Britney and Jayden Do Denmark

07/14/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

Flying high! Toys in hand, Britney Spears and 2 ½-year-old son Jayden James land at the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday.

The popstar, 27, played a performance in the country that night, before jetting to Sweden for the next date on her Circus tour.

Britney holds a Philips AVENT  7 oz Magic Trainer Cup ($7.50 for two). Jayden wears Nike Kids Lil Nike Shox Turbo VII ($46).

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Lisa on

He is getting so big! Britney looks great, Jayden is adorable. I have a question though… I dont know the custody agreement between Britney and Kevin but is Britney allowed to lets say have Jayden and Kevin have Preston visa versa…. just wondering…. like a little one on one time…..

Mariel on

i love britney, she looks pretty and healthy all the time

Jess on

Brit looks so happy and I’m happy for her! Her boys are just too cute! I can’t believe how big their getting though.

12 Weeks Pregnant on

I am glad that things finally worked out for Britney, she looks very happy with her son.

melissa on

she looks great.. and i love the fact that we are seeing her with the boys all the time, and she looks like she wants to be there!! love it!! she keeps proving everyone wrong!!🙂

momto3 on

hope that button doesn’t pop!

Barbara on

OMG Jayden is getting so big. And Britney looks so relaxed and comfortable.

Kate on

‘she keeps proving everyone wrong!!’

How is she proving everyone wrong. The only reason why her life is currently under control is because her father has legal control over her. I’ll consider that she has proven people wrong if she acts stable when no one has legal control over her.

The kids looks cute, but I’m really sick of seeing pictures of her braless cleavage – would it kill the woman to put on proper undergarments.

meghan on

Her father has control over her finances and such, but she’s the one doing the work to turn her life around. Financial control doesn’t effect the day to day ability to function and tend to her children when she has them. That ultimately has to come from Britney and I would agree that she is indeed turning the corner.

Mary-Helen on

Aw…he is too cute!

Hope Britney’s buttons are strong though! While I love that she’s got her act together, these fashion faux pas are just going to open up the floodgates of negative comments again.

Ashley on

LOL I must comment on a few things:
a-It really doesn’t bother me that Brit doesn’t wear bras because its honestly more comfortable without them. I prefer to not wear bras but since I’m not Britney Spears I can’t quite get away with it (lol) so I mostly always wear bras.
b-I give Britney full credit for turning her life around. She let her dad help her and that was her choice to accept making herself better and she did and now she is! Go Girl!
c-Britney and her boys are my very favorite family to see (or Kevin and the boys) but I really love Britney and her sons are the cutest little guys ever!!!

gaia's mommadukes on

Britney had this special recently when her last album came out and she essentially said that her father is controlling her life and he’s with her pretty much every single day. They had a whole segment on it actually, she was crying about it and everything…it actually made me feel bad for her.

I love Brit Brit hot mess or how she is now. I must say she lost a lot of weight from say a year ago and I think she looks actually considering stealing this look from her.

J on

Why no mention of Preston? He was there too, not just the golden child.

Minka on

I am not fond of her lack of use of undergarments. Considering how low her top is and how it looks like it’s about to pop open, I’d say wearing a bra this time around would have been a good idea.

Britney has very little control over her finances, career, and personal life. Her father, brother, record company, and tour director and choreographers pretty much control her life which is why she appears to be stable. Once these people are no longer in control and she can maintain the stability, then she will have proven the critics wrong. No matter how the stability comes along, I am just glad it’s there for those boys.

She also could have taken a private exit at the airport and escaped the photographers if she’d wanted to.

Hea on

Kevin and his girlfriend were here in Sweden as well. They took the boys out for a walk in Stockholm. Or rather, his girlfriend did. He mainly strolled with them, smoking cigarettes. Glad to see his girlfriend shows interest in the boys.🙂

alli on

OMG YOU GUYS WHY ISN’T SHE HOLDING SEAN PRESTON!?? SHE MUST LOVE HIM LESS!!! lol. Lookin good Ms. Spears, keep up the good work!

lizzielui on


No mention of Preston because he is NOT in the aforementioned picture that CBB chose to use. The Golden Child reference is juvenile.

