The Spelling-McDermotts Celebrate the Fourth!

07/08/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Yum! Two-year-old Liam Aaron McDermott digs into a red velvet cupcake while celebrating the Fourth of July at the Sierra Mist Beach House in Malibu.

Accompanied by parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott and joined by siblings Stella Doreen and Jack Montgomery (not pictured), Liam splashed around in the pool with dad before hitting the sand!

Tori wears Ella Moss‘ Isla bikini.

Click below for two more photos of Liam and Dean!

Albert Michael/Startraks

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Cheryl on

Nice pictures! I do wonder, do they ever do anything at home?

Kristi on

Liam looks a lot like Tori’s brother especially in the second picture. Love this family!!!

Debbie on

I really like them.
Babies are sooooo soooo cute…

Angi on

Tori and Dean seem to really include Jack a lot in the family events, which says great things about them as people.

Lisa on

Liam is soooo cute!!! Tori and Dean seem like such good parents! Stella is absolutly adorable too! I was watching t.v. the other night and Liam was drawing and it said like father like son Liam is left handed… I dont no if anyone else saw that but then they showed Jack, and on that program you see how much Jack loves being with them and how much they love being with Jack

brannon on

Why would he not be included in family events? He is just as much family as the other two children.

gaia's mommadukes on

Do they not believe in private moments???

Ashley on

I think that the McDermott’s are probably my favorite celebrity family. I love their tv show and think that they are a great family!

Marie Snyard on

Jack is from Dean’s first marriage to Mary Jo Eustace..Dean and
Mary Jo are from Toronto Ontario.. People forget about Tori’s brother wonder what he is doing today.. You only see their Mom..

Dean is looking quite sexy these days.. wow he has gotten in shape
and loves all his kids

stephanie on

i love them way to much. they seem like great parents! god bless them…

momto3 on

okay, odd comment, but that Uncle Sam hat is an adorable cake!
I sure hope that Dean and Tori actually live this sort of life and aren’t playing it up for the camera. If so, it amazes me from my perception of what I would think considering how Tori was raised (meaning money wise). They seem to be the happy family – hope reality tv doesn’t break it up

Carolyn on

So sick of seeing these two parade their kids around. Everything is a photo op.

Ashley on

Cheryl they do plenty of things at home…watch their show!

Chris on

‘Cheryl they do plenty of things at home…watch their show!”


jenny on

Carolyn, just a question: Are you tired of seeing Honor Warren and Jessica too, as they are in more photos on here than the Spelling-Mcdermotts? Just a thought!!

Their show is the best. It’s so funny, and yes they do alot of events at home. Why stay home on the 4th, I know I am going to go socialize!!!

fuzibuni on

tori and dean are making a living out of being a public family.
I don’t see how this makes them bad people… they get to spend lots of time together with their children this way.

I wonder if those of you who criticize them would be less judgmental if tori and dean each had conventional jobs that required them to spend most of their time away from the kids?

Just because they don’t seem to mind being photographed by the paparazzi doesn’t mean they are bad parents. What you may consider ‘publicity hogging’ is them doing their job… and I don’t think it makes them bad parents, because those kids seem pretty well adjusted and loved to me.

tori on

Love Tori and Dean and their show and their kids:) I believe their a happy family in real life. They show lots of love to their kids and want them to have a good life. More power to them!!!

Chris on

“tori and dean are making a living out of being a public family.
they get to spend lots of time together with their children this way.”

And look how well that turned out for Jon and Kate!

Karen on

I was just thinking how that first picture it looks as though Tori is yearning for that cupcake! LOL
Cute family, and it’s nice seeing them doting on Liam.

Anon on

“I wonder if those of you who criticize them would be less judgmental if tori and dean each had conventional jobs that required them to spend most of their time away from the kids?”

I’ll be honest…I don’t consider fame-whoring a job. I don’t have respect for people who get paid to do nothing and I don’t have respect for people who give Tori and Dean their hard-earned dollars(but hey its their money). Would I be less critical if they made their money being actors as thats their job title? Yes.
Do I think they’re bad people? No, I saved that for robbers and serial killers. Do I find there dog and pony show irritating and pathetic? Yes.

