compared to Ashlee!! Wow he’s such a chunk! But he’s cute!

Ashley on

He looks sooo big for 7.5 mos old. Maybe it’s because Ashlee is so small. Not the cutest baby but maybe he’s just going through a awkward stage?

Erin on

For the first time, I see Pete in Bronx.

Britt on

He’s so adorable. Bronx is totally my favorite celeb baby.

Lily on

Wow I can’t believe how big Bronx is! I feel like he was born a couple of months ago. Time Flies!! Hes so cute with his blonde hair and chubby legs! Such an adorable baby. Ashlee is looking great too!

Angeline on

Wow, He’s a big kid! I haven’t seen many pictures of him so it’s hard to tell who he looks like but he seems to favor Ashlee. Very Cute!

carrie on

He looks like Joe Simpson.

Bancie1031 on

WOW is it just me or does he look REALLY big for his age?? He looks like a 2 year old to me ……. Ashlee is so pretty and Bronx is handsome ….. wonder if her and Pete are going to have anymore children, or if they’re going to wait a while to have anymore?

Kristi on

I can’t imagine them dying his hair but who knows. I know my niece was born with jet black hair (kind of like Suri Cruise) but now has very light brown hair. Babies change so much as they grow up so I’m betting his hair just naturally got lighter. Anyways, I love his chunky legs…so cute!

brook on

he definitely has ‘their’ chin!!! He is sooooo fat!! look at those rolls! And his hair looks to have quite a bit of red in it!!

Elle on

I don’t think Bronx looks that big at all. I would guess he is in 12mo. size clothing. My son was in that size when he was 7 months old. Some kids are just bigger and he also looks very healthy to me! No way is his hair dyed. Joe Simpson is a very light looking dude. You can tell he was probably a blonde baby. As for Pete…who knows what his REAL hair color is…it could be light brown or something along those lines. He is adorable!

Mary-Helen on

Wow, he is sooo cute and pudgy! He looks more like Ashlee.

Also, is it just me or does Pete seem like a kind of hands off parent? Like his comment about it being sad to leave Bronx when he actually knows who he is this time seems a little cold to me.

juliana on

dye his hair? that is the most rediculous thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t think they dye their 7 month’s hair.

Ashley on

Who would bleach a 7 month old baby’s hair?? Come on now! No, his hair just lightened as he is growing older- it’s what baby’s do! My hair was black when I was born and by the time my first birthday came my hair was blonde, I mean from BLack to white BLonde! By the time I was 2 yrs old and the rest of my life, my natural hair color is light brown! .. THe Simpson’s are blondes so it’s not suprising at all his hair is lightening up. He is so adorable and I think babies just look big compared to their petite mamas! Ashlee looks very pretty, happy and healthy!

Shannon on

If you look at pics of Bronx over the last year, his hair has been gradually lightening up over the last 7 months. Both of my girls went from dark brown-red hair to blonde as can be in the first year. Babies change a lot!

He is such an adorable baby. Definitely looks like a healthy baby to me!

Erica on

He’s so cute! He does look big, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Like someone said, I think he just looks so big because Ashlee is pretty tiny. His hair has changed since we first saw him and it’ll probably change. My cousin was born with jet black hair and he’s 6 1/2 now and his hair is a dirty blonde color. I’m sure Bronx’s will change before his first birthday🙂. He’s still my favourite celeb baby right now.

Lis on

Ashley (#4) – was your comment necessary? How rude! I can’t believe those comments are tolorated.

Anyway, I think Bronx is absolutely darling!!! He’s getting big – SUCH a cutie😀

Brooke on

Lis – lighten up….she speaks the truth.

Not all babies are beautiful.

am581 on

Both my girls were big. First one was just under 35in at her first bday, 30lbs, now #2 is one and is 32in and just under 32lbs. At 7 mos that’s pretty much what they looked like. First kid is considered exactly height weight proportionate now at 3yo so I’m not the least bit worried about #2.

Some are big some are small. The baby boy I watch sometimes is 6mo old and he’s smaller than the neighbor’s 2mos old. That’s why there is no such thing as normal, just a mathmatical average. I definitely think what someone said is true- Ashley is pretty petite and that may be creating an optical illusion. And in any case, who doesnt like baby fat rolls? But why arent they cute when you grow up?? lol!

J on

I don’t get people saying he isn’t cute, he’s adorable!

Lis on

I disagree.

Ashley on

Lis…my comment was not meant to be rude I was just making a comment and obviously CBB didn’t see it as being rude because it was posted. He has always looked a little odd but babies are always changing so maybe he is growing into his features.

