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07/08/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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For Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford, the news that she was expecting her second child came as a bittersweet surprise.

Already the mother of adorable 2 ½-year-old son Hermés Gustaf Daniel, Kelly was overjoyed at the idea of having another baby. But her volatile three-year marriage to the children’s father was already at the breaking point.

So when she was three months pregnant, Kelly, 40, made the heart-wrenching decision to leave her husband, Daniel Giersch, and have the baby on her own. Their daughter, Helena Grace, was born on June 8th in Los Angeles.

Now, for the first time since the controversial split, Kelly is speaking out. She recently sat down with Life & Style at her home to set the record straight on her life-changing choice, her bitter custody battle and her plans to raise her two children on her own.

Click below for the story and more photos of Kelly and Helena.

Kelly says it didn’t take long for her to realize she and her husband, a German entrepreneur, weren’t the ideal match they seemed to be at first.

“I met this person, I fell in love with him and I wished for the best,” Kelly tells the magazine. “He was charming in the beginning.” But soon after the birth of their son in 2006, “it was pretty obvious we weren’t getting along.”

Still, for Hermés’ sake, she tried to make the relationship work.

“I just didn’t want [Hermés] to go through anything he didn’t have to,” Kelly says. “I stayed until I couldn’t stay any longer, even though I knew things were rough. I wanted to be sure. When you have a child with someone, I think you have to be able to look at them and say, ‘I did everything I could,’ before you realize it’s time to move on.”

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The couple conceived Helena when they were trying to make things work. And when Kelly realized she was expecting again, she thought another baby might actually save her marriage.

“I found out I was pregnant, and I thought, Oh, maybe things will be nice, maybe it will be calm,” Kelly recalls. “But it wasn’t. Things only got more intense.”

The strain at home, Kelly reveals, was made even worse by her husband’s professional troubles.

Embroiled in a set of high-profile lawsuits — including one against Google over the rights to use the online giant’s Gmail brand in Germany — his behavior grew alarmingly erratic, Kelly claims. “He was very litigious,” she says. “He says he’s an entrepreneur, but I think he just sues people. It was very angry [behavior]. I was kind of scared to leave.”

For the sake of Hermés and her unborn daughter, Kelly finally got the strength to leave the marriage. When Helena entered the world, Kelly, her doctor, her midwife and her mom were the only people in the delivery room. “It was great,” Kelly says. “Very peaceful.”

As for her estranged hubby? “I didn’t want him in the room with me,” Kelly tells Life & Style. (Her doctor advised against it too.) “When you’re in labor, you don’t want the man you’re divorcing in there, especially someone who’s said cruel things about you. I was just trying to have a healthy baby through an enormous amount of stress.”

Still, Kelly notes, she didn’t prevent him from seeing his daughter: “She was born at 10 at night, and he saw her the next morning.”

Courtesy Albert Ferreira/Life & Style for use on CBB

Despite extremely tense relations with her ex, Kelly is flourishing in her new role as a single mom.

Nesting comfortably at home with her two young children, she says she’s at peace. “I’m so excited to have a little boy and a little girl,” Kelly says. “Since I was very young, I’d always wanted kids, so this is a dream come true!”

And she doesn’t think she needs her ex — or any man — to make her family complete.

“A lot of great men, presidents even, were raised [only] by their mothers under those conditions,” she says. “The most important thing is that the children have love and stability in their lives, whether that comes from a mother or a father. [Alone], I can raise them to be much more peaceful.”

Her ex seems to disagree. He’s taken Kelly to court in an attempt to keep her from taking Hermés back to NYC, where Gossip Girl has started filming its third season.

Kelly says he can forget it. “I’m not moving without my kid,” she says firmly. “I’m not doing anything without my son.”

As strong as Kelly is, it’s clear the emotional and financial drain of the legal drama is taking its toll on her and the kids.

“I’m not asking him for anything,” Kelly says. “He never supported me, and I never expected him to. I’m not even asking for child support.” But lawyer fees are costing her children dearly.

“He’s made sure I’ve spent everything I’ve made on lawyers,” Kelly says. “I’ve spent [the kids’] college educations so far. It’s such a waste. If he’s angry, he’s angry — I guess he’s getting it out. But is this really best for the kids? I don’t think so.”

Source: Life & Style — see a fourth photo of Helena at the link!

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Kristin on


Lisa on

I liked Kelly when she was on Melrose. She is your classic blonde and her children are beautiful.Being her second high profile divorce, I wonder if she is more of a single girl anyway.I see her as being very independent and I think this article states this clearly and for this reason she may be happier alone-and there is nothing wrong with that.

Beverley on

I really wish this woman and her ex would stop airing all this dirty laundry. These matters should be kept private. And someday, the kids will be able to read all these terrible things their parents said about each other. I don’t think either parent is acting with the children’s best interest at heart.

Diana on

She is such a strong person. Kelly, I wish you and your kids all the best and may you get the peace you deserve, very soon.

Larissa on

The first picture is adorable!

I just don`t understand why she keeps on talking about her divorce and those nasty things.
Better keep it private for her kids sake.

Gemini on

i applaud her for speaking so frankly about the situation….she did what she deemed was necessary for herself and more importantly her children. It’s never a happy situation for anyone to have to go through divorce especially when there are children involved, but more power to her for sticking to her guns and doing what she has to do.

and i love all three pictures….especially the first one…it’s absolutely precious.

