Ana Ortiz Wants Baby No. 2 'Relatively Soon'

07/15/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Robert Pitts/Landov

Doctors say that an expectant mom will often crave what her body needs, and for Ana Ortiz those cravings translated into a temporary suspension of her vegetarian diet. “It has been much more difficult,” the 38-year-old actress conceded to Cookie magazine shortly before delivering daughter Paloma Louise, 2 ½-weeks, “because I have really been craving meat.” When she did succumb, Ana said she would stick to local, grass-fed, organic meats in an effort to stay “as healthy as possible.” Describing herself as a “really nervous” expectant mom, Ana nonetheless said — at the time! — she was eager to do it all again.

“Kind of, yeah. I know that sounds weird, and everyone’s like, ‘Oh, yeah. You say that now, but wait until…’ But, yeah, I do want to have another kid, probably relatively soon — not to sound crass — but just to get it out of the way.”

If she needs a celebrity mom role model, Ana can look no further than Vanessa Williams. Echoing earlier sentiments, Ana said that her good friend and Ugly Betty co-star had given her “tons” of advice that she planned to follow to the letter. “She’s constantly on the hustle,” Ana noted, “and her kids are incredible.”

“They’re respectful and smart and kind. So, you know, you see that, and it’s like, ‘Okay, this is possible. This can be done.’ So basically I follow her around and take notes.”

Anna went on to say that she wanted baby girl to have a Spanish name “with flavor,” and she and husband Noah Lebenzon accomplished just that with Paloma. Although she is also Irish, Ana says that her Puerto Rican heritage is “much closer” to her heart, because her mother is just fourth generation Irish-American. Growing up, Ana and her family made annual trips to Puerto Rico in the summer — and it’s a tradition she intends to continue with her daughter. She adds,

“With my family, there’s no way the baby will be able to escape her Puerto Rican heritage.”

Source: Cookie

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12 Weeks Pregnant on

Lol, if the baby wants meat, then the baby wants meat.

PunkPrincess on

You don’t have to alter a vegetarian or vegan diet during pregnancy, as long as you’re getting the right balance of nutrients. For meat cravings, there are so many “meat” alternatives out there that you shouldn’t have to feel like animal products are the only option (“I HAD to start eating meat”). If you do, that’s your choice, but so is how you deal with any craving.

BTW, the baby doesn’t crave “meat” – it’s your body calling for protein – of any kind.

Jesse on

Good for her for listening to her body.

french gigi on

my aunt had her 2 babies within a year apart for the same reason….’to get it out of the way’. lol
my boys were 9 years apart only because fertility problems so ‘getting it out of the way’ didnt work so well with me.

i wish ana health and fertility so her dream for her family’s expansion comes true!

millefleur on

Interesting. People used to think having kids around 3 years apart was ideal, but most moms I know today in my socioeconomic class/age group (middle to upper class late 20’s-early 30’s) seem to be more interested in having their babies back to back right on top of each other just to “get it out of the way” and have two births, two in diapers, and then just be done with it. And I think that’s why a lot of celebrities are into this trend of having twins on purpose.
It’s just an interesting comment on the changes in society and its priorities. I for one think I will stick to the age gap. I’d like to have some time alone with the first one, and have the first one be old enough to be able to help me out with the second, if I even have a second.

madison on

I think age gaps, what is considered ideal, what people are doing, is also changing because of advancing maternal ages. Ana is 38….I’m sure she knows she can’t put too many years in between births.

Megan on

I agree…we are waiting until our little one turns 4 to even think about concieving again. I want her to be the baby of the family for a while…I think the older sibling gets cheated out when babies are born back to back:( Its like…okay grow up now cause you are a big sister…its just not fair. Although there are some major perks to having them close together as well..not gonna deny that!

Brandi on

We have three years between our boys and are now trying for #3 (another three year gap). That works well for us. My older sister just got married two years ago at 39, had a honeymoon baby, and then immediately tried to get pregnant again, and is having her second child in September. It’s all very rushed for me but I completely understand her decision because she is 41.

Rachel-Jane on

I love the name Paloma! But as a third generation Irish-Scot I probably won’t be using it. Paloma Louise sounds beautiful though.

Lorus on

I’m hoping to aim for our 2nd and 3rd to be about 2.5 years apart. I think it’s a good age gap since #2 can be the baby for awhile and then also they are close enough to play.

MZ on

Our son is 5 months old and we’re still trying to figure out the age gap. We’re thinking of trying again when he’s 12 months. Normally I’d space them out farther, but I have health issues that necessitate me having kids early if I want them. I always thought 2 years apart was good.

Parent magazine did a very good article on the + and – of diff. time lengths between kids in their last issue.

Mia on

I’ve always wanted to have 3 kids, and I hope to have that someday. I think I would love to have my first two very close together, maybe a year apart or so, and then wait 3-4 years and have my 3rd child once the older 2 are in school, and I can focus on a baby while the other 2 are out for the day, a better balance of time.

CelebBabyLover on

millefleur- I don’t think celebs have twins on purpose. I mean, you can’t just walk into a fertility clinic and go, “I want twins!”. It just doesn’t work that way. Even if you have multiple fertilized eggs injected (I don’t know if that’s the right word, but I know that “implant” isn’t the correct word, either) into your womb, there’s no guarantee that all of them will take.

In fact, IVF results in singeltons more than it results in twins. Even celebs who have IVF don’t always end up having twins. For example, Constance Marie used IVF (she’s been very open about it) and had ONE baby, Luna.

My point is, there is absolutly no way to guarnatee that you’ll have twins. You can increase your chances by doing fertility treatments, but that’s all you can do. In otherwords, you cannot purposely have twins.

ArticlesADay on

Good that she understands that having a child means you have to sacrifice a bit.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I like the 3 year gap, we have 3 years/4 mths, bit more than planned but sadly suffered a miscarriage in between, which delayed it slightly. My sis is same, over 3 years and said for sanity she’s glad she didn’t have a 2 year gap! Now we have an 18mth old & it’s busier works well with our son off to school this Sept, so get to have one on one time, son had it over 3 years before sister arrived, and with Freya she has 3 full days to herself while he’s at preschool and soon while Sam’s at school 5 days, in 2 mth’s time, works for us anyway. Don’t feel it’s too big a gap as he can understand and help out, they can still have fun playing together, he knows to keep quiet when she’s asleep etc, can reason with him at least, unlike say a 3 year old and 18mth old – we didn’t want 2 under 2 1/2 personally, but realise it’s not for everyone of course…Having said that, wouldn’t want more than say 5 or 6 years or so but of course you can’t plan things, new relationships happen to people, miscarriages, problems conceiving, or loss of baby etc means a bigger gap for some people so am not judging, don’t know people’s situations but 3 years or so works for us.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

….meant to add that of course age has an influence too of course, possibly as in Ana’s case, not wanting to leave it too long being late 30’s. I know someone who had first at 39, & had 20mth gap and had 2nd at 41 – wouldn’t want to be that way it worked out for them. I had my son not that young but by today’s standards wasn’t too ancient, lol, was 32, so it meant we could leave it a couple of years before having No. 2. Ideally would’ve liked my kids at say 29/30 then 32/33 to be under 35 with risk and being an older mum, didn’t want to be too old, but only met hubby at 29, so way it goes, lol…

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