Molly Ringwald Welcomes Twins Adele and Roman

07/13/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
David Livingston/Getty

She’s pretty in pink and blue! It’s twins for 80s icon Molly Ringwald, who delivered her babies naturally on Friday, July 10th in Los Angeles. Adele Georgiana Ringwald Gianopoulous arrived first at 9:01 a.m., quickly followed by brother Roman Stylianos Ringwald Gianopoulous at 9:04 a.m.

Molly, 41, and husband Panio Gianopoulous announced the pregnancy in January, sharing that they’d be expecting boy/girl twins in early August. Adele and Roman join big sister Mathilda Ereni, 5 ½.

As for the age difference between the siblings, “I actually think it’s a good thing considering we’re having twins,” Molly notes.

“It would be so much harder with a toddler than with an almost 6-year-old,” she explains. “It’s exciting, especially since it’s a boy and girl…It’s the best of both worlds.”

Molly’s show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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Cherise on

How exciting to have one of each. The names are quite a mouthful, but very nice. I especially like the name Roman for a boy. Congrats to Molly and Panio!

N on

YAY! Secret life is quite the guilty pleasure! I love the names! Congratulations to all!

Annie on

Congrats to her. I love The Breakfast Club.

Kiki on

Congrats to Molly, Panio and Mathilda! I love the name choices for the twins and the first born! Adele, Roman and Mathilda are all classic names. Unique but not over the top! Hope one of them is a red head!

daniela on

Awww…congrats to Molly and family! I like the names, not too common but not off the wall either. I actually think the age gap is perfect, I’m sure they will still be close – my sister and I are and we are 7 yrs apart! 🙂

Patrice on

I’m so happy for Molly that she was able to go ahead and deliver the twins naturally as she had expressed really wanting to do. No reason for doctors to automatically jump on the c-section train at every turn! Hope all is well, congrats : )

Jacquie on

My kids are 6 years apart and so far they get along pretty well! Congrats to the family!

Megan on

Congrats to her and her family. Though it makes me itch for my baby to get here, two more weeks.

Sophie on

Aww congratulations to Molly, her husband and their daughter. I love her movies like the breakfast club and pretty in pink. I wish all five of them the best for the future.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Molly,Panio and Mathilda ….. I can’t wait to see her new little ones 😀

Anon on

Wow, I think it is rare these days to see multiples being born naturally. I think that is the first I have seen in recent years.

Congrats to Molly and her family. She is so beautiful and I am sure her babies are just like her.

Marissa on

So sweet~ Congratulations to this beautiful family!

Becky on

Wow! Twins, natural! How awesome for her!!! It is so rare to find twins born vaginally, let alone naturally. I know she said she wanted to do it natural and I am so happy she was able to do that! I love their names!! Congrats to the happy family!!

Brandi on

Congrats! I really like both the names. Glad she was able to have them naturally like she wanted. Between Molly and Jenna Jameson maybe celebs are starting a trend!

alice jane on

I love those names!! Roman is one of my favorite names for a boy and Adele is just so classy. Congrats to her and her family!!

eva on

Mathilda Ereni is very beautiful.I have not idea who this family is but their twins’ names are sophisticated and interesting, surealy as cute as their big sister.

Alecia on

Hooray, I’m so excited for the Ringwald-Gianopoulous family…much continued blessings.

Adele on

I am pretty sure that Adele is her mother’s name.

Grace on

Congrats to Molly and family–but especially to Molly for doing it naturally! Go Mama!

Kelly on

Congrats Molly!

Tina on

yes it is her mothers name:)

Lisa on

It’s a misconception that natural/vaginal birth is “rare” for twins. When I found out I was having twins I jumped to the conclusion that i’d have to have a Csection. My doctor assured me that wasn’t automatically the case. I was one of 4 patients at the time due with twins in that practice, 3 of us delivered vaginally and the fourth had to have an emergency CS after complications arose.

Sarah on

Congrats! I really like the name choices – classic, sophisticated and yet still unique!!

alexa kaelyn on

congratulations to Molly, Panio and Mathilda i like the name adele but not roman.

Sanja on

Yes, Adele is Molly’s mother’s name. Wonder if the other names are also honoring? Does anyone know the names of Panio’s parents?

It’s great to see a celebrity give birth to twins naturally! Everyone I know had twins vaginally, but in the US elective C-sections seem to be the norm.

