Exclusive! Taylor Hanson Shares a Family Portrait

07/16/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

While four kids may sound like a handful to many, for Taylor Hanson, the arrival of his newest child, son Viggo Moriah, didn’t send his stress level over the top. “After two kids, you’re outnumbered,” he tells Celebrity Baby Blog with a laugh. “So once you cross having three, having four is not such a big deal.” Viggo’s digging the big family, too. “He’s so interested in what everyone is doing around him,” says Taylor. “He loves to be in the middle of the action and doesn’t want to miss a thing.”

There’s no shortage of action for Taylor, 26, wife Natalie, 25, and their brood (left to right: Penelope Anne, 4, Viggo, 7 months, River Samuel, 2 ½, and Jordan Ezra, 6 ½). “I think it’s pretty much ‘the more the merrier’ for them at this point,” jokes the proud dad, whose bandmate brothers Isaac and Zac have families of their own as well.

Bryan Johnson for use on CBB

When Viggo arrived back in December, each of his siblings welcomed him in their own way. The eldest, Ezra, happily took the new addition in stride. “He’s always been really sweet with other kids and babies,” says Taylor. “My wife jokingly calls it the Hanson gene.” Big sis Penelope, “immediately wanted to hold him and said to Natalie, ‘Oh, Mommy, if you need any help, I can get Viggo dressed!’ It just clicked for her.” And the former baby of the family, River, “was a little indifferent when he first met Viggo,” says Taylor with a laugh (adding that River pronounced his brother’s name “Biggo“). “He appreciates that he’s got another brother, but he’s kind of busy right now. He’s like, that’s great! I’m gonna go play with my Legos.”

As for resemblance to mom and dad, Taylor reports that most people say he looks like Natalie more than any of their other kids, but Viggo, “has these fat little cheeks that are just like I had when I was a baby.”

Now, as dad gets back to work — Hanson will be back on tour in September to promote a new EP and have a new full-length album out in the spring — he says nothing compares to life at home with his wife and kids. Years ago, “I never saw myself having this big family at a young age,” says Taylor. “But I can’t imagine anything else now. It’s just the greatest.”

— Rennie Dyball

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Mallory on

Penelope and River look so alike! I don’t thinkI’ve ever seen two siblings look that much alike!

Viggo is absolutely adorable! What a beautiful family!

Forever Moore on

Darling family! Love the happy smiles

Amber on

How cute is this family? Love the expressions on all the kids faces. Penelope and River do look alot alike..and they both seem so silly! Love it.

Colleen on

Viggo is just about the cutest thing I have seen! It’s awesome to see how much Taylor’s family has grown. I cannot believe that the guy I had a crush on 10 years ago is now a daddy!

Ashley on

To Mallory…Sean Preston and Jayden James!!?? THEY are the twins that are not twins! lol imo.. This portrait is absolutely adorable, it should be mantled on their living room wall. All of them look so pleasant and happy and baby Viggo so Interested just like Taylor said! I think the 3 oldest have Taylor’s facial features but Viggo takes after his mama. Anyways this pic is too cute! I’m in love with it lol

Lacey on

Beautiful family!!

Anon on

This is a beautiful portraite definitely. Viggo looks like the gerber baby.

aurelia on

aw Viggo is adorable. cute picture:)

Karina on

Awww Viggo is beautiful. I want to see more pictures. Please!!!

Jill on

What an adorable family

Bugs on

Aren’t the Hansons like 11 of them? We only know 3 for the band, but as far as i remember they have 8 more siblings. So i think it’s normal for them to have so many kids.

Very beautiful family btw.

Mia on

The Hanson siblings are 7 all together. It’s Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, and then they have 2 middle sisters Jessica and Avery (I think, or maybe its Ashley), a younger brother Mackenzie, and then littlest is Zoe. It’s 4 boys, and 3 girls.

I think the oldest looks mostly like his father, very Hanson like, the middle 2 look like twins, its crazy-I guess a combination of both parents, and the little Viggo is ALL mommy, so cute 🙂

I wonder if they’ll have 1 more baby, try to even out Penelope with a baby sister.

I was just talking to people today at work about the Hanson’s and how they are all married with kids, its so crazy because they are not much older than me.

Brooklyn on

Cute family. I can’t believe that he’s only 26 and she’s only 25! I hope they have more kids.

Melissa K.R. on

Aww, what a beautiful family. The kids are so cute.

Bobbi on

Mia – you’re right, it’s Avery. :o)

His kids are beautiful. As are his nephews. I know one thing for sure: those Hansons’ make beautiful babies!