Kelli on

Do these people do anything that is not sponsored?

michelle on

Why does everyone care so much about how they live their lives? If they weren’t public figures we wouldn’t get to see pictures of them.

Maybe some people should look in the mirror before they criticize. Would your mothers be proud of the way they raised you if they saw some of the things being said? Would you say these things to Tori and Dean if you saw them on the street? It’s so easy to hide behind a computer and nit pick every little detail. I would hate to think if your life was on display for everyone else to tear apart.

Now I am really seeing where the term sanctimommy came from.

jenny on

Anon: Paid to do nothing? Do you not watch their show? Tori and Dean both do acting, Dean does voice-overs, Tori has writtn 2 books in 2 years, they ran a b&b for a year, Tori has a jewelry line and working on kids clothing line. Huh, for them not doing anything, they sure do accomplish alot of work!!!So thats what you call people making a living in hollywood “fame-whores”? I’m sure they appreciate that

ang on

those cupcakes are tori’s speciality-i bet they were a hit at the party!

meglovestombrady on

Cute photos! And thoes cupcakes look super yummy, too!!!


I dont mind seeing pictures of them at all and if they want to do a reality show and go to paid sponsors events more power to them. I enjoy the pictures.

What makes me angry is that so many people critize others for ‘exposing’ their children on camera, John and Kate, Denise Richards, etc. Some of you critize them so much, yet applaud Tori and Dean, why is that?

I dont critize any celebrity for showing off their children since I am love to look at pictures🙂

gaia's mommadukes on

I had to explain to my partner who tori and dean were after he got sucked into their show. Tori spelling co-wrote one book and had a ghost writer for the second one. Tori and Dean didn’t buy the Chateau le that whole “our whole life savings went into this” thing was a sham. If they want to prostitute their personal lives that their business. My issue with them is that they sell this hooplah about their lives that isn’t real. And time and time again kids growing up on tv have been shown to suffer in the long run…I would never ever take that chance..but since they’ve become more marketable as parents…apparently they are. Ick.

jenny on

It’s a public party, so the comment about them believing in private moments is kind of goofy. I don’t know anyone who stays home by themselves on the 4th of July. Gimme a break

Marissa on

Such a loving, happy family that seems to have fun wherever they go!

HeatherR on

Honestly, I am tired of seeing Tori in a swimsuit!!!

Bugs on

For someone who pointed out earlier here: The difference between seeing Tori’s family almost on a daily basis and other celebrities’ kids like Jessica Alba and others is that the McDermoth-Spelling pose for the pics and have their kids pose for the kids too. They do everything publicly and include their kids. Jessica Alba’s pics with her daughter are taken by paparazzi, it’s not that she’s posing.

I’m also annoyed, not necessarily with them being so public with their kids, but with the fact that they complain about wanting privacy when everything they do, they do it for the whole media to see with their kids in front page.

Ellen on

Very well said Bugs. Their constant search for the limelight in a fading career is annoying.

brook on

Seriously, this family makes every event seem like a magazine spread…to each their own, I guess!?!?!?! Oh, well, they will have not shortage of baby pics to fill up photo albums!!

This family kind of reminds me of a family version of Spencer and Heidi Pratt!! LOL!!! Did someone say “Smile?”

Anna on

I agree with Bugs. This family looks for every photo op they can get. They call the paps and pose for the photogs. Because they don’t have a career outside of showing their private life to the world.

bubbs on

of course she comes across as adorable in her show… she is a compulsive approval seeker.

sadly, the frantic attempts to airbrush her life simply cannot disguise the fact that she has serious issues: eating disorder/body image obsession, insatiable desire for public attention, turbulent/extreme relationships (see mother-evil witch, father-perfect, husband-instant soulmate…..)

I feel so sorry for her.

Heath on

I too am tired of seeing Tori in her swimsuit! And tired of seeing so many photos of this family. They sure do love the spotlight!

Jane on

I never post comments, but I just had to.