Erin on

If she thinks she’s doing right by herself and her kids, that’s great. But there’s absolutely no sane reason to grant an interview to discuss the nitty gritty of a marriage gone bad. He’s still the kids’ dad, and she’s not helping them by publicly trashing him. This can only make matters worse.

Y on

Wow, sounds like there is a lot of anger there. That is sad.

Nika on

She looks great and her kids are gorgeous. But I hate to see her in this situation, it must be so hard. She can say that everything is going to be alright but I don’t see a solution that will make everyone happy. I sure hope it will work out some how, so she can focus on her kids and nothing else.
(I do know this is just one side of the story whe’ve heard, but I really think it’s their bussiness, and their bussiness only…. I just hope they can get to agree on something for the kids sake.)

Tina on

Oh good lord these 2 drive me nuts! I had hoped that after the baby was born they would both realize that they should stop bashing each other and agree to be the best parents they can be. And that is her choice not to get financial support from him and I highly doubt that she has no money.
That said baby looks adorable and I wish those kids a happy stress free life!

Alice on

aww baby Helena is such a little doll! adorable!! I didn’t even read the interview, I don’t want to know about how the parents are not getting along.

Crystal on

Is it me or does everything out of her mouth sound like BS? Ugh! Kelly Rutherford makes me want to vomit! Raising your children as a single mother is fine but not if their dad wants to be in the picture. He has a legal right to those children and I hope he never gives up fighting for them. His children will thank him one day for not giving up on them no matter what the situation was between their parents. The kids are really cute though!🙂

Mac on

While I know Kelly is going through a tough time I find it absolutely ridiculous and very selfish that she didn’t allow him to be present for their daughter’s birth. That little girl is as much his as she is hers. It’s sad they couldn’t put aside their differences for even one day. It’s clear these two do not put their children first no matter what they may claim. I hope they grow up at least for their children’s sake.

Sarah K. on

However much Kelly loves the kids, I hope she realizes that Daniel loves them just as much. This article makes it sounds like she wants the kids to have nothing to do with him and she will be raising them totally on her on. That wouldn’t be fair to anyone involved. He is just as much their parent and unless he has done something we don’t know about, he deserves equal parenting rights. I hope these two can get it together for the sake of their kids. Parenting after divorces doesn’t have to be so ugly.

Anon on

Oh give it a rest. She really needs to just be quiet, talking about the mom without her responding would look better than her responding cattily.

Harley on

From the sound of things, I’m glad she was able to get out. However, I agree with a number of others on here, I don’t think airing everything in an interview is exactly the way to go. Sure, speak out against abusive marriages (mental, physical, emotional), but again, there’s no good reason to air it all. It’s not going to make the divorce go any easier. Seeing as he’s so litigious, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to sue her for slander and/or libel at this rate. I’m sure she’s thought out her decision and the consequences of it, and for whatever reason, it seemed reasonable to do the interview. I just hope she’s prepared to divulge the information sooner than their teenage years at the rate technology is advancing.

Gingi on

I agree with the previous poster who talked about her airing her dirty laundry in public. Enough already. She can use the media all she wants to create an image of being Mother Theresa but it takes two to tango. She may win in the court of public opinion, but I am not convinced that she’s so perfect. If Kelly Rutherford was sincerely interested in her children so would keep her private life (and their’s) private.

Angi on

People, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Just look at the pictures.

Her kids are lovely.

Forever Moore on

All drama aside…the second picture is simply gorgeous!

Sarah K. on


Not only is this a discussion board, but Kelly voluntarily gave this interview so that we, the public, could read it. If you don’t like the discussion, I suggest you just look at the pictures

Mary-Helen on

While the children are beautiful, I think she’s being terrible badmouthing her husband in public. How hard is it for people these days to give a simple “We tried, but it didn’t work out” to the media and seethe in private? Why give this interview where she basically comes out and says “I’m going to alienate the children’s parent” so that he can use it against her in court?

L on

STOP TALKING! Seriously, enough already.

And FYI, you can’t just decide to raise the kids on your own and shut out the father because you no longer “get along”, nor find him “charming”.
He has rights. Maybe he is an angry person, but unless he’s somehow an unfit father you don’t get to take the kids.

Wake. Up.

fergette on

Does anyone know if Helena’s name is pronounced Hel-ay-na or Hel-uh-na?

Brooke on

I cannot stand Kelly Rutherford. This is the woman who left her first husband after he was paralyzed in an accident, and now claims to have had a man who said “cruel things about her”. Uh, I am sure your first husband had a few things to say as well. Her perpetual victimization of herself is BS.

L on

Did she really have to divulge all of the details of her ex like that and spending her childrens college funds etc etc…that is far from “peaceful” and “appropriate”

Her children are beautiful though & Kelly looks pretty in these photos

Shan on

Such a beautiful baby, she looks so different from her brother, but they are both adorable.

Jenna on

I think people need to remember that Kelly has as much right as anyone else to make her side of the story known, particularly when people were initially criticizing her for leaving her husband while pregnant. Then when she explains the situation, people get mad at her for oversharing. She can’t win! Just leave the woman alone and let her raise her children.