Susie on

Taylor Hanson is such an attractive father, and his wife always looks so classy and happy. The children are just darling, and great names! What a sweet family picture. I would love to read more about the Hanson family. I don’t know that much about them, but they seem fascinating. They seem to have weathered the storm of young fame quite well.

CTBmom on

This has got to be one of the most beautiful family portraits I have ever seen! Just beautiful~

MZ on

gorgeous portrait! all the kids are adorable. i agree with whoever said viggo could be a gerber baby. love his little ears!

Shelby on

I absolutely adore this family! I grew up listening to Hanson and am excited that I get to continue listening to them (Taylor’s new band is fantastic!) Reading his quotes make me smile because it is so evident how much they love each other and their children. I’ve always wanted to have kids young and they are one family that I really admire. Gorgeous pictures, adorable kids! Thanks for sharing Taylor and CBB, keep the Hanson updates coming please!

ITZaq on

aww they look so cute. i imagine that they are a very happy familiy.

Tricia on

I agree with Susie! I want to know more about Natalie and how she manages with a famous husband and four children.

Ana on

i didnt realise that they were so young …well i guess there not that young but i think its the fact that they have four children in their mid 20s!
They will be active and playful..and you need to be with four young children!!

such a cute picture..they are so blessed.

Crystal on

What an ADORABLE FAMILY!!! Taylor and Natalie were sooo young when they married and began to have children but they seem to be doing great! The family looks happy and healthy and so cute! CONGRATS to the Hanson’s for such a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!! 🙂

Jennifer on

Cutest, most adorable family on the planet!

susie on

thank you so much for reporting about hanson. i love them. and their kids are soooo cute!!!

Deb on

Kudos for them to get all 4 kids to look at the camera with a smile!

Jessica on

I’m almost a little embarrased to admit this lol but I named my daughter Natalie, after Natalie Hanson. I just thought she was so beautiful and classy. I wish they’d do a reality show, I’m 23 and have two kids, I think it’d be intersting to get some parenting pointers from another young couple managing a marriage and a houseful!

Elle on

I love this family so much. They are very cute and I love that all of the comments about them have been positive! Isn’t it nice to have young role models? I am 26, married with a 2 year old and it is so refreshing to see people that are my age not running around sleeping with whoever or out doing drugs. So great to see young people, married with children and very happy!

Rachael on


Cortney on

No the Hansons do not need a reality show, thats how they stay so grounded is because they stay away from the spotlight. I do agree that this family is gorgeous! And yes, with all those brothers plus three boy cousins someone has to have more cute kids to give Penelope a girl play mate. Although I bet she gets spoiled being the only girl!

Shari on

What a beautiful photo of Taylor’s family. All the children are so cute, I’m sure they feel blessed. And I’m looking forward to the new music from Hanson.

Jessica on

Geez Courtney don’t get so bent out of shape, how on earth do you know how they stay so grounded? I’ve been mmmbopping since 97, they were even my first concert. I always found it weird though, how their fans all seemed to act like they knew them personally or something and spoke for them like it was a direct message from the band lol. Penny and River do look like they could pass for twins! I wish I could get my husband and kids to sit for a family portrait like this. So beautiful.

Jennifer on

Such a beautiful family portrait! The kids are soooooooo cute! 🙂

Michelle on

What a beautiful family picture. Those kids are just too cute!!

Elizabeth on

What a great photo! They are such a beautiful family.

Allison on

Aww I’m so happy that Taylor and his family are happy! I’m a Taylor fan since ’97 and always will be… errmm, A Hanson fan since ’97 and always will be!

Congrats though Taylor & Natalie! (=

alex on

is it just me or does most of their family [the hansons] go by their middle names?

Lindsey on

I have been a Hanson fan since 1997 and it’s so crazy to me to see Taylor all grown up with his own big family now. He has such a beautiful wife and children! Thanks to Taylor, his family, and People for sharing this great photo and story with us!

kristina on

what a beautiful family. the oldest boy has a leather jacket that matches his daddy’s! it’s great to see someone who grew up in the spotlight turn out so down to earth. such a gorgeous picture of a happy family.

Silvana on

Awww I was in love with Taylor Hanson!! His wife is really pretty…what a happy family! 🙂

RIP Michael on

Tayler and his wife seem to have the type of life and marriage I want for myself 🙂

I agree with both Courtney and Jessica. While I would love to see how they manage and what they are like in their family life…reality shows seem to be a curse to marrage and family.

Lisa on

What a wonderful looking family. The kids are too cute. The little baby is just as cute as can be!

