Robin Wright Penn: No Regrets About Full-time Motherhood

07/11/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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As Robin Wright Penn enjoys a resurgence in her career with the upcoming film The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, she says she harbors no regrets about stepping away from the cameras to focus on family. “I knew by making that choice to be a full-time mom and turning down commercial movies took me out of the game, I knew that,” the 43-year-old actress tells WalesOnline. “I knew that would happen and I was absolutely fine with that.”

“I did it very willingly and happily and loved it — loved raising my kids.”

Now that Dylan Frances, 18,  and Hopper Jack, turning 16 next month, are coming into their own, however, Robin says that the finish line is in sight — and she likes what she sees! “I’m like ‘Go!'” she admits. “The kids are grown — one’s off to university — so I’m a free bird.”

Dylan and Hopper are Robin’s children with husband Sean Penn.

Source: WalesOnline

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Heather on

It’s pretty rare to see an actress basically give up a promising career to raise children. I give her credit for putting her children first. It’s a difficult decision for any parent to make, whether it be to return to work or remain home.

marjieland on

Isn’t it great to see a celebrity that is NATURALLY beautiful?! She looks georgous!! No obvious plastic surgery, just… beautiful.

Emily on

Good for her!

gaia's mommadukes on

I’ve only seen her in like one movie..or two. Home at the end of world and something else…I always confuse her with daryl hannah

New Shoes on

gaia’s mommadukes, have you seen The Princess Bride? She will always be Buttercup to me.

Erica on

marjieland, ICAM. I hope Robin never messes with her face, she has always been a natural beauty.

Her son’s name is…different, but I admire her philosophy on parenting.

Emily on

Funny how Sean Penn didnt give up his career for his kids ehh!!!

kai on

I think Robin Wright Penn is one of THE most underrated actresses, she’s a million different shades of cool. Good for her for having no regrets, though. I’m sure she’s doing a great job with her kids.

meghan on

She should have won the Oscar for Forrest Gump. It was a crime that she wasn’t even nominated.

Hea on

kai – I so very much agree! I love her.

Emily – I am glad he didn’t. I love just about everything he’s done. The man is an amazing actor! And it does not mean he has not been an active parent, you know.

Besides, I think it’s a weird thing to say that she gave up her career. Their kids were born in -91 and -93 and Forrest Gump came out in -94. From that day on, she has continued to work and her resumé is quite impressive! Especially from 2000 and forward.

Linda on

Emily,Sean Penn recently said he was taking time off to be wtih his family, dropping out of two movies in the process (One was obvious hit to be, 3 Stooges). Better late than never. Good on them for walking the talk unlike so many celebrities who say they are going to take time off for their new children and never do (you all know who I mean!)

Rachelsun on

And we all know you are wrong.She has taken off the exact amount of time she claimed she would each and every time. As to what was already said, Robin may have turned stuff down but she has defintely made movies since her children were born.

someday mom on

My uncle worked with Sean on the set of Milk and when he read how Sean was taking time off to be with his family he said and I quote, “So that’s what the kids are calling rehab nowadays.” Yeah, Sean is really “walking the talk”. *rollseyes*

nonsinger3 on

Love Robin Wright-Penn and I agree she is very underrated. Always loved her and Sean together, but I’m deducting he is a handful, hard to live with yet hard to live without. However, he is one of my FAVORITE actors. I’m waiting for Robin to receive her Oscar.

Tess on

As someone who is not a parent, I find these kinds of posts irritating to read. These celebrities can afford to take as much time off as they want to, while the average person cannot. It’s not really a difficult choice for celebrities, IMO, and it’s annoying to have to read about them saying they don’t have regrets. I suspect most parents would also love to put their careers on the back burner to concentrate on raising their children, and that they wouldn’t have regrets either.

meghan on

Most celebrities can take time off to raise their children, but the majority of them choose not to, probably because of their own egos and paranoia that the world will forget about them. When a celebrity shows that their priorities are in the right place, I don’t know why that would bother you. I think it should be applauded. Robin Wright Penn shouldn’t be made to feel bad because she is in the lucky position to have options. Why can’t we support working mothers and stay at home mothers of all walks of life?

Minka on

I find it irritating that people would expect this from women but nobody would ever dare question Sean Penn or other male celebrities about how much time they actually spend with their children when they are off making movies for months at a time while their children stay home. It’s great she did it, it was her choice, but I don’t think it should be expected.