Sherri K on

I remember when the news came out about her divorce and people on here were trashing her, “she’s so selfish, leaves him while she’s pregnant” and a lot of other “how dare she” type statements. Wow this discussion is horrible, she’s “damned” if she explains her actions, and she was “damned” when she didn’t. First off, to those who think she’s selfish for not having him at the birth, it says her doctor even recommended it. The woman was giving birth! If it’s legal for someone to have an abortion and give the father no say, she had more than enough right to give birth in an environment that was peaceful, even if it meant he wasn’t there, especially when every other aspect of her life was being scrutinized. She didn’t keep him from the baby, but she’s not willing to just hand them over, she wants to protect them from what was obviously a bad experience for her, she doesn’t want them to go through the same thing. Most people consider that commendable. (she never got into the exact specifics of what happened, she named a few instances. Why is it that a person has to be bleeding to have a “justifiable reason” to leave someone?)

Secondly, who are we to judge her? She’s strong, probably opinionated, but obviously so is everyone on this board, and it’s her and her children’s lives. So what she’s had 2 divorces now, Angelina Jolie has had at least that many and everyone thinks she’s a saint.

Liliana on

Although I think both contributed to the demise of their relationship, Kelly’s victim-like stances is absolutely ridiculous.

Those children are just as much Daniel’s as they are hers and as their father, he has every right to help in their up-bringing. Both come across as childish and if they were so concerned with their children, they’d keep the details of their relationship private. I thought once Helena was born, their situation would change for the better but obviously they’ve learned nothing. I only hope such bitterness and negativety does not affect those children.

Helena is beautiful.

Christina on

I’m not commenting on all the drama. The children are beautiful. And I LOVE the name Helena Grace. Lovely pics.

Lau on

I agree with L. You don’t DECIDE to be a single parent. Either you are, or you’re not.

I definitely don’t know all the story, but at first glance the same thought comes to my head when I see a post about her: I just can’t understand it when it looks like people thinks that divorce means completely leaving aside the other person. I repeat , I understand I don’t know everything that was going on in their lives, but why, when she made the desicion to leave her husband (which I approve, if they weren’t happy) did she have to decide to “be a single mother” and “raise the children alone”? I just don’t get it. Not living together and not being in a relationship does not at all equal being a single parent! This whole thing escapes my mind, honestly.

Ellen on

I agree she should keep the bitterness out of interviews which are clearly focused on her children but the bottom line is not one person here knows her well enough to say what did or did not happen.

Nobody ever knows what goes on behind closed doors.

The best, and most important thing out of all this is she has 2 absolutely beautiful children.

JMO on

Okay the father had a right to be in the room to see his daughter born….or at the very least be at the hospital to see her born soon after. No matter what he helped create her and unless he’s a threat to the child or mother I see no reason in shuting him out of this once in a lifetime experience. Shameful.

But the kids are really cute.

October on

While I don’t agree with the airing of dirty laundry, I do have to say that I support Kelly’s decision to keep her ex out of the delivery room. Yes, he has a right to see his newborn child, but as the one giving birth, Kelly has the right to decide who is there. Labor is a very intense experience and no mother should have to endure additional stress.

Juliet on

I wish the best for Kelly and her family.

Sarah M. on

Someone commented on the most recent article of Jill Scott with what I believe to be a GREAT definition of ‘single parent’. A person is a single parent if they are the only ones there to get up in the middle of the night with the baby/child. If, when the child is with them at the time, they are the only ones there at that time to take care of that child. It doesn’t matter if the child has both parents in their life. If the parents are divorced, then each parent is, by definition, a ‘single parent’. (I wish I remembered the name of the person who typed this. I wish no disrespect with repeating it on this section.🙂 )

Cute kids!

noam on

although i’m not a huge kelly rutherford fan (i’ve only seen her on gossip girl and think her acting is over-the-top for the role)i find her children adorable…as for her husband-by the comments she’s made has made, and other’s descriptions of him, he is a volatile, violent man. i’ve never met him, but i have a friend who has worked in his office, and the friend says everyone on staff is terrified of the guy. he’s apparently notorious for punching things and throwing things at people. if that’s what he’s like at the office, i can’t imagine what he’s like at home. (but again, that’s just one person’s commentary on his character. he may not be that bad…)

Anna on

I dislike her so much! She is bad mouthing the father of the child she is introducing. That little girl will probably read this later and wonder what sort of parents she has (if she hasn’t already found out by then).

If the marriage was falling apart she shouldn’t have made another child with him!! How hard is that?

She made a choice to have children with this man, she can’t just shut him out of their lives now.

Sanja on

Sarah M- I don’t think anyone is disputing the fact that she’s a single mother by that definition (meaning she’s single and their mother), but she seems to be saying that she will raise the kids alone, which (as L #22 and Lau # 31 have said) doesn’t make sense since Daniel WANTS to be a father to his children and is in fact fighting in court for joint custody (which last time I heard means that he has children in his care 50% of the time).

Angi on


Maya on

Wow – what a srong beautiful woman! An inspiration to all..

Andrea_momof2 on

Wow Kelly (although she’s not actually reading this), I’m somehow NOT feeling bad for you right now. Your children will not appreciate the way you speak about their Dad. He is their father and that’s that. Why make it harder on them?