Trinh on

OMG! How cute! The oldest one looks just like his dad. The middle two look so alike, and the youngest one looks just his mom. I love the resemblance. I LOOVE River’s smile. That’s so precious. What an awesome pic!

Kristina on

Very Adorable family, Thank you Taylor for sharing the pic, and nice article

Peace,Love,God and Hanson

kay on

theyre all so good looking! this is a great family photo 🙂
Viggo is adorable, and Ezra looks so much like Tay!

Bobbi on

I remember they were in talks with some channel to be followed around for some reality-type thing but they had backed out of the plans. It would be cool to see how they work as a family, but I’m sure they’re trying to keep a sense of normalcy for all seven children. They all seem to be very devoted to their kids.

Nika on

They seem like a great family and I really admire them for having 4 kids at their age, they seem like the best parents! Personally I love love love being a young mommy and I wish we had the space to have 4 children too…

GORGEOUS familypicture!

Jessica on

I would take a bullet for that family. Ike and Zac’s, too. Small price to pay to keep the music comming. Can’t wait for the 5th album! Everything they release gets expedetially better than the last. They’re like wine in a barrel!

m on

Awwww this family is amazing, I so love to read about them!! They are so nice and interesting.

merry on

Thanks so much for posting this picture. Its just one beautiful young family. I admire Taylor and Natalie for the decision having four kids in such a young age.

ericka on

damn they just pop them kids out left and right!

beautiful family…I love him and his brothers. It almost makes me feel that I’m kinda slow in the baby makin area as I’m nowhere close to that yet lol

AJ on

Oh my God! What a bunch of characters!! Thay all look so funny and full of personality!

Mary on


N on

Ya know… people continually tease me about my love of Hanson – but man, they just seem like such great folks! I still have the original Hanson CD in my car and frequently jam out to MMMBop. The kiddos in my class when I was still teaching (2 year olds) LOVED dancing to the entire Hanson CD!

Just so darn cute!

UggaMugga.com on

Now I want to get a family portrait taken!

Stacy on

Freaking cute!! Is it me or does the eldest son look just like a boy version of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt?? Regardless, they have a gorgeous family!

denise on

what a beautiful picture.
taylor sure turned into a very handsome young man. his wife looks lovely and all the kids are adorable.

seems like a very sweet family.

Bella Mama on

what a beautiful family 🙂

Kelli on

I loved Hanson when they first came out so I’m really happy for him and his brothers. The grandparents have to be super happy!

Mallory on

alex, obviously here ezra does, and so does taylor. isaac and both of his sons do. zac’s son does. and i’m pretty sure that the boys’ dad does, as well.

Maddy on

I have been waiting FOREVER for more pictures or updates from the Hanson clan – this picture is GORGEOUS. I can’t believe how big the kids are getting, Viggo is adorable!!! I can’t wait for more Hanson baby news in the future!! Thank you for this picture!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! 😀

Amie on

Penelope is so precious. I bet she’s a firecracker.

Steph on

Iv been a Hanson fan for years. Over the last few years iv seen them at numerous concerts, and they always have their families with them. They really are as sweet as they look in this picture! Isaac and Zacs families are also just as cute and sweet. Many of you are requesting more Hanson news—> Hanson.net

dee on

What a beautiful family ! Taylor has grown into such a handsome man. I love Hanson and still listen to their cd’s.

Sarah on

What a BEAUTIFUL family!!! I love all the kids names as well.

AdriMc HITS FAN on

I am so in love with all the Hanson families. I still have a huge crush on Tay as in ’97. I love how they still seem perfect and hold it all together! I do not have children but my husband knows the 1st girl or second boy WILL be named Taylor! LOL He knows about my obsession & how I must name them after Tay! haha Love the Hanson pic!

Alex on

That is a gorgeous family! I wonder if Taylor & Natalie will have any more babies :).

JMO on

Wow what a beautiful family!! I just couldn’t imagine being 25 with four children but then again when you live that lifestyle it probably it’s got to be different.

Lau on

That’s just a beautiful family portrait!

Jax on

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!– I can’t wait till they have more!!– I wonder what color hair Viggo has??— He has grown soo much!!!

Michele on

Cute family!!!

Lola Marie on

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family and man am I jealous!

I think this is the first post where every comment about the subject mentioned has been positive! I LOVE IT 🙂

Lisa on

What a beautiful family!

Elisanna on

oh this is just one more adorable picture of the hanson clan. i think its nice that everyone is writing such nice things considering some fans are very jealous. my only hope is that they are everything they seem to be… i mean lifes not perfect but you have to stick it out…. and are you kidding a reality show? we all know what happended to Jon and Kate plus 8 and i really think its a safe bet not to see that happen to this family.