And Sean Penn is not taking time off for his kids, he’s in rehab. I wont go into any more details about that.

If Sean really cared he wouldn’t have put poor Robin and his children through so much public humiliation and distress. He publicly did some questionable things shortly after leaving Robin several times.

I have utmost respect for Robin and wish her and her children the best, she’s really a lovely person. I just can’t say the same about someone so abusive as Sean, sorry.

cécile on

I agree with those who wrote she was underrated.She’s one of my favorite actresses.Although she’s picked so small budget movies, it’s sometimes hard to see them on the big screen.(have to wait for the DVD).
And yes, she’s made movies since her kids were born, but a look at her filmography shows essentially indie low budget flicks or supporting roles in big ones.Those probably required her only a few weeks of work a year. In Tinseltown,that’s equivalent of being a full time mom.Her star was high after The princess bride and Forrest Gump.I’m sure she turned down high profile roles,which is probably not so easy when you’re immerged in the industry,with people labelling you the new it girl.That’s how I understood her interview anyway.

Hea on

Anon – Poor Robin? Come on… Give her some credit, they have chosen each other and she obviously wants to be with him and he with her. Things are not always so simple in life. Since we don’t really know anything about their life and their marriage, I don’t think it’s wise to judge Sean to be responsible for every failure.

If he’s in rehab then good for him and for his family. That’s not a walk in the park.

taegan on

I really want to see that film, her and Keanu look cute in the poster 😉

natz on

Kelly Capwell! Love her!

gaia's mommadukes on

Oh forrest gump! That’s the other one. I’m not really a fan of hers but she snagged sean penn who’s fantastic.

Tess on

Meghan –

I agree with your first sentence.

It doesn’t bother me that a celebrity shows their priorities are in place, just that we have to read about it as if they’re doing something special. I don’t see why they’re glorified for choosing kids over a career when I suspect that most people would do the same if they had the same resources.

And my comments are not directed at Robin Wright Penn in particular, just that it’s the latest of several posts about moms putting their careers on hold for their kids, which is much easier to do when you have money. I just wish those types of posts wouldn’t be posted, but it’s not my blog, and I’ll continue to skip past them in the future since I’ve said my peace on here.

Lis on

Meghan, I 100% agree with your post.

I have the upmost respect for Robin. She embodies eveything that I believe in: putting you kids before your career (and that’s for those who have the CHOICE to), and you can tell she is fighting tooth and nail to try to make her marriage work. Bravo to her.

Plus, I just love The Princess Bride 😉

gaia's mommadukes on

Most celebrities even the ones who do t.v shows work only a few months out of the year. I don’t see why there’s this mentality that if you work by choice you aren’t putting you child first. I’m at home right now because my job gives me that freedom and my child is still only 13 months. However I have every intention of going back to work by mid 2010 though financially I don’t need to. That’s where I feel fulfilled and that’s something that makes me happy. Me being complete as a person at my prime is what’s best for my daughter. Not sitting at home when I don’t really want to be there. People act as if being at home with a child is enough and that’s where “true” happiness lies but its not for everyone and I love my daughter more than anything.

lizzielui on

But Tess you don’t have to read about it. None of us HAS to read any of this, rather we choose to. Any of us can choose to pass on any article that pertains to topics like these. An in my opinion, a simple article in which someone discusses the path that he/she chose for their family is not glorifying. It’s just telling a story. I suspect from what Robyn says here, that she turned down quite a few big budget roles (versus the smaller films she has been in over the years) in order to stay at home. Or maybe there was turmoil in the home and she choice to limit her work because of that. Who knows. She chose what she thought was best for her family. Also, there are plenty of wealthy non celebs in this country with resources out the wazoo who still choose to work full time jobs. Again, everyone’s path is different.

Patrice on

Um, “off to university”? Could someone please explain to me what is up with all these American celebs trying to sound British all of a sudden? It’s like everyone is jumping on the Madonna train!

Ashlee on

TV actors work more than a “few months” out of the year. Most of them work at least 9-10 months on their television shows. And those who do films work in the summer, when their TV shows are on hiatus. Actors on soaps, work year-round….

I don’t know why people really CARE if someone who doesn’t “have to” chooses to stay home and raise their kids. That’s a personal choice. Some people prefer to work and let other people raise their kids…and some want to raise their own children.