Adriana Lima: 'My Life is Complete At This Moment'

07/14/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

In with the belly, out with the sweet tooth! Due with her first child — a delivery surprise — in mid-December, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is no longer craving candy treats.

“It’s funny because I used to love chocolate — I was such a chocolate lover until I got pregnant!” she laughs at a Louis Vuitton event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Lunar Landing in New York City.

Noting that “it just doesn’t appeal to me at all,” Adriana admits she has managed to steer clear of the sweet stuff since she discovered she was expecting.

That said, the 28-year-old holds out hope that baby-on-the-way’s big debut will coincide with the return of her chocolate obsession!

“I guess that’s a good thing since it’s chocolate and it’s probably not good for the baby to eat too much sugar, but I hope I get my love of chocolate back afterwards because I really did enjoy it!”

Fortunately for Adriana, the disappearance of chocolate is a small price to pay for her newfound sense of fulfillment in life. “I feel like I’m glowing because I just — right now — I just have everything,” she explains. “My life is complete at this moment.”

According to the mama-to-be, her husband Marko Jaric shares in her excitement! Despite his model wife being “only 17 weeks” along, the proud papa-to-be, a guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, was elated to recently purchase baby’s first stroller.

“He was telling me that he can’t wait to push the stroller around and how he’s going to be the proudest dad in the whole world.”

Source: Us Weekly

— Anya

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Anon on

I love Adriana, she makes Bahia proud.

L on

How adorable is she, what a sweetheart!

This fall/winter it’s going to be a model baby boom!!

Harley on

Aw! Too cute! This may be an odd thing to wonder about, but I’m curious as to what stroller they decided on since he’s not what I’d call “average” heighth!

Jen on

That’s a boy! I am just like her–love chocolate but couldn’t stand it while I was pregnant. My son is almost a year!

Ashley on

She looks BEAUTIFUL!!

Sophie on

That is going to be one taalll baby (if their heights are anything to go by).

She seems a beautiful lady inside and out, my brother is so disappointed he’s not the one married to her lol.

Chris on

She is so cute and she looks great pregnant. You can tell they are so excited to be parents!

Jen on

The same thing happened to me – normally love chocolate but went right off it when I was pregnant. I had a boy too.🙂 (Didn’t have the chocolate aversion when I was pregnant with my daughter.)

melanie on

I hope this will quiet all those skeptics about her belly…that is DEFINITELY a 17-week belly–especially considering how small she was to begin with!

I wish them all the luck in the world–I think she is a great woman to be a role model for little girls today!

12 Weeks Pregnant on

She looks absolutely radiant!

Shirelle on

Adriana is my favorite model! she is so beautiful and she looks great! her baby is gonna be so cute!

Ruthella on

I vote boy too; I went right off my usual sweet treats when expecting my boys and craved salty crackers and olives.

Sophie; I’m not sure how tall Adriana and her husband are? But my husband and I are 6′ 4″ and 5′ 10″ and we have one tall boy, one medium-height boy and a totty girl! Genes are funny things, I think they’ll all end up tall though🙂

As for the buggy, we got a Bugaboo Cameleon for that very reason (amongst others) the adjustable handle is fantastic for tall parents!

Savanna on

It is a boy! It was confirmed by a family member awhile back which is also the reason I don’t believe she is only 17 weeks. 21-23 weeks, yes. Plus, this picture hardly shows how big she is. There were side shots where she was clearly holding the dress tighter and she was way bigger.

Sanja on

Savanna -yes, Marko’s father Srecko said that he was going to have a grandson.
And Marko spoke of the baby in the male gender in Serbian (the noun child has a neutral gender and the noun baby is female in Serbian) and it’s not just a he/she thing like in English, the whole sentence structure changes according to gender.

Savanna on

Sanja – Yeah, I remember that! But also, her cousin came around and confirmed it recently. I’d say about two weeks ago. But when Marko’s father did that was in May! You can’t tell me that you can tell the sex of the baby for sure at 10 weeks which is what she was basically claiming to be then. At least here in the US. In Serbia, Marko and Adriana are telling a whole different story. Serbian press is still sticking to theirs despite what US press is putting out and saying she’s 5 months going on 6 which is what I believe because they’ve been right since the beginning.

mmh on

I don’t know that you can say “boy” for sure by no sweet cravings!! When I was pregnant with my son, I wanted to put icing on everything!!! I HATE icing!! =) Don’t worry, I didn’t, but he still has the worst sweet tooth I’ve ever seen!!

