Save 30% on Tali Gillette's Mama Necklace

07/16/2009 at 07:00 AM ET
Original Mama Necklace by Tali Gillette

Have you had your eye on the gorgeous Original Mama Necklace by Tali Gillette? For a very short time you can save 30% on all of her pieces. Included in this exclusive sale are all Mama necklaces that celeb moms like Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Bridget Moynahan and Joely Fisher are proud to wear.

To place your order, email or call 917.576.1205 and mention Celebrity Baby Blog. But hurry up because the deal expires Friday, July 17, 2009 at 2 p.m. EST.

— Danielle

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Me on

OMG – $1995 for a necklace that says Mama? Please.. there’s so many better ways that I can spend 2 grand. on

I’ve had my MAMA necklace for a few years now and LOVE it!!!

Tali was thoughtful in creating necklaces at price points for all income families since not everyone has $2,000 for a diamond necklace…but it sure it beautiful if you can swing it! I hope to upgrade some day! 🙂

You can read more about my thoughts on this necklace that completes my life’s main events trinity (engagement, marriage, and motherhood) here:

Sally Cannon on

I own mama necklace and never take it off! This is a completely unique piece and design available in either gold or with 1/2 carats worth of diamonds, If you want something less expensive go to the mall but you wont find this there!

Sally Cannon on

I own mama necklace and never take it off! This is a completely unique piece and design available in either gold or with 1/2 carats worth of diamonds, If you want something less expensive go to the mall but you wont find this there!

Sally Cannon on

I own mama necklace and never take it off! This is a completely unique piece and design available in either gold or with 1/2 carats worth of diamonds, If you want something less expensive go to the mall but you wont find this there!

Anna on

I cannot imagine spending that kind of money on a necklace. It just goes against my nature or something! Of course if others want to spend theirs I don’t mind.

Danielle on

My diamond Mama necklace is one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry. No matter how many kids I have, it will represent who I am to all of them and in a way to myself. I love that I bought it for myself too. No matter what I look or feel like, when I’m wearing my Mama necklace I feel great.

Those of you who are disparaging something “so” expensive or whatever, I guess you don’t wear an engagement ring with a diamond because those are soooo expensive too.

Me on

Danielle, my engagement ring is a family heirloom and has been passed down through generations. My wedding band does have diamonds on it, but it costs way less than $1000. I just cannot fathom spending that much money on a piece of jewelry.

Danielle on

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have heirloom jewelry to inherit so must start our own heirloom legacies.

brannon on

Love mine! Always thought it was reasonably priced? How much do you usually spend on jewelry (real jewelry) because this is rather inexpensive for its quality and uniqueness. Gets lots of compliments and is fun for everyday looks.

Melinda on

I have 4 children and I do not have the diamond one, but I do have the white gold large circle pendant. I absolutely love it, never take it off. Truthfully, it is my only other expensive piece of jewelry besides my engagement ring, but I hope to someday pass it on to my first child to have a baby. I treat it as a future heirloom.

And its true, I get lots of complements and questions about it🙂

ML on

I remember there was a 40% off deal that was offered last year. I was too broke to buy one, hopefully it will return so I can take advantage of the good deal.

I agree with everyone that said this necklace is not as nearly as expensive as the engagement ring.

Angela on

I have one of these mama necklaces and it was my push present! It is also one of my most treasured gifts and I love twirling it on my finger and will always treasure it! It is also a very sturdy piece of jewlery…and I don’t have the $2,000 one! Mine is just the plain ole’ white gold one…still expensive but I love it!

robin m. on

I have the small plain white gold one (no diamonds). It was given to me by my husband right after we found out I was pregnant with our first. I wore it all through my pregnancy and now I wear it almost every single day since our daughter arrived. It is a beautiful, well-made piece of jewelry.

K on

I definately like the ones without diamonds better and I think you can see the writing much more clearly on them. My husband has bought me several gorgeous pieces of jewelry since we have been married and none of them have costed two grand! It’s one thing to spend that money on a nice wedding set that you will wear forever, but for me to spend that money on a necklace that isn’t even that nice looking would be ridiculous. It just goes to show people’s priorities in the world! $800 stroller- check. $2000 necklace- check. But all of the causes that actually need money- animals, the environment, homeless children- those organizations are struggling to raise money, especially in this economy, and people are just worried about the next trendy thing to keep up with the Joneses. And, this is why I moved out of the OC and to a better way of life where women wouldn’t rate me on the quality of my diaper bag or the thread count of my children’s clothing! This is just the silliest necklace I have ever seen! You can’t even see what it says. Oh well- my two grand is going for another adoption, not a silly necklace that makes people feel better about themselves.

