Nicole Richie: Belly Up!

07/13/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Cleyton Vitalino/Splash News Online

Lookin’ fabulous in a black bikini, head scarf and oversize shades, an expectant Nicole Richie — who’s due with her second child in late summer — enjoys the sun, surf and boyfriend Joel Madden‘s company while visiting the beach together in Malibu, Calif., on Sunday.

Big sister-to-be Harlow Winter Kate is 18 months old.

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alice jane on

She looks awesome. I remember there were photos of her in a bikini when she was far along in her pregnancy with Harlow; she looked amazing then and she still does now! I can’t wait to hear what they have.

Jessica on

I know everyone’s going to go on about how beautiful her belly is, but I’m so jealous of her legs! She looks incredible.

Allie-Rose on

Nicole looks great! I have the feeling she’ll deliver her baby sooner than expected

Brooklyn on

She looks great! Can’t wait till they have their little one!

Lis on

I may be alone in this, but I am just not a fan of pregnant women in bikinis…I mean there are some adoreable, classy pregnancy suits that flatter a pregnant belly so much!

Nonetheless, she looks happy, and I can’t wait for the upcoming delivery!

melissa on

funny jessica i was thinking the same thing about her legs..certainly does not have the pregnant legs..she looks great and she looks happy..what more could you ask for!!

Courtney on

she looks absolutely stunning in that black bikini and her and joel look so ecstatic that the pregnancy has gone without a hitch she still seems to be carrying so high that it’s more than likely another little doll of a girl can’t wait to see if I’m correct but it doesn’t matter either way as long as the baby and nicole are both healthy and there aren’t any complications

Jessicad on

She looks awesome! I think pregnant women in bikinis are beautiful. I had nothing else I could really do to relax when I was pregnant so I swam all the time, I remember digging a hole in the sand for my belly so I could lay on my stomach:) Can’t wait to see what they have!

momof3 on

She looks AWESOME! She’s a poster child for being pregnant in your twenties…so much kinder on your body!

leslie on

OMG she looks soooooooo CUTE!!!

CTBmom on

Nicole looks beautiful…she is totally rockin that bikini! I say that if a pregnant woman wants to wear a bikini, she should go for it.

danica on

ok, is it me or does it look like her belly has/is fallen. As in the bun is almost done.
I think its going to be a mama boy come early.
She looks so beautiful pregnant!!!1 i love it!

J on

Woah are we sure there is only one in there? She is supposed to be around 7.5 months and she didn’t look that big even full term with Harlow. Here is another pic:

Has there been any twin rumors with her?

JustMe on

She’s got one big belly!

And I think she looks great in her bikini.

Having vacationed in Brazil a dozen times or so, pregnant women there not only use bikinis, but go topless- big belly and all. Not advocating it & I personally wouldn’t do it, but having seen it so many times it got to where it didn’t even faze me.
It’s all a matter of where you live and your cultural background.

Anon on

If I had her confidence and her body I’d do it! Go girl!!!

Lisa on

Ah i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, I LOVE THIS COUPLE. The two of them together are adorable. Both speak of how crazy they are about Harlow, but it’s nice to see them having fun as a couple as well. Her belly looks great, and i do not think it is twins, thinking it’s a boy, but Nicole and Joel never said they were due at the end of August. Unlike most pregnancies Joel shocked people and said she was expecting… she didnt look it when he announced it. Having said that her first child she announced at 4 months and if Joel announced it at 4 Months she would be due at the end of July.

Shirelle on

Nicole looks great. I hope she has a girl but i think she is going to have a boy!

Anon on


You aren’t alone. I think its so unattractive, ugh. I know we live in the age of “love your bump” but its just…not cute. If Jennifer Hudson went out in a bikini their would be an uproar. Everyone talks about St. Angelina, but its seems like Nicole Richie can’t do wrong in some peoples eyes. To each her own.