Lis on

Sorry, correction: Brooke, I disagree.

cas on

what a healthy baby!!

Jessicad on

Wow. It also states that you shouldn’t post things you wouldn’t say to them in person, and nobody would ever say that to Ashlee’s face. Who the hell says someone’s kid is ugly, if you want to think it, that’s fine, but to actually post it online where his parents could read it, shows no class whatsoever in my opinion. That would hurt any parent. What’s the saying..if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. People love to hate this girl for some reason, I’ve NEVER seen a negative comment like that about any other baby posted on this site, it’s just Bronx. I’m seriously disgusted with the way some people act, it’s not necessary to be so mean.

I think Ashlee’s hair looks great, I love the color, and he’s a very cute and big boy!

Brooklyn on

Haha! Aww, he’s adorable. I saw a picture the other day of him with Pete and he didn’t look so big, I think it might be just the way Ashlee is carrying him or the fact she’s so tiny!

Nina on

I just LOVE little juicy babies!

Meg on

My son Blake was born 2 days before Bronx and looks very similar size wise. He is 31 inches and 25 lbs. I think Bronx is so cute!

Elisa on

He’s so cute!! indeed looks a bit like Ashlee’s father… =)

j.U.d.E. on

I don’t think his hair is dyed.

He has an ‘old man’s face’ in this picture. In a picture the other day with his father, he looked so much different.

Brandi on

His hair is dirty blond/light brown and looks different depending on the lighting, my kids hair is the same way.

This picture was in the shade so it looks darker.

Mary I thought the opposite about Pete’s quote, it was very sweet.

Alex on

Here’s my theory on the Bronx looking older thing. One, he’s got a very serious non-baby looking face, which wouldn’t look out of place on a toddler, and two, he’s chunky, and that tends to make babies look older and bigger height wise. He’s definitely a Simpson baby, I don’t see any Wentz in him at all yet!

MZ on

Babies’ hair can look very diff. depending on the lighting. My son’s is anywhere from medium brown to reddish to blond.

I think Bronx looks like such a little old man! It’s adorable! Not an old old man, just I think he has a very “adult” face if that makes sense.

I think Pete is a hands-on dad. We do see pictures of him with Bronx pretty frequently on here and like Brandi, I interpreted that quote a totally diff. way.

Elizabeth on

He’s a chunky little guy isn’t he. Super cute. He looks like Ashley.

Amanda on

He is very different looking. I can quite put my finger on it.

Anyway~ Glad that they adore him though and that he is healthy!!!

Doreen on

Wow, Bronx has gotten sooo big!! I think he’s getting cuter. I remember when Sean Preston was NOT cute for the longest time and now he’s grown into his looks and looks relatively cute!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I agree with Brooke, IMO not all are created equal, just as personalities are diff, some are just honestly cuter than others as newborns – people probably just want to be “PC” and not admit it, it’s not saying he’s ugly, just not that cute, but others feel differently – that’s what makes life interesting! Do love the chunky arms and legs, cute. Just an observation, but of course as he gets older he may be very good looking, growing out out of his ‘real boy, boy’ look. Looks like has very loving and doting parents which is great.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

….I wonder how much he sees his aunty Jessica? I’m sure she could do with a dose of her nephew cheering her up right now….

Cathryn on

Wow, picking on a baby from the safety of your computer, really classy! I’d love to see pics of your children (for the critical ones above!) and post my opinion of them for the world to see!

Sarah K. on

Cathryn, I was just thinking the same thing.

It takes real class to make negative comments about the physical appearance of a baby (sarcasm). Yeah, everyone has a right to an opinion but I don’t see how comments like that are at all necessary. What exactly is a 7 month old supposed to do with the fact that someone doesn’t think he’s cute enough? He never asked to be put on display so leave him alone.

Anyways, I think he is adorable.

SBSpace on

Is it just me or does that baby look Kevin Spacey with a blond toupee?

Laura on

I do agree that he looks big for a 7 month old, but I think he is one of the cutest baby boys. I did not like the term “chunky monkey” being used to describe a baby…but that’s just me.

Mira on

#43. It’s not just you.

Maya on

I don’t think #4’s comments are rude – we ARE allowed to express our opinions, it’s not like Bronx is reading this and getting offended. I don’t particularly think he’s a cute baby either.

Nicole on

I think Sean Preston has always been cute.

Elizabeth on

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but is it really necessary to comment on how “un-cute” a baby is on here? No, Bronx is not reading this but its just disrespectful and rude. Would you go up to Ashlee in public and tell her to her face that her baby is not particularly cute? Keeping negative comments to yourself is just common courtesy.