Leslie on

I agree with whomever said the Hansons don’t need a reality show. Right On! That seems to be the outdoing of many marriages, so Taylor and Natalie are smart not to agree to participate in one. They have such cute kids, and they seem to be very happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have at least two more kids, since Taylor comes from a big family himself. It would be nice for them to have another girl, so little Penelope isn’t by herself so to speak; all of her cousins are boys too! I will say this – I am not jealous of them having such a large family, or am I jealous of Natalie’s position as the wife of a touring musician. That has to be tough, and she has to be a pretty strong woman to deal with the things she does. Congratulations to the family!

GG on

They are so beautiful together and all the kids look like Natalie! But it seems Ezra is always trying to dress like his father, thats so cute! Viggo looks A LOT like his mother. Even more than the three others.

Sam on

Agreed. While it might be fun and interesting to see and watch a reality show, they definitely do not need it. Love the photo…all of them are adorable. Not lovin’ the name though..Viggo. Kinda weird. (Love the song though, lol)

Missy on

As a mom of four under six, I can say WHAT A MIRACLE that all those cute kids are looking at the camera and smiling at the same time!!

Lolly on

Those are some adorable kids! It’s so nice to see such a happy, healthy family in the music industry. I’m so happy for Taylor and his family. I hope his kids end up being as amazing as he and his brothers are.

Charlotte on

Penelope and River are defintely related. She must be the princess of the family, with 3 brothers. hopefully they’ll try for another girl. Gorgeous family. I remember the days 10 years ago when I was a little obsessed with Hanson, and so wanted to marry Taylor — I’m pretty sure I still know the words to MMMBop, and could sing along if it came on the radio. Ha.

Mia on

Viggo’s hair is obviously very dark like his mother’s, the oldest 3 seem to be blonde like their father, very cute.

I know Isaac and Taylor go by their middle names, Zac is just Zac (but his middle name is after their father, Walker), but all 3 use their children’s middle names (well the sons) as their first: (Jordan) Ezra, (James) Monro, and (John) Shepard…Now that I think about ,they all have J first names, lol. I know Isaac also has another older son, but the name escapes me at the moment.

Leslie on

The name of Isaac’s oldest son is Clarke Everett and he goes by Everett. 😉 Clarke is also Isaac’s first name, as well as their dad’s and grandfather’s was as well. I was really surprised when Zac named his son John instead of after himself. So he broke with tradition.

Leslie on

And Ezra is a red head. VERY red headed. lol River and Penny are blondes.

Ashley on

Absolutely adorable! I hope they have more since they make such cute kids!

jane on

nice to know taylor is happy!!!

SH on

Missy, I was going to say the same thing. I have 4 kids too – oldest is 5yrs, youngest is 5 months…how did they get all those kids to take such a nice picture? Must be some serious bribery going on!! 🙂

michelle on

no! i don’t want them to have a reality show. i think they’re smarter than that. it has been seen time and time again that couples/family with reality show eventually calls it quit before there time. i think reality tv would mess up so many things for them and i don’t want that.

they are a really cute family. ike and zac’s too. **hanson love**

Allie on

They are so cute! I love that Penny and River were laughing – I wonder what was so funny? =)

Limor on

what a great family he has!! Natalie looks gorgeous and their kids look amazing!!! Viggo’s sooo cute!! and when will Ezra start a band with he’s brothers already?? it should be called: “Hanson- the next generation”… ;0) lol

wish them all the best!
kisses from Israel..

Juliana on


I’m a fan of Hanson since 97 and i never thought that Taylor would have so many children at so young age, but i wish them all the happiness in the world. They are so beautiful, the kids are so cute and fascinating, their smiles contagious!!!!
Natalie is so pretty and looks so sweet and they (Natalie and Taylor) are so beautiful together. Seems so happy!!!
They are really blessed. I love them.
They are the kind of family i awalys dreamed for me, i hope someday i have one like that =)

Kisses from a great BRAZILIAN fan!!!!!

michelle on

things like this make me so happy.

Lorelyn on

indeed, such a beautiful family portrait! obviously, both parents have hands on raising their kids. they are definitely children raised with love!They’re wondrous family! Hope there are more beautiful families like them and the world would be much much better!

daisy on

This is too much! I’m melting:)lol:) they are so lovely…so young.., kids are just gorgeous!