Crystal on

Sherri-The reason people are bringing up her divorces is how they came about. Her first husband, I believe, had a stroke. Months after this she divorced him. She just did some very awful things during her first marriage(we all make mistakes)that make her seem like a cold-hearted person. Then we hear stories about how she’s trying to keep Daniel out of his kids life and she just seems like a user and abuser. She loves them while she’s with them and then when she’s finished she leaves no matter the consequences or feelings of the other person. TWO people made those kids and she needs to stop acting childish, realize what’s in the best interest of THEIR children, and make it work. Hermes and Helena deserve the best of what BOTH parents have to offer. She’s acting selfish and self-centered!

Amanda on

She’s going about this split entirely the wrong way. What does she think she’s gaining from this bitter interview, other than a few thousand dollars in the bank? No matter how she feels about her ex, you don’t bad mouth him to a two-bit, trashy tabloid. He’s the father of her children and for that, he deserves some respect. If this is what she says in public, what is she saying in private?

Secondly, how foolish of both of them to be having unprotected sex whilst their marriage was in difficulty. A baby doesn’t save a relationship. If anything, the strain it puts on mother and father is enough to break a relationship! It’s sad they didn’t stop to think about their son and the life they were creating.

Also, I think it’s great that her ex is challenging her decision to take the children to New York. You always hear stories about fathers who don’t care about their kids and do nothing for them. Well here is a dad who is willing to do whatever it takes to get access to his kids and make sure he is a part of their lives. It’s sad it has to go through the courts but if that’s what it takes, I hope he sees it through. He has rights and he should pursue them to the fullest extent.

It sounds like Kelly needs to stop being so selfish. When you become a parent, you take a back seat and the well-being of your child(ren) should be at the forefront of your mind. They need contact with their father but most importantly, they need their mother to grow up and stop acting like a schoolgirl tittle tattling in the school yard. Sadly, it sounds like she’s only thinking about what’s best for her.

brannon on

badmouthing each other in public. no. allowing him in the delivery room. also no. i believe all mothers have a right to decide who is in the delivery room – married, unmarried, no matter (i know many disagree with this) but it is highly personal and tense and the more comfortable a woman is, the better. however, on those same lines, divorce is highly personal as well and should also be kept behind closed doors. if for no other reason than to avoid the children reading these interviews in a few years. i hope all is peaceful for the children no matter how the parents are feeling. that is their job, their responsibility and their gift to the children. she is an actress – surely she can pull that off?

Sheryl on

If Kelly Rutherford and her estranged husband’s priority is their children, as they’ve stated, then they both should have taken the high road, said absolutely nothing, and settled their grievances privately. End of story.

janie on

This woman needs to stop bad mouthing the father of her children!

She comes across very bitter!

Jaclyn on

I love her. Her divorce is none of my business. She maybe should have kept her mouth shut but who does these days?
Anyways, the father definitely does have rights however, he should not be there for the birth at all if she does not want him there. This article did say that he saw Helena in the morning–she obviously NOT keeping the kids from him as a few have said here–she is merely acting as the sole custody parent.
How do we know what her kids are going to feel when they are older? We dont so DO NOT make those judgments at all. My parents said some stupid things about each other to me when they divorced, do I think about it now? No. Do I hate either one of them? No. I am only 21 and I have learned that people say irrational things when stressed and hurt. Some of these comments are naive and judgmental.

Michelle on

This whole situation reminds me very much of how it used to be with Denise and Charlie. I hope soon they are able to put the benefit of their children first.

Beyond that, her children are adorable! Helena is beautiful and Hermes looks a lot like his daddy.

Caitie on

I am truly shocked at some of these absolutely tasteless, heartless comments. Just … wow. My faith in humanity has plummeted a bit. People are absolutely cruel and that’s heartbreaking.

CF on

I don’t know. I mean, the part of it that stinks is the interview. Even if he was an abuser–and we honestly don’t know what happened; maybe he was–I would still think that these kids would not want such personal details of their lives all over the internet. In fact, I would imagine that once the bitterness settles and Kelly moves on, SHE would not really want such personal details all over the internet. However, in such intense moments, wouldn’t we all love the luxury of hindsight? So, I just can’t judge her. The kids are beautiful.

Anna on

She is blaming him for having to spend the children’d college funds on lawsuits. What did she think when she says she wants to raise the children alone? That he was not going to go to court? She is asking for the law suits.

To the people saying that her ex is a mean/bad man, than why did she have children with him? Not one, but two.

Janet on

I’m sure she’s a nice person…though I’m sure (I hope) one of her best girlfriends must’ve had a “are you freakin’ outta your mind” conversation with her about her issues w/ men. Weird all around–not the children–the whole ex husband issues she’s had. She needs to think twice before she dates again…no other baby daddy drama. She may be a celebrity but she’s just as good as us non celeb gals.

Cheesy on

She has a lovely family!

I just wish that Kelly would stop with all the self-serving stories about how awful her ex is. Maybe he is; maybe he isn’t. But we’re not hearing from him–we’re only hearing from her, and what does that say?

Also, I’ve got to say, I’m really disgusted that CBB is so horrifically biased and so clearly on “Team Kelly.” There is no pretense of presenting a fair story; CBB looks like Kelly’s mouthpiece, and maybe that’s because they get some sort of access to her?

I just wish that the stories with regards to Kelly were FAIR and not so clearly biased. It really ruins the site’s credibility.

Good luck to Kelly, her children, and their father. I hope she can get over her victim complex and learn to keep her opinions on the father of her children private. It really would show she has the best interest of the children at heart.


