Jim Carrey Set to Be a Grandfather

07/09/2009 at 05:15 PM ET
Stephen Shugerman/Getty

Actor Jim Carrey will soon be taking on a new role: that of grandfather! In a statement released today, Jim confirmed that Jane — his daughter with ex-wife Melissa — and her fiancé Alex Santana will soon be welcoming their first child.

“I am very excited,” says the proud grandpa-to-be. “Jane is going to be a great mom.”

Jane, 21, fronts The Jane Carrey Band, while Alex is a member of the rock band Blood Money. Details regarding a due date have not been released.

— Anya

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Y on

Wow, I didn’t realize his daughter was that old. Congrats to them.

Lila on

Wow, Jim Carrey seems so young to be a grandpa.😮 Congrats to him and his daughter!

Ashley on

Congratulations! Jim is going to be an amazingly funny grandpa! She’s a little young, but I am sure she will do just fine with a little help from family!

Viv on

Wow! Didn’t see that one coming…But congrats!

sara on

wow that is so weird to hear!!! “jim carrey grandfather” lol congrats to him and his family!!

Angi on


amelle on

I can’t believe Jim Carrey is 47. I always thought he was much younger.

Chloe on

Lol, that is one weird headline to see!! Congrats to Jim on impending grandad-hood and to his daughter Jane too🙂

kai on

LOL, that headline confused the hell out of me, I wondered who his new girlfriend is. he’s only 47, that’s really cool, what a grandfather to have! congrats.

Nausicaa on

So, will Jim Carrey be the funnest grandpa ever? Or will he be the funnest grandpa ever?😀 Congrats to them!

Anon on

he only seems young but im sure hes soo happy!! and imagining jenny mcCarthy as a (step) grandma..that just doesnt seem right..she could easily pass for 25! lol

congrats…wishing them a healthy and happy pregnancy!

Danielle on

his daughter looks like Jenny!

ellen on

It’s a shame she didn’t wait a few years before having children but as long as the baby is healthy and loved, who cares. Congratulations! I can’t believe Ace Venture is going to be a Grandad.

amy on

i thought jim carrey was too young to be a grandpa, until i realized my own father is a year younger with 3 grandkids! (my sister has a 6yo daughter and a 2 yo son) i myself have a 4 month old daughter… crazy how people are becoming grandparents in their 30’s and 40’s lol my stepmom is only 37

Anon on

I always thought 40s was young to have grandkids but my friends mom is 46 and has 3 grandkids. I guess when you have your own kids young it happens.

momto3 on

That baby is never going to stop laughing!

Jade on

LOL…this is the best news..EVER

The baby will have such a gorgeous thing as GRANDPA!!!!

Congrats to Jane and her family!!!

Kate on

why is it a shame she didn’t wait a few years?

MZ on

How great for them! ellen, why is it a shame? age does not necessarily make a good parent, if that’s what your implying. several of my friends started their families around 21/22 and are fabulous parents! i had my son at 23 and enjoy having the energy to play and run around with him. my mom is 48, so just a year older than jim, and she said she was too young to be a gramma, so she has my son call her “nona.” lol.

jane is very pretty! i’m sure the baby will be a cutie🙂

Jaclyn on

I am 21 with a one year old. Anyone who knocks on the young mothers is very judgmental. Get over it, it happens. I am just as capable as a mother than any other 25,30,40,50 year old mom. I would be a great mother even without a ‘little’ help from my family.

Jane is so pretty and itll be great to see her with a child.

Ellen on

MZ, no, her age being relative to what type of parent she will be is not what I was implying.

Julie on

Wow, he does seem young to be a grandparent! Jaclyn, I think what MZ was implying was that she is a little young to devote all her time to raising a little one, not that she won’t do a good job of it. I say to each their own! Some people prefer having their kids at a young age. Me- I hope to be in my 30s before I start!

Morgan on

Congrats to Jane, and to the entire family!

Umm Ellen, the fact that you say that “it’s a shame that she didn’t wait a few years before having children” was beyond judgemental. I was shocked when I read your comment and even now, I’m still in shock. MZ asked a very good question. Why exactly is it a shame?

