Kendra Wilkinson Feels First Kicks, Predicts Baby is a Boy

07/15/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Craig Barritt/Photosmith

At just over four months pregnant, Kendra Wilkinson is celebrating a very big milestone — baby’s first kick!

“It was so crazy,” she tells Us Weekly. “I was just sitting there and then all of a sudden, ‘Bam!’ I was like, ‘That wasn’t gas!'”

Although the movements “felt weird,” Kendra says she suspected that what she was feeling was real and a little investigative work proved her instincts were right.

“[Husband] Hank [Baskett] is in Phoenix, and I called him right away and was like, ‘I just felt it kick for the first time,'” she recalls. “I just researched on the Internet, if you can feel it kick this early… and it said I can, so it’s crazy!”

“I got really excited … I was like, ‘Oh my God, something is in there! It’s healthy!”

In two weeks, the couple — married in June — will learn the sex of their baby-on-the-way, and Kendra’s intuition will again be put to the test. “I still think it’s a boy,” she says.

Happily settled into her second trimester, Kendra adds that she is “feeling great,” looking forward to her Lamaze classes and has even been partaking in some traditional pregnancy cuisine. “I’m craving a pickle right now — and I hated pickles before,” she shares.

Fans of her reality show Kendra shouldn’t expect the December delivery to make its way onto the small screen, however. Kendra, 24, adds,

“That will be all private. I want to be able to spend my quality time with what’s been growing inside of me for nine months!”

Source: Us Weekly

— Missy

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Juliet on

I think they already know the gender.

Brandi on

I don’t think so, it’s still a little early unless they’re having genetic testing done, which I doubt. Besides, it’s Kendra, she will let it slip as soon as she leaves the ultrasound! She looks cute here, finally starting to show.

MissHeather on

You think they already know the gender?
So why would she tell us she is finding out in two weeks?
Not quite sure where you are coming from with that one…

gymrat on

Love you Kendra ! Would love to see her pregnancy moments on the show, but understand the need for “some privacy” in your lives. Best of luck !!

Amie on

I think it’s a girl. She had mentioned one of the things she was craving is fruit and that’s what I craved throughout my pregnancy with my daughter. As did my sister with her little girl but not with her son. Not that it’s an exact science. Just sayin’…. 😉

megan on

If she wants privacy, then it’s probably better not to announce any more details throughout the pregnancy. Not to be mean, but you know, it’s odd to repeatedly share “Here’s my cravings, name choices, religion he’ll be, etc” and then tack on “but we want privacy.”

N on

I think the privacy comment was meant exclusively for the filming of her show. At least thats how I read it.

Lauren on

Maybe she already does know.. but whats to save the announcement on her show? That will air in 2 weeks? ..I dont know.. just guessing…

kai on

she annoyed the hell out of me on Girls next door, but I guess at least she’s authentic lol. She’s quite cute with her little bump and that dress looks like the party version of her wedding dress lol

Lola Marie on

megan…I took her comment to mean the actual birth will be private. Not the pregnancy.

Lola Marie on

Oh and I am so excited for her!!! She looks really cute in that pic…no makeup and just a ponytail.

MZ on

She meant she’s not going to videotape the birth for her reality show. To that I say good for her! I think it’s too personal a moment to be on TV (though I did watch A Baby Story every day towards the end of my pregnancy, LOL). She never said she wanted privacy during the pregnancy.

I also don’t think she already knows. Lauren, I don’t watch the show, but I thought the season finale was her wedding to Hank. So, she wouldn’t be announcing the gender in 2 weeks on the show b/c they are still filming for next season. Why do people always assume the celeb already knows if they share what their guess is for the gender?

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

She looks really cute!! I can’t wait to find out what they’re having.

phililpa on

I like Kendra. She seems sweet. Young, but sweet. The only thing that really annoys me is the overuse of the word “like”. Like, do you know what I mean? Ugh, it sounds so uneducated. She needs to remove that word from her vocabulary.

