Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and Family: White Out!

07/09/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Happy Fourth! Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and her boys — husband Mike, fraternal twinsย Jax Joseph and Jaid Thomas, 20 months, as well as son Oliver, 18 — pose at P Diddy’s White Party, held Saturday in Hollywood and benefiting Malaria No More.

Nikki Nelson/WENN

See a second photo of Garcelle and Jaid below!

Kristian Dowling/Getty

Click here to see yesterday’s cutie!

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kai on

those are some cute boys, all three of them! always love those pictures where baby is randomly grabbing mom’s boobs lol

Shiva on

what gorgeous curls the boys have! and both their skin tones are so delicious!! Beautiful, striking family!

Clare on

I’m surprised I’m the first to comment but it looks to me that they’ve got the one in a million one white / blond baby and one dark skinned and dark haired. I’ve seen it before with siblings but I’m not sure I’ve seen it with twins. It’s a shame there isn’t a proper picture of Jax but they look so alike. Jaid looks just like Garcelle in the bottom picture. Beautiful.

N on

The coloring difference in those boys amazes me! They are such beautiful children!

brooke on


beautiful family.

Y on

God, those are some cute babies. The darker one really reminds me of my little boy.

cathy b on

The twins are just so adorable… I just love the blond hair he has and both of them have beautiful skin tone.
Cathy B.

Stephany on

Wow. That is one gorgeous family!

S on

Love their beautiful boys with the blond and brown curls, so adorable.

Alice on

aww thay are all too cute as a family!! The twins make me think of two identical pages of a coloring book colored with different pencils ๐Ÿ˜‰ adorable!

Anon on

“Iโ€™m surprised Iโ€™m the first to comment but it looks to me that theyโ€™ve got the one in a million one white / blond baby and one dark skinned and dark haired.”

I think thats kind of a stretch, there complexions aren’t all that different and both boys to me look clearly mixed. I kinda think Jax was just out in the sun longer because in other pics the different isn’t as much.

On another note, her son Oliver is also very handsome.

bria on

One for mommy one for daddy. Love it, they are so cute.

Karm on

The twins and their curls remind me of Justin Guarini!!

Crystal on

I ♥ this family!!! It’s funny because people on CBB were saying why doesn’t Garcelle ever show Oliver and we’ve seen him a lot more! They are such a gorgeous family. So sweet! ๐Ÿ™‚

aroundtheywaygirl on

I love this family. They are all so good-lookin’! Garcelle is my celebrity twin except I have two big boys like Oliver and 1 little guy like the twins.

Ashley on

I love this family. Beautiful! She has got some very handsome sons!!

Andrea_momof2 on

I don’t usually pay attention to skin color, but seriously I think the boy on the right looks like a completely “white” boy. It’s shocking!

Mary on

Jax has always been a little bit darker…but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that one looks white and the other black. They are adorable and Oliver isn’t bad either! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Terri on

They don’t look clearly mixed to me, but regardless they are both adorable.

Sage on

Her family is beautiful and 3 boys are beautiful. With biracial children its not as easy as taking 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 black and getting a perfect swirl, genetics are very unperdicatable sometimes.I think people are use to seeing mix children with the Halle Berry skin tone but really it depends what genes are dominat. But I may be bias cause my mother is black and my father is white.

I have blond hair,green eyes and fair skin. People see me as white and I am fine with that.But when I introduce them to my black mom they are always shocked. I have to mention yes she did give birth to me.With genetcis anything can happen its rare but it can happen.

gaia's mommadukes on

Its interesting that people think jaid looks more white, but jax actually has more narrow\european features. The eyes on Jaid are identical to Olivers and he has Garcelles nose.

skunknuggets on

That’s one good looking family!

Sarah M. on

Crystal – Oliver is 18. It’s entirely possible that he is opting not to be photographed, as opposed to Garcelle hiding him away or something. Maybe she’s just giving him the choice. He is very handsome, though!

They are a beautiful family!!

MissMissy on

This is a *ridiculously* good looking family.

