Soleil Moon Frye: Moms Do 'The Best That We Can'

07/10/2009 at 03:30 PM ET
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In the day-to-day effort to balance work and family, Soleil Moon Frye sets her expectations high — and forgives herself when those efforts fall short.

“We just do the best that we can as moms, as business owners, and when we fall down and we fail, we say, we’ll do it better next time,” she told CBB during Weleda‘s Thursday launch of The Little Seed‘s eco-friendly Private Label children’s clothing line.

“And then we get up and we do it better next time. Then we continue going on and being strong.”

“The hardest part is just finding the balance and making sure there’s always the aspect of family and that the family is always first, and that you have that balance.”

Fortunately, it sounds as though Soleil has an excellent ally in daughter Poet Sienna Rose, turning 4 next month, who is quite smitten with baby Jagger Joseph Blue, 15 ½-months.

“She’s the best big sister in the whole entire world,” Soleil, 32, raves. “She’s amazing. They’re so good together.”

Click below to read about the inspiration behind The Little Seed, the new clothing line, and for a photo of Soleil and Jagger!

Charley Gallay/WireImage

Soleil founded the store with partner (and fellow mom!) Paige Goldberg Tolmach in 2007, after both women voiced a shared desire to create “a safe haven for our friends and family to come to” for “non-toxic options” in raising their children.

After realizing that “millions of other families” felt the same way, Soleil says the idea behind The Little Seed was born.

The store is already a success, and Soleil and Paige are setting their sights even higher with their new clothing line.

“Literally, we were constantly trying to figure out what to put on our babies,” the former Punky Brewster child star explains.

“Both our kids had allergies, and we wanted to create an eco-alternative that they could wear that would be incredible, it would be colorful.”

“We wanted to kind of spin the concept of organic upside down and really create something that was vibrant and beautiful and colorful and filled with life, and happy and cheerful.”

“From beginning to end,” she adds, “it’s been the most amazing process.”

The duo first found their fabric, then set out to cut and sew the designs themselves, being sure to only use low impact dyes. “So we can really say that we’re so proud of all the love that’s put into it,” she notes. “Our belief is it’s all about balance and that a little eco goes a long way. So you can have an eco-lifestyle and still be fun and stylish and colorful.”

Poet and Jagger are Soleil’s children with husband Jason Goldberg.

Read more about the launch at PEOPLE StyleWatch!

— Missy with reporting by Jessica Wedemeyer

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Melanie F. on

Soleil looks great and the kids are very pretty.

Brooklyn on

I can’t believe Poet is 4! I love Jagger’s little outfit in those pictures too, so bright & colourful! I used to love watching Soleil on Sabrina! =)

Brooke on

Ok, i feel bad asking this, but isn’t Jagger a boy? I thought so but in this picture, Jagger looks a little like a girl.

Elle on

Jagger is a girl. I know the whole name kind of throws you off but she is indeed a little girl. I think she looks more like Soleil in the face than Poet. Reminds of her Punky Brewster days.

Tee on

Brooke, Jagger is a little girl. She just has an unusual name!

Colleen on

There are many unusual celebrity baby names that threw me for a loop when I first heard them, but once I heard them a few times, I got over it. Jagger Joseph Blue is one that I just cannot, no matter how many times I hear it, get over. I wish they had used at least one feminine name in the mix. I don’t mind Jagger for either sex, but to accompany with Joseph and Blue just seems so masculine. What about Jagger Josephine Bleu?

Jamie on

This has been bugging me for awhile, but does anyone know if Paige (Soleil’s Little Seed partner) is related to Jason? Soleil’s husband is Jason Goldberg, so whenever I read Paige Goldberg’s name, I have to wonder.

Does anyone know for sure?

Mary on

beautiful girls! that little Poet is Soleil, Jr. Jagger is more of a mix of both parents.

Brooke on

Ok, thanks. Mainly the Joseph threw me off! Never heard that for a girl before 🙂

megan on

““We just do the best that we can as moms, as business owners, and when we fall down and we fail, we say, we’ll do it better next time,”

After reading Soleil’s “parenting should require a license” comment, I guess she only applies “it’s okay, you did the best” to herself.

MZ on

megan, i was thinking the same thing!

SouthernBelle on

Jamie, there is an independent director named Paige Goldberg and Jason Goldberg, Soleil’s husband, is a director, as well. I, too, have wondered if they are, perhaps, brother and sister or otherwise related, but have never read or heard anything that answered that question.

Soleil has two beautiful little girls and I applaud her efforts to give them the safest and most comfortable environment possible. I also applaud her efforts and confidence in doing what she feels is her very best in parenting her daughters. It does, however, bother me when celebs (or anyone else) make judgments or give advice as overnight, self-proclaimed “experts” in parenting just because they’ve become a parent. First, “parenting should require a license” and, now, the “it’s okay you did your best” approach is acceptable? I have to agree with megan and MZ that the about-face “expert” advice bothers me just a little.

Most parents do not have access to the disposable income that celebs do. And, if they did, just because they don’t make the same choices (including buying from celebrity stores) does not mean their parenting is inferior (or requires a license) or will harm their children’s health, safety and well-being. People were succesfully parenting long before celeb parents started giving advice. While I do not currently have little ones (my children are older) and have never been easily affected or persuaded by this new rash of advice from celeb “experts,” I do see younger parents being affected by it and new mothers feeling uncertain and guilty when they aren’t able to afford certain foods, clothes, accessories or other “necessities” (which, by the way, are subject to opinion,) when they have excellent parenting skills and can successfully raise a child if they could just muster the confidence to discern which advice is valid as “expert” advice and which are just popular beliefs masquerading as “expert” advice because someone in the industry proclaimed it to be.

Again, I’m just making a point that I agree with megan and MZ in their confusion about the change in “expert” advice.

Mimi on

Soleil is a typical elitist. When she talks about getting a license to have children, she just assumes she’d be fine in that scenario because she’s superior to all those lower class folks who would fail the test and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

Parenting, just like children, shouldn’t be forced to fit into a box of what is acceptable as long as no abuse is present. The problem with elitists is that they think anyone who doesn’t raise their children the way the elitist does IS abusing them. Disturbing.

Anon on

Her daughters look like Adam Sandlers eldest daughter.