Camila and Levi Make a Target Run!

07/15/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

With a leg strewn over mom’s burgeoning belly, Levi joins an expectant Camila Alves and grandma Kay McConaughey for a Target run in Los Angeles on Monday.

The trio picked up various toys for the shirtless cutie, including a ride-on car!

Levi — who just celebrated his first birthday! — will become a big brother in late December/early January when Camila and Matthew McConaughey welcome his sibling!

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TDGoodMom on

Would it be too much to ask that she put some pants on before leaving the house? Sheesh!

Alecia on

Simply gorgeous!!! I love the Alves-McConaughey family, I share a birthday with Matthew, yay November 4.

Amber H. on

He is so sweet. 🙂 I love that one piece on him.

Max'sMom on

So cute!
I was born in the late 70’s & I sweat I have a picture like that where my mom looks identical to Camila & I am wearing overalls with no shirt!

Mimi on

TDGoodMom, I don’t like her or Levi’s outfits either but I do believe she’s wearing shorts, therefore she did leave the house with “pants” on.

Gemini on

looks to me like she’s wearing shorts underneath, which last time i checked were generally considered appropriate outdoor wear when going shopping at target or whatever

Harley on

What she’s wearing reminds me of the song, “Who wears short shorts?”. I’m not going to bash her, I’m sure she’s quite hot and, well, she’s got the figure to pull it off.

Cheryl on

I was thinking the same thing about the pants, but maybe mil is going to be the one to put everything in and out of the cart…

stedine on

Levi is too cute. Looks like a baby Tarzan in that outfit

She seems to be wearing blue shorts. Some people have the legs to rock certain things others don’t.

mommyoftwo on

He is so cute, looks just like his daddy

Brandi on

She is clearly wearing a pair of jean shorts. Come on ladies.

Levi is adorable and I love his outfit.

Amy on

She always looks so pretty. I have never seen a bad picture of her. If I could pull off those shorts, I’d be rocking them too!!!

Sarah on

Was this Target located on the boardwalk?!?! Otherwise she seems very underdressed.

liz on

Levi looks like a latin version of Matt in there:)

MissMissy on

Hey…pants are totally overrated.😉 C’mon, it’s summer, she looks great, and it’s not as though her fashion choices actually affect *anyone* here.

jenny on

Heck, if I had her pregnant body, I would walk around naked!!!! LOL..On another note, Levi is gonna be the biggest heartbreaker

brook on

This is turning into the Jennifer Hudson post all over again!

Bella Mama on

what a great photo of a gorgeous mama with her baby..

gaia's mommadukes on

I think she looks good. I’m not pro-exposed belly, but I’m all for legs. I love her top, and im definitely going jogging after work.

Daisy on

Not a fan at all of what Levi has on…but to each its own..he’s a cutie nonetheless!!

jmae on

I love her sunglasses…anyone know who makes them??

Hey Chick on

This baby will definately be a GIRL.

Naty on

Levi is cute🙂
Anyone know where I can find her bags MUXO?

Bancie1031 on

WOW Camila has a good baby bump going already! She and Levi look great …. can’t wait to see what she has this time.

Heather on

I’d be strutting my stuff all over Target, Wal-mart, wherever if I had that amazing–oh yeah, cute kid too😉

Ashley on

Oh wow! I Love Camila and Levi. They are both stinkin adorable and Levi looks just like his mama (and I agree, a baby Tarzan in this pic lol). If I looked like Camila I would wear some super short shorts too! lol Plus she’s pregnant and its mid July in California, practically everybody dresses like that I imagine. Anyways, Britney and her boys and Camila and her boy- I adore and always love seeing them!!

cat on

Naty, the Muxo website is

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Levi is such a cutie!! I just want to kiss his little face.🙂 Camila looks great too and I love the mini dress/blouse whatever it is she’s wearing. I think it’s beautiful and looks cool and comfy!

Diana on

She’s an adult. She can wear what she wants. Instead of knocking her for what she’s wearing I’ll be mature and just head to the gym so I can rock that outfit too, lol.