L on

She looks like shes glowing, love her! Although it would be fun to see her handle being a new mom, I respect her wanting to share that with Hank & the baby!

Mary-Helen on

Alot of people thought I somehow knew the gender too because I swore up and down with this baby I was having a boy…however, I found out @ the u/s that we were expecting our third girl in late August, so gut feelings sometimes are just that.

She seems so cute and happy. Never seen her show but her interviews are just so happy and adorable.

Amanda on

Well, Kendra is around 17 weeks so she could know already. I’m 2 weeks behind her and very tempted to get an elective ultrasound, most elective ultrasound places will guarantee finding out the gender at 16 weeks (or you can come back for free). If I had the money I’d definitely do it.
But, she’s been so open about everything I don’t think she does know. Why would she say when they’ll find out if they already know?

Stephanie on

I agree Helen – I also swore up and down and was totally convinced that we were having a girl…. I had the fruit cravings, carrying high, every single old wives tales said girl. Turns out it’s a baby boy! You just never know😉 Can’t wait to find out what she’s having!

janie on

I have never heard of her. Is she a singer or an actress?

Mia on

@janie-she is a former Playboy playmate and was one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends the past 5 years or so, since around 2003 to 2008, and now she is married to her husband Hank Baskett who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

If she is into her 2nd trimester, and is just after 4 months along, then she will be able to know the sex by next ultra sound. I think it’s going to be a girl, but maybe its a boy. Sometimes instincts can be right, and sometimes not, time will tell.

Either way, I am so happy for these 2. They just seem so much in love, and really grounded and so excited about everything, their relationship, and the baby..etc. Congrats to them🙂

Jess on

Totally possible for her to know the sex of the baby. My son was due a week before her baby is due when I was pregnant & we found out at the end of June of that year that he was a boy when I was 17 weeks.

alannasmom on

I craved fruit and salty stuff and had a girl. My friend who was due the same month craved only sweets and had a boy. I’m curious to see if this myth is true! I think she will have a boy, but I am always wrong on these things so it’s probably a girl, lol.

lilah grace on

That makes no sense what so ever.

CelebBabyLover on

lilah grace- What makes no sense whatsoever?

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I disagree about the fruit thing, think it’s just coincidence. I craved fruit with our son but didn’t while preg with our daughter, so just varies I think, nothing to do with gender IMO….

teacey on

I craved the same foods while pregnant with my son and also my daughter! I think it’s more to do with your hormones😉

Gender scan is anywhere from 18-20 weeks, isn’t it? It’s none of our business if she knows already anyway, IMO. Kendra looks fantastic!

12 Weeks Pregnant on

This truely is a magic moment when you feel the baby’s first kicks, you look fantastic!

*AJ* on

I am due two days before her and am 17 weeks and 1 day now, so if she wanted she could have already found out the sex. I have not due to the next appt being later on this month and then scheduling an ultrasound. But she is far enough along to determine the sex if she wants. I think the earliest they can tell gender via ultrasound is around 15 weeks. Atleast thats what my ticker said on my myspace. Women sometimes have an intuition about what they are having. Maybe she just has a feeling and is going with it. I did with my girls and I was right about both of them. There was just something that told me deep down that I was having girls. I don’t think we should really read too far into comments of people like that though. Im sure she’ll announce it on her show!

Saraah on

I’m pretty sure what Kendra’s trying to say is that she’s having the scan to find out what gender she’s carrying in two weeks. She looks lovely here I think she’s going to be allll belly🙂

Alayna on

I’m due exactly one week before Kendra (if she is due on Christmas Day), and my gender screening is Monday next week, so her timing could be legitimate. My doctor recommended not doing the screening to find out the gender until the 19-20th week, and that’s what most of the websites and books out there recommend as well.