Doreen on

Va va va voooom!! Sexy Mama!!🙂 She looks GREAT! I too noticed her legs! She looks sooo nice!! Look at THAT belly!!🙂 I absolutely can’t wait till her next baby is born!!

Brandi on

I think she looks gorgeous because she’s nice and fit and all belly. She can rock it, so why shouldn’t she wear it? I’m someone who definitely thinks there’s a line when it comes to who should wear bikinis, but she looks great! I also agree that she will be delivering sooner rather than later.

L on

Gorrrrgeous :-]

skunknuggets on

You go Nicole! If I had the body, I’d be wearing a bikini while pregnant as well.

Sandi on

She looks adorable. I love that she is wearing a bikini with a belly full of baby!

Mia on

I definitely think it’s only one baby because even when she was like 3 or 4 months along, she was pretty small, unlike Angelina Jolie who was huge at 3-4 months along with two babies.
She is probably just due very soon, probably a boy. Maybe early August?

k on

She looks fantastic. You can pretty much wear anything with a smile that big.

gaia's mommadukes on

Im not a fan of the bikini belly. Its just the entire point of a person wearing a bikini is for the silhouette. When the woman is far along the silhouette is distorted and it just looks bizarre. When I was pregnant I wore bikinis(the lycra in one pieces made my belly itch lol) but went the Camila Alves root and put a tunic over it.

anon, I always got the impression that only thin women are allowed to be body-free and comfortable. I know that sounds politically incorrect but its my opinion after seeing comments on say salma hayeks pregnancy, jennifer hudsons and Carnie wilson(tho I had a few negative comments about carnie). Even tho, I don’t like the bikini thing myself, I think all pregnant women should make themselves as comfortable as possible.

french gigi on

i could give a crap less what the girl wears….she has proven to be a fabulous mother and i am excited for this expanding family!

steph on

i think shes having a boy. i cant wait to find out what it is and what they name the baby.


Hilda on

Too freakin’ cute!

Jax on

I hope I look this good when I get preggers!!

MZ on

no stretch marks! i’m jealous, lol!

also, where are you getting the 7.5 months from? i thought she was due sometime in august, which puts her a lot closer, since it’s mid-july already…

christyjolie on

They look so happy! I love Nicole and I hope they last forever.

sara on

Cute belly. I don’t think she got that big with Harlow.

Teresa on

I love Nicole, Joel, and Harlow, dont get me wrong. and i think she looks great so far along in her pregnancy. but i just think a pregnant woman should be wearing a bikini..

Carrie on

She looks fantastic!! So much better then her super skinny days. I see nothing wrong with a pregnant woman in a bikini. There’s no time in your life when you feel more like a woman. Show off those sexy legs, big boobs and wonderful bump!!!

ShoneZ on

I hardly think that Nicole considers the opinions of a small minority of people when she gets ready to go to the beach. Jennifer Hudson simply wouldn’t wear a bikini because her pre-pregnancy shape just doesn’t work with one.
It would be uber comfortable wearing a bikini to the beach whilst that heavily pregnant and the salt water would do wonders for the stretching skin.
Sounds to me like some of us are a little green and don’t know how to deal with it.

JMO on

I’m not a fan of belly’s and bikini’s but I must say she pulls it off nicely. I don’t think I could though!

Anon on

kinda unseemly.

RIP Michael on

I’ll come out and say it. Yes if J-Hud came in a binki I would more than likely have a negative comment. She does not have the figure for that. And that’s just the plan truth. Even befor she got pregnant.

BWiley on

Nicole looks wonderful!

Having lived in Brazil, I can tell you that this is a common, everyday thing there.

No one thinks anything of a baby belly as they find pregnant women beautiful, no matter the size of the woman. In fact, pretty much EVERYONE wears a bikini at the beach/pool. They don’t care if you have stretch marks or some extra weight on you. It was one thing I loved about living there..

Annie on

Nicole is with a big belly. I can’t wait for the new baby. I think it’s a boy.