The two little ones are just the cutest things, mom is gorgeous, Oliver is handsome and dad is *very* easy on the eyes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Juliet on

Jaid and Jax don’t look like twins. They’re so cute!

RIP Michael on

These two boys are my favorite celeb babies. I think they are beautiful little boys!!!!! And I bet they are so sweet and affectionate. I never get over how strong Mike’s genes are ๐Ÿ˜€

RIP Michael on

*Side note:

I remeber when Garcelle started on the Jaime Foxx show and Oliver was only 5!!! Where does the time go???

Lauren on

this family is adorable. i cant believe how beautiful the twins are and oliver is such a hansom young man… ladies watch out!

Crystal on

Sarah M-That’s not what I was saying. I was just saying a lot of Garcelle’s fans have been wanting to see Oliver and I’m glad he’s decided to be photographed more. He probably wanted to stay out of the limelight but maybe with certain events he’s changed his mind. I never once thought she was trying to hide him. He’s a grown man. I’m sure he’s fully capable of making his own decisions, especially about going to an event where he will probably be photographed or in the public eye. That being said, I’m EXTREMELY happy about it because I love seeing Garcelle with all of her boys! Oliver is so handsome and her little one’s are just GORGEOUS!

stedine on

I think it is funny that you guys think that Jaid looks European. Personally if I saw him and had no idea of his heritage I would assume he either had some form of albinism or had two very yellow skinned black parents. Jaid looks black and Jax looks Latino. Either way they are both adorable

Megan on

OMG. They are a GORGEOUS family. Those little boys are going to be stunning when they grow up!

jj on

Why is it shocking to say one looks more white?
One is black with dark hair and the other has blonde hair and white skin, the only similarities I see is the curly hair.
Cute family!! I bet those boys keep their mama on her toes! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alana on

Oliver is so handsome. Twins are delicious, beautiful family ! Oliver got his mom smile

itstartedwithafish on

before I used to think that other than their colours, those two cuties looked very much alike, – but now even to me it’s obvious that they are fraternals, not a different kind of twins like my cousins. My cousins are actually closer in genetics than just fraternals, because they, as I understand, stem from the same egg, that had split prior to meeting the sperm… and seeing Jax and Jaid I was convinced they were just like that, because they looked so much alike to me…

End of confusion, – they are really cute :o)

Amy on

Fraternal twins comes from 2 different eggs. That’s why they look different. Identical twins are from the same egg that split apart. These twins look exactly the same. The twins actually look very similar just different hair and skin coloring.

Dickie on

Oliver doesnt look like her son – he looks like he could be her boyfriend! I know, i know, she’s married! She definitely brings the looks to her kids.

Alex on

Firstly, this is a completely stunning family. Secondly, big brother is a total hottie! I’m in my 20’s so I feel kinda wrong saying that, but he is gorgeous! Love seeing pictures of this gang!

madylane on

Oliver is so handsome!
They baby boys are precious.
When I saw teh top picture my honest first thought was- well, see, if anyone is questioning how Michael Jackson’s kids turned out the various shades they are, here is a great example of how mixed kids can vary. Heck, they vary in non-mixed families! My niece is mixed as well and very dark. I call her mocha momma! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sarah on

Her kids are beautiful, all three of them.

LL65 on

The older son is a hottie! The whole family is beautiful.

Mrs. Sha La La on

Madylane you read my thoughts on the MJ kids exactly!! Genetics are amazing, and if kids don’t look like clones of mommy or daddy it doesn’t mean they are not their kids!! I hate ppl saying they are not his bio kids (imagine these kids hearing all of this, if not now when they are older, and questioning their whole origins!).. Anyways.. This is one cute family!! I love interracial couples because the babys come in the most random flavours.. I can’t wait to see how mine will be!!!

kristin on

I don’t think I’ve seen Oliver before. What a good looking kid! He reminds me of Taye Diggs.