Courtney on

congrats to the family my cousin had her daughter at about the same age but age doesn’t matter as long as the child is loved and well taken care of

Michelle on

Oh my gosh – so surprised to hear this news! I didn’t realize Jane was already in her twenties!! Congrats to her and her fiance and I think Jim is going to be the most hysterical grandfather ever. 🙂

Finais on

Ellen – I am also curious why you feel it is such a shame for her to have a child young? I notice that you are frequently making judgemental and rude comments. Do you do it intentionally to start drama?

Laura on

Congrads to Jane and Jim. I am sure Jane will be a wonderful mom and Jim will be a fun and loving grandad. I would love jim as my grandad

JKE on

Awesome news! Jane is the same age as me and Jim is the same age as my parents… and although I’m not really in that “stage” yet, I don’t think she is too young at all!
Congrats to all!

Hannah on

Congrats to them!!

I had my first child at 23. My dad was 46 and my mom was 48. I think it’s great to be young along with my children. And my parents are still young enough to keep up with them too!!

Why does everyone think the early 20s is too young to have kids??? Both of my grandmothers had babies by their 19th birthdays!!

kay on

Wow…Jim Carrey is 47? But congratulations anyway, that kid is sure going to grow up with a lot of laughter.

Mia on

Well, unless you have a lot of money and have “seen it all” by the time you are 21, 22..most people at that age spend that time on themselves to really “get out there”..travel, work experience, really figure out what you want to do. If you have a kid at that age, your whole world becomes your child, you don’t have that time and energy for “you” and dedicate to your own experiences. I’m sure having kids is great, but there is plenty of time to make your life about somebody else. I’m 21 now, and I have way too much I want to do that involves just myself, that I can’t even imagine getting married or having kids right now.

Juliet on

Congrats to Jim!

Mrs. R. on

Congrats to the whole family! That grandchild is one lucky baby! What a fun and lovely grandfather and semi-grandmother that little one will have!

Brianne on

Congratulations Jim and Jane! I’m sure Jim will be a hysterical grandpa, and the kid will be laughing nonstop! I wish them nothing but the best and a healthy, happy baby!!!😀

Stacie on

Oh goodness, congratulations to the family!! Very exciting, I have no doubt that baby is going to be so loved.🙂

I had my 1st at 20 and got married at 23 and just had my 2nd baby 1 month ago at 24. I wouldn’t have it any other way, my babies are my world! If she puts her child’s needs first, but remembers that Mom has needs too, she’ll be just fine.

I look forward to seeing pictures of that cutie-patootie!

eternalcanadian on

this is what I meant, why do people go around saying 21 is too young to have kids? The father-to-be is 37. is cole hamels too young at only 25? josh and anna duggar are younger. what about reese witherspoon who had her first kid when she was 21. and have we forgotten all the hansen brothers?

oh, oh, don’t forget the grandfather-to-be had Jane when he was only 26.

there is a reason we go through puberty. nature decides we are ready to procreate. if 21 was “too young” to be having kids then puberty wouldn’t start until after then, yeah? 😉

sara on

Just a fun comment about age to be a Parent/Grandparent. My mother became a mother at 39 while my uncle became a grandfather the same year at 42. So two people in the same family and one was almost 40 before becoming a parent and the other was a father by his 21st birthday (and his daughter was a mother by her 21st.) That also makes my Grandfather a great-grandfather by 64.

April on

eternalcanadian, which father to be is 37? Jane’s fiance is 23.

Congrats to the couple. Jane is a beauty.

fuzibuni on

mia, you said it so eloquently, without judgement.
It’s not that having children at a young age is ‘bad’… it’s just that you say goodbye to that part of your life forever. It’s a huge transition, which you can’t go back on.
As much as it can be a joyful experience, there is also a loss of individual freedom and personal choice, which some mothers are unprepared for… especially when they are young and haven’t had as much time to explore the world on their own first.

Lorus on

Not everyone needs to get “out there” before having children. Just because some people choose to live their lives a certain way doesn’t mean everyone needs to.

Congratulations to them! It seems like it was just yesterday she was like 15!