And really, why would she say she was going to find out when she is if she already knew? She could just say that she didn’t want to find out and have that be the end of the speculation.

April on

Kendra-drink more water! Pickles=sodium which will make your body want /need water. Enjoy this exciting time! Best wishes!

Jessicad on

I think most doctors prefer to wait until 18-22 weeks for gender scans, the parts are more pronounced and it’s more accurate. I think it’s possible through ultrasound starting around 12 weeks though, I found at 15 dince I work in radiology and ultrasound is right next to us, I bugged the tech til she caved haha. My dr didn’t do his scan until 2 months after that. Seems like it takes forever!

Kendra looks gorgeous, I think it’s a girl!🙂

Jessicad on

New computer, sorry for the typos, I’m not used to this keyboard!

gaia's mom on

The privacy comment did seem specific to filming the pregnancy.

I didn’t find out the sex of my baby, everyones always told me its the biggest surprise of a parents life so I just held out. I didn’t have a clue what I was having either and when she was born I didn’t want anyone to tell me lol. I wanted to look and find out myself. Seems weird in hindsight.

ericka on

I love Kendra and Hank is a total rock for her. He gives her balance because she’s sooooo crazy and out there. I think she’ll make a good mom. She seems very excited!

Congrats to them both

ericka on

also, the privacy comment was only for the taping of the delivery on her show. She didn’t mean they are keeping everything private…that would be impossible with her show. I respect her decision not to want to air such a private and emotional event in ones life. This is their time as a little family and shouldn’t be intruded on by us if not desired by herself or her husband.

addie on

i think it’s a boy too😀 congrats!

Amy on

the the old wives tales aren’t true…if it’s a boy it’s a boy.if it’s a girl it’s a girl.yall can’t say what gender she’s whatever gender she’s having doesn’t hurt her.

Gigohead on

I’m due in early October and I swear Kendra’s pregnancy seems longer than mine because of her over sharing. When she starts to get hard kicks at 3 AM everyday, then she’ll be in my shoes, not finding the kicks amusing as they once were!

*AJ* on

Cut the lady some slack its her first baby and it was a very exciting and “first time” thing for her. She was just probably shocked that she could feel it that early. I am due two days before her with my third so although I can feel kicks its not as exciting as it was the very first time I felt my oldest daughter’s kicks and hiccups. It was just one of those first milestones of pregnancy for her. I don’t think we should be so negative to say things like, “oh sure its “amusing now” but just you wait till you feel what I feel.” Everyone goes through their own milestones with their first babies and this is just one of her first. Give the lady a break. I found it exciting enough to tell my husband the moment I felt our third child kick and Im not due until around her time. However Im not as excited as her because its not my first. But when it was I was just as excited and thrilled with every new little exciting thing that happened. I don’t think she is over sharing in the least, I just think its her first and many of us “over share” without even realizing that we do it on the first and sometimes each one we have after! =0)

Simply Bohemian on

I am so happy for them! I think the way her mom acted was deplorable! I mean she can support her being nude and doing all that she did but when she wants to have a normal life she dumps on her?! Kendra is better off without her. I am glad Hank is so good to her they rock together. You can see how in love they are and that baby will be so loved! Rock on guys!

Stacey on

Amie Says:
July 15th, 2009 at 5:07 pm
I think it’s a girl. She had mentioned one of the things she was craving is fruit and that’s what I craved throughout my pregnancy with my daughter. As did my sister with her little girl but not with her son. Not that it’s an exact science. Just sayin’….

Amie…I craved fruit with mine and I ended up having a boy….I would sit and eat fruit like I couldn’t get enough of it…..

lin on

I craved fruit and sweet stuff with both of my sons!! i love kendra i think she will make a good mom and us young mommy’s have a ton of energy to keep up with the little one’s lol

KAY on

I think she is cute! I hope that she has a healthy baby no matter if it’s a girl or boy. Only the man upstairs knows..
Good luck Kendra

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