K on

Nicole is the most adorable pregnant woman🙂
Quite honestly, pregnant women in bikinis look really beautiful to me. And heck…they don’t have to worry about sucking in it, so why not wear a bikini?
I’m thinking it’s a boy this time around…can’t wait to hear the name they pick.

Jane on

Pregnancy, it’s the most natural human thing…she looks great. Why is it okay for some men to walk around a beach or pool in a bathing suit with a huge unhealthy stomach looking more pregnant than a pregnant woman who actually has a beautiful excuse for a belly.

jespen on

If they had another girl, how sweet would it be to combine their names and call her NOELLE.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Nicole looks beautiful, happy, and healthy and IMO that is all that matters here. She has really proven to be an amazing and loving mother. I’m so happy for them and cannot wait to see the new little one.

Jessica on

Normally I am not a fan of pregnant women walking around in bikinis at all, but I really must say, Nicole hands down has the best looking pregnant body I think I’ve ever seen.

Jen on

SOOOOOOOO jealous of that stretch mark free tummy!!!!!!

fuzibuni on

can someone explain why they don’t like the pregnant bikini look?
i’m really curious what the answers are.

Courtney on

if you have the body ad confidence flaunt it pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a womans life I still think it’s a girl again and don’t forget there’s scar tissue built up from the C section she had with harlow and she kind of reminds me of old hollywood actresses with how she decides to display her pregnancy surprisingly though her hair hasnt gotten darker while she was pregnant like other famous blonde stars have

April on

^^ Nicole had a natural birth…..

She looks wonderful. If you got it, flaunt it and she’s definitely got it.

Nona on

Is anyone else wondering if Nicole will have her baby on Michael Jackson’s birthday (August 29th)?

If not, she could have it on MY birthday, a couple days later. 😀

Lisa on


people just need something negative to say… people dont like it because they dont like how it looks…. like they dont think its appropriate for a pregnant women to wear a bikini but the truth is millions of expectant women go to the beach everyday in a bikini. its summer its nice that she went to the beach and i dont think she expected to see the paparazzi but they were there and nicole and joel smiled. some people think it looks trashy, i just think it makes women more beautiful and confident in their body… its not a big deal… i like this site for the pictures and minnie driver etc have worn it too and there is nothing wrong with it

Lisa on

and the people bashing are the same people who say why is tori spelling in a bikini she is too skinny… these celebs cant win!

Nikky on

nicole didn’t have a c section with harlow.
i think people love nicole because she makes pregnancy look very easy and beautiful which is very nice to see.
With that being said, pregnancy can be really horrible for some women in terms of feeling sick and the way their body gains weight. At the end of the day, its important for each woman to live her life the best way possible.

If Jennifer Hudson felt confident and comfortable enuf to walk around in a bikini, then power to her. She should not be critizied for it, but the fact is that she will be. I mean on other sides some people are calling the pics “unnecessary” or “disgusting” i can’t even imagine what they will say about a heavier actress. its the internet age with anonymous opinions is all we have. sad…

Kristine on

I think she looks beautiful🙂

Courtney on

thanks for the correction it’s easy to assume that though considering how vain celebrity women of our generation are at least they haven’t had to go through the heartache some other celebrity couples have through the years with infertility issues/miscarriage and stillbirth so that’s a plus

ani on

lol Jane! That’s funny bur I agree!

April on

She looks gorgeous!

Ali Kate on

Nicole rocks! She’s come along way and now has a beautiful family! Can’t wait for the new arrival!

Adam on

My wife just showed me the image to see if i found it offensive or beautiful. And i have to say that the reason there are so many different views of a pregnant woman in a bikini is because there is a conflict between the female body as a sexual object and the female body as a vessel to carry/bring forth new life.
Just like breast feeding, same conflict, a highly sexual part of the body versus the source of nourishment for your child.
I think images like these should be embraced. American society is only comfortable with one view of women especially when they are half naked and that image completely sexual. Won’t it be really amazing for a woman to be viewed in different roles. I think its healthy in these highly sexualized world to see women like this in desirable and yet maternal roles.

shalay on

Courtney, I really don’t understand what you’re talking about. The fact that you use zero punctuation when writing doesn’t help either. You assumed Nicole had a C-section because most celebrities are vain? Wow, way to be judgmental.