Tanya on

I love Taylor for letting us see this beautiful family portrait.
His oldest son Ezra is just gorgeous! His smile and face is just like daddys and he got his mommys dark eyes. And the letterjacket makes him look really cool! You can tell he`s a great big brother for the younger ones. And the baby Viggo is just gorgeous! He looks so currios and his darker features just like mom.
I never thought Taylor would be married and have 4 kids at the age of 26. Maybe be a father to one child, but not four.
But coming from a large family himself maybe its in his genes to want a large family.

Laura on

River is wearing a FIG organic cotton tshirt from my sisters clothing line! so awesome. http://www.figkids.com or http://www.hipbaby.com

Ella on

The oldest is definitely a Hanson thru and thru, he looks like Taylor (or the youngest non-‘Hanson band’ brother) when he was younger. Gorgeous picture xxx

Kait on

They’re tooooo cute. I can’t get enough of how complete this photo is… it’s shaped like a triangle, literally could be referred to as the love triangle. And who else thinks it’s cute her name is Penelope and they have a song called Penny & Me?

rebecca on

What a gurjuz picture…there such beautiful kids,they take after taylor and natalie so much….hope they have more kids,another little girl 4 Penelope would be sweet…..

jennifer on

wow i can’t believe how big there family is. i remember seeing ezra in august 2003 at a concert right after i had my daughter jordan taylor. yes she is named after taylor cuz i loved the name and thought it would be a good name. they have such a beautiful family

Tarryn on

I agree, Ezra (the eldest) is a dead ringer for his dad. They’re all gorgeous kids. Nice to see them looking so happy!

Felicity on

They are all so beautiful! Amazing! I hope they get a lot more children =)
Love the Hansons!

T on

Wow I didnt know they had that many kids being that young! This was the mmmbop guy right?

Kristie Stuckel on

Wow, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soonmi on

Wow, Taylor has four kids! I didn’t know that.
When I was teenager, I was crazy about him and even wrote a poem for him.. 😉
He still looks gorgeous, his wife and kids are so adorable.
How lovely they are!!

Becky on

Now THAT’S a beatiful family! I used to love handsome, and had a super crush on Taylor, but seeing him and his family so happy is awesome! Haha loved when he said “the more, the merrier” 😛

Becky on

Now THAT’S a beautiful family! I used to love Hanson, and had a super crush on Taylor, but seeing him and his family so happy is awesome! Haha loved when he said “the more, the merrier”

Iggles on

I too was crazy about Taylor when I was a kid! In 1997 my sister and I saw them perform at the Beacon Theater. It was my first concert! (It was awesome. We were in the 5th row!).

It lovely see that Taylor, Isaac, and Zac are all happily married with children and are still making music. They are good, genuine people and I have a lot of respect for how they chose to live their life. So many young stars fall for the trappings of fame, but they focused on love and family.

I still enjoy their music. I love their song “Go” (Zac is awesome on vocals). I also saw their video podcasts which document the making of “The Walk”; after all this years I am blown away by their talent. They are true musicians. This has been evident from the start. I remember being 13 years old and watching their Albuquerque tour video. I was so impressed with how they could make incredible music with just an acoustic guitar and a tambourine. They inspired me to learn how to play the guitar.

Anyway, I could on and on — I’ll just end on this: lovely photo of Taylor, Natalie and their kids!

chrissy on

been a fan for a lot of years now, have loved watching all the hanson brothers grow and their families also. Taylor and Natalie, your family is beautiful, such cute little faces, you just wanna pinch em’ little cheeks 🙂 I have kids myself and agree that they are the best thing to ever happen to anyone, so fulfilling, anyways, you all look so happy and long may it continue 🙂 keep the awesome music coming and have fun with your lovely bunch.
chrissy. x

P.S they are all so very alike, Ezra is gonna be Taylors double though I think 🙂
keep smiling 🙂

Gina on

Amazing pic….feeling all the love from this beautiful and special family!!!!!

shinz on

What a beautiful, happy family!! You can just see the love in this pic.I want a family like that!! Seriously, I’m getting clucky lolz

I around 11 when Middle of Nowhere came out.It was the first cd I ever bought and I thought Taylor was the hottest thing ever.I didnt even know they were still together until today but its really great to see the Hanson brothers as gorgeous as ever, loving life with their young families and still making music.

Good on you Taylor and Natalie!! and please have another girl next 🙂

Also, its awesome to see only positive posts up here.

Ammzie J on

Cute family, with some great names. Penelope? Cool. Samuel? Sweet. And my personal favourite… VIGGO!

I’m so glad he named his kid Viggo 🙂 It’s a good strong name, and the name of my favourite actor Viggo Mortensen!