I think he’s a little doll. SBSpace: He does kind of look like a mini Kevin Spacey doesn’t he. Such a cutie.

Andy on

Seriously? People are judging the ‘cuteness’ of a baby?
Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but why would you want to share it, when it is cruel, and incredibly judgmental?

He is a baby for Pete’s sake, mind the pun.

I seriously hope the people spitting out the opinions on the looks of the child do not have children of their own, that would just be
Breeding a new generation of judgmental bullies.

It takes a seriously sad and bored adult to call a baby ugly/not cute.
If you don’t think it’s cute good for you, but of course you are going to be slammed for sharing if you do think what you do.

And for the love of all that is holey and pure, the baby is not FAT!
He’s a great size for a 7.5 month old bub, remind me to never let the women on this forum see my son. They’d have a field day with criticisms.

becka on

Brooke, Ashley, and especially Brook: You guys are crossing the line. Bronx is NOT fat or big for his age. He is a perfectly normal, healthy looking child. Did it occur to any of you that his mom is quite thin and perhaps that’s the reason he looks big? Or that there are, (“thanks” to medical intervention), tons of preemies around these days? Either way, your comments are unneccesary, (especially you Brook), it’s a baby people.

megan on

“no the cutest baby” #4, are you serious? what part of him isn’t cute!? you need your eyes checked. and i’m guessing you don’t have any kids.

Rachelsun on

Your opinions really show that the only “ugliness” is within your own souls and that is not a “PC” comment, it is the Truth and my opinion which I have the right to have.

Bronx is gorgeous and my vision is better than 20/20. He is such a serious baby. But that is his personality which we have even as babies.

RIP Michael on

Lol my eyes bugged out my head when I read Ashley’s comment (#4)! I didn’t even get past it before I had to say something.

I know we are entitled to our opinions but man was that tacky to write about a baby. As long as I’ve come to this site and looked through the comments I’ve never recalled seeing anything negative get posted about a BABY’s look. I get the feeling that Ashley would NEVER say that to Ashlee’s face.

CelebBabyLover on

All babies are beautiful! In fact, babies are genetically designed to be cute, to insure adults will take care of them.🙂

Lee on

Whenever I see that whole name with the Mowgli in it, I always think he should be tan tan tan like Mowgli in the cartoon version of the Jungle Book. That said, I think he’s cute. To the people who said Kevin Spacey: a big, resounding yes! I always thought he [Spacey] was cute so I definitely think a look alike baby is adorable.

kai on

I wouldn’t say “not all babies are cute”, I’d say some are a little funny-looking (for a lack of a better expression), but those are the ones I usually find the most charming. (including big little bronx) I love how everyone is accusing celebs of having babies as a fad (same with names) while it’s apparantly us who are making everything a CONTEST.

stupid question, but how do you say Mowgli in English? For me, it’s Moe-glee?!

Mia on

I think he’s looking more like his father, in the face, as he gets older, but he definitely has his mother’s coloring.

Lorus on

Kevin Spacey!! LOL. So true!!
I think this might just be a bad angle of Bronx. IMO he isn’t the cutest thing ever but I wouldn’t go so far as to call him ugly. I have to agree with the others though that not ALL babies are cute. I’ve seen some that have been hit by the ugly stick. However, a baby’s looks change every couple of months so it just depends on when we see them.

Cate on

My 22 year old son was a chubby baby, we called him “buddha”.He had lots of rolls and 3 chins! He is now about 6’2″ and about 150 lbs. He is very thin and lanky.
I think Bronx is beautiful!

Amy in Oregon on

I love his squishy cheeks, I just adore babies that have great cheeks! He looks like a real sweetheart

brook on

What is so wrong with saying a baby is fat??? have we become that pc of a world to where we have to refer to babies as chubby, or refer to their rolls, etc. c’mon people, LIGHTEN up! Becka, what exactly was it about my comment that offended you so much???

Bancie1031 on

well I personally think “fat” babies are such cutie!!! I love their little chubby cheeks and their rolls😀 my cousin’s kids are all chunky (or fat – in the eyes of some) and they are all just absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terri on

Cute little chubster. I’m digging the hair. It’s kinda punk.

gianna on

He is such a cute and chubby baby. He has pete’s nose, but everything else from eyes, complexion, chin and light hair is all simpson family. Adorable baby and ashlee is pretty too

anon on


This whole conversation is hilarious ‘How could you call a baby not cute! You are sick! Don’t BREED’. Lmao. I think a baby can be ugly, a child is a human being like anyone else and not immune to being unattractive, and I’m currently working with children. I come on this site everyday, and there are sometimes when some particular celeb children are shown and there are comments gaggling on about their beauty..but some of the kids are average at best.

