Vanessa Trump and Her Brunet Babies

07/13/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash News Online

So cute! Vanessa Haydon Trump poses for a quick photo with kids Kai Madison, 2, and Donald ‘Donnie’ John III, 4 ½ months, while out and about in the Big Apple last week. Even Kai’s doll got in the shot!

Dad is Donald Trump Jr., Vanessa’s husband of three years.

Attached to the Maclaren Twin Techno 2009 is a Baby Einstein Caterpillar Ring Rattle ($6). Vanessa wears Donnie in a Baby Bjorn Synergy Carrier in White ($133). Donnie wears Trumpette’s 1/2 Dozen Stripes Socks ($24.50 for six pairs).

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Cheryl on

Donald III and Kai are the cutest chidren I’ve ever seen.And Kai looks just like her Daddy🙂 Hope to see them more often now!

adc76 on

keeping the trump combover in the family i see…haha! Beautiful kids though!

mommaruthsays on

omg!!!! that baby boy has a comb-over just like his grand-father🙂 that is too freaking adorable!!!!!!!!!

N on

Love the mini comb over! so cute!

Larissa on

Adorable Kids!

But 4months and sitting in a stroller like that? Plus a Baby Bjorn? Not the best thing at all.

Forever Moore on

Lil’ baby Donald comb over – amazing how genetics play out😀

Meghan on

Seriously Larissa? She is their mother. She can sit him in that stroller all she wants.
Some of those strollers you have the option to lay them back or sit them up. I know mine did.

Why are people always judging?

Beautiful kids.

Liliana on

Both children are adorable!

Larissa, you can clearly see that Donnie’s seat is reclined back. As far as the Baby Bjorn is concerned, the minimum weight to use one is, from what I remember, eight pounds. My youngest was in one by a few weeks of age so there’s no problem at four months.

Alex on

I’ve never used the carrier myself, can I ask someone who knows, what is all the dislike about? I’ve read it a few times on here and I’ve been wondering?

Larissa on

@Meghan and Liliana:

Babies should lie in a regular stroller bassinet and not some stroller like that! The reason is that you might recline it back but still you don`t have a straight flat bottom. There is always a bend where the baby lies in. Additionally those strollers don`t have any suspension.

And talking about the Baby Bjorn the weight is not a problem but the carrier itself!

Rebecca on

I love that her hair is all disheveled, makes her seem more approachable!

skunknuggets on

What a cute picture. It’s great that she looks so “normal”.

Cathryn on

I have a Baby Bjorn and my ten month old daughter has been in it since she was a couple of months old. She LOVES it and her Dad loves being able to pack her around in it. I’ve never had any issues with this carrier.

Terri on

LOL…it looks like the Trump signature comb-over. That, or a toupe!

Liliana on

One of my friends, who welcomed twins three months ago, has the same model Maclaren as Vanessa. It accommodates infants from birth and has a five position recline so the child/children can grow with the stroller.

As for the Bjorn, I will agree that if I ever have another child, I will definitely be trying the Ergo carrier.

Crystal on

Is is me or does Vanessa look completely different? I mean I know she just had a baby but I didn’t even recognize her. Maybe it’s just baby weight but I thought she was like their nanny or something because she looks so different. Weird!

MZ on

Alex, some people don’t like the Bjorn b/c in it 1) the baby faces outwards and 2) I’ve heard complaints that it’s awkward for the babies hips. I didn’t have any issue with it except that I didn’t find it as comfortable on my back as the Ergo carrier. If you’re looking for a carrier, I really recommend the Ergo. The Ergo also has a higher weight limit than the Bjorn, so it lasts longer.

sara on

That little girl is just gorgeous.

I wonder if there will be baby #2 for Donald and Melania.

ShiraB on

As soon as i saw this photo i had to go directly to the comments to see how long it would take for the “combover” to be mentioned…not long at all!!!

Kai is beautiful and donnie is a little cutie!!! cute family1

JMO on

Donald Trump Sr. is more like a comb over and out! I have no clue what that man does to that mop! And someone should tell them that poor baby needs a new hairstyle it’s not cute😉

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Awww they are both so darn cute!! I can’t help but giggle thinking of Grandpa Donald when looking at baby Donnie’s hair.🙂

Anna on

Beautiful children!

The Writer on

My son is in his Baby Bjorn all the time, and he’s six weeks old. The minimum weight is 8 lbs, and since he was born at a little more than that, it hasn’t been an issue. There are a set of extra “hooks” in the leg area for babies under 11 lbs.

