Halle, Gabriel and Nahla Splash Around!

07/09/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Enjoying some fun in the sun with their beach baby, Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry take a dip with 15-month-old Nahla Ariela at South Beach in Miami, Fla. on Wednesday.

The family is currently in town on a low-key family vacation.

Kadena Pix/Bauer-Griffin

Click the extended post for four more photos!

Pichichi/Splash News Online
Pichichi/Splash News Online
Pichichi/Splash News Online
Pichichi/Splash News Online

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Vanessa on

They are such a gorgeous family! Nahla is so beautiful and Gabriel is just something else!

Erin on

Nahla looking at that bird is ADORABLE.

Christina on

What a beautiful family!!!

Ashley on

That is a very cute lil Swimsuit Nahla has on!

mad on

literally the cutest family ever

JM on

Does anyone know what brand tank Halle is wearing?

mom on

Is Halle preggo?

Forever Moore on

Is it wrong that my eyes went right past Halle and Nahla over to Gabriel? haha! Gorgeous fam

Ashley on

Other people on different websites were thinking that Halle was pregnant again, but who knows she could just not feel comfortable in a bikini on the beach with paparazzi swarming in to get a tummy pooch shot! But if they are pregnant congrats, another Nahla would be adorable!

Cheyane on

You’d have to be blind not to notice Gabriel…he is gorgeous!!! I love this family and I hope they do have at least 1 more baby. They all seem so happy and I’m happy for them since I know Halle has wanted a baby for so long.

Olexis on

Gabriel Aubry *drools*😉
Nahla is so gorgeous.

crimpe on

Yeah the women are alright, but Gabriel….DAMN!!!

daniela on

I never thought Gabriel was all that til I saw the shirtless pic…like Whoa! I totally forgot about Halle and Nahla! LOL!

Ok now that I’ve wiped the drool up, I can say that Nahla and Halle are gorgeous! They are a beautiful family and I really hope Halle will have another baby! 🙂

Juliet on

Beautiful family! I hope they have more kids.

Gingi on

My twins have the same suit! It’s a Ralph Lauren swimsuit and it came with a terry cloth hooded beach cover up. We have the green one that Nahla is wearing and another one in pink. My mom bought the set for us at TJ Maxx. . . $12.99 each!

Anon on

Nahla is a tall girl for her age but her daddy is sky-high. A really lovely looking family. I’m shocked no ones said anything about wearing a hat or sun screen for once😄

MissMissy on

Uh, uh, uh…

Yeah. Hot dad alert. Totally.🙂

Lila on

She is truly a gorgeous child, but look at her parents!

k on

Nahla is such a beautiful little girl, as are her parents. And Halle and Gabriel look so happy being with their little one!

Nona on

Nahla just gets more beautiful every day. I know that millions of ppl think Halle is gorgeous, but I think Nahla is and will be even more so than her mom! (No offense to Halle, but it can’t be TOO offensive to call her kid beautiful!)

liz on

holy smokes! DILF!

nahla is GORGEOUS! i love the curly hair. so freaking cute!

Mia on

Gabriel Aubry is go ridiculously gorgeous: gorgeous face, gorgeous smile, and amazing body. I love the way he looks at them, very loving.

Of course their daughter is adorable with 2 beautiful parents. I think Nahla is ALL Daddy, but with Halle’s coloring. I would love it if Halle Berry was pregnant again, but I think she might just have a little pouch from being pregnant with Nahla.

JMO on

Maybe it’s the sun but Nahla looks much darker then in the past. She’s too sticking cute!

Dee on

Beautiful family!

Jess on

My oh my that is one hot looking daddy. I love the picture of him holding the baby’s hand, SO cute! He looks like a giant next to her.🙂 Lovely family and Nahla gets more beautiful every time I see her.

Candy on

Wow! What a gorgeous family. Tip for Halle and Gabriel… put a hat on Nahla too. The sun here in FL is brutal on babies skin!

LL65 on

I’m not even looking at Halle and Nahla lol!

rebeccakk on

What a beautiful little girl.

gaia's mommadukes on

I noticed that nahlas complexion and hair seemed to be getting darker for a while now, that’s happening with my daughter as well who is a little darker than nahla. She seems to be only a little lighter than halle in these pics.

She’s a very pretty girl with a very interesting face, she looks a lot like halles mom in features..I don’t actually see that much of Gabriel except in height.

I feel out of it because I didn’t even notice gabriels body!

cas on

hey are a beautiful family

motherless hulagirl on

This entire family is just so beautiful. Way to go Halle. She waited for the right guy and just look at that smile on her beautiful face. Halle is one of my favorite actresses. Gabriel is so gorgeous and now they’ve shared the wealth with beautiful Nahla!

Ashley on

Haha Gaia’s mammadukes I must be out of it too because my eyes just went straight to Nahla and Halle. Guess I am still smitten with my hubby🙂

Becky on

Love this family! I love my husband dearly….but if Gabriel or Kate Beckinsale’s husband Len were in my sight, I couldn’t guarantee what would happen!😉 I just had to scroll back up and look again because I didn’t notice that Halle and Nahla were in the pictures too until I read the comments!😉

Joking….or am I?

brooke on

Nahla is adroable.

