Johnny Depp Laments Lack of Privacy for Daughter and Son

07/13/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

As fame grows anonymity often shrinks, and for Johnny Depp nowhere is that loss more apparent than when he is with his family. When asked by Digital Journal where he would go if he had the ability to go unnoticed, the 46-year-old actor’s answer is simple: Disneyland! “I’d walk through … with my kids,” he reveals. “That’s what I’d do.” Johnny adds,

“I’d go in every ride and I’d walk through Disneyland with my kids and let them experience all the those most kids do. They don’t get to with daddy. When daddy walks through Disneyland with them, things get weird.”

Johnny and longtime partner Vanessa Paradis are parents to Lily-Rose Melody, 10, and John ‘Jack’ Christopher, 7.

Source: Digital Journal

— Missy

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Amy on

When I first read this my first reaction is “awe that is kinda sad…” Then I think of all the things his children are able to do because of their fathers’ career and those things definitely outweigh others. They are lucky kids.

momto3 on

just as Tom Cruise and other famous people go, he could too. He would just have to have a security guard with him. I understand what he is saying. It is sad that he can’t be an everyday dad sometimes. But then I read the above statement and think, ‘that’s true too’. Fame has a price I guess!

CTBmom on

That is kind of sad. I mean, I love Johnny Depp, but if I saw him somewhere out with his kids…I wouldn’t approach him. I just wouldn’t. To me, that is family time and I would think it was rude to bother him. Don’t get me wrong, I might squeal “omg…it Johnny Depp!” and stare at him until he was out of sight, lol…but I swear I wouldn’t follow or approach him. Of course, if he was by himself, then all bets are off, lol.

Helena on

That’s sad. But when he’s earning millions and millions of dollars and he can send his kids to the best schools and give them a great life, it makes it hard to feel sorry for him.

Alice on

Well I’m not sorry for him but I’m a sorry for the kids. Yes he’s famous and stuff but he’s not just any celeb he’s Johnny Depp. Most celebs can go to Disneyland and not experience what he would, cause he’s Jack Sparrow you know? People would think he’s part of the animation or something. So yes I do feel sorry for Lily-Rose and Jack. Money isn’t everything it’s part of one’s childhood to experience stuff like Disneyland with Mom & Dad.

Mellissa on

I think everyone deserves privacy with their families (children especially) celebrity or not.

ma74 on

People should really not approach him when he is with his kids.It’s just not right.They should be allowed to spend time with their father without people asking for pictures, autographs etc.

Mandy on

I agree. They need to learn when the man needs some privacy and when its ok to ask for an autograph. I don’t think I could ever really talk to him anyways, I’d be so nervous. Maybe I would just say “Hey Johnny, how’s it going?” and leave it at that you know? He’s my favorite movie star so that alone would make my day. I saw him when he was in Crown Point to film Public Enemies too. That was amazing.

I feel bad for his kids. They deserve to have Daddy all to themselves especially in Disney Land. I think they would have to have more than one security guard with them, especially in a place like that.

It is true those children have advantages that a lot of others don’t, but its also not the same. I feel sad for Johnny and the kids. I saw this article and my heart went out to him. Yes, he can give his children anything their heart desires, but what if their heart desires spending that time with their father somewhere like Disney Land.

I think people just need to learn to not stalk, hunt down, and bug movie stars. Yes, they are HUGE names but deep down they are normal people who just have really cool jobs.

Christina Bledsoe on

I guess this is one of the major downfalls to the job. Poor kids.

Alex on

It doesn’t sound like he’s complaining as such, more commenting, and he’s right. If he walked through Disney, it would get weird, on the Captain Jack or Johnny Depp level. That said, I don’t really feel sorry for the children on that specifically, since their lives are so priviliged anyway and there are tonnes of children across the world who never get to go to theme parks at all. The thing I do feel sorry for them about is if they get their special time with their daddy interrupted or spoiled by stalkers or photographers. That isn’t fair. Public personality or not, Johnny does deserve family time.

I actually think he’s handled that point very well. Choosing to do what he does professionally, it’s a bit much to then complain about what comes with the fame, but Johnny hasn’t done that, he’s commented on the little difficulties of it. It’s probably a little better for him that he has a partner who is largely outside of the public eye now, I doubt there are many people worldwide who would recognise Vanessa Paradis instantly, she could walk down the street with their two kids and potentially go unnoticed.

Beautiful family.

lis on

Since when does having all the money you’d ever need free you from having troubles? I do feel sad for the children. Those are definitely amazing memories they’ll never get. No amount of money can replace that.