Adorable family. Garcelle is always so pretty and beautifully dressed.

meghan on

I think the last pix I saw of Oliver was at Garcelle and Mike’s wedding. He had to have been 11 or 12. He’s certainly grown into a handsome young man!

NettieB on

Okay. Someone actually had the nerve to claim that Jax was out in the sun longer than Jaid?! Come one people this is basic genetics lesson 101. The different coloring is more common for mixed children than people think. My own grandmother refused to say her eyes were light gray and I nearly got a spanking for not calling them brown…her skin was also very light. This color issue is so ingrained in America.

Anyways…beautiful family!

gianna on

the twins are beautiful, look so much like their daddy

itstartedwithafish on

Amy, there’s identical twins = 1 egg + 1 sperm, this seperated after conception

then there’s fraternals = 2 different eggs + 2 different sperm = siblings born at the same time (mine would have been a week apart, if the older one had survived past week 8 )

and then there’s the semi-identicals like my cousins = 1 egg that seperated before conception + 2 different sperm … my cousins looked absolutely the same, only their faces were different (one looked like their mom, the other like their dad) but now as adults they look much more alike than then, which may not be typical, but genetic testing brought to light, they are the same on the mommy side of their genes and different on their daddy’s side…

here’s a bit I found about twins

I have to say, these two are not only cute but also interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

melanie on

i find it hilarious and a little weird that they are exactly like my 2 girls. i am black, my ex is white, and our older daughter is darker with the brown hair and our little one is so much lighter with blonde hair! it’s not often to see other biracial kids like that!! just gorgeous!

Gina B on

Garcells’s boys are gorgeous and looking at this family always makes me smile.

Rach on

What a gorgeous family ๐Ÿ™‚

Daisy on

Oliver is soooo handsome!!!!!!

Terri on

I think the real reason people questioned whether MJ was the father is because the biological mother said it was donated sperm and not MJ’s.

gaia's mommadukes on

How is that NERVE exactly?there have been photos of these twins quite often and the color difference isn’t THAT great and in that photo jax indeed looks tanned. Frankly all these color/race comments kinda freak me out. I thought we’d moved on from examining biracial children like theyre specimen. This coming from a 24 year old biracial person with a mixed daughter. I’m sure some of these comments are coming from the innocently naive but others need to take their race issues elsewhere.

mili on

Gaia I totally agree with you!

Beautiful kids, all of them, period.

Liz on

I am black and married to a fair Irish guy. We have a son that looks more white than black. People of all races are suprised by my son’s features, think I’m the nanny, the list goes on! I don’t take it personal anymore, people are naturally curious and I don’t assume that someone is racist or stuck on color issues when they ask me. Life is too short!

Samsom on


You and I have a similar situation. I’m black, my husband is a very fair Norwegian and our son look just like him. Over the last 12 years I’ve been asked repeatedly if was I his nanny or babysitter. Just on Tuesday the physician’s nurse asked if he was adopted.

My son has taken this all in stride and has declared himself a Beige American.

BeckyPeabody on

The blonde child favors the sons of various Caucasian kids also in the spotlight. You would only know of his heritage from looking at his mom. In fact, he kinds reminds me of the husband of Gweneth Paltrow and ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon. Justin Timberlake also comes to mind.

Both twin boys are handsome. She’s got her own rainbow coalition with a handsome African American, Latino and Caucasian looking family members.

Anon on

Maybe you can’t but I can look at that child and tell that its he’s mixed. I can look at Harlow Madden, Nahla Aubry,Levi McConaughey and Valentina Pinault and tell those kids are of mixed race. I don’t see fair skin and light colored hair and think white. I look at facial features, skin undertones. I honestly think its because I’m of a ‘brown’ descent maybe thats why I can see the nuances that some of you can’t. Kind of like how a Carribean person can tell a Jamaican from a Trinidadian. Or how asian people can tell a Korean person from a Japanese.

Either way, like Gaia and Milli said I get a little tired of this conversation too. ‘look how white that kid looks’. When is that cool? I remember a few weeks ago a pic of nic cages son was up and this same convo came up(about him looking more asian) and a lot of people found it inappropriate. I wonder why these comments aren’t getting that flack.