MZ on

At first I didn’t see the shorts and thought maybe she was wearing a swimsuit and thought whoooaa. But then I realized they are shorts underneath. Nothing wrong with that. It’s 101 here in the Bay Area today so I imagine in LA it’s even hotter.

I think Levi’s outfit is cute. I’ve got a couple of outfits for my son that are similar. It’s just too hot to wear too many clothes!

They are such a beautiful family! I hope they have a girl next just because I’m curious as to what their daughter would look like. Maybe this child will have curls like Matthew!

Cheryl on

You’re right, I did miss the shorts!! How could I miss them, they cover so much;)

I always feel sorry for little ones in heat….

Doreen on

Whoa!! Okay, why even bother with wearing shorts underneath?! LOL What she is wearing is way too short!! She is an adult and she should be dressing like one.

Anna on

Levi is so cute! He reminds me of Bam Bam (from the Flintstones) with that outfit on!

jessie on

he’s cute although she has him dressed like a little hillbilly, lol

Sanja on

Levi had a little white-brown striped T-shirt on in the other pictures from this set. Maybe he got it wet/dirty and they took it off?

Shirelle on

Levi is so cute he looks just like his momma

Jaime on

C’mon people, she’s pregnant… not a nun!

I think her outfit is super cute, and wouldn’t mind picking it up myself. She has killer legs, and should be able to show them off.

Levi is soooo cute🙂

Jujube on

I think Camila looks like she has barely there shorts on. Not quite appropriate for an expecting mama!

juliet on

Levi is absolutely the cutest little baby! I love his outfit, he looks like a tiny peter pan. So happy they’re going to welcome another one!

SH on

her shirt might be pulling down a little due to the huge purse and the toddler sitting on it, and her shorts might be riding up a bit. oh no, it’s a crime! GET OVER IT ALREADY!

Lisa on

First off she has shorts under the shirt. Its summer, shes pregnant, and she must be hot. Sorry I wasn’t even looking at her at first look at Levi! He is adorable! I saw pixs of him walking and I realized how much time flies! She looks like shes due in december because she already has a nice sized bump! She is gorgeous! Love this famiy! I would love to see Matt and Camila have a girl just to see what the baby would look like but Levi is sooo cute we will have to see. Im suprised shes pregnant again considering how hard her birth to Levi was!

Tee on

Doreen, you took the words right out of my mouth! If her shorts are so short that you can’t even make them out well in a picture… she needs to put some more clothes one. For me, that has nothing to do with pregnancy either. Modesty matters! I always enjoy seeing photos of this sweet family though. I’m sure that baby to be will be just as cute as Levi!

NLT on

Wow….looks like it’s true about Americans being uptight and all! I, for one, am not! She can wear whatever the heck she wants. There is nothing indecent about it! Cute kid!

CelebBabyLover on

MZ- That would definently explain Camilla’s outfit! When it’s that hot, I won’t wear anything other than shorts and a sleeveless top (although not shorts quite as short as what Camilla has on)….even if someone paid me to wear more!

Daisy on

She looks gorgeous. Perhaps jealousy is an issue for some here. What she wears has no affect on you, if you don’t like it don’t look. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with anyone, especially a pregnant woman, staying cool at the height of summer.

More importantly however, how cute is Levi? I love his little outfit.

Greenie on

Levi is so cute and looks just like his mom! He is as brown as a berry and just as adorable.

daniela on

Actually I think the top is too long so it makes it look like her shorts are way too short. Otherwise the shorts are not too short to me, I’d wear them if I had her legs, but I would’ve opted for a shorter shirt is all.

She looks great, I would kill to have her legs and Levi is a true cutie! Hope they have a girl this time! 🙂

janie on

He is so much like his mom I don’t see much of Matt here, but Levi is a cutie alright.

gianna on

Camila looks great pregnant, I think it’s another boy they are having. Levi is a gorgeous child, to me he looks like matthew features wise but with his mom’s brown hair and eyes. Salma hayek’s daughter Valentina and him, look like siblings, both gorgeous kids.

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