Mims on

i couldn’t have said it better myself Mia. i am the same age and while i don’t think that having kids at 30 makes you any better of a parent than being in your 20s.. i really can’t imagine fitting a baby into my life right now. there’s so many changes and so much to figure out right now and i really feel like i need to focus on starting my own life before starting a family.
that being said i also want to say that’s how i read ellens comment, i think she was just saying it’s a shame she’s not going to get that transition time to herself and not that it’s a bad thing that she’s becoming a parent so young.

Morgan on

Exactly, Lorus. Some people need more time to themselves before having children than others need. I feel that so often people forget that. Just because one person isn’t ready at 21 doesn’t mean that another can’t possibly be either. To say that Jane needs more time to focus on herself, that she should have waited, that she hasn’t had enough life experiences- it’s just not for any of us to say.

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m just getting too far into all of this. To be honest, it’s something that I think about quite often. I’ve come to the conclusion that none of us will never ever have enough life experiences, because what exactly is “enough”? No amount of time will every truly be enough, because you’ll never know everything. And for that reason, I believe that 21 is just as reasonable an age as 35. I think that we all just need to follow our own instincts and do what we feel is best for ourselves. Really, we’re all so, so different.

Liliana on

Some individuals are ready for parenthood at 20; others, not until they’re 40. Everyone’s life leads them on different paths and what’s right for some isn’t right for all.

At 24, I have two children and feel like, although things didn’t go according to planned, I’m completely content with life.

I’m sure Jane and her boyfriend will make great parents and that child’s life will be filled with laughter.

On a side note, my dad was 37 when he became a grandpa. He’s yet to go by that moniker yet lol.

cécile on

I’m a little curious and to lazy to check,but is Jane’s boyfriend related to the great Carlos Santana?

Shalay on

Well said, Morgan. I couldn’t agree more.

CrystalDex on

Oh brother, age DOES NOT make a parent. Commitment and love make a parent. I have three myself and I am 29. I had my oldest when I was 19, second when I was 20,and third when I was 24. Guess what?!?! I still have a life, I still obtained my educational goals, and my kids are well taken care of.

CrystalDex on

Congratulations to the family in the making. That child will be blessed with an amazingly halarious grandfather.

cécile on

oops and obviously too lazy to spell check, read “too lazy” of course.

fuzibuni on

and in response to eternal canadian’s theory that:
“there is a reason we go through puberty. nature decides we are ready to procreate. if 21 was “too young” to be having kids then puberty wouldn’t start until after then, yeah? ”

Girls usually start menstruating between the ages of 8 and 13. I doubt anyone here would recommend getting pregnant at that age, although sadly it happens all the time.
I’m not arguing that 21 is too young… but it’s quite a stretch to say that “nature decides when we are ready to procreate.” Instead, I think it would be ideal if women made that decision for themselves.

Angelia on

I was also wondering why Ellen feels its a shame to have a child at 21/22 years old. My first daughter was planned and I had her at 21. I loved being a mom so much I had my second daughter at 23. Some people mature faster then others and are ready to be moms at a younger age. I have a feeling Ellen might have been one of those 40 year old moms who are jealous of us young mamas.

Alana on

Congrats to young parents, grandma and granpa!
That child is going to have one funny grandpa :))))

eternalcanadian on

oops my mistake. it was another alex santana i was referring to. this alex santana is 23. also reese had her first kid at 23, not 21. anyway, 21 is most definitely not too young to have kids! good luck to jane and alex! 🙂

Hea on

That’s wonderful! Congratulations to them all!

Why is it a shame, Ellen? You’ve said what you weren’t implying. Now it’s time to say what you were.

CTBmom on

Jane really turned out to be a beauty! I love that she has her father’s smile, as I always thought that that was one of Jim’s best features. Anyway, congrats to her and fiance on becoming parents. I am sure that “Grandpa Jim” will keep the baby in fits of laughter.🙂

Carly on

Is better to wait until you’re 50 to have child b/c you’ve lived your life and are as some people say financially stable? Who knows but there are alot of arguements for both. Some people say that the younger you are the better chance you’ll have more energy to play with your kids. I’m 28 and I don’t want children, but I love kids. I have friends who are a few years older than me and had kids young.They still go out and have responsible fun. I have a friend who’s 26 and just got married and is expecting her 3rd child.

My point is people seem to only question themselves in their lives when people who don’t know them question why they have done things different from the norm in their lives.