This is the accompanying interview writeup that came with the photos from Life & Style. Stories written by CBB have a byline at the bottom. We have no access to Kelly.

— CBB Staff

gaia's mommadukes on

She is something else. Wow. You never talk badly about the other parent. If the other parent is a deadbeat, jerk, or awful the child will come to that realization on their own after a time. Unbelievable! What a woman.

Mia on

Aw that baby is beautiful,like someone said, Helena looks a lot different than her brother. I think Hermes looks more like Kelly, and little Helena looks more like her father.

It’s very unfortunate that their marriage didn’t work, and her husband hasn’t been very supportive. Who knows what happened, but I guess that’s why it’s best to really get to know the person you are getting involved with. Having a child is a huge responsibility, and if somebody doesn’t show they support you through little tasks, that usually shows early on that they won’t support you through the big stuff either. Everything carries through. Her babies look very happy though🙂

Harper Rose on

It’s sad that this little girl came into the world under such circumstances, but it seems that she is already very adored.
She is just beautiful, and Kelly seems thrilled to now have a little boy AND a little girl too. Does anyone know if baby’s name is pronounced Huh-LEE-nuh, Huh-LAY-nuh or HELL-uh-nuh? Anyway, gorgeous photos🙂

lucy80 on

i am shocked at how different these 2 children look, helena is so dark, she doesnt resemble her brother at all, or kelly, she is a stunning baby

Diamond Girl on

Of course he didn’t have to be in the delivery room, but she should have given him the courtesy to notify him so he could be AT the hospital when the baby was born to meet his daughter as soon as possible after her birth, not the next day.

eternalcanadian on

I really have no sympathy for Kelly, cute children otherwise.

She made no excuses for leaving Carlos Tarajano, her first husband, within seven months after they got married because he had severe health issues from a heart attack that causes him to become paralyzed (I think he eventually recovered) and she couldn’t handle it (guess that “in sickness and in health” part of the vows didn’t resonate with her, eh?).

I think her actions toward Carlos back then are very indicative of the kind of person she is. Her airing this so-called dirty laundry with Daniel Giersch, the second husband, and with a gossip rag like Life & Style no less, doesn’t hold any credence with me.

Morgan on

My first thought, after reading this, was that Kelly seems to be a very strong-willed mother who will do anything for her children. My thoughts, upon reading through many of the comments, are that I cannot pass any judgements about what went on in Kelly’s marriage, nor about how she is handling her divorce. Granted, her statements just encouraged the public to judge. She said too much. While I can understand her feeling the need to clarify herself for unfair judgements that have previously been passed, she could have simply said that she did what she felt was best for herself and for her children and just ended it right there and made things so much easier for herslef and for her kids. No, none of this is anyone’s business, but she shared many personal details that we would have never known otherwise. Something that I must remind myself of, though, is that I don’t know her true intent in sharing such personal information. Perhaps she just felt too comfortable with her interviewer and said too much. Maybe she said it all out of angewr, or maybe out of frustration because she just wants to be understood. Maybe she’s wishing that she’d just kept it simple and said something else. I feel that it would be unfair for me to say that she DOES think this, or that DOESN’T think that. How would I know?

Although I choose not to judge her based on what she said, I can’t tell others to do the same. Kelly put herself into an unfortunate situation. She made it so easy for others to judge her. Maybe she regrets it. Maybe not. I don’t really know. None of us do. All I can do is pray for her children, for their well being is most important in this situation.

Tracy on

The kids do not look alike – I wonder if Daniel is actually THE father?? Anyways, seeing what my husband has gone thru to get 50% custody of his kids makes me so angry reading her interview. You do not decide to be a single parent when the other parent wants to be involved. If the father doesn’t care, that’s a different story. When they fight for custody & fight for the kids not to go to NY, to me that says he cares. Would it be fair for the father to take the kids across the country away from their mother? No, everyone would be in an uproar. But when the mother wants to, that’s supposed to be OK? You are not allowed to leave the state without consent of the other parent. The kids deserve to have both parents in their lives equally. My husband & I have fought so hard to get custody of his children, it makes me absolutely hate women like this & makes me want to fight for fathers rights. Things are so unfair in this country – I only hope things will change in this country.

Tracy on

Oh yeah and to not have the father at the hospital when you are having his child is absolutely ridiculous! Maybe not in the room but he could wait outside the room that way he can see her immediately after her birth.

CelebBabyLover on

People, how do we know that Kelly wasn’t a victim? For all we know, her husband could very well have been abusive, which would have made her the victim of abuse (and it sort of sounds like he is that way, going by not just what Kelly has said, but what other people have said about him as well). In that case, she has every right to play the victim card.

Anna- In most cases, it’s hardly that simple, especially in an abusive relationship (which it sounds like Kelly and Daniel’s may have been), but I know people who have family members or friends that are or have been. Believe me, although everyone’s gut reaction is usually, “Well, if he treated her so badly, why didn’t/doesn’t she just leave him”, it is rarely ever that simple.

There are mechanics (for lack of a better word) that go on in abusive relationships that you can’t even really dream about unless you’ve been in one (even the people I know who have family members or friends that are or have been admit that they can’t really understand just what goes on, especially in the woman’s mind, in those relationships.