MZ on

One of my friends was able to confirm the sex of her son at 10 weeks. Her husband was a med student and he took her to the hospital to see if they could tell that early and they could. You can’t rule out a boy if you don’t see his “equipment” at 10 weeks, but if it’s there, then most likely it is a boy.

Either way, she’s adorable!

Kelly on

I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I’m due on Oct. 15th. Add two months to that and you get a mid Dec. due date which would place her at around 19 weeks (give or take)

Kelly on

MZ —

Sorry but 10 weeks is WAY too early to make any confirmation on gender. At that stage both male and female parts look identical. Doctors don’t even like to make a guess at 15 weeks.

Savanna on

Kelly – I think the fact of the matter is that she said she was 17 weeks the other night, so now people had something to work with. She shouldn’t have said anything at all. Actually, it sounded like she just said it just to say it like nobody even asked her. Even CBB put it in quotes. Obviously there is something going on. Come October, I bet she’ll drop off the face of the earth. Anyway, I hope the baby is healthy because at the end of the day that is really all that matters.

Samantha on

Kelly, pink or blue test. I took it and they confirmed the sex of my baby at 10 weeks. And they were right, as well as with ALL the women in my mommy and me classes. AMAZING TEST! It goes by the hormones in your blood. If it’s a girl there won’t be the boy hormone, but if it’s a boy you will and that’s what the blood test shows.

Samantha on

btw why are people skeptical about when she is due? I’m out of the loop here🙂

Savanna on

Because she was supposedly a virgin until marriage. Her and Marko had went around talking about how they were going to have two huge weddings in June. One in Serbia and one in Brazil, but instead they eloped months earlier on Valentine’s Day with just their lawyers in attendance which is just weird in itself. Even before they eloped though there was talks of her being pregnant because it was becoming more and more obvious. Not only was she showing a little, she had did this show in Turkey where someone congratulated her on being pregnant and she said “Thank you”, so come February when everyone found out they eloped that just sealed the deal.

Savanna on

The show she did in Turkey was the last week of January, so she probably found out she was pregnant like a week or two before that. The last week in May is when she confirmed to People that she was supposedly 3 months pregnant, but in Serbia they had already confirmed it like a week or two before that saying she was 4 months and that is also when Marko’s father had said it was a boy. Right now I believe that she’s about 22-24 weeks.

Patrice on

Hmm. This is a completely different, conflicting story from the one that CBB posted of Adrianna and her husband a few weeks ago. In it, Marco was quoted saying that all that Adriana WOULD eat was candy and chocolate and he even suggested to her that “maybe the baby would like a salad.” Anyway, she looks absoulutly stunning here! Can’t wait to see this baby: )

Patrice on

Here’s my thing about this girl: that, too me, does not AT ALL look like someone who is just one week into her fourth month of pregnancy. Especially if you consider that she had abs of steel beforehand. It’s truly nobody’s business exactly when her child was concieved, but if you’re going to go out of your way to constantly talk to the press about how you would remain a virgin until you got married…perhaps they should have been more, um, careful in order to keep up the charade (if it is one).

Abi on

I must be the only one who totally went off chocolate while pregnant with my daughter. All I wanted was pineapple. Too bad it didn’t last, the same day I gave birth, I asked my husband to buy me a candy bar. It was like a switch turned back on after the delivery. I am happy for them, no matter when they got prenant or what they are having. Its hard living your life in the spotlight.

