Meet Luciana Bella Bonfiglio!

07/15/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Lisa Rose/Life & Style for use on CBB

It’s baby Luci! Carnie Wilson introduces 4 ½-week-old Luciana Bella in the latest issue of Life & Style, on newsstands this week. Overdue by almost two weeks, Carnie underwent a c-section to deliver her second daughter on June 12th.

The arrival of Luci, as Carnie and husband Rob Bonfiglio are calling her, was a welcome conclusion to a pregnancy that had gone downhill in the final 40 days. “The last month was really, really rough,” says Carnie, who developed gestational diabetes in her third trimester. “I couldn’t turn over in bed, and I was in a lot of pain.”

Recovery hasn’t been much easier — Carnie fought off an infection in her womb after the surgery. “The problem is that I want to move too fast too quickly,” she admits. “It takes weeks to heal from a caesarean, and of course after a week I was cooking. I can’t sit around.” Age may be a factor as well. “I think [recovery is harder this time] because I’m 41 versus 36,” the singer notes.

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Courtesy Lisa Rose/Life & Style for use on CBB

Once almost 300 pounds, 5’3″ Carnie had gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and then a tummy tuck in 2002 to remove excess skin after the weight-loss procedure.

However, the arrival of Luciana was more than worth the 60 pounds Carnie gained while expecting, she says.

“People gain weight when they have a baby, and someone like me, I gain more weight than I want to,” she told Life & Style during an interview in her Tarzana, Calif., home on July 1st. “I’m not hiding that. I’m not ashamed of that.”

Instead, she’s reveling in family time with Rob, their 4-year-old daughter, Lola Sofia, and the couple’s new 6 lbs., 5 oz bundle of joy.

“She’s just a few weeks old but a very good baby,” reveals Carnie. “Lola used to be up every two to three hours crying with gas. She was a little more colicky — but Luci likes to sleep.”

Courtesy Lisa Rose/Life & Style for use on CBB

Big sister Lola has become mommy’s little helper, Carnie reveals. “I knew Lola was going to be like that just because she’s so nurturing with her dolls and school friends. I haven’t seen any jealousy. Lola hasn’t wanted to leave the house in two weeks — she just wants to stay home with her sister!”

Although Carnie’s eager to get back to her Newlywed Game hosting gig by early September, she’s enjoying this bonding period with Luci. “Rob can help change diapers and help with some bottle feedings, but he’s kind of leaving it up to me,” says the singer. “For the first month, it really is ‘mommy time,’ and Rob lies low. After that, the baby’s not as fragile.”

While Carnie herself was fragile after Lola’s birth, suffering from postpartum depression, she’s experiencing less anxiety with her second newborn because she knows what to expect now. “If the baby cries, she’s either hungry or has gas or a wet diaper, and that’s it,” she explains. “It changes every month, and I just know that so far it’s been a lot easier on my mind.”

Courtesy Lisa Rose/Life & Style for use on CBB

The only hurdle left for Carnie is fitting back into her size eight jeans.

Breastfeeding every three to four hours and drinking more than two liters of water a day have helped her drop 25 pounds already, but Carnie says she has 35 more to go.

“Now I think I’m reaching a point where it’s slowed down and the hard work is going to come in,” she says. “My goal is to be somewhere between 150 and 160 pounds.”

And if Carnie has her way, this will be the last time her weight fluctuates from having a baby.

“I’d love to have a boy, but I’m not going to do it again. I can’t predict the future, of course, but right now, no,” she reveals. “I see my family as complete now.”

Source: Life & Style

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C on

Congratulations to Carnie, Rob and Lola. Both her girls are extremely beautiful!

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Congratulations to them on the arrival of baby Luci!! Both girls are just gorgeous. 🙂

Anonymous on

Looks like the dad!

kai on

this is weird, but that baby has the cutest ears I’ve ever seen!

Sandra on

She looks like daddy! So cute! I had no idea Lola was so blonde!

N on

She has cute little elf-like ears! So cute!

Finais on

What a nice interview! She seems really sweet and normal. She must have done a good job managing her GD because that baby was tiny! Good for her! I also had GD, so I know it can be a pain to manage, but obviously worth it to have an uneffected baby. Congrats to Carnie and her family!

Forever Moore on

I love the family shot…they all look so incredibly proud to be a dad, mom and big sister!

Juliet on

She looks just like her dad.

marlee on

That just doesn’t look like Carnie – especially the last picture…. Has she had “work” done?

bren on

I didn’t even recognize her! What a cute family.

Kelly on

What beautiful pictures! I love the family pic. Thats not Carnie on the Life and Style cover if that’s what Marlee was saying

Michelle on

I’ve always liked Carnie Wilson. She’s always seemed so down to earth. She looks beautiful in these pictures. I love the family shot. Too cute. Lola is such a cutie and has gotten so big. I think she looks a lot like Rob. And Luci is so stinkin’ adorable! I love that little bow in her hair. 🙂 Congrats to them all on their beautiful new addition!

daniela on

Carnie is SO beautiful!!! Congrats to the family!

Stéph on

The girls have the same nose. If you look at Lola’s baby pictures, you can really see the noses are the same.
The girls are both gorgeous little princesses.
Congrats to Carnie and Rob on their beautiful girls.

SH on

Marlee, I see what you’re saying. I don’t think she’s had work done, I think it’s a case of photoshopping her face to look longer and thinner.

Terri on

Beautiful family.

christina on

That doesn’t look like her at all, I agree! She looks like an older Rumer Willis to me! And “big sister” is right — she looks huge for 4.

cathy b on

Beautiful baby and family she looks so alert my baby was always sleeping!! Carnie does look really different in the pic but I think that’s due t a lot of photo editing you know how they do things fo rthe cover of a magazine!!