Sherri K- It’s hardly true that everyone thinks Angelina is a saint! Angelina gets ripped apart all the time (not so much on this blog, thanks to the comments being moderated, but on other blogs. For example, you would not believe some of the downright awful things people say about her on Just Jared!)! As for those of us who like her…Just because you like and admire someone does not mean you think they’re a saint!

That said, I totally agree with what you said in regards to Kelly and people divorcing in general. Someone should not have to be bleeding for leaving their spouse to be justifiable.

To add to that, I’d like to ask why almost everyone seems to be on Daniel’s side. I’m by no means saying that Kelly did not contribute to the end of the marriage or that she’d been displaying model behavior. However, Daniel hasn’t exactly been a saint, either, and I think it’s wrong to put all the blame on Kelly for the end of the marriage.

Yes, she DID leave her first husband as well, but again, we don’t know all the circumstances behind that. To sum it all up, my feelings are: “Until you have walked a mile in someone’s shoes, you have no right to judge them!”.

fuzibuni on

thanks for the entertainment kelly!
you’re like a living soap opera!

MZ on

I totally agree with her for not having Daniel in the room when she was birthing. It’s a stressful and personal experience.

Now, we DON’T know why he didn’t see Helena till the next morning! Maybe 10 pm was too late for him and he wanted to wait till the next morning. Maybe there were minor complications and the baby wasn’t available. My son had low body temperature and low blood sugar, nothing terribly serious, but my own husband wasn’t allowed to hold him till the next afternoon and I had to beg and beg for the nurses to allow me to breast feed.

Point is, no one should be automatically assuming that Kelly was keeping her ex from seeing the baby.

I also agree that she is saying too much in these interviews.

Sabina on

Sooo beautiful, precious, adorable!

Erin on

#64, it sounds like you have a vested interest in Kelly. Very odd. Nobody here has said Daniel is a saint. But are we supposed to take every thing Kelly says at her word? Especially from a story she gave to a magazine that pays celebrities to give interviews? Bottom line, this is none of out business, yet Kelly is clearly marketing herself as a woman wronged. Even if she is, it’s not our business. The kids have a mother and a father. And by the way – she picked him to be the father of her children. Twice.

Angie on

I also support her decision to not have her ex in the room as she was giving birth. I am not allowing my soon to be ex husband to be in the room when I give birth to our third child in October. He has wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy, why should I allow him at the birth? Labor and delivery is a personal thing and adding more stress to the situation is not good for mom OR baby.

And to those saying things like why did she had kids/another kid in a bad marriage and if he was so bad.. well I thought I was in an okay marriage until my ex changed into someone else almost overnight and he left us. We had rough times like any other couple but we were trying to make it work until he decided he was done. our 3rd baby on the way was a huge surprise but all I can do is make the best of it.. I will be the best parent I can be to my three kids, with or without their father (who as of now has very little to do with the kids)

michelle on

Sperm does not a father make. It’s obvious that Daniel’s only interest in his children is to hurt Kelly. And apparently she can see right through him. I hate that she gets criticized and he becomes the “poor left-out father”.

Unless you lived in the same house with Kelly and Daniel, you have no idea what happened. We also don’t know the true story between her and Carlos either. Maybe his paralysis made him a different person – not the man she fell in love with. Maybe he was angry and verbally abusive. Maybe not, maybe she’s just a cold hearted witch, but the truth is YOU DON’T KNOW!

Leni on

The kids are very pretty – the way she keeps badmouthing their father not so much. My parents got separated two years ago and my mother still tells me that sort of stuff and it really bothers me. Besides, you do not talk about money-issues in public and the way she talks about their college education funds makes it sound like their millionaire-father would never support them for college, ever… I mean come on!

When I started reading I figured by the pictures that it was about her children and I was hoping to hear stuff like how the boy is adjusting to being a big brother and if the baby is a good sleeper or stuff like that. But the whole deal is 90 percent Kelly and 10 percent kids. Very classy I must say, to use your kids to get people interested in the article and then lash out at their father.

Now I don´t know the father and like in any divorce I am sure he has made his fair share of mistakes and probably wasn´t so nice to her in the end, estranged couples never are.
But what really gets me (from my German/European point of view) is that if he is still a German citizen (which of course I don´t know) he really is absolutely disadvantaged in getting a fair custoy ruling. The children are American, the mother is American, the court is American…. not good for the European parent at all. I have heard of too many cases where the children actually wanted to be with the European parent but custody was pretty much given to the American parent because it was an American court.
So I guess whenever I read about their legal issues it just makes me uncomfortable to know that – regardless of what went on behind closed doors – that man is probably being in the disadvantage enough as it is….

Allie-Rose on

While the children are cute and I wish them all the best in life, I’m afraid I have no sympathy for Kelly. Her divorce is something that, in my opinion, should be dealt privately, for the children’s sake. The way I look at it, she wants the world to pity her and hate her ex-husband. Sorry, but I don’t. Except for when Helena was born and he said he wasn’t notified until well after she was born (and even then, I think it was only one interview, to People), I can’t remember Daniel Giersch whining to any magazine about the situation, so from that point of view, he has my respect. Kelly doesn’t.