Savanna on

Patrice – I agree with you about the whole one week into her fourth month of pregnancy. Her abs were at their tip top shape before she got pregnant because of the show that had just happened in November. Hell, I even thought she was too skinny. Everyone keeps saying that everyone is different and that’s true, but not this different. May 9th she did a launch in which I attended and saw with my own eyes, but there are pictures and she’s wearing a similar dress to this one, but you can clearly tell that she is pregnant. So she was claiming to only be 9-10 weeks then? Yeah, but no. There was another Victoria’s Secret launch on Feb. 11th (days before she eloped) that I went to also where she wore somewhat of a loose fitting outfit for the photo op before. It was tight at the stomach which it clearly wasn’t made to be and you saw everything. I’m sorry, but she needs to straighten her stuff out now before the baby comes and people aren’t too kind. What is she going to do? Claim the baby was two months premature?

cas on

she looks beautiful and glowing

Diana on

I totally agree with you, Savanna and Patrice. Obviously it is no one’s business whether she waited for marriage or not, but SHE was the one who put the issue out there. SHE kept harping about virginity and the sanctity of marriage and all that. She was the one who kept talking about it, especially since most people didn’t believe her. She should have known that the media would have been chomping at the bit to throw it back in her face when they got the chance. Nothing’s wrong with falling off the wagon, but if she wanted to keep up pretenses, she should have been a wee bit more careful. This is why I maintain that some celebrities share WAY too much with the public. Your virginity (or lack thereof) is nobody’s business but your own. Why on earth is that a topic for discussion? The fact that people in the media are gleefully counting the weeks and waiting on pins and needles to see when she will actually give birth is, sadly, Adriana’s own fault.

Savanna on

Kendra Wilkinson just told US Magazine that she was “4 months and a week” which makes her 17 weeks, right? Have you seen her? Adriana is not due in December or mid-December like she’s claiming. That should be more than enough evidence.

Diana on

Savanna you’re right! And she and Kendra are similarly built, but Kendra looks vastly different. Hmmmmm. I feel sorry for Adriana, though. She should have kept that aspect of her life private. When the truth comes out the press will call her on it.

Savanna on

I’m sure Adriana is way taller than Kendra, but as far as build goes they are both normally very muscular. Oh well, I’m done here. She’s going to get the only backlash. I feel so bad because I’m pretty sure that it’s not something you want to deal with having a newborn around which is probably stressful enough.

Lauren on

I completely agree with Diana. If Adriana wanted to remain a virgin until marriage for her own personal reasons, more power to her. By making her sex life or lack thereof public, she has inadvertently made it the public’s business as well. Whether you’re discussing your chastity rings a la the Jonas Brothers or talking about swinging from the chandeleirs every night a la Megan Fox, I will never understand why people in the public eye choose to share this information about something so incredibly intimate with throngs of strangers they will never meet. It only comes back to bite them.

MZ on

Kelly, then I guess they got lucky, b/c she put up the u/s pics on her blog the next day showing us all the gender, and they did have a boy.

CelebBabyLover on

I really hope Adrianna IS due in December. I’d be so dissapointed if it turns out she didn’t stay a virgin until marriage.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and read the post, PEOPLE. They don’t know the gender. The baby is a delivery surprise.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and even if they ARE having a boy, Adrianna’s father really shouldn’t have blabbed that to the media!

Savanna on

CelebBabyLover – She’s having a boy. 100%. No ifs, ands, or buts. Her cousin comes around sometimes to give news, even exclusive pictures sometimes, and she said at a recent BBQ in Brazil that Adriana said she was having a boy which confirmed what Marko’s father (not Adriana’s) had said back in MAY. He’s Serbian and in no way could possibly mess up his own language like someone had said up there. I don’t think he blabbed. I think Adriana is more comfortable with press outside of the US for some reason and since it’s all in another language nobody in the US ever really picks it up. She’s lucky. But like I said, that’s not the belly of someone who is 17 weeks/due in December. Look at the rest of the pictures.

Savanna on

Also, she has a baby registry with Someone tweeted about seeing her and Marko there the other day (which goes with the part about her buying the stroller recently) and so I got curious. All the stuff screams boy.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just want back and re-read some old articles about Adriana’s pregnancy, and in one, it mentions that Adriana found out she was pregnant shortly after the honeymoon. They got married on Valentine’s Day, so if it IS indeed a honeymoon baby, that would actually mean she’s not due in December. If she concieved in February, that would make her due at some point in November, making her five months along rather than four.

Looking at this picture, she DOES look to be five months along to me. Also, the orignal announcement post about her being pregnant DID say that she’s due “this winter” rather than December. Although winter doesn’t offically start until December, a lot of people also consider November to be a winter month.