I completely agree with Adam. Pregnant women are lovely because they are carrying life inside of them. Why should they be made to feel ashamed or “fat” and want to conceal their bellies? It’s beautiful! And Nicole is stunning. I hope I look half as good as her when I get pregnant.

Anna on

As long as you look good in a bikini you should wear one. Nicole looks good in it! I am no fan of Nicole but she looks good here. She should keep some pounds on after she delivers.

J on

Man she looks great! It must feel good to let the belly out for some sun. 😀

CelebBabyLover on

Courtney- I’m guessing you probably had Nicole confused with Christina Aguilera, who gave birth to her son Max the day after Nicole had Harlow…and, unlike Nicole, DID have a C-section.

CelebBabyLover on

shalay- I agree! Plenty of celebs have had natural births, and of those that have had C-sections, a good number of them were for medical reasons. For example, Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani had C-sections the first time around because their babies were breech, and the second time around because, in Gwen’s case, her doctor probably didn’t allow VBACs (sadly, more and more doctors don’t). In Angie’s case, she, Brad, and her doctor probably felt it was a lot safer to do a repeat C-section than try a VBAC with twins (and most doctors won’t even consider a VBAC for twins in the first place).

Tori Spelling had a C-section with Liam because she failed to progress (i.e. stoppped dialating) and Liam’s heart rate started dropping. Stella was born just a little over a year after Liam, so that’s probably why Tori had a repeat C-section with her (most doctors consider VBAC too dangerous if the babies are less than two years apart. Ideally, women are encouraged to wait at least a year after a C-section before becoming pregnant again.).

Some celebs DO have C-sections because they’re afraid of the pain (Britney was very vocal about that being the reason for her C-section with Preston) or because they don’t want their nether regions messed up. However, I think it’s wrong to assume that ALL celebs who have C-sections do it because they’re vain.

Also, we need to keep in mind that some celebs may have C-sections due to the fact that they have an STD like Herpes which would make a vaginal birth very risky (Herpes can be transmitted to a baby during birth, as can some other STDs, such as Gonorreah. Much of the time, the consequences of a baby getting an STD from it’s mother are deadly.), but, understandly, don’t want to tell that to the entire world. So they claim the C-section was due to not wanting to tear or pain or whatever.

In otherwords, we really shouldn’t judge!

Oh, and as for Nicole…She’s beautiful, and she should be proud to show that belly! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing! I mean, what’s more beautiful than bringing life into the world (well, okay, if you want to be techincal, the actual act of giving birth usually isn’t pretty, but you know what I mean!)?

Amy on

I just showed this picture to my boyfriend and he said that a pregnant belly is something to be proud of, he thinks it’s a beautiful picture, as do I.🙂

Katie on

There is NOTHING more beautiful than a pregnant woman. She looks hot.

fuzibuni on

wow adam… very insightful!
thanks so much for the thoughtful comment.
I think you are spot on.

fuzibuni on

and thanks to Lisa for her comment as well🙂
I never thought of a pregnant belly as offensive before, so it really surprised me to hear so many people express their distaste for it. Also, it’s humorous to think that wearing a one piece would hide anything… a little bit like trying to ignore an elephant in a room!

babyboopie on

Nicole is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and you can so tell she and Joel are madly in love from their twitter! Can’t wait to see their second baby, she/he will be as gorgeous as Harlow is!

michelle on

I think she looks great! And it’s not like she is wearing a skimpy bikini with her butt hanging out. She’s wearing boy shorts & a halter top. Actually, it’s really NOT a bikini…just a two piece suit.

jessica on

WOW- pregnancy is beautiful especially when it looks like that..beautiful bump – hanging quite low.. maybe an early arrival & i think they would have announced if it was twins (for whoever suggested that)

brannon on

She looks amazing!