Jo on

I think that what Kelly is doing is really awful.
She needs to stop talking now. She is doing these sort of interviews solely to get sympathy (and from some of the comments I can see this is working). We have not heard her husband’s side of things so to take what she is saying as fact is just plain wrong.
My parents split when I was a child. I never saw them disagree and they did their very best to try and get along. I asked my mum about it years later and she said it was SO hard not to want to say bad things about my dad, but she bit her tounge, as she knew that by saying nasty things she was insulting someone I loved dearly.

Alex on

While there is an element of not airing your dirty laundry in public, this seems to be a family set up that has gone beyond that now. Hopefully there will come a time when it doesn’t have to be this way, but who knows.

I loved the interview and I do have a soft spot for Kelly. I find (and obviously this is just my own opinion) her to be the more trustworthy and gentle one of the former couple and from what I see she is doing a fantastic job with her babies, in the most adverse of circumstances. My opinion of Daniel went seriously downhill when I read that bit about wanting to keep Hermes in California, since Helena will clearly be going with Kelly to New York (breastfeeding etc). I don’t know the ins and outs of the whole situation, but I do believe the children should be kept together if at all possible.

And for what it’s worth, I certainly do not think that Kelly should automatically get the children just because she is the mother. While two parents is optimum for any child, some of the happiest and wellrounded people I know were raised by single parents, and that goes for those who were raised by mum and those who were raised by dad. The gender of the parent doing the bulk of the childcare matters for nothing, as long as the children are with the best person.

SAR on

Those are lovely pictures, all the more so because Kelly has yet to lose all her pregnancy weight, and she’s not trying to hide it. Not many famous new moms would allow that — they’d insist on their extra weight being disguised and hidden by any means necessary.

For those who say she’s badmouthing her soon-to-be-ex-husband, it seems to me that she’s actually trying to be as diplomatic as possible, considering the obvious ugliness of their split. Also, I noticed that he is trying to prevent her from taking Hermés to NYC, and only Hermés, as if Helena didn’t exist.

I gotta say it. on

To me it sounds like she got exactly what she wanted, kids and that is it. I think she used him to get spermenated, and then dumped him after the job was finished. I mean she was getting a little old right, kids might not have been in the cards for very much longer. I know it’s harsh, but i think yes just used him to have kids. Sorry

Jennifer None on

I’m glad to hear she’s doing really well after having her baby girl. That is a true blessing. However, discussing private details between her and her soon to be ex to the media is counter productive. The two of them are just going to go back and forth bickering while the media takes advantage of it. Meanwhile the kids lose in the end because all the dirty laundry between their parents will be waiting for them to read when their old enough. At least one of them needs to take the high road and stop participating in the public display of bickering.

Shannon on

While I fully agree that her ex husband should not have been in the room for labor and delivery, I see no reason why he should not have been at the hospital. Especially considering that they had previously agreed that she would contact him when she went into labor for that very reason! I used to have a lot of respect for her b/c of her stance on AP and breastfeeding, but now it’s all gone. She clearly has no cares at all about how her kids will feel about all this someday, she doesn’t care at all that her ex very much wants to be in her kids’ lives. It’s her way or nothing in this situation, and the fact that she is using the media to portray herself as the victim here is horrible. Every time she opens her mouth, she rips her ex up and plays the “poor me” card. I don’t think I’ve seen a single thing from her ex himself telling the media she’s a bad person. She needs to stop it. Now.

Colleen on

I dont think she is “bad mouthing” him. I think she is defending herself with the fact that her ex-husband is the one who went public with “She wouldnt let me go in the delivery room” and “I dont want my kid going to NYC and this is how he needs to be potty trained” etc. I mean, come on! He is mouthing off about such little things, and if she is the one who is waking up in the middle of the night with 2 babies ALONE and going home to those children ALONE and doing all the hard work ALONE,then leave her alone! Moms, dont forget his HARD the first year is and emergency room trips when things happen…cut her some slack since he is obviously a pain in her end.

skunknuggets on

If I were divorcing my DH, I wouldn’t want him in the room when the baby is born. I see nothing wrong with that. If it were an amicable split, then maybe but it sounds like this is not an amicable split. Why add such stress to a beautiful moment?

martina on

To read some of the comments, you’d think Daniel is an innocent bystander. If I am remembering correctly, he had a problem with Kelly breastfeeding Hermes after 1 y.o., and was forcing potty training. I lived through a similar situation: my mother-in-law was aggressively & vocally against me breastfeeding a 1 year old. She thought it was disgusting. My husband took a “neutral” position, which almost led to our divorce. If it were the only issue in their marriage, it would be a VERY painful one for the mother. So maybe, just maybe Kelly suffered some serious hurt in this marriage. Maybe it was enough not to want her ex at the hospital during the birthing process.

Angel on

I think that hashing out your marital problems in a magazine probably isn’t good for the kids and it is also my opinion that she is totally wrong to do so. I’m sure she gave this interview to get people to see her side of things but giving interviews like this definitely sways me to her husband’s side. She should have let the man be there for the birth of his child. If not in the room, at least in the hospital. He should have been able to see immediately the baby he helped create. She didn’t do it alone, you know. It’s his kid, too. And by the way, spending a kid’s college fund who is only a month old – what a totally ridiculous statement. I’m fairly certain she can get that college fund back up there before it’s time for them to go off to school in 16-18 years, especially if she already had it in place before they were even born. To hear her complain about college funds in these hard economic times when people are losing homes shows a very spoiled attitude. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her.