Anna on

It is a bit sad but on the other hand, it’s just Disneyland. There are millions of children that have never been to Disneyland and for far sadder reasons!

Harley on

Every side of fame has it’s up and downs and Johnny knows that better than most. It is sad when you can’t be the one to take your kids to Disney at the ages they truly would like to go. Yes, they have numerous advantages in the “best of” world, but most kids would rather have a day at Disney than travel to Fiji lol. While he’s not crying about it, it does speak highly of the level of normalcy he wishes he could give his kids.

I agree with most of you. Family time is precisely that, family time, and no matter where you are, you deserve to have it un-interrupted. I’d lose my freaking mind having hoardes of people surrounding me and my family when I’m just trying to get on a rollercoaster.

Tazina on

Yes it would be nice if he could go to Disneyland with his kids but the money is a pretty nice trade-off. Although it’s not with him, the kids could still go to Disneyland with another relative or a Nanny. But yes, money aside, I can see his point. It is great to take your kids there and see how excited they are.

Hea on

I would never approach him, or any other celebrity for that matter, while they are out enjoying themselves with family. I doubt I would if they were alone either for that matter. I don’t really get why people almost attack celebrities. I have, well not idols but huge favourites, but I wouldn’t scream and jump in front of Steven Tyler and ask for his autograph and almost forcefully hug him if I met him at the supermarket. I might tell him hi and thanks for making such wonderful music and wish him a nice day. But that would be all.

Jade on

I’m sure his kids enjoy the time they spend on their dad’s private island and on their yacht and mansions. They are rarely photographed.I think they’ll be fine.

Bunni on

but he’s not tom cruise, it’s disneyland and he plays jack sparrow. you how many people who go up to him and harass him because of that character.

Amie on

I’ve always been a big fan of Johnny’s and I love how down to earth he seems. I felt bad after reading this and then I remembered I saw pics of his kids with their mom at Disney last year. It’s still sad that he can’t experience it with them but at least they do get to experience these things.

Beth on

Maybe I am simple minded, but first I would not recognize anyone in a crowd at Disney unless they dressed to stand out in some way. If he wore a hat or sunglasses or even socks and sandals, I don’t think he’d be easily recognized! There are many long haired men who are with their kids at Disney. Couldn’t he work up a way to change his look to not be the extreme of anything? He certainly can do accents if he wanted to throw people off.

Debra on

Love Johnny Depp and it is also my dream to take my kid to Disneyland but just like JD I can’t but for a different reason… I”M BROKE.

gaia's mommadukes on

Boo and hoo.

Stella Bella on

That’s no fun for the kids but it seems like they handle the situation pretty well.

Amy on

Yes these are lucky children to have so much. But the little things really DO matter. His kids didn’t ask for that notoriety. He is just Daddy, and they should be allowed to simply be his children.

Save the awkward distance for the teenaged years – there will be plenty of it then!

eva on

I’m sorry but I fail to see what exactly is it that these children are misisng. A walk through a themed park? Do kids really need that? I never went to Disneyworld as a kid and my childhood was happy and complete.I don’t really plan on taking my kid to disneyworld either.Kids can survive without that and they can also make it doing things with other people who are not their parents. I’m sure there are plenty of things Lily Rose Melody and John Christopher get to do with their daddy in a private island and their European homes.Unless these children are emotionally neglected or abused in any way (which they are not,their parents really love them and it shows!)they are not going to miss or need anything as they grow.

Des on

I dont understand why regular non-celebrities cant just act normal? Why would they need to go up to him at all?

I’ve run into a few celebrites (LAX and a LOST character on Oahu) but seriously, just leave them alone. What good is a cell phone picture or even talking to/bothering them gonna do you?

I mean yeah, its exciting but you can go home and tell your friends and leave them a lone in the moment.

gargoylegurl on

With all the money he has, he could pay for a pretty incredible disguise. It’s too bad he would have to resort to doing that, but his children are old enough to understand that daddy is a very famous movie star, and it would give them the chance to experience Disneyland unnoticed.

dee on

Those children should be able to go and do normal things like spend a day with their father without being hounded by people, like other children. The fact that they have lavish material things at their disposal doesn’t negate that fact.

Minka on

This is why high profile celebrities send their kids with friends, family, or nannies to theme parks or other public places, yet they get criticized for that too. And yes, they are wealthy and can have the best schools and what not, but that doesn’t mean the children should have to pay for their parent’s fame or miss out on things simply because they have so many opportunities.

Anon on

Eva, I feel the same way. I know Depp didn’t try to get pity but I find some of these responses exceptionally funny.