Kit on

So Cool! It sounds like several of ya’ll know Britney personally given the detailed knowledge you have of her day-to-day life and who is in control of her finances and her undergarments, etc. That’s very cool!

Those of you who know her personally, would you please pass word (through her handlers, if that’s the required route, of course) that I enjoy her music, love seeing her looking happy with her sweet boys and don’t give a flying patootie if she wears a bra, underwear or fairy wings strapped to her back.

I also was not a fan of her music until her second to last album and frankly, I thought that album had some moments of genius. I wish that Britney would get the credit she deserves for her hard work and musical/entertainment genius…I guess because she’s just a young woman without a bra she’ll never really get the credit she deserves, maybe if she was a man we could see her differently?

Autumn on

Cute pic of her son Jayden.

I know I’m the upteenth person to say it, but I will. Britney needed to wear a shirt that actually fit her and a bra under the one that she did wear. (Even if she had worn a bra, her cotton blouse was still too small because her buttons were gapping so.)

CrystalDex on

There is nothing wrong with finally one of her parents stepping in and saying enough is enough and helping her get her life back on track. She has pretty much been calling her own shots and making bad decisions ever since she was in her late teens, when children definitely need parental guiding.

Jayden is far from the “golden child” there are plenty of pics of Britney with Sean. My kids are close in age and I was always carrying the youngest because the oldest was more independant and wanted to be on the ground exploring and such. There was also scrutiny when all everyone saw was her with Sean when her and Kevin were going through their relationship struggles early on, there were never any pics of her with Jayden.

Give the girl a break she is darned if she does and darned if she doesn’t. Right now she looks and seems to be happy and healthy and good for her and especially her boys.

MaddKiwi on

I’m sick of Jayden being called ‘The Golden Child’. H’es probably just easier to carry,i’ve seen her carry Sean alot of times,they just never get flippin’ posted. And FYI, Sean P was with her at that very moment he’s just not in that particular pic, any Britney fan site has those pics to prove it. I have a friend who has two small children around the same ages as Britney’s boys, and she carries the youngest more because he’s easier to carry,doesn’t make her favour him more. It’s disgusting that you think she loves JJ more than SeanP.
Anyhoo, love Brit to pieces but yeah….a bra every now and again wouldn’t hurt🙂

daze on

preston was with her so no need to start drama! in fact, the smile she’s doing is for Preston. in a video i’ve seen you can see and hear him screaming something and britney and that guy at the left in a black suit look at him and smile like he said something fun (i didn’t understand though)
plus i do believe – but i can be wrong – that jayden is a little clingy with her. have seen a lot of pics of him in somebody else arms with britney following and he basically starts crying and reaching to her. just like in those sad pics of britney handing them over to k-fed and jayden is crying his eyes out!

by the way, this is a cute family!

brannon on

You guys honestly think she looks great here? I don’t get it.

Lisa on

well, her figure does look good here,and both of her boys really favor her.I do not see the big deal with someone being over her finances..if I had a billion dollars,two small children and a tour I would want someone to have control over my finaces ,too.I am glad she has been low key for a while.I cannot imagine the stress she has endured with being so famous.I hope we keep seeing her smiling..

Lisa on

She looks good??? She needs a comb, a shirt that fits and bra. What a mess.

daze on

oh come on Lisa! i’m glad you look always at your best wherever you go. this is britney spears : she’s known for going out wearing what she wants and not what people want her to wear. and she has every right to do so. does that make you feel smarter or prettier to call someone you don’t know and who doesn’t care about you ‘a mess’?

i don’t see the big deal in that outfit, at least every part of her body is covered and the rest is just personnal opinion.

Barbara on

“Britney was later arrested and booked on manslaughter charges when the button on her blouse flew off and killed a passing motorist.”

Seriously, wrangle ’em in girlfriend.

sarah on

I think its a cute picture of the two…
I was at the concert it was really good, just over 40.000 people there…

Lisa on

Daze – you said it best, personal opinion. You have yours, I’ll have mine. She’s a mess. And just for the record, I have never worn clothes two sizes too small in my life.