Erica on

Terri: Debbie Rowe never said her and Michael Jackson used a sperm donor. That information was from a completely fabricated interview.

BeckyPeabody: Although I respect your opinion I pretty much disagree with everything you said. I don’t think it’s impossible to tell that Jaid has an African-American heritage–people get way too caught up in skin/eye tone and don’t actually look at his actual features, which are easily identifiable as ethnic. And his hair is almost the exact same texture as Nahla Aubry’s, who people on this site think looks just like her self-identified black mother.

As someone upthread said Jax’s features are actually more stereotypically caucasian than his twin, but people are so focused on color even in 2009 he is apparently the “blacker” one…guess what, they are both biracial, cute as can be (along with their older brother) and always will be. Also, what exactly makes Jax appear Latino and not his twin? Plenty of Latinos are blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

I just find it hard to believe that people are still this surprised by how varied biracial children can look. It only takes the understanding of high-school level genetics (if that). I would love to see the day that parents and their children are commented on being beautiful WITHOUT reference to how white, black, or Latino (lol) they might look. Seems totally irrelevant.

Sorry if this post sounds cranky, this is a bit of a sore subject because I’ve been told for years I must be lying about my racial heritage because I don’t fit the stereotype of what that’s apparently supposed to be.

gaia's mommadukes on

Erica pretty much put it in a box and put a nice bow on it.

TV on

Sage – I have to agree with you on genetics being a funny thing. My mother is white and my father is Filipino. When you look at me and my brother most of the time you would hardly believe we’re even related. I have light brown hair, fair skin and green eyes while my brother has the dark brown hair, dark skin and light brown eyes. When people look at me they think that I’m this all American white girl and then when they find out I’m half Filipino they are very surprised.

BeckyPeabody on


There are plenty of people with a single feature that could hint at African American heritage. One of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie, has a mouth that overlaps with that of the image of bi-racialness. And frizzy hair is not limited to bi-racial or quadroonic types. The list of Caucasians with a wave pattern or curly hair is very long. In fact, if you look at the pics of Colonial America, many of the Brits had hair more like Tom Hanks and Justin Timberlake than they did like Johnny Depp and others who are part Native American.

And yes, while there are Latino’s with blonde hair and blue eyes, the same can be said of many other ethnicities. The decendants of Von Sales, a man of mixed race background, went on to produce a clatch of very famous white progeny in America.

The twin that looks like Alex Rodriguez will be handsome. And the other twin that favors Wentworth Miller and Justin Timberlake will also be a looker. Both will likely be like the Klum boys: tall, dark and handsome.

Peace on

Perhaps we should all contact the owner of celebritybaby blog to let them know the comments about race is ruining the peaceful aura of this website. It is tiresome and the one or two people obsessed with the color scheme of children should be banned altogether.

LP on

Samson: If you are still reading this post, wow! The nurse thought your son was adopted! Haven’t had that said to me (yet!). I did have a doctor ask me if I could contact my son’s mother–I laughed and said “I’m right here”. She was embarrassed, but I chose not to make a big deal out of it.

marnie star on

What a beautiful family ๐Ÿ™‚

momx3 on

Are people so caught up in black and white that they can’t see the beautiful children? I can’t believe that people are describing how dark or light their own children are in comparison. The fact that the topic changed from commenting on how cute the children are, to one being in the sun too much is a testament to where we are as a country. We have a LONG way to go. How sad.

pam on

Ok, don’t jump on me because I have no clue who these people are: but how are the little ones bi-racial? Both parents look to be of the same race….
what am I missing – and I ask this with no mean intent – as I said, I don’t know who they are – but all 3 children are adorable, well, guess the older one would rather be considered “handsome” than “adorable” (but he is a hottie)

happyokie11 on

When are we as human beings going to stop seeing the color and commenting on skin tones?? We don’t choose our coloring or our heritage…we are all human beings and that is all that matters. They are all good looking human beings. I wish the whole race thing didn’t matter so much in this world…we would all be happier. And I won’t disclose my might just be surprised.

gaia's mommadukes on

Pam, Garcelle is Carribean American, being from Haiti(or her parents are haitian). I think her husband is of English or Anglo-Saxon stock. So yes the younger two are biracial. I’m not sure about Oliver as I’m not sure who is dad is, but its possible. He’s completely gorgeous either way. Dreamy!