‘Oh poo, the Depps can’t walk through Disneyland’. Don’t make movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Willie Wonka and Alice in Wonderland. There are plenty of actors who can moonwalk up and down the street without being bothered.Heath Ledger turned down plenty of commercial movies because he feared losing privacy for example. Its a sacrifice that he chose to make and in turn chose for his kids. I didn’t take his quotes as him complaining but I don’t see how or why celebrities should get the best of both worlds. You and I can walk around universal studios, but you and I don’t make millions of dollars a year for working maybe a third of the year(plus royalties) and our names probably won’t be remembered forever.

inadepptrance on

Mandy said: “I feel bad for his kids. They deserve to have Daddy all to themselves especially in Disney Land. I think they would have to have more than one security guard with them, especially in a place like that.

It is true those children have advantages that a lot of others don’t, but its also not the same. I feel sad for Johnny and the kids. I saw this article and my heart went out to him. Yes, he can give his children anything their heart desires, but what if their heart desires spending that time with their father somewhere like Disney Land.

I think people just need to learn to not stalk, hunt down, and bug movie stars. Yes, they are HUGE names but deep down they are normal people who just have really cool jobs.”

I whole heartedly agree with what Mandy said and.. Yes.. he makes tons of money but what makes Johnny happiest is spending time with his kiddies.
Not all celebrities have it as nuts as Johnny, and I think Johnny handles it with class and grace.On locations and at special events no one spends as much time with their fans as Johnny does. He makes sure (unless it becomes too crazy) that everyone gets at least a hello. The amount of autograph hounds that hang out at those events is infuriating, they ram pictures over people and in his face just to get a bunch of things signed to sell on ebay.. Let me know if I got this wrong… I thought when you got an autograph of a celeb..(one that you like) that it’s to commemorate the event you went to where you saw them.. Not that you paid $10 for a 8×10 that someone else got signed.. What does that mean?
Ok.. off the soap box ..plain and simple.. yes.. he deserves to take his kiddies to Disneyland if he wants to..without being mauled by crazies, paparazzi and autograph hounds. Private family time should be private time.. for everyone!

Neeli on

hottest guy around!

Mary-Helen on

That’s kind of sad. I mean, he just wants to enjoy a day with his kids without it becoming a huge hoopla. I can’t take my daughters to Disney because I can’t afford it, but it must be hard to not be able to enjoy a simple day out that millions of people can because some fans can’t keep their distance. Maybe his kids have expressed their disappointment over this and he feels badly that he can’t give them something as normal as going to an amusement park.

I mean, I know people think it’s a pity grab, but Johnny Depp is a very self-depreciating artist. When someone asked about his daughter being an actress, he mentioned her being destined for good things, not just being an actor, so he doesn’t see his career as a big deal. He doesn’t even watch his own movies. I think it’s a sweet sentiment that if he could do anything in the world, he would give his kids a normal day out.

Maaike on

A word to the few people who don’t feel sorry for the kids since they’re ‘so privileged’: It is a misconception that wealthy kids are somehow happier because their folks have more money.

I grew up poor (thinking wealthy kids had it great) and later made my living being a nanny in very wealthy families. Not Johnny Depp’s kids, but in families with similar financial status. These kids got to travel the world, family had their own yacht, had all the toys they wanted, you name it.

Let me tell you: Money, toys, traveling the world and all those other privileges do NOT make a child impervious to sadness and the longing for a little bit of normalcy. Being able to run through a flowery meadow, or walk into the playground, unconcerned, with no paparazzi flashing their cameras at you, no security guards watching your every move, and nobody worrying whether or not you’re going to get kidnapped, THAT’S a privilege.

Imagine I’d give your kids all the same privileges these wealthy kids have, but they’d never be able to run free anymore. Do you really think they’d not miss it? That they’d be happier? Constant worry, constant vigilence, be careful or you might be abducted by nasty men who want daddy’s money. Keep up appearances because the media is watching, or daddy’s business partners. (That’s not Johnny Depp’s kids, I hope, but the fate of a lot of wealthy kids out there, make no mistake.)

People who think kids should be happy with such a life because they get to travel the world when other kids don’t, really approach this from an adult’s point of view. But kids don’t look at the world in that way. Kids are not happy when they’re in an airplane and get to see China. Kids are happy when they can run across a meadow with daddy chasing them.

Please, think about this before you close your heart and say you don’t want to feel sorry for children because they’re privileged.