Andrea_momof2 on

I think they’re both nice names. Roman isn’t necessarily a favorite of mine but I think it’s a classic name 🙂

Anon on

I’m not a fan of the name Adele. Too, I dunno…sounds like an old ladies name. I’ve known loads of Romans in my life(its popular amongst eastern europeans) but its only ever fit one kid. This little Polish boy I used to baby sit. Congrats to her and her hubby.

Crystal on

CONGRATS to Molly and Panio! I think it’s wonderful that she was able to deliver the babies naturally and I’m sure Mathlilda is THRILLED about her new brother and sister! I ♥ their names even though they are very looooong!!! Enjoy your little bundles of joy! 🙂

L on

I LOOOVE both names, GREAT choices, Congrats!!!!

names on

I love all these new baby names! Adele, Roman, Holden, I LOVE THEM ALL! Some of my very favorites!

Jaclyn on

I think its funny when people say that names sound ‘like little old ladies’ they had to be babies once to you know.

Anyways, love her and congrats on the babies

skunknuggets on

Congrats to them.

What a wonderful thing to be able to care for a new baby without having to recover from major abdominal surgery. Even better when you have to care for two newborns without surgery.

Amie on

Jaclyn Says:
July 13th, 2009 at 6:00 pm
I think its funny when people say that names sound ‘like little old ladies’ they had to be babies once to you know.

Took the words right out of my mouth. 🙂

eilish on

I really like the names.

Anon on

“I think its funny when people say that names sound ‘like little old ladies’ they had to be babies once to you know.”

Yeah I know, but I think certain names don’t really work throughout a persons entire life. For example, Molly and Annie havealways seemed to work best as a name for a little girl. It doesn’t seem to grow with the person if that makes sense. I on the other hand have a very ‘adult’ name that didn’t fit me when I was little, but one is only a child for a very short period of time.

Its a matter of opinion but names like Archibald, Florence, Estelle, Barbara, just seem old-timey to me. maybe because everyone with those names that I know is an nonagenarian or dead.

JMO on

Cute names. Adele and Matilda are very old fashioned but still cute. Roman is common these days but also nice. Glad all is well.

Anna on

What beautiful names! I LOVE Adele, it doesn’t sound old timey to me at all.

Jane on

Wow…a star has not one but two babies and can manage to give them “normal” names. Who cares if they have an older lean to them, again “normal” names.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Awww I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear about their arrival!! I love the names they’ve given the twins. Very classic sophisticated names.

Harley on

I am SO excited!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this announcement! They are wonderful names 🙂 Most Greeks give their children names after family members, the same with many different cultures. “Old” names are coming back and I don’t think Adele is too “old” for today’s world.

Either way, congratulations to the very happy couple!

youcantcallitit on

They couldn’t have chosen more lovely names for all three of their children.

I love Molly Ringwald. Hard to believe there are people who don’t know who she is now.

Ashley on

Adele…is that as in Add-Uh-Lay ?

L on

Ashley: I believe its Aa-dell….but you may be right also depending on the parents decision!!

CelebBabyLover on

I’m glad Molly was able to have the natural birth she wanted. 🙂

anna on

Congratulations to the family. What exactly is a ‘natural birth’ for you? Is it without any drugs, epidural etc etc? Just curious to find out. I had a natural birth without anything so just wondered if it’s classed the same in the States.

Maria on

I think it’s lovely that Molly and her husband chose to give their babies an American and a Greek name,my boyfriend and I did the same.All 3 of our kids (twin girls due in October) have middle names after our parents (Minas,Madeleine,Katerina) and my son has my father-in-law’s name as his first name (Lawson) ’cause he would be left out otherwise,lol.I’m Greek so it’s a tradition to name the kids after our parents,but my in-laws loved the idea too 🙂

Suzanne on

Eva: Molly was a HUGE star in the 8o’s…she was in Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and many other popular films…

Suzanne on

oops, I fogot about Breakfast Club!

christi on

Congrats to Molly & her family. I have boy/girl twins myself. I had my c-section but I feel no matter how they are delivered as long as they are healthy is all that matters. Love the names!

Terri on

My sisters are 5 years older and 5.5 years younger. I think we got along better because of the age diference.

CelebBabyLover on

anna- Yes, that is what a natural birth is classed as in the U.S. 🙂

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Like the name Roman, not sure whether I like Adele or not, reminds me of someone I went to school with, not that I didn’t like the person or anything like that, more that it reminds me of someone in say their 30’s or so, that’s all – of course we all start out as babies, but person from college was the only Adele I’d heard of that I knew, lol…Congrats to the family, and I agree about the bigger gap, big sis will be a great help with her little brother and sis!