Rebecca on

Mia, my parents were in the military, so growing up I was already “out there”. I’d been to Korea, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and most of the US by the time I left home. My husband is in the military as well, so we have been all over, we’ve been to Hawaii 4 times since having my oldest who is 4 (who I had 2 months shy of my 22nd birthday.) Adventures and “me” time doesn’t stop simply because you have children, you have different adventures (sometimes you can have the same adventures you would without kids) and “me” time is more valued and cherished because it doesn’t come around as often so you don’t take it for granted. That was so judgemental.

Shannon on

I so want to be that baby!!!!! How much fun would it be to grow up with Jim Carrey as your grandfather? I’m jealous!

Congrats to the whole family!

dawn on

wow! time flies. I didn’t know his daughter was so old already! well congrats to him on being a first time grand dad!

Alex on

Jane is so pretty, that baby is sure to be a stunner! I know Jim seems young to be a grandfather, but I have a friend who became a grandmother at 31. She had a baby at 15 and her daughter had one at 16. They are both fantastic parents and that’s all that counts. I’m sure that will be one happy baby with Jim around him or her. Congrats to the whole family.

Jacquie on

As I have said before when the subject of having babies too young came up, sometimes people have their babies young because of medical problems that only get worse with age. I had my first child at the age of 23. It wasn’t actually when I had originally thought I would have my child because I wanted to finish college first but I had/have endometriosis and the doctors told me that if I wanted children, I might want to think about having them then (after two laproscopic surgeries). Do I regret it? Heck, no! I would do it over again because 4 years later when we decided to have our second child, it took us two years to get pregnant. I would never have waiting having my children because they may not be here. And as far as seeing the world – my husband was in the military too. There are maybe things I HAVEN’T done but I don’t really feel like I have missed out on anything. And my LIFE isn’t over – the children do grow up and then you hopefully will have a full life after that. And I did go back to college and graduated when my oldest was 11 years old. So I think when to have children is a very personal choice and there are a lot of factors to consider – not just age.

MammaDucky on

How fun would it be to have Jim Carrey as a grandpa?!

Oy, the age issue. How is it any of our place to judge when others should start their families? Where one person may not be in a place to start a family young, another may be well ready! I definately wouldn’t say it’s a “shame” that she’s pregnant at 21. I was 24 when I had my first, and second😉 child although if I’d had my way I would have been younger. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything in life AT ALL. In fact, I’m happy that I will still be young when my kids are grown and out of the house. I’ll have the means to travel and experience things with a little more pizazz!

Finais on

I agree with MammaDucky. I had my daughter at 25, but actually would have loved to have her two years earlier. I was with my husband for nearly seven years before she was born, but we had only been married for just under two years. I also wish I had married two years before I did. But, we let everyone elses opinions and judgements decide these things for us. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I don’t feel like I need more “me” time as I’ve had that my whole life. Nor do I want to travel anywhere that I won’t be able to go without my daughter. I look forward to travelling with her in the future. I have so much more fun with her than I do without her. I couldn’t imagine waiting even longer to have her in my life. Everyone is different and there is no “right” time or age to have a child. When, and if, the moment is right, you will know and no one else should be allowed to tell you it’s wrong.

momto3 on

Although I could care less what age a person is when they become a mom. I think it is wrong to think that women who wait to have babies at a later age are jealous. SOME people think 21 is young, while others don’t. Personally, I’m glad I didn’t have my child at a younger age. But that is me. Everybody is different.

JMO on

Wow imagine Jim Carey as your grandpop!! so cool!

I was quite surprised but I thought Jane was like 19 or so I didn’t realize she was already 21. She’s so pretty too and has Jim’s smile.

My brother had his first kid at 21 and my mom was like 42 at the time. She felt young but was over it after my nephew was born. My brother though was one of those kids that certainly was (and still kind of isn’t) ready for the whole responsibility of fatherhood. So it all depends. Some folks are ready and some just are not. I think Jane will be fine though considering the baby won’t want for anything.