Emily on

I have wanted this necklace since I first saw it in a magazine. I wish the sale would happen around a time when I might actually have the chance to receive one like Mother’s Day or Christmas…

Iris K on

I love my MAMA necklace, and I wear it almost every day! I get so many compliments on it. I have the yellow gold MAMA with out the diamonds because this one fit my budget, so you don’t have to spend on the one with diamonds. Maybe one day I will add the diamonds but for now I love it just the way it is and it represents who I am…A MAMA!!!! Thank you Tali Gillette for creating such a beautiful and unique necklace!

Bunmi on

Love these necklaces. They’re not all 2k either. To each her own; there are people in my home country who would consider the amount American mothers spend at Target as gross overspending (“look at the charities!”). I can afford a necklace and give regularly to the charities I believe in. This is something I would pass down to my daughter and hope she passes down to her daughter/daughter-in-law one day.

K, I too am moving out of the OC! We’re going to Montreal. Love it! People around the world have their versions of luxury. For some it is food, others clothing, for some, heirlooms. I don’t carry expensive purses but I do enjoy jewelery with a strong meaning behind it. Because someone spends on one type of item doesn’t mean they don’t give to worthy causes. Be careful of pigeon-holing people.

Elana on

I got the large white gold mama necklace as a gift from my husband when my daughter was born, and I love it and treasure it. I wear it proudly every day. What a great gift for a new mom!

Julie Hamilton-Garces on

Hi. I have read the many comments made about the Mama Necklace. Kudos to the women who are wearing their pieces proudly and to those who are longing to have one. This jewelry line is beautifully and thoughtfully made by a very talented jewerly designer/mother. A lot of thought went into this piece, Tali (the designer) came up with a piece of fine jewelry (every mom should treated to piece of fine jewelry, no?) that has a beautiful mantra. Bring a Mama is one of the most honored commitments in life and women have every right to show that off and are lucky they can do that with such a cool piece. Just becuase celebrity moms are wearing it, does not sustain it as trendy. These pieces are timeless which is why it will stand the test of time to become heirlooms for most of the current wearers children. The piece are priced extremely appropriately (I would know, I am a degree in gemology and write a jewelry blog Everyone has a right to choose what they save up their money for. To the person who made comments regarding money should go to charities… that is your choice and it is very condemning to judge others on what they spend their money on. Tali (designer of the mama necklace) was very thoughtful in coming up with a variety of price points for buyers. To the person who made a comment saying you cannot read what the piece “even says”, that is rude and untrue.
These pieces are treasures.

Laura Beth Kerr Gilman on

I just got a gold mama necklace and was interested in reading the posts here. WOW! People sure can be judgmental about other people and their choices. We are judged every day (even at the town pool yesterday – I forgot my SIGG water bottle! Do I go and buy a PLASTIC bottle of water? – I know certain people there will think I am not committed to the environment — oooo what I really want is a diet coke — but THEN certain other people will think I make unhealthy choices on top of it– it NEVER ENDS!)….I got the diet coke by the way and threw it out in the recycling bin!

We all make choices on what (and where) to spend our money. It is RELATIVE. It is ALL relative to who we are, where we are and what resources we have to start with. Do we buy our food local? Processed, but organic is okay? Do we shun big box stores (and the jewelry there)? The only people I might consider above this discussion would be people who have taken an oath of poverty (i.e. a NUN), otherwise let’s try to keep it positive and non judgmental.

This necklace is beautiful. period. I have 4 children (3, 5, 8. 10). I, of course, give so much of myself to them and I feel proud wearing my necklace. It is sort of like the feeling I had when I was dating my husband and then I put that engagement ring on. I felt special. They are both symbols. Lovely. Pretty. Round, signifying eternity. As for the diamond Mama, I wouldn’t buy it for myself, but if I was surprised with one some day, I would LOVE it!!!! It is BEAUTIFUL !!!! Tali Gilette – keep designing meaningful pieces. Many people appreciate the art and simplicity and beauty of your work!

Sher on

I bought the large diamond “mama” necklace during her last sale. It’s stunning and I view it as a piece of heirloom jewelry that my daughter will own one day.

The cost is not because of the diamonds in the piece but because this is a design created by one person, Tali Gillette. No different than a design by Tiffany & Co. This is not a piece that can be found at your local jeweler or mall. You are paying for the uniqueness of her design.

I love my necklace and that it generates so many compliments. I love that not a ton of people will be wearing it.

It’s beautiful.

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