So maybe she isn’t being truthful about the due date, but if she is indeed throwing of the press by just one month (or less, depending on when in November she’s due), I don’t blame her! I wouldn’t want the paps all over me while I was in labor if I was her, either!

CelebBabyLover on

Savanna- Okay, I see your point about the gender. As for the belly…All women are different. I have a feeling she may end up being another Naomi Watts (and both times, people always thought Naomi was due at least a month earlier than she really is)!🙂

Savanna on

CelebBabyLover – Well, that’s my point. In every article it seems like she is going out of her way to clearly state December/mid-December. You would think by now that People would have done the math and realized that it’s in November and not December that she would supposedly be due. “I’m only 17 weeks” Who says that? I know pregnant women prefer to go by weeks and whatnot, but it just seemed like she was stressing it out of nervousness or something. Like ‘I’m only 17 weeks! Nothing more, nothing less! That makes me “safe”, right?’ With that being said, I believe she’s just entering her 6th month. She looked pregnant in February.

MsGucci on

It was suspected she conceived in late Jan, she traveled to Turkey around that time where she said thank you after a pregnancy comment, and was also telling reporters that she was to ill to do interviews..right around the time her morning sickness could/would have been. In Feb right before she was married, she did a Victoria’s Secret Launch, where she looked pregnant..obviously pregnant. Image here

Soon after pregnancy rumors swirled and she went off and got married in a shot gun ceremony after the rumors began. She didn’t even invite her mother (her mother is her best friend she’s stated this several times) and then began pushing her formal wedding back and back and back…and for someone who spent a lot of time planning a wedding (she had stated this before) to all of a sudden just cancel it, well it was obvious.

Right afterward time passed and she began wearing all black never showing her stomach and still looking pregnant.
These images below were taken in Late March-April, if she was really only as long as she claims she would not be showing this much (Some of these are in coats, but coats don’t form around something)
and this was the event that happened right before her announcement

If she was truly how far along she said she was she would have been about 8 weeks (She claimed in June she just turned 4 way.

Here are some more shots from the event the other night, as you can see she is quite large.

I’m guessing we’ll see baby lima-jaric arrive late October.

Sanja on

I did a bit of calculating and their statements (this and pervious posts here) make no sense.

They got married on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and Adriana says (here: that they found out she was pregnant after the honeymoon (this would be mid-March I guess), BUT now she says she’s 17 weeks which would mean that she CONCEIVED in mid-March (and give or take a few weeks would only find out in mid/late April).

Maybe I’m missing something? In one statement she says that she found out she was pregnant in March and in another she says she conceived in March!? I mean even if she conceived right after they got married in mid-February she’d be at least 21-22 weeks along.

Marsha on

If the current trends apply, it could be more than one baby! Or, she could be having one huge baby. With every other part of her body being quite small/skinny, it would make sense that she would have a bigger than average belly at 17 weeks of pregnancy. When I was pregnant, no one could tell until about 5 months when practically overnight, I looked like I ate a basketball! Every woman’s body is different. If you lined up 100 women who are 17 weeks pregnant, I doubt every single one of them would have the same size tummy even if they were similar height and body frames. And if she ends up having a ten pound baby, this big tummy makes sense.

Savanna on

Also in Jan. when she was in Turkey, when she went to that club she didn’t want people smoking around her. She used to be a smoker herself. I also remember that she was supposed to do that show in Turkey a little earlier than she did, but she canceled for reasons unknown. I vaguely remember that.

Savanna on

I don’t even think they had a honeymoon? A proper one at least. She had been working right after the wedding and all of March. In a recent interview earlier this month with a magazine in Brazil, she said that was her honeymoon. Being in Brazil at that time with Marko. She was there for about 2-3 weeks.

Savanna on

Here’s the video from Turkey. So you don’t have to watch through all of it just go to 3:15-4:10. You can clearly see how upset she gets after the lady blows her spot. “When you have the baby, you will be the most beautiful mommy.” and “You are beautiful like an angel because you are a mommy.” You don’t just say thank you to someone who just told you that you look pregnant when you’re not:

Also, you cannot tell me these two girls are due the same week:

Savanna on

These pictures are all from Feb. 11th:

MsGucci on

And, the Serbian Press (which has never been wrong, about any news surrounding her pregnancy) just revealed she’s just starting her 6th month….