Mia on

Actually, Rebecca, what you said is exactly my point, so there was nothing judgmental about my comment at all, and there was no reason for you to take offense. You had seen the world by the time you were 21, 22, most people that age haven’t, actually-most people haven’t even left the country until that age; when they are in college or right after college. You had a lot already gotten out into the world and received a lot of worldly experience, so you were ready to start a new chapter about something more than yourself, but for most 21, 22 year olds who are on their own for the first time, or are just starting their adult lives with work, and school, and traveling, a baby doesn’t fit into that mix.

misspalin on

congratulations to them!! Jane is absolutely beautiful and this baby will definitely be born into a loving and supportive family. I look forward to seeing her growing bump!

CrystalDex on

Here is a shocking thing people…. you can still “see the world” and have a kid… in fact all three of my children have went on trips in a different country. Cor has been on 3, Cam 2 and Casey 1… They have seen France, Mexico, and Japan…. guess what they are extremely portable those little buggers!

Mia on

I never said you can’t travel with kids, my point is when you’re younger you have the freedom to focus on your own needs, when you have kids, its mostly about them, you don’t have the same freedoms when its just you vs. when you have kids. It’s a lot easier to travel by yourself, and fullfill what you want to do rather than traveling with kids, and focusing on their needs/somebody else’s needs rather than your own. It’s a lot more difficult traveling with kids + other people.
When you have kids its not about you anymore, its about them, which is the way it should be, but most people at 20, 21, 22 aren’t ready to give up such a huge part of their independence when it’s first starting, I know I definitely am not, and most people my age would agree.

Brittany on

Thats great news! Congrats to the parents to be and grandpa to be:)

On the age issue, i had my son 10 days after my 22nd birthday and my husband and i planned for him! Im very mature for my age and couldnt wait to start a family. I find it very closed minded when people judge younger parents, like others have said age doesnt make the parent. I have been judged many times for being a young mom (although i do look younger than i am) i get the dirty looks out in public, but i honestly dont care. My son has everything he could possibly need and want and im able to be home with him! We do all the same things we did before our son, but we include him:) Sorry for the rant, i just hate being looked down on for being a young mom.

Morgan on

Mia, you make very good points, however I don’t agree that “most people” feel the same way that you do. I, personally, know as many people who feel the same way that you do as I know people who do not. I feel almost as though you’re trying too hard to generalize the way that most girls your age feel. I’ll say it again: Everyone is different.

Also, as Finais pointed out, some people do, in fact prefer to travel with their children. I’m 19 and I would much rather travel with children of my own some day in the future than to travel alone right now. It’s just a personal preference. No one can tell me that one way would be easier or more enjoyable than the other.

I respect your views. I sincerely do. You do what feels right for you for the reasons that you believe to be true. We’ll all do what we feel is best for ourselves. It’s part of what makes this country so wonderful. We all have the right to choose for ourselves. No one way makes more sense than the other. It’s up to us to decide what works for each of us as individuals.

Delia on

Jane Carrey is rich, so it doesn’t matter. However, having a baby at 21 is not a good thing. Most 21 year olds are still like children. And I don’t believe the “I was mature for my age”, yeah sure! It seems like almost every young person says that, but its rarely true. At 21, you should be in college getting an education, and during your spare time socializing and enjoying your youth. I just don’t see how having a baby can fit in with that…
There is time to have children, so I don’t see why people would rush into it. Yes, you can be a good and loving parent at 21, but you will be even more prepared and have more money and life experience to do it when you are 28, for example.
I honestly don’t care what other people do with their lives, I just don’t think its the best choice somebody can make, and I don’t think its a positive thing for society when young girls are getting pregnant like its no big deal.
If my daughter came home pregnant at 21, i’d be very disappointed, and I’d suggest she have it taken care of and wait until later to become a parent.

Briana on

Wow Delia! “get it taken care of”???? You talk about abortion as if it is going and getting your eyes checked! I know many people who had babies at 21 or younger and are wonderful parents, and their kids are very happy and healthy! To think that you would suggest to your child that she have an abortion because YOU think 21 is too young is wrong on so many levels…Abortion is a very big deal in ones life and most people believe it to be very traumatic and emotionally scarring…Your comment was very ignorant and insensitive!

babyboopie on

I was 19 when I had my son and I am now 24 years old, pregnant with my second child and I am just as capable as any mother out there- I know I have done a good job with my little boy and it is unfair to say young women shouldn’t be mothers that early but it is their choice. It doesn’t matter if they decide to have a baby now or later, because they will still love that baby with all their hearts.

