Lansinoh Breast Pumps: Excellent Pumps For a Great Price

07/09/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

As a mother of two sons (2 ½ years old and 4 months old) who strongly believes in the benefits of nursing, it didn’t take long until I discovered the Lansinoh product line.

The Virginia-based company was founded 20 years ago by a breastfeeding mom and to this day focuses on nursing equipment.

No wonder I was excited to use a Lansinoh breast pump when I had my second baby.

With the first I had rented and borrowed Medela pumps and although they worked well, I wasn’t looking forward to pumping.

While it is incredibly useful if you need baby-free time with as little guilt and worries as possible, it’s not exactly a nice experience.

It also doesn’t help when the electric pump looks and sounds like a generator or when cleaning all the parts of the manual pump takes almost as long as it does going to the movies.

The Manual Breast Pump ($35) does have eight annoying parts that need to be cleaned but it is easy to assemble, and it has some nice features: among others it comes with extra valves (those little thingies that are essential for the suction but are easy to lose), a cleaning brush and two bottles (even though it can be used with many standard bottles) and a bottle stand that can also be used as a flange cover. But the best part is a cushion that needs to be put onto the pump’s funnel – Lansinoh trademarked it as “ComfortSeal cushion,” and I have to say they have every reason to be proud of it. It is very comfortable and creates a strong though painless seal, and the pumping went without problems.

No wonder my expectations about the Double Electric Breast Pump ($120-150) were high. And It is very small and light and can be used with either an AC adapter or (six AA) batteries. Thanks to two diaphragms that separate the bottles from the tubing and prevent the milk from backing up into the pump it is not only fairly easy to clean but also safe to share, borrow or pass it on to fellow mothers. So far, so good.

Unfortunately there’s a big “but.” It is not very comfortable. The funnels are made of a pretty hard plastic that made me very much miss the manual pump’s cushion. And the electric pump may have two buttons that let you adjust the suction on eight levels and the speed on four — but I never could get the right one. The combination of my hand and the manual pump’s handle worked much better to find my own perfect setting. The pump, I have to say, feels like Lansinoh sacrificed a decent engine to a lightweight device and a competitive price — a compromise that, in this case, doesn’t make Lansinoh my first choice.

— Iris

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El on

I love the Lansinoh Double Electirc Breast Pump. I have been using it for seven months now, and I can’t imagine that I would still be nursing without it. I work full time, and this pump makes that possible. I have had very few problems with my pump. I have found the pump to be very comfortable. I would defintely buy this pump again if I needed another one.

kayde's mommy on

I had the manual pump to use on occassion and it worked excellent, no others compare. The price is great , this would be a great buy for anyone who is nursing my daughter is 15 months and we are still going strong at nursing.

MZ on

I don’t think I could ever hand-pump. My friends who have said that their hands ended up hurting and they did not get as much milk as with the electric pump. I have a Medela and did not find it uncomfortable at all. The first few days it took getting used to, just like breast feeding does, but that pump made breast feeding SOOOO much easier for me. It helped increase supply too.

I just wish pumps were cheaper so that more women could afford to use them. I bought mine used from a close girlfriend and then new tubing, bottles, and shields, otherwise we could never have afforded it.

Amanda on

I also use the Lansinoh Double Electric pump during the workday (I work full-time). I love it. Easier parts assembly than the Medela pumps, which I used with my older son. Never had an issue with the flanges being uncomfortable. I have great output—as good or better than when I pumped for my older one—and love that the pump is easily portable in any bag. Plus, the price is great.

Is the “cushion” from the manual removable? Would it fit over the flanges for the double pump? I have the Avent Isis manual, too, and it has the silicone cushions, too. Now I want to go see if they will fit (I can’t see why they wouldn’t—I think I am using the standard flange size).

cs on

The manual pump is only for occasional use and not if you plan on using while being at work full time i could undertand how someones hand would hurt after using it all day.I have the lansinoh manual and medela manual because i was hardly going to use them and the lansinoh works much much better then the medela. Lansinoh is alot cheaper but works great. If you look up reviews at some retail stores that will tell you everything. You really get your moneys worth.

Sha on

I absolutely LOVED my Lansinoh Electric BP! I was a new mommy and had NO clue @ breastfeeding. After reading so many positive reviews, I bought this pump (off of Ebay brand new, no less!)

It has exceeded my expectations, although I didn’t really have anything to compare to! If you are looking for a good quality BP and do not want to spend $250+, don’t HESITATE to buy this pump. Worth the price, and then some!

katie on

I personally am partial to my Medela pump in style.

Danielle on

Breast pumps are actually quite inexpensive (even the more expensive ones) when you compare them to buying formula for a year – I think the estimate is about $800-1300 for a year of formula. (And whether you pump or use formula, you still need to buy bottles.)

Hillary on

i love my lansinoh double pump except its a tad loud…yes easy to clean but loud!! i also have a medelah hand manual one and use that more now

molly on

i have the hand lansinoh pump and i totally love it. i have so much milk that i use it more to just express it and releive the side im not nursing on. we have a full freezer of milk we dont know what to do with. it pumps so much and has a relaly strong suction. i am sure that if i would go to work i could still use the hand pump full time and the price is great.

Jessica on

I had this pump too- actually the Ameda, which is the same pump, and its great! Its more sanitary also if you borrow it from a friend bc its a closed system pump- the milk doesnt get into the tubes or the motor like with the medela.

cowboymama06 on

Lansinoh is the BEST breast pump I used. I rented a Medela from the hospital in the beginning because my newborn couldn’t latch on. I started to slowly dry up and got worried. During my research for a better solution to gaining more milk supply, I read about the lansinoh. I bought it and gave it a try. Loved the price, very afffordable. Also I was beginning to have trouble with the Medela back flowing my milk into the tubing, which it says it won’t do but does. The Lansinoh was a much better pump and I really loved the option of a battery back up for on the go. This Lansinoh pump was so much better I was able to double my milk supply and pumped milk for 10 months even though my baby never nursed. My son was consumming 32 ounces a day and I could keep up. My doctor was even amazed that I could pump for 10 months consistantly with the Lansinoh pump alone! Buy it!!!!

Sarah on

Molly, you could consider donating your extra frozen milk. Many areas have a “milk bank” (either at a hospital or elsewhere) that collects milk for premature & critically ill babies.

Jen on

I have the double electric breastpump and it’s lasted through 2 babies. The 1st baby I was working full time and this time I’m at home with my 4 month old and I pump when I go to school 2 days a week but I LOVE it!! And it was only $150!! Plus ordering extra pieces offline is SUPER easy!

Jeanine on

I have the manual pump and its amazing… I wouldnt recommend anything else!😀 Lansinoh is amazing!

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