I don’t feel compelled to say a baby is ugly or unattractive in a comment but for those who do its not a crime against humanity. Trust me when people see your baby people are gonna think its ugly or cute or whatever. They did a whole seinfeld episode on it.

Oh and that baby is fat, but fat babies are cute. Its really the only time in ones life where being fat is attractive.

Andy on

No, the baby is not fat. To talk about him like he’s some obese person who doesn’t watch their diet is inane. He’s obviously not underweight, but to emphasize his weight as if he is some sort of heffer is not necessary.

People can think what they want about my son, but of course if they voice up negatively on it, I’m not going to be all sunshine and puppies, and I doubt very highly that the people thinking it’s fine to judge Bronx, would appreciate total strangers ‘fessing up’ about their ugly child.

So for people to truly think it’s ok to pick on a babies looks , well that’s just insane. He’s a child, not a badly dressed poorly presented celebrity. He has no say if he’s in the limelight or not, and frankly I do not think Pete and Ashlee are posing him in front of a mirror at home, to practice flaunting his ‘good side’.

But of course people are going to say what they want behind a computer screen, but I’d challenge someone who thinks Bronx is ‘fat and ugly’ to go up and day it to his moms face.

Andy on

I just personally find it a little bit rude. Yes, the baby does have some good rolls on him! But I know that if anyone ever said half the stuff that has been written about Bronx on here, to me about my son, I would be in tears. My son has been called chubby before, and that didn’t bother me too bad, because he is a little on the chunky side. But if someone had the nerve to say “Your baby is ugly and fat” even behind my back, I’d be furious, and I know a lot of other mums with a heart would be, or at least somewhat upset.

Yes, people mentally judge,there is not avoiding that, but that’s where it should stay.
Nothing is achieved from sharing the opinion of “the child is ugly and fat” except hurt feelings, so what is the point of sharing such a negative opinion, when it has absolutely no positive benefits whatsoever?

Andy on

I’m hearing you Lauren.

I too don’t understand what is achieved from a bunch of women gossiping over the looks of a child. Because Bronx isn’t reading this, I doubt Ashlee and Pete are , so it’s not as if they are going to think “Oh gee, other women think he is fat and unattractive…I’d best be putting him on a diet and altering his looks”

Peoples beauty perceptions are obviously all different, and it is fair that some people just don’t think he is cute, but I just don’t see what the point of bringing the opinion to everyone’s attention is. As someone said it does nothing but hurt feelings.

Jessicad on

It’s fine to think a child isn’t attractive, but to actually write it online is just mean and rude. It’s possible that Pete and Ashlee do read these comments, surely they own a computer and can read. Would you teach your child that it’s acceptable to call someone else fat or ugly to their face? No.

Sammy-xx on

I think he looks alot like Pete when he was a baby just with a much lightr complexion.
Pete was dark when he was little, he had dark blond hair then brown hair.

He is adorable, gorgous.
So cute, Ash looks great as always.

I was born with a thick head of jet black hair, my parents had no idea where it came from cause they are both blondies, but by 3 months it was light blonde.
I love his little mowhawk

anon on

No, the baby is not fat. To talk about him like he’s some obese person who doesn’t watch their diet is inane. He’s obviously not underweight, but to emphasize his weight as if he is some sort of heifer is not necessary.

I don’t associate fat with negativity as you so clearly do. Those rolls that babies sporting are not made out of muscle. Had I said chubby, or rolly, or doughy there would be no up in arms..but they all come around to fat. I see nothing wrong with a baby being fat/big/whatever because he looks adorable and healthy.

Also some fat people DO watch their diets, some people are just large with diet and exercise the same way some people svelte with none. Its not that big of a deal people, really. Not what comes to my mind when I think ‘f’ word.

anon on

Andy I completely agree that the anonymity of the internet makes people say ruddy awful things. Eh.

Bella Mama on

Bronx is so adorable! Love him!

Allie on

I hope alot of you realize that, Ashlee was a blonde before, she dyed her hair black, then blonde and then to red.:\ I’ve seen’s Ashlee’s hair turn from dark blonde to light blonde. Nothing new. Who cares the baby is chunky, Chunky babies are adorable Once, he starts walking he’ll grow alot it off.

Amanda on

Its funny. He is always one of the celeb babies that most say isnt cute and then some get upset at that. I dont get it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whichever way that falls.

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