Sharon on

Mia, I felt the same way at your age. I’m in my thirties now and looking back at the person I was at 21 – well I realize I had a LOT to learn about life and who I was and what I wanted out of life. I do not have kids, but I know I would make a better parent now then when I was younger. My self-confidence now is leaps and bounds what it was at 21 and that I think is so important for a woman when she becomes a mother. When you become a parent it is your responsibility to teach your child about life and to instill in them self-confidence. Generally, as we age we become more responsible people, more knowledgable about the world, and more self-confident, which in turn would make someone a better parent I’d think and better able to handle the stresses of parenting. JMO

Anne on

Mia – thank you for your comment, it was very well put and not offensive to anyone, as many of these comments can be. You also will help me prove my point. Some women, many probably, are not ready/wanting to become parents at a young age. Wanting to travel, work, go to school, or just do your own thing are all appropriate things to be doing in your early twenties, and are what works for many people. However, that is not to say that it works for everyone. I’ve gotten the education I want, I’ve had my fun. There has never been a career I’ve wanted half as much as being a mother. I had our daughter three years ago at 20, and our son (who sadly passed away at 2 days old) this past March at 23. I am deliriously happy with my life, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything, and I’m offended by people who assume this is a life I irresponsibly got “stuck” with. I’ve made my choices based on what is important to me, and I wouldn’t go back on any of them. I’m a competent, caring mother, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Kresta on

I had my first child at 22 and the third and last at 28. I wanted to have my children when I was young. Now, we are 50 and our children are independent adults and we have the time and money to travel and go out when we want and we are still relatively young.

Sarah B on

With as very good looking as his daughter is, Jim should be thankful that this didnt happen earlier in her life. Ah, I’m JK. I was 20 when my son was born, married and in the military. Theres nothing wrong with an adult woman having a child before she turns 30. As long as the child is healthy, loved and taken care of there should be no concerns or judgments. Congrats to their families.

misspalin on

I really feel a lot of this talk has nothing to do with Jane, it has become more of a personal form of ranting about whether or not younger women are apt to be parents or not. Everyone has their opinion on the issue, but the truth of the matter is that noone is going to listen to anyone but themselves when it comes down to it. My cousin got pregnant 3 months after our high school graduation and now has a 2 year old son. Is her life ideal or what she had planned for herself? No. Did she see herself celebrating her 21st birthday with a 2 year old child? No. But she took on the responsibilities and is a single parent who does not love her child any less than an older woman would. She is still a full time student in a state college and has a full time job in order to provide her son with everything he needs. It is not for anyone to judge whether or not we are mature enough to have kids; once you’re a mother, for the most part- it’s all natural. Now MY rant is over.

Erin on

If she’s anything like I’ve heard, she’ll be a great mom. And while I wouldn’t personally ever want a baby at 21 or 24 (my age now), that doesn’t have anything to do with being ready. We could’ve had a baby at 20, but have other goals. I could name 30 and 40-somethings who have had children and shouldn’t have!

TV on

OMG people! Seems like a lot of you somehow forgot that decades ago it was the norm for couples to have babies right out of college. It’s not so unusual for people to have children while they are in their early 20s.

Most of my mom’s side of the family got married and started having children by the time they were 21. I have a cousin that got married a month before her 21st birthday and now two years later she is ready to have their second child by Thanksgiving. My parents got married when two months before my mom turned 22 and a year and a half later they had me. My mom’s sister was married two months after graduating from high school and had their first child exactly a year after she graduated.

For most people having children does not mean the end of their lives but the start of them. Just because you have a child does not mean you have to stop doing the same things. It just means you have to adjust your life a little bit to be able to fit in some of the things you are used to doing.

Besides, everybody is different when it comes to when they are ready to have children. Just because Jane is 21 does not necessarily mean she isn’t mature enough or ready to have a family of her own. Nobody knows her or can even tell if she’s ready so I think everybody should just keep their comments to themselves on whether or not she can handle a child.

CelebBabyLover on

Briana- I agree! Also, Delia obviously forgot about a third option, a little thing called ADOPTION! Why is that so many people seem to forget that adoption is an option? I have heard so many people saying how pregnant teens should get abortions, as if there weren’t lots of couples out there who would love to give that child a good home!