Gabriel and her are so cute together.

iluvallbabies on

I think she is pregnant. She hasnt been wearing bathing suits in the water like she normally does, instead choosing baggy dresses.

Beautiful family.

maman on

Where’s the baby’s hat?😦

Marissa on

Oh my word, they are such a beautiful family. I swear Nahla gets cuter every time we see, if thats even possible, considering just how BEAUTIFUL she already is! She is a slice of Heaven!

Sage on

First off I think Gabriel Aubry is the best looking daddy in hollywood ok I am done lol. Nahla is so beautiful, she looks so cute especially with halle’s glasses. Also I love the swimsuit she is wearing.

I don’t know if she is pregnant but it would be great.

CTBmom on

Halle is beautiful, but I think her daughter is going to be even more striking when she grows up…she’s absolutely beautiful. And don’t even get me started on Gabriel!!! As D.J on Full House use to say “Oh Mylanta!!! LOL

lulumay on

Best looking family by far. She has her daddy’s eyes – shape & color &her mommy’s skin & lips. As for telling her to put on a hat: why do people post silly comments like that here? I’m sure she had a hat on at some point just maybe not when pix were taken & even if she didn’t…geez…leave it alone & just enjoy pix.

CelebBabyLover on

To everyone saying she’s pregnant again…Look at the last picture. No bump is visable (and the cover-up isn’t THAT baggy)! I’ll probably get blasted for saying this, but I actually hope that Halle and Gabriel will adopt instead of having more bio kids. She’s 42 now (if I’m remembering correctly), plus she’s got diabetes. I’m just worried that her health would be in danger if she got pregnant again!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I don’t think Halle would cover up her bump if she were expecting. With Nahla, she shouted it from the rooftops as soon as she hit three months!🙂

Blondiebear on

I hate them. Humans should not be allowed to be that beautiful.

MiB on

CelebBabyLover, maybe she hasn’t hit three months yet?

mosneagul on


Elli on

Strange, daddy and mommy wear hats even in the water and sunglasses, but the little one…???

Kirsten on

the hat, we put one on my daughter and she pulls it off immediately. This can happen 20 times, she does not want a hat on. We put the sunscreen on her head, so maybe they did the same thing!

Georgia41 on

I really think there should be more pictures of Daddy!!! He is a beautiful man………oh yeah, the kid is cute too!!

starr on

They are definately Hollywood’s cutest family.

mel on

I dont want to speculate but why would Halle have on a dress on and go into the water…. I hope she’s pregnant….

gianna on

nahlas looks just like halle, same features, complexion and hair, but her eyes are like gabriel

mel on

if Nahla and cindy crawford´s son Presley ever met and have a baby the world may not be safe…

CelebBabyLover on

miB- True, but if she weren’t three months yet, she probably wouldn’t be showing yet. Hence their wouldn’t be a bump to see or hide, and people wouldn’t be speculating.🙂

mel- Lots of reasons, actually. I’ve known two different women who wear shirts over their swimsuits. With one, she had just recently given birth when she started wearing the shirt, and it was mostly because she was a bit self-concious of her post-baby body (the fact that her swimsuit no longer fit properly didn’t exactly help, either!). The other is simply shy about being seen in just a swimsuit, plain and simple. I’m guessing that Halle is simply a bit self-concisous about being seen in a bathing suit, especially at in a very public place like this where there are bond to be lots of paps around.

Another possibility is that it was slightly on the chilly side, and Halle is one of those people who gets cold really easily (thus she decided to put on the cover-up to keep warm).🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I almost forgot to say that the shot of Nahla playing with her mommy’s sunglasses is absolutely adorable!🙂

Ev on

Halle is having the time of her life and it shows! This is a great age, everything is fascinating and their joy at things is so huge! She’s a beautiful baby and so loved, you can see it in her parents eyes…

FC on

I think this is the first set of photos where I’ve seen her traveling on her own two feet. And I can see she’s gotten taller, too. I love how her hair is getting curlier. I especially love her trying on Mommy’s sunglasses. Just like a little child to do that…lol.

Just some cute photos all around.🙂

Mary-Helen on

Love the last pic of the bird, Nahla looks so interested in it!

It’s so cute!

Bella Mama on

the picture of Halle pointing the bird to the baby is beautiful.. and so is Gabriel.. wowowowowowo!

Jessica on

Ummm about the hat and sunscreen comments. Maybe Nahla doesn’t like hats and I don’t know if you guys have x-ray vision but how do you know she ISN”T wearing sunscreen?? I always see this “wear’s Nahla’s hat” in Halle threads but rarely in other celebs thread?? What gives?

mickey on

i love this family.love the way halle and gabriel are around with nahla.i’ve seen these pictures when i serached on google way back. so i dont think it’s possible for halle to be pregnant and if so she’ll be in her second trimester by now and would probably showing more than the pictures do..

Edwina46 on

Nahla is indeed a beautiful child…but I’m apparently missing something far as Gabriel goes, he doesn’t do it for me at all.

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