Adorable kids, and I agree with the poster who said Vanessa looks approachable here.

CelebBabyLover on

MZ- Actually, you can have the baby facing either outwards or inwards. When Angelina, Brad, and their brood were seen at Narita airport, for example, both Knox and Viv were facing inwards, towards their parents, in their Bjorns.🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and look at this photo…Even Donnie is facing inwards, not outwards.🙂

Katie on

I love that she looks like a real mom.

Lorus on

The problem with bjorn type carriers is that it’s bad for baby’s hips. There is too much weight being placed in the crotch area. Safer carriers are ones where baby’s knees are at hip level or slightly higher. That way baby is “sitting” on it’s bum versus hanging. Slings are great as is the Ergo and Mei Tai (babyhawk).

The comb-over is too funny!

Camilla on

Oh geez, Larissa. I had one of those strollers where you just put the carseat on top and my babies were NEVER flat on their back. Picky, picky, picky!

Sheila on

I love how Donnie is 4.5 months old and already has the Donald comb over!! So cute on a baby–not so cute on a 60 something year old man! LOL

Larissa on


What a great comment.
I don`t wanna judge anyone, I only want to make clear that a carrier like the BB and putting your babies in a regular stroller doesn`t do anything for your babies`health.

It is a common fact that the BB is bad for the developement of a baby`s hips and spine. Especially when the baby faces outwards.

Pushing your baby around in a car seat all the time instead of buying a good carriage. No words for that.

Sarah M. on

So we really need the stroller debate again? We had it the last time a picture was of this family was put up. Donnie seat is reclined back farther than Kai’s. How would you define a ‘regular’ stroller? Seeing as there are how many different kinds of them? And each have some different aspects to them compared to other strollers. (I worked in retail for 8 years, and I couldn’t even begin to count the different kinds!) Also, how many double strollers have a ‘regular’ seat for an infant on one side and a ‘regular’ seat for a toddler on the other? Would you prefer her to use a ‘regular’ one for Donnie and make 2 year old Kai walk around NYC. (Or try to subdue a squirmy 2 year old while trying to push a stroller for a while.) Or have her push 2 ‘regular’ single strollers through the city. If she had done any of these things, she would have gotten flak, too! It seems to me like she really can’t win no matter what she does.

They seem quite down-to-earth. Cute kids!

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- I agree! And as for the carseat issue, well alot of people use carseat-stroller combos so that they don’t have to wake their baby up by taking him/her out of the carseat.

Anyway, I have a hard time believing the Bjorns, strollers that don’t let the baby lie flat, and being in a carseat for an extended period of time are really that harmful to babies? Why do I have a hard time believing that? Well, because tons of babies use Bjorns, strollers that don’t let them lie flat, and are in carseats for extended periods of time….yet hardly any of them end up with hip or back problems as older kids.

I mean, name ONE celebrity toddler/older child who used a Bjorn, stroller that didn’t let them lie flat, or was in a carseat for extended periods of time (or a combination of the above!) that now has hip or back problems. The only one I can think of that’s ever had any sort of back or hip trouble is Zahara Jolie-Pitt, whom Angie carried in a Bjorn quite a bit as a baby. She had bowed legs as a young toddler, but that was more than likely due to the fact that she had rickets as a baby (due to being malnourished for the first six or so months of her life) rather than being carried in a Bjorn as a baby.

If Bjorns and the likely really WERE as dangerous as people claim, we’d be seeing a lot more kids (both celeb and non celeb) with hip and/or back problems.

Camilla on

I’ve got a question for you Larissa… If what you say is true, what about the fact that babies have to be laying at a certain angle at all times while in their car seat in the car? It just kind of reminds me of when this lady I know was critical of the fact that I’d held my babies on my hips, saying the same sort of thing with the hip development.

Larissa on

ok, for me the perfect stroller for a baby/toddler combination would be the Urban Jungle oder Mountain Terrain Stroller.
Those a great especially since you can have a stroller seat and a flat bassinet attached to it.

Like I said before I don`t think mums drive around with their babies longer than half an hour per drive.
That`s not a problem. But going for a stroll can take much longer and the baby is in a car seat all the time then.

I just don`t think that too many parents know about the BabyBjorn/Stroller thing. I don`t think they use the BB on purpose. They just don`t know that it may(!) cause health problems.
So, by telling you all this I just hope that more and more people know thoses facts and start using other products like an Ergo.

CelebBabyLover on

Larissa- What about two-plus-hours drives to grandma and grandpa’s or other relatives? Are they harming their baby’s spine then?

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