Shannon on

She looks fantastic! I love this family. They look like such fun, caring parents to Harlow, and now this little bean. I think I’m the oly one who thinks it’s another girl! Pregnant women are gorgeous, and if it makes her feel more comfortable to wear a bikini when she’s out in this heat, the more power to her, and everyone else needs to leave her alone. Have you been pregnant in the summer? It’s terrible. I wore a bikini too, and I don’t look nearly as good as she does!

Lis on

Since some of you were wondering, I feel like I should explain my original comment, because I feel the assumptions about it are just completely off track…

Let me start by saying: I LOVE pregnancy! Trust me, I feel that pregancy is beautiful, and even as a very little girl was always drawn to pregnant women with their wonderful big tummies! I think I love pregnancy so much because I have always longed to be a mother, so pregnancy embodies my truest desires in life. I find it absolutely beautiful and cannot WAIT for my belly to grow and grow someday…

That being said, I do NOT find a pregnant woman in a bikini offensive, nor am I jealous. I simply have different taste when it comes to maternity style! It’s that simple people! There’s not a big, nasty reason I don’t like it, it’s just not my cup of tea, that’s all! To each their own, and I certainly didn’t come down on Nicole for it, I was just expressing my opinion.

Hope that helps😉

Ashleigh on

Adam I like how you put that!! I am a Maternity/Newborn Photographer. Alot of my work is bra and jeans or covering breast with hands/fabric. Alot of ppl see it as art. But I do get those mail from ppl saying Im sick for having that stuff on my site. To each their own🙂 Shes healthy and happy… that’s all that should matter!

She looks great! Hope they did maternity photos🙂

*AJ* on

I think a lot of women in here have forgotten that it takes the uterus an average of 3-7 years to shrink back to its normal size. Women who have children close together tend to pop out more after the first because their uterus has a much easier time stretching then the first pregnancy. She is probably bigger because this is her second child and her muscle’s have already been stretched once.
I think she looks wonderful and happy and it shouldn’t matter how big a person looks while they are pregnant! If Joel thinks shes hott thats all that should matter to her! =0)

Kirsty on

A boy born in late August is my guess =)

OnyxJones on

I’m glad Nicole doesn’t sit on the edge of her seat everyday to read the constant ridicule of her lifestyle. I am pleased to see a young woman/mother, who once suffered from body image issues, to fully embrace her femininity and motherhood. Nicole looks absolutely stunning. Congrats to her, Joel and little Ms. Harlow. Can’t wait to see the new addition.

“If Jennifer Hudson went out in a bikini their would be an uproar. ”

Why because she is a plus size woman?? Americans are so distorted in their views of beauty. We need to focus on inner beauty and work out way out. The average size woman in America is a 14 and up. We are not the minority as the media and Hollywood would lead you to believe. In a country where people drive thru to pick up their meals, what is to be expected? We need to focus on eating healthy and giving out child realistic body images. In other countries, full sized people are not judged or ridiculed. I love the freedom to go and be nude or wear a bikini without finger pointing and looks of disgust, which I am a size 16.

I eat healthy and I work out occasionally, I was just blessed with curves that I, and my BF:), love. I can’t wait to enjoy pregnancy and embrace the changes my body will make.