Nolene on

This conversation is truly outdated in 2009- people trying to “scientifically” analyze these children’s coloring…still need to find some way of ‘categorizing’ everything that doesn’t quite fit the norm, like we did back in grade 2. Give me a break. Not very sophisticated CBB readers…Why didn’t this conversation stop at “Beautiful family”. ????

dj on

Why cant people just say what a beautiful family Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon has. But no you have to disect what color the kids are and how dark one is and how odd this is, some of you people pretending that your bigotry is not showing but it is. If you dont have anything positive to say when you write on these blogs keep your comments to yourself. Does it really matter what color someone is or what color the parents are, this is a LOVELY FAMILY and I am proud that COLOR WAS NOT AN ISSUE WHEN THESE TWO PEOPLE GOT MARRIED. …GARCELLE AND MIKE YOU HAVE A VERY LOVELY FAMILY AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.

Pam on

My grandson is bi-racial, so I am not racist in the least. However it was my bad… I thought the man holding the baby was her son, not her husband!! That is why I was confused. Her son looks way older than 18! I didn’t occur to me that the man holding the baby was her husband and not her son – he looks younger than her son – but it could be the shades threw me off – as my 24 year old son is always wearing shades – and my hubby rarely wears his.
Now I feel totally stupid – but they are all gorgeous people – regardless of race/religion or whatever else people get all worked up over. Bigotry of any kind is a horrible waste of the time we could all spend working on attaining peace and love in the world.

Torre on

Wow! It’s 2009, and we’re still talking about skin color! It’s hard to believe that so many people can’t seem to understand that fraternal twins are geneticlly the same as any other sibling from the same two parents. And just for the record. Black/African American/Negroid people come in a wide range of skin colors (I’m sure some of you have noticed that fact) due to racial mixing over the centuries. Whites/Anglos/Caucasians would also come in a more varied color shading if their bi-racial relatives would be allowed to be classified as white (which is forbiden), instead of all ways being considered to be black… no even bi-racial, which is what they actually are!

Bella Mama on

what a beautiful family.. love it!

Anon on

Most black people in the U.S believe it or not are biracial. They did this massive study and it turns out the average black american(descended from slaves) has about 40-70 percent african heritage. Even less for Caribbean blacks.

jlove on

Absolutely beautiful family!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Meret on

All the boys are gorgeous, big brother is adorable. I wish we could see the other brother too, the one the husband is holding. This skin shade difference is common in Black families for obvious reasons.

Her husband looks like a real family man. She is blessed and so is he.

FC on

How on earth did I miss this beautiful shot of one of my fave families? Glad I paid attention to the “you said it” feature and caught them that way. ๐Ÿ˜€

Jenny on

Im surprised no one has commented on the president because he is mixed.

Zoe on

beautiful family!! All three boys are gorgeous, although I can’t imagine this very young looking woman is mother of an 18yo!!! WOW!!!!

lennie on

I don’t mean to be anything but sincere, and I think that Americans really need to stop on the racial issues. I’m always amazed when I read some comments from both Whites and Blacks you guys. It’s very surprising that in a multicultural and multiracial country like yours, people still have to argue about mixed races. Hailing from an island, for me mixed race is what defines your identity. An asian looking mother can give birth to a freezy dark daughter, whose son will be fair skinned and even curly blond haired because grandpa was caucasian or mommy half white half indian. Lol. I mean it’s in the genes, it never disappears, only sleeping in your blood waiting to be revealed through generations. It’s a pity that some people cannot accept that this is the future of human race.

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