I honestly don’t understand why so many people on this site critize Tori and Dean. If you have seen their show, it’s evident that they are very loving parents who just want the best for their children, and they seem like they’re all around good people.

I don’t understand how they can be critized so much by so many people when Denise Richards also “makes everything a photoshoot” as someone said above, but she’s praised for her amazing parenting skills on this site. She does just the same thing they do when it comes to “exploiting” (and I use this as a loose term) her children, yet she is praised for it? Also, directly in front of her children, Denise Richards swears profusely.

I am unsure of why so many people have decided to hate Tori and Dean for absolutely no reason.

Anyway, what a great picture! Liam is such a cutie:)

gaia's mommadukes on

I’ve only seen denise richards a few times, but I’ve never really seen her kids on the show. Maybe its just episodes I’ve seen but hey….and I don’t know what kind of parent these people are..that goes for every celeb on the site. I only comment on things that are glaringly apparent to me. If you think what they’re doing is healthy, fine but I would never raise my daughter in those conditions. I don’t care how much money I’d stand to make.

Cece on

Cute family! I noticed the red velvet cupcakes. I do wish the FDA would ban red dye #40 for health reasons. It makes candies/cakes/cupcakes look pretty but it should not be on the market!

CelebBabyLover on

bubbs- We have no idea whether or not Tori has an eating disorder! She has always been naturally thin, and actually appears to have gained a few pounds lately.

Anyway, the kids always look so happy, and that’s the main thing!🙂

Bancie1031 on

WOW I can’t believe how big Monkey has gotten, I remember waiting for him to be born …. love the pics

Anna on

They are such a cute family! They’re the one celeb family that I would actually like to meet. They do seem to favor Liam though…

Alyssa on

I don’t doubt that they are good parents…I just wish they would be a little more genuine with their kids and not do everything for the cameras.

SH on

jenny, i was going to say the same thing as bugs. there’s a difference between jessica alba being followed by the paps and tori spelling making photo ops. HUGE difference. jessica is usually running errands or at the park with her baby, minding her own business and living her life, not posing. tori and dean on the other hand parade their kids around and pose for the camera with their fake smiles, fake boobs, fake tans…etc, etc, etc, all for MONEY. kinda nauseating when you think about it.

l.j. on

oh people, i don’t think tori needs your pity. everyone, and yes EVERYONE has some dysfunction, personal or familial, in their lives. i think they are a darling family, and they don’t try to sugar-coat anything. Love them!! Thanks for being real, Tori!

jenny on

SH: I do agree with the point that they are posed pics as opposed to casual pics, but on the other hand who cares if they are posed or not it gives us CBB followers something to argue about!!! I love Tori and Dean and their show! Nothing will change that

CelebBabyLover on

jenny- LOL! One of the best comments we’ve had here in a long time!🙂

Anna- If they favor Liam, then why do we see them carrying Stella more than Liam?

SH on

uh, maybe because stella can’t walk and liam can?!

CelebBabyLover on

SH- True, and I wasn’t trying to imply that they actually favor Stella. All I was saying is that they obviously love both of their kids, and from Tori’s interviews it’s obvious that she loves them both equally. If they ARE favoring Liam a bit, I’m guessing it’s not intentional.

It could be, for example, that he’s entered the “terribile twos” and become more needy and clingy.

Anyway, I also wanted to comment on the fact that someone said on a Tori post not to long ago that it’s ridiculious that Tori calls Liam and Stella “Monkey” and “Ladybug” instead of Liam and Stella and even does themes to go along with the nicknames (such as Liam’s monkey-themed 2nd birthday party and Stella’s Ladybug-themed 1st birthday party). I was on vacation at the time the post was made, and by the time I got back it had been three weeks since that post was made, so I felt a bit silly dredging up an old post just to comment about the nicknames. Thus, I am commenting now!

Anyway…My family called me a similar nickname (though it didn’t have to do with animals) when I was a kid…and still do, from time to time. Am I emotinally scarred because of it? No way!

CelebBabyLover on

Oops! I meant “terrible twos” of course. I really need to watch my spelling!

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