Savanna on

I knew it! Hopefully she’ll clear it up with People/CBB now.

Anon on

Savanna you wouldn’t happen to have a photo of Adrianas mom do you? I’ve always been curious about what she looks like.

Savanna on

Anon –

Jane on

She’s given mixed answers. But now that we’ve pretty much figured it out (all it takes is simple math and a very obvious pregnant belly) do you think she’ll make some kind of statement? Or do you think they’ll wait for the baby to come “premature?”

Savanna on

Jane – I hope she does makes some kind of statement. Honestly, it’s really for her own good. I don’t know if she’s the kind of person who would do that though. With the whole virgin until marriage thing, she said it and then she was asked again a couple of months later and she was like ‘I never said that I was or that I wasn’t’, but it’s not like here she can say ‘I never said that I was only 17 weeks or that I wasn’t’ because she did in fact say that she was only 17 weeks. I would like to see how this plays out.

Anon on

Thanks! I was asking because in interviews she says she’s black(Caribbean) Swiss and Indian. I thought the black and Indian part came from her mom but it may come from her dad. I actually met her in person once about 3 years ago and she was pretty dark and much more ‘ethnic’ looking in person and not that thin either. Her mom is pretty too.

Anon on

So are you guys saying that she’s saying the baby is due later to cover up the fact that she was telling a fib when she claimed to be a virgin?? I mean didn’t that interview come out in 06? That whole shotgun wedding thing kinda makes sense..I was curious as to why they got married in Wyoming of all places. I mean I don’t know them but it just seemed odd to me.

Savanna on

Anon – No, her dad is the Swiss part. He’s light and has her eyes. Her mother is the Indian/Afro Brazilian (Black) part. As for everything else — Basically, the truth is in these comments and today which is like the biggest news/media outlet in Serbia spoke to Marko who said Adriana is 6 months. He also said that they no longer wish to have the two huge weddings in Brazil and Serbia anymore and they are also still sticking to their story that they don’t know the sex of the baby, but that’s a lie. I guess we can’t get the truth out of them all at once. Baby steps. Literally.

Mia on

I don’t know why there is some huge investigation about her conception due date/wedding/sex fiasco, its her life and she can do whatever she feels comfortable with. Maybe she is due in December, but like really early Dec, like Dec. 2nd, so if she did conceive in really early March, or right after the wedding, she would be like 5 or 5 1/2 months ago. Every woman is different, maybe she just popped really early and is really full vs. some women who don’t pop until literally like a month before. As long as the baby is happy and healthy. She was going to get married to him anyway, it really isn’t a big deal if they waited a month or so before to have sex..and they don’t have to clear anything up, its private, just let it be.

Mia on

Also-Kendra (now Baskett, since her and Hank are married!) is due in very late December, around Christmas, so that is almost 1 month difference and can be a huge reason why Adriana looks fuller along than Kendra. Late November/early Dec. VS. Late Dec/early January.

(First babies are almost never on time, and usually at least a week or 2 weeks over due)

Savanna on

Mia – Exactly, she was going to get married to him anyway. I could care less if she had sex before she got married. It’s the fact that she’s trying to lie about the fact that she waited until marriage because she didn’t. She’s 6 months. I know she has some fans who are going to be really disappointed in her and there are people who will probably be really hard on her because of it which is why I say she should clear it up now.

Savanna on

Also, she’s not claiming to be due at the beginning of December. She said she was 17 weeks and Kendra said the same day, I believe, that she was 4 months and a week which equals 17 weeks, so Adriana is trying to claim she’s due the same week as Kendra. I find that hard to believe.

Terrance on

wow, she looks beautiful.

phebe on

ok Savanna whats your deal?
I do believe she waited til they got married to get peragent becasue those phots of her are no prove at all. it’s august 5th now so she’s going on 6 months. also that girl in the sliver dress looked more perganet then adriana (which she wasn’t) and plus marko and her were engaged since mid 2008.and yes they are still going to have a wedding cemeony in late dec. I believe. and another thing adriana has wide hips women with wide tend to have bigger bellies. and first time pergancies are mostly always have larger bellies. look at jessica alba, christina aguilera, kendra I mean she was barely four months hers was huge!

Betty on

She looks great, so radiant.

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