Patti on

Those girls are so pretty! Good for Carnie! She has a perfect family there.

Maya on

Marlee and SH – just what I was thinking. They photoshoped her beyond recognition – why? She’s a pretty woman… Shame.

Julia on

Oh my gosh, how precious is she?!, Lola is adorable too 🙂

Mia on

Aw, that baby is so cute, she looks just like her daddy! And genetics are amazing because Lola looks just like her mom, and little Luci is all daddy. They look very happy, glad everyone is healthy 🙂

SH on

Yes, maya, i agree. she is a very pretty woman, especially her face. i don’t get why they’d do that either. she doesn’t even look like herself. on another note, i think the baby looks like carnie’s husband and lola looks like carnie.

CelebBabyLover on

That’s Khloe Karadisen on the cover, not Carnie. Anyway, Luci is beautiful!

Joy on

What a beautiful family! Congrats to all!! I had 2 C Sections. It’s important to rest and recuperate slowly after each one!! I had my last child at age 44; one month before I turned 45. He turned out perfect; Thank God!! Babies are blessings!!

Greenie on

Love her beautiful Italian name.

SAR on

What gorgeous children! Carnie looks so happy. I don’t blame her for wanting to stop at two, especially since her second pregnancy and birth didn’t go smoothly. Yeah, having a boy would be nice — most parents would like to have one of each — but she’s happy with two beautiful daughters. Anyway, Carnie’s sister Wendy has four boys and no girls, so it balances out.

marlee on

Yes – I guess Photoshop. I think Carnie has always been a beauty, I just don’t like that she doesn’t look like herself in these photos…

Ellen Smith on

To all of those commenters who did not like my criticism of her (and other commenters’ criticism), it is clear that we were not that far off base – 60 lb. weight gain – extremely unhealthy, with gestational diabetes. It was obvious from the posted pics that Ms. Wilson was treading in dangerous waters with her weight gain, and now she confirms it with this posting.

Suzanne on

Is that your way of saying
“I told you so”?

Kari on

Wow Ellen Smith- that’s sure a dumb thing to spend time posting on. I think she looks gorgeous, her family is gorgeous and last time I checked, you’re not her doctor. As long as her physician deemed her healthy enough for this pregnancy and weight gain, then that’s all that matters and clearly she controlled her GD.

I really dislike when people come on here for the sole purpose of negativity. I know it’s a message board with varying opinions, but there are always certain people who can never be happy no matter what! I feel sorry for you that you can’t enjoy this lovely family and wish them well.

Hea on

Ellen Smith – Feeling mighty proud of yourself?

The baby is adorable and Carnie looks great!

peggysam on

A really nice family.Hope mom gets a speedy recovery

SH on

Ellen, marathon runners die of heart attacks all the time.

Carly on

What a cute baby! 🙂

mommaruthsays on

Carnie is beautiful, her girls are beautiful — we shouldn’t be talking about weight gain or gestational diabetes or anything else like that. She has a beautiful, healthy family and regardless of what went on during her pregnancy, she has a healthy baby now and that’s all that matters.

Anon on

Yeah the older one is quite big for for, but then dad looks kinda small so maybe its just because shes sitting on his lap.

Felicitas on

Absolutely loooooooove the four names she choose! Wish them the best!

Lauren on

Congrats to Carnie, Rob and Lola! What a perfect little addition

FC on

Carnie and the baby are adorable, as is the family shot. Luciana is a cute little thing. 🙂

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Love all the names too. Just wish they’d call her by her full name, not just Luci, but their choice and maybe just me, lol…Congrats to all of them, they look so overjoyed with their new addition…If I was 41, had a difficult last part of the pregnancy with diabetes etc, and had two healthy girls I would stop at the two personally..

fabiola on

carnie looks like hillary duff in th first picture.

robin m. on

What a beautiful family. I love the new arrival’s name – I am the proud mother of a Lucy myself.

robin m. on

Also – I’m wondering if the magazine did some airbrushing on Carnie in that first picture? She doesn’t look like herself!

efusjonjcy on

Cute children for sure!

gianna on

I knew she looked quite large during her pregnancy, and people were saying on no she looks healthy. Um no considering she herself is talking about the issues she had. At 41 and with her weight issues, this should be her last child. Both girls look like the dad more, same nose. I like the names lola and especially luciana. but not vrazy about the nickname lucy. Luciana is such a pretty name to shorten too, but that’s my opinion. Lola is big for 4.

CelebBabyLover on

I love that they call her Luci! It’s a beautiful name (of course, I’m probably a bit biased as I have a family member with that name…though spelled with a Y on the end rather than an I)! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

gianna- Most of us were just saying that, unless we were Carnie’s doctor or someone close to her, we had no way of knowing about her health while pregnant, and thus had no right to judge.

Gigohead on

I’m happy for Carnie, it’s finally over and the baby is here! Congrats! She’s a beauty.

caarc on

What a gorgeous family..the kids are very cute just adorable

rose on

she’s adorable

Lily on

The older girl, Lola, looks a lot like Carnie, only difference is that her hair is lighter than hers. Other than that, Lola’s definitely her mother’s daughter. The new baby, Lucia, looks like her father. Same features as him and I can see the Italian in this little girl with her dark hair and eyes. Beautiful kids.

andy on

wow, what a beautiful family. Carnie looks really good for just having a baby, glowing and all. Lucy is gorgeous, i wonder if theres gonna be any more in the near future. Beautiful children! I hope mine, are this beautiful!

Julie Bonfiglio-Zinsley on

She’s gorgeous! Just like her big sister. God Bless her always & the entire family. Love, cousin Julie from NYC