Suffice it to say (and I hope CBB will post this, as I know they’re cautious about topics like abortion), I think abortion is just plain wrong (unless continuing the pregnancy would put the mother’s life in jepordy or the baby has a birth defect or genetic condition so severe that there’s pretty much zero chance s/he would survive after birth)! The thought of killing an innocent baby makes me sick!

Nika on

Ellen, what’s really a shame is that there are still people who think and talk like you, in this situation. So sad!!

And Mia, maybe it is hard to understand for you (and many other people) but not EVERYONE needs to travel and spend all their time on themselves before they are ready to have kids.

I always knew I wanted to have kids very early. I got pregnant when I was 20, I’m now 22 and my daughter is 1 and we want a second child in a while. It is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m a stay-at-home-mom which I love. My daughter is my life, I wouldn’t want things to be any other way than they are now. And I do get some time for myself too.

Just stop being so judgemental if the situation doesn’t concern you AT ALL!!!!! If the young mothers are fine with it, and it is what they chose…. then why the **** should YOU disagree! It just makes me so mad!

ingrid on

congrats to them!

honestly I am shocked about some of the comments here! she’s 21, not 14 or 15! you talking about abortion is really, really disgusting!

Ellen on

Well didn’t this just turn into a can of worms.

I was implying it was a shame due to the fact she can’t have lived much of her own life at 21. She may have done more than some but having a child at 21 is limiting your potential greatly.

I find the majority of people who have children quite young are from poorer, uneducated, military backgrounds. I was just surprised and saddened to see this beautiful young woman tie herself down so soon.

To whoever said I was “jealous of younger mothers”, far from it. I had my first child at 22 and wish I had waited at least 2-3 more years.

Morgan on

Ellen, I am so offended by your comments. I’m offended for Jane. I’m a offended for all women. She’s limiting her potential by having a baby at 21??? Are you serious? YOU believe that YOU would be limiting YOUR potential to have a child at 21. That is fine. Your are more than free to feel that way.

Do you want to know what I feel? I believe that each stage of life introduces more life experience and brings about more growth. Motherhood is a wonderful gift. It is not, in any way, your place to judge this young woman (or any woman, for that matter) about such a personal choice. Those are my beliefs and I do not expect for everyone to agree with me about that one. It’s my belief, and I will live MY life accordingly.

Please don’t tell anyone that they are wrong for living their life the way that they do. Please be so kind as to respect other people’s views.

Ana on

When I read it first I stupidly thought it was Jim that was going to b a father!
Anyway, each one each one.


Leonie on

Unless someone is saying something and ending it with a cynical laughter I don’t think we all need to get too worked up over this. There are many benefits that a woman can achieve by having and/ or not having a child at a young age.
Most people look at the statistics in regards to this issue, situations that surround us, and the situations that affect us.
I think most people would agree that having a child does take up a lot of time and especially having more than just one. Not only do they take up a lot of time but they consume a lot of energy and money. It is the general idea that those who leave high school enter into some sort of post-secondary education to eventually get a good paying job. Mother’s who have had children find it hard to pay for this education and get help in regards to childcare etc. This is generally the reality of the situation. How many mother’s had or didn’t have help when trying to upgrade their education so that they can get a better job- for a better life.
Then there is the benefit of having children early. I’m sure anyone can elaborate.
Anyone can have his or her own opinion but it is society in general that dictates the age and how one can survive early motherhood.

Dan / Seattle on

Ellen is just trying to push everyone’s buttons. However, after reading every one of these posts, it would seem we are being a tad over sensitive. Ellen states it’s too young to have a baby at 21, and you’re all of a sudden offended and traumatized for life. Give me a break. For the record I think Ellen is Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but it’s not as if she’s endorsing Hitler or anything. Lighten up people.

Dan / Seattle on

Are you going to be ok, Morgan. Hate to see your entire weekend ruined.

Nika on

Well excuse me Ellen, but like I said in my earlier post, for some women life really begins when they have children. Not everyone needs to do all these thing you name before they get pregnant.
I love everything about being a mom, I really would hate to be a student right now, or a girl who doesn’t know what she wants or something like that. And for some, that is fine… and that’s great. To each their own. But for me, THIS is what I LOVE and always knew I wanted it this way.