Hea on

There are some disgustingly jealous people in this thread…

Eva – They are missing out on a normal life with daddy. A saturday night junk food shopping spree at the local grocery store and then going to the movies, for example. Disneyland is just an example.

eva on

Hea, I’m sorry but I must say I am not jealous at all.I am honestly confused about what the big deal is.I don’t see how or why the things you mentioned are things a kid “must” have to be happy and complete.If kids have a parent who is present and caring then it doesn’t matter if they bond over junk food and movies or at the beach covered in gold and diamonds.Family time is family time and if you can’t have disneyworld or the oh so happy grocery store then you get something else so long as the parent loves the kids.I believe Johnny Depp spends time with his kids in another way. My father was a doctor,a surgeon to be more specific and there were many,many times when we couldn’t have daddy the way we wanted to have him because he had something to do (a patient to care for) and eventhough my father wasn’t on my birthdays and he did miss my high school prom I was not deprived of love or attention. Families are different,time is different but love is the same.So please,don’t leacture me on jealousy.In my opinion people just want to see loss where there is none.How about focusing on the things our children do have instead of offering them pity and teaching them to cry over the spilled milk?

gaia's mommadukes on

Jealous of what? There’s no reason to be jealous, as eva said I don’t see how its a pity that he can’t go to disneyland. The man owns an island, he can get have his private time there. Johnny Depp knows very well he is unwarranting of pity, I think some of you just get off on pitying a celebrity

Mary-Helen on

As I previously said, perhaps this is something his children have expressed unhappiness over, hence his comment. I mean, we’re all assuming this is something HE wants, but perhaps Lily-Rose and Jack have said “Daddy, why can’t we all go to Disneyland together?” or “Daddy, you should stay home so we can get on rides without all of the people acting weird” and it was a comment that affected him?

Hea on

Eva – I didn’t lecture you in jealousy. I didn’t even direct that towards you so don’t even go there.

gaia’s mommadukes – Why is he unwarranting of pity? He’s just a man. Yes, he has a private island but if he misses living a regular life with his children sometimes, who are you to tell him otherwise? Can’t he be allowed to have his own dreams and wishes?

What I mean is that when a famous and/or wealthy person expresses feelings like the ones Johnny is expressing now, the usual response seem to be pretty much boil down to the same: money. “He has money and this and that so he should shut up.” Basically.

People who are not famous take a lot of things for granted. Being able to walk down the street without the risk being recognized and almost jumped is not something this man can take for granted. I don’t think many people realize the freedom and space that they actually have when they do just that.

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- I couldn’t agree more!

MiB on

Well said Maaike.

Hea on

Maikee – Very well written! I totally agree. It’s the simple things, the bonding, the time and effort that you put in that your kids will remember. Not the toys and the fancy clothes.

eva on

“Please, think about this before you close your heart and say you don’t want to feel sorry for children because they’re privileged”.

Generally speaking I don’t “feel sorry” for people.My daughter has been through a lot in her young life,including the loss of a parent,and I don’t want anyone to “feel sorry” for her.I only feel sorry for people who are proudly ignorant and cannot enjoy life.I highly doubt these two children, privileged or not,will grow to be this type of people.We can’t give everything to our kids, some of us can’t give them a trip to Disneyland because we don’t make enough money to afford it and some other can’t because they are famous and money doesn’t buy privacy, so what? Is this somehow going to ruin their adult life? Both my kid and the Depp children cannot have all the privileges and luck in the world… and this is no reason to feel sorry for anyone.

I know for a fact there are many kids born in money and luxury who are not given love and support,who are ignored by their parents or worse,and of course this is not the way a child should be raised.Do I feel pity?no,but I wish there was something I could do to ease their burden.However,Johnny Depp and his partner seem to be good parents,making time and decisions to raise their kids safely and with love,so where’s the big loss?I’m sure they are actually happy and thriving despite their father’s fame and money.

It’s not a greek tragedy to be famous,I’m sure fame and celebrity bring specific challenges as all other professions one can think of, but it’s not the profession or the status which makes things sad or too complex to cope,but a person’s attitude.Johnny Depp appears to handle himself just fine. And do not go around assuming that people who disgree with some of you take things for granted.My daugther and I could say the same thing to many people who take other aspects of life for granted from our point of view.

Maaike on

Hi Eva — Though I stand by what I said, I see and agree with your point of view as well. I commented against the general attitude of some in this thread of ‘they have money, no need to feel for them.’ I wanted to offer a perspective from the other end. Show that it’s not about Disneyland, but about being able to run free. About a child being able to grab its bike and race out onto the street without a second thought and just go play with their friends. I doubt that Lily-Rose and Jack can do this. Certainly not everywhere they go.

I feel sorry for every child who can’t be free. Regardless whether this is because their parents are wealthy or because the environment they live in is so dangerous their parents can’t let them play outside.

But I never meant to promote pity for Depp’s kids. I totally agree with your last comment.

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