Terri on

LOL, that shirt is straining all over, not just in the bust! Jayden looks so much like Britney, it’s cute.

Terri on

Thanks, Hea. It looks like Kevin’s girlfriend has Jayden by the hand, and Kevin has Sean by the hand. They look like a handful!

Doreen on

LOL Barbara that’s funny!! Remember when she had her breakdown, she was holding Jayden in the I believe…..she seems more attached to him than Preston.

Lauren on

What I don’t understant, is when you look at EVERY picture taken with her kids she is ONLY carrying Jaden. Never poor little Preston. He’s always carried by a nanny or bodyguard while Britney always carries her youngest. Why is that? Obvisously she loves both kids equally but all this talk about JJ being easier to carry is ridiculous. She can just as well as hold SPF as she can JJ. Give the kid some love Brit Brit.

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- You have NO idea if she can carry Preston just as easily as she can carry JJ. Preston is a full year older than JJ, maybe he’s too heavy for Britney to carry, but Jayden isn’t.

CelebBabyLover on

Doreen- In the few months before she lost custody, yes. However, for the first seven or so months of Jayden’s life, we never saw him (apart from a few extremely blurry pictures in which you could barely make him out, and a few shots of him covered up in his carseat). Britney was constantly holding Preston then….and everyone said she was favoring Preston and should hold JJ more and not hide him. Honestly, she just cannot win!

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- Kevin obviously loves his boys a lot! There are pictures of him interacting with the boys (including one just last week of him holding Preston), and the man practically glows when he talks about them!🙂

gaia's mom on

It strikes me as so incredibly stupid that people are complaining about her holding Jayden. Maybe Preston doesn’t like being held as much? Maybe Jayden is more fidgety. None of us have any clue of knowing so why even try to make an assumption.

Hea on

CelebBabyLover – I am sure he does. I was merely placing the light onto his girlfriend.🙂

Terri – You’re welcome.

And regarding her carrying Jayden. I think he’s simply a momma’s boy. He’s a year younger than Sean P, it’s only fair and normal that he craves that kind of contact more.

Q on

When will people get over this Golden Child stuff? She loves both of her boys. Why do you guys care if another women wears a bra or not? As long as everything’s covered who cares?

Britney is the one who turned her life around. She should get the credit. Her dad can’t force her to do anything, she still has to make the effort. Her brother, tour director & choreographers do not control her life. Her brother & father don’t even live w/ her.

Lisa-no need to be such a huge jerk! That shirt is not 2 sizes to small & her hair is combed. You say people have different opinions, yet state yours as fact while questioning others who think she looks good. She looks healthy & happy how the hell is that a mess? It’s like you can’t take that people aren’t attacking her. Stop being so hateful.

Tee on

I don’t think that Lisa was being hateful at all. I think she was simply calling a spade a spade and I agree with her. There is no need whatsoever for anybody to wear a shirt like that. It’s indecent.

Bancie1031 on

after reading a few of the negative comments I decided NOT to read any farther of the comments, so if I repeat what as already been said please excuse me ….

I absolutely love seeing Britney with her boys, looking so happy and at easy (both her and her boys – Sean P and Jayden). I also like what seems to be one on one time with each of the boys with each of their parents. Also Britney looks GREAT! Britney has came a long way from where she was, I’m happy for her and glad at the same time that she got some help😀

Jayden looks so happy and handsome ….. I can’t believe how big he has gotten …. I enjoy seeing them but above all else all of them look happy and that’s the most important thing … all of them deserve to be happy (Britney, Jayden, Sean Preston and Kevin) Britney keep on doing what you have been doing😀😀😀😀

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- Sorry about that! I figured I might be misunderstanding something, because ordinarily I agree with your comments.🙂

Q- I agree completely! It’s fine to state your opinion, but there’s no need to be nasty about!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Hea, JJ definently IS a mama’s boy. Kevin has said so himself.🙂

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