Rebecca and Jerry Step Out With Their Little Ladies

07/10/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News

Twice the work, but twice the fun! Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell stepped out with their fraternal twin daughters with Dolly Rebecca Rose (l) and Charlie Tamara Tulip (r) on Wednesday in Calabasas, Calif.

The 6-month-old girls are early risers, Jerry recently told Kelly Ripa.

“I don’t wake up particularly early, my wife doesn’t wake up particularly early, but for some reason [for] our children, 5 a.m. is their time.”

Click below for a photo of Rebecca and Dolly!

Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News

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Brooke on

Oh my goodness! They are some of the most adorable twin celeb babies out there! What cuties! 🙂

Brooke on

Look how straight Dolly’s hair is and how curly Charlie’s is! They seem complete opposite already. It seems like this is one of the first times we have seen them actually out

Philippa on

They’re adorable, and I can’t believe they’re 6 months already. Time sure flies 😀

Sarah on

Oh my! I can’t even find the words to express how beautiful those baby girls are!! Absolutely adorable!!

fergette on

Oh my goodness! They’re so so cute!

Kelly on


jj on

So cute!
Sadly, my son, 3 years, still wakes up every morning at 5 am!!! I know how they feel, it’s brutal!

Bela on

I think it’s funny that Dolly named after Dolly Parton has the blonde hair, and Charlie named after Jerry’s brother has dark hair like him. Wonder if they did this on purpose. Or if the names were chosen in the order they came out.

CTBmom on

Beautiful girls!! You can tell that Jerry and Rebecca are just in love with them. 🙂

Lisa on

They are gorgeous! and fyi i just think its so funny i know twins are generally smaller but im remembering when Honor Warren was 6 months old and she was sooooo big and they are soo small and petite!! Cant wait to see more of these cuties!

mp on

The girls need hats.

cas on

beautiful twins!

ericka on

adorable girls

but he bugs me…seriously bugs. He had the paps watch his twins while he got the car set up. I guess why it bugs me is because now Paps there are a high amount of ex gang members and such that are now paps. Who knows what they could have done in the split second that he turned his back.

CelebBabyLover on

ericka- I wonder why Rebecca didn’t watch the twins?

Anna on

Oh come on! As if one bad pap would’ve done anything to those children while there were 10 other paps around (I don’t believe they are evil) and Jerry was right there.

FC on

Those babies have gotten so big, and they’re just as cute as can be. Love the round baby cheeks!

Hea on

Ericka – What are you talking about..?

Cree Oliver on

Twin girls, how much fun it will be dressing them up!

Elli on

sweet girls even sweeter with sun protection…!!!

Ellen on

Oh what little poppets. When did they get so big! It only feels like they were born yesterday.

I love the name Dolly. I love why they chose it. Beautiful family.

Ericka, to repeat someone else, what are you talking about? What is a Pap going to do in a few minutes? Do you think they are going to get away with trying anything? Where on earth did you get the notion a high number of paps are ex gang members? I have never hear or read anything to suggest this, and even if they are, they are EX gang members who obviously got out of their gang for a better life. I don’t like Paps but any footage I have ever seen of Paps interacting with celebrities they have always been very helpful and polite. I still remember the footgae I saw of the pap coming out from behind a ccar to help Angela Lansbury put her groceries into her car. When asked why he did it, he said “if someone stood by while my grandma who is also in her 80’s struggled with her grocieries, I’d be very unhappy”.

Brooklyn on

Aww. They are both gorgeous! Dolly’s blond hair is too cute!

jo on

are they idendical?

Kait on

Six months!? Time really flies… they are adorable!

ericka on

There was a video of him loading the car after a hike with the dogs and the twins in a stroller. He walked around to put the dogs in the car and load up and left the girls in their stroller.

There was a documentry on the paparazzi called “stalkeratzzi” or something to the like. The business has changed over the last few years. “The business has gone from being professional photographers to amateur kids with handicams making minimum wage. Many of the agencies today are hiring criminals, sex offenders and many ex-gangmembers.”

I wouldn’t leave my kids on a hill, inside a stroller, with men I didn’t know to watch them as I packed up. In a SPLIT second someone could have taken off with them, they could have rolled down the hill or something worse. Hell, even TMZ put “if your name is Rebecca Romijn don’t watch this video”

Since when has the paparazzi the last few years been gentleman? LOL every pap I’ve seen who wants a photo gets angry. EXAMPLE: after Rebecca and John Stamos marriage broke off the paps harrassed her. An aggressive paparazzo cornered her as she arrived for a screening of a movie. She bypassed the press line but was followed by photographers. They caught up to her in front of an elevator and one paparazzo laid into her with an expletive-laced diatribe. In addition to calling her horrible names, he was caught on tape threatening to sit outside her house and follow her wherever she went. But even that wasn’t enough for him. He also shouted, “No wonder your husband left you!”

That doesn’t sound like very pleasent people to be around. You all can think what you want, I just think his choice was a little irrisponsible. If you watched the video or read the comments from the video you will see other people agree.

Hea on

Well, they are around because people want to see these celebs. I guess it’s all our faults.

lizzielui on


How do you know Jerry didn’t know these particular set of paps and had a prior realtionship with them?

CelebBabyLover on

lizzielui- I agree! And what was Jerry supposed to do? Leave the twins unattended while he got the car ready?

TracyG on

I love seeing the babies here, but I really wish that their parents would get a clue and put hats on them! There are four or five photos just on the first two pages that show young babies with no hats on, in the bright sun!

Cute kids though!! And I agree…At least Jerry asked someone to keep an eye out and didn’t leave the girls unattended!

Toni on

It’s just amazing that people go on and on about how adorable/cute/beautiful these babies are and you can only
see the side of their faces at best. Gosh, these twins have the cutest side of a face I have ever seen!!!!! And each one has one too! How adorable. . . . .

CelebBabyLover on

Toni- Well, they’re adorable even in profile!

Tracy G- For all we know, Dolly and Charlie are the type of babies who yank their hats off every chance they get. Most babies that age are not going to keep hats on. Or perhaps Rebecca and Jerry slathered their little heads with sunscreen before they went out? Or maybe they were only out for a few minutes, so they decided not to bother with hats?

Shannon on

For everyone saying they need hats on, they are not the only way to protect a baby’s head from the sun. My 1 year old has never been one to keep a hat on, so I put sunscreen all over her, including on her head. Did you guys get up in the Romijn-OConnell house this morning and watch them get the girls ready? I don’t think so. So lay off.

The babies are so darn adorable!!!! Just enjoy the pics of a beautiful little family and stop looking for them to screw up.

Mellissa on

Such adorable little girls! I’m a little put off by the comments about paparazzi watching the girls while dad got the car ready, when is it EVER a crime to ask someone to keep an eye on your children while you are collapsing strollers and other baby paraphernalia? Also, 5 minuets in the sun without a hat is not going to turn your babies into french fries people.

Joy on

Awww! What sweet babies!! They look really healthy. I am glad they aren’t wearing shoes. I was told, a long time ago, not to put shoes on my children till they were a year old. Better for the feet!!They look like excellent parents– enjoying being parents!!

veronica on

gorgeous!!they look like rebecca:)

Carol on

What adorable, chubby little legs!!

Niya on

Ericka, can you tell me where to find this video of the paparazzo harrassing Rebecca? I want to see it, but I can’t find it and I’;ve looked everywhere.