So try thinking outside your box! Not everyone is alike!!!!
And that you regret having a child at 22 does not mean every young mother feels the same way!!!!

Anyway…. in all my frustration I totally forgot to congratulate the mom and dad to be!! I hope they have a healthy baby, can’t wait to hear the gender/name.

ellen on


Just because i have different beliefs than you does not mean I am trying to push anyone’s buttons. Do you really think people can ONLY think it’s a good thing to have children at the age of 21? They do not. I do not. Just because my belief is not the most popular does not mean it’s less valid than whatever you may have to say.

I do find it rather amusing that Nika is screaming at me to think outside the box when she can’t for a second bear to peep above the edges of her own box. Where did I say that everyone must agree with me and that my beliefs are the only ones? Please don’t imply through whatever means I ever said anything of the sort.

Unlike those of you who have sky-rocketted your blood pressure trying to convince me and everyone else that you are happy with your choices, I don’t for a second think there is any right or wrong. I think 21 is too young. You don’t? GREAT! If we all thought the same, had the same beliefs, living in this world would be unbearably boring.

Cat on

I have to say I agree with Ellen (and Mia). However you want to cut it, (and yes, there are exceptions), generally the majority of 21 yr olds who have children ARE from poorer communities, lack much higher education or come from a part of the country where it’s “in” to be 21 with 3 kids (like the south or midwest). Everyone has opinions, and if mine offends, well, so do some other comments, especially the screeching “how dare you, I loved having a kid at 19!” etc etc…Sorry, but NO, at 19,20,21 a person just does not have the skills to be as financially stable as say someone in her late twenties/ early thirties (there are some exceptions of course). I for one, would not want to have a child at 21, either dependent on the father for income or working a minimum wage job while either trying to finish college or not going to college at all. Maybe many of you think that’s cute, but I sure don’t. I also don’t subscribe to the “we make do with what we have” mentality. Of course you do when you already have 3 kids at ages like 22,23! I grew up in a rather affluent county (Fairfield CT) and I can count on one hand how many of my classmates (out of a graduating class of 165 people) had children by the age of 21. We grew up in an environment that stresses education first, babies later.

Tee on

I go out of my way to make sure that any comments that I post are well worded and respectful. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, Delia’s comment rocked me to my core. You would be disappointed and encourage your daughter to “get it taken care of?” All I have to say is that I’m so grateful that I’m NOT your daughter!!!

Nika on

I agree with ellen, mia, delia and cat and i can’t believe the way people are getting hysterical just because they stated their opinon’s.

While it may not be the worst thing in the world, i don’t think that it’s a good idea to encourage young girls to enter motherhood when they’re are just barely adults.

When jamie-lynn spears fell pregnant, there were some people who were praising her!
Yes accidents happen (Though i do believe that 85% of these “accidents” could be avoided…)but i don’t think that when a 16 year old GIRL falls pregnant, it should be encouraged.

I have a 3 year old daughter and were she to come home pregnant at 21 i don’t think i would be jumping for joy.
Kids are a blessing and we all want the best for them.

For the record, i had my first child at 22 and recently gave birth to my second at the age of 25.
No i do not regret having my children. But i also don’t think it could hurt to have waited a few more years.

There have been a few comments from people saying how they consider themselves mature.
Most have come from people that are still in their early twenties.

One thing i have learnt is that with each age “milestone” i.e. 18, 21, 25 i have considered myself “mature”.
But with every year that passes and all the things i learn with each one that passes, i realise how immature it was of me to think that i was “mature”.

CelebBabyLover on

Nika- I think what people were praising Jamie-Lynn for was the fact that she handled the situation in such a mature way. I also think a lot of people were praising her for continuing the pregnancy rather than getting an abortion.

I doubt anyone was actually praising her for getting pregnant at 16!

Sarah on

He’ll be one of the youngest Grandpa’s for sure! Congrats on his new role!! 🙂

Hea on

In Sweden, a lot of people wait to get an education until they are in their thirties, even. I guess that’s not common in the States? I went directly from high school to college but a lot of my class mates there were anywhere from my age and up to 47 years of age. Just because you don’t do things in a specific order, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it all…

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