Lisa on

I was also huge and stuck out straight to the moon – just like Nicole. I gave birth to beautiful baby girl 17 years ago. My first child was a boy and I was much smaller – probably because he was my first. How you look or carry a baby has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. It has to do with how many pregnancies you have had, your body shape, and how the baby is laying in the womb. Glad to say I am 44 now and bounced back after both children. I weigh 105 and am 5’3″. Exercise and eating moderate portions of healthy foods are the key.

mmh on

I know maybe this isn’t a consideration for Nicole, but when I was pregnant it was winter and I went swimming ONCE (on our babymoon), so you better believe I didn’t spring for a preggo swim suit!! One of my pre-baby two pieces worked just fine, thank you!!!

gaia's mommadukes on

I find it odd that if a person doesn’t like a far along pregnant women in a two piece then its assumed that they find offensive and must have some deep rooted issue with the pregnant form. I simply do not like how it looks. I’ve been pregnant, carried very very small and don’t like how the exposed pregnant belly looks in a bikini. The same way I don’t like belly shirts on pregnant women look.

The same way you guys do like how short dresses look on some pregnant celebs, or you don’t like how a peace sign looks. I didn’t think it was going to be an opinion that’d I’d have to defend. Its so arbituary who cares?

Jessica on

I think she looks awesome. I’m just glad to see what appears to be a NORMAL SIZED pregnant belly on an actress (not an abnormally small one like I feel like we all see!).

Jana on

I find it interesting the many positive comments very pregnant Nicole Richie is receiving but just a few weeks ago a very pregnant Jennifer Hudson was attacked for wearing a short dress (which could have very well had a bikini underneath.) It’s a shame that our society has such a stigma. Since this is a baby website, what type of example are we setting for our children with the notion that thin bodies are beautiful and should be flaunted freely but plus-sized bodies are disgusting and should stay “covered up”????

celebsarah on

For me, the fact that Jennifer Hudson was pregnant and wearing that “dress” was not the issue. It just made the fashion faux pas even worse.

Anna on

Jana I don’t see anything wrong with dressing for your size. If you wear clothes to small, or clothes that accentuate that you are overweight (yes pregnant people can be overweight too) it might not look so nice.

Lola Marie on

Wow Adam…very very well put. I like that a man was able to so eloquently state why the pregnant body is beautiful and should not be criticized.

anon on

She’s adorable!!! Let her embrace her belly…I think she looks GREAT!!

Angie on

“people just need something negative to say” <– Oh come on, really? So just because the majority love the look, those that don't care for it "just need something negative to say"? Interesting. It's really too bad you think that way.

I love Nicole and she looks wonderful. I can't wait to see what she has!

Nanny-Emma on

She’s got the perfect belly!

Me on

she’s looking amazing, her and joel look really happy together! cant wait to see baby madden x

Cindy on

She looks amazing. I think a pregnant belly on display in a 2 piece is great. In my opinion a woman never looks better than when she is pregnant. I would have flaunted mine if my 2 would not have put me due during the middle of winter. Nicole looks great, and if we are throwing out guesses mine is also a boy!

Cindy on

also I was at Sea World last weekend with my kids at the water park and there were several women rocking their bikinis obviously in their 2nd trimester and I was a little jealous =)

cas on

she looks fabulous!!!

Anon on

I find it interesting the many positive comments very pregnant Nicole Richie is receiving but just a few weeks ago a very pregnant Jennifer Hudson was attacked for wearing a short dress (which could have very well had a bikini underneath.) It’s a shame that our society has such a stigma. Since this is a baby website, what type of example are we setting for our children with the notion that thin bodies are beautiful and should be flaunted freely but plus-sized bodies are disgusting and should stay “covered up”????

— I don’t think most of these people realize that their is a stipulation to their comments. The pregnant form is beautiful and should be shown if the mother is thin. Anyone else should be covered up. Its sad.

MiB on

Thank you for that comment Adam

Saraah on

I think she looks absolutely amazing.
I find it a little hard to see why she would get crit’ed for wearing a two piece… on the beach… on vacation you know. It’s not like it’s sunset boulevard or anything. I Loveee Nicoles style! The headscarf look is something I just long to work on me.

Cassie on

Pregnancy has done her good! A far cry from where she was two years ago- stick thin and gawky. I’m so glad she changed her life around to be a mom.

M on

nicole had a vaginal birth with harlow, not a c-section.

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