Her kids are absolutely beautiful though.

babyboopie on

Helena is beautiful, and all I can say about this interview, is that while I completely understand her emotions and desire to tell the world her side of the story, it is best to keep a dignified silence about it all for Hermes and Helena’s sake- like Bridget Moyahan when she had her son.

kayleesmom on

Um, Colleen. Did you forget about the whole custody battle? Daniel was given custody of Hermes. So who’s “alone” now?

JMO on

I gotta say it –

I gotta agree. I thought the same thing when she said that things were fallen apart while Hermes was a baby then she found out she was pregnant again and thought this time it could work. Doesn’t anyone know that babies do not fix your problems nor should they be made to! Seems like she wanted kids. Maybe hubby #1 couldn’t do it for her so she found hubby #2 then when she got what she wanted (i.e. kids) then it was time to say goodbye. That’s all well and good but you invested a relationship with a man who has rights to his kids. If you wanted to just be a mom and a sinle one at that go to a sperm bank and do what you need to do. IDK all seems fishy to me.

Hannah on

She comes across as a very selfish, rather immature person, at least in this interview. I feel sorry for the poor kids, they are the real losers in this situation… ‘Is this really best for the kids?’ she asks; call me crazy, but is publicly thrashing and blackmailing the father of your children really best for the kids?! Not where I come from!
Also, if my partner was trying to take my kids away from me for long periods, I’d step in and if it had to go to court, so be it. The children are not her property, they are equally her estranged husband’s kids.
She sounds like she may need to talk with someone, anger management counselling, perhaps.
It’s such a shame that the parents cannot be graceful and civil, at least, towards each other and put those cute little kiddies first!

aroundtheywaygirl on

I like Kelly and have no problem with her stating her side. I’m sure there is plenty Kelly is not saying about Daniel. And Daniel is not innocent. He runs to the tabloids complaining about not being notified about the birth, which I don’t believe for a second, with Kelly in recovery not able to defend herself. I find fault on both sides. But I side with Kelly because I’ve come across men like Daniel in my line of work all the time. They act like butter won’t melt in their mouths but they are cruel manipulators.

As for Kelly’s first husband I believe he was very verbally abusive towards her. The fact that he had a stroke doesn’t suddenly make him sympathetic. That is the part Kelly didn’t tell but there were people who knew about it. She probably would have divorced him sooner if he had not had the stroke. I consider verbal abuse just as harmful as physical abuse.

aroundtheywaygirl on

The little girl is beautiful just like her name. I see a lot of Kelly in her, but babies change so much, she’ll probably look completely different in a few months time.

Colleen on


I dont care who got custody but all I am saying is that she is not the only one who is backlashing against the other parent! When did he get custody of Hermes? I remember her being granted custody to take him to NYC to film the show and afterwards when she got back home up till she delivered her daughter.

kris on

SAR – I think he can’t stop her from taking the baby because Kelly is breastfeeding.

They both should stop talking to the media and defer to their lawyers for any statements that have to be made. It was obviously not an ideal marriage. If they have any shot of making their post marriage life any easier less publicity would probably be best for all concerned.

Misti on

Some of you are ridiculous! It is not your place to judge her. If she wants to talk about her business, that’s her business. I’m sure when emotions are involved none of you have always said the perfect things. Grow up with all your disrepect!

Kerri on

Absolutely in poor taste. And now, if Helena ever looks at the article where the first pictures of her were shown to the world, she’ll read her mother bashing her father. Charming.

Helena is gorgeous, as is her name. It’s really a shame she was born into these circumstances.

agent58 on

As long as she is a good mother to her childern, what is the problem.

Kerri on

Misti – She’s perfectly justified in stating her side to a magazine. And we’re perfectly justified in having an opinion about it. Also, I doubt most of us have run ours mouths off in a magazine article… Sure, we all say stupid things sometimes, but that situation requires a little discretion, don’t you think? We’re not talking a stray comment or two…the majority of the article is about him.

Also, I’m completely in support of the decision not to have him present for the birth…that’s 100% her call. I do think he should have been at the hospital, or notified immediately.

That said, he doesn’t sound like the perfect parent, either. The point is that badmouthing the other publicly isn’t the right thing to do for the children. Also, can’t evidence of one parent badmouthing the other be used negatively against her in a custody battle?

Jen DC on

This doesn’t feel appropriate to me. Having been raised by a single mom with a total heel of a father, I’m glad my mother MADE ME call my father, encouraged a relationship with his other children and in the end, let me come to my own conclusions about his behavior toward her and toward me. As it turns out, Dad’s a heel and always will be. But it was better for me to have seen it on my own without having to (a) watch my mother play the victim card while (b) simultaneously ripping him to shreds in public. It’s not appropriate, whether she’s entitled to give her opinion (which she is) or not.

It’s difficult to for a child to learn to respect a parental figure if your main parental figure is constantly denigrating that person. Yes, they are infants now, but this attitude and grudge she bears against her soon-to-be-ex but exhibit itself whenever she has to hand Hermés over for visitation… She just needs to settle it within herself and move on for those kids’ sakes.

Moore on

I’m beginning to dislike these two supposed adults. I really don’t think it’s appropriate to speak of your ex-husband(or the ex to speak of the ex-wife) in this way to a magazine when you are introducing your child to the world. I can see her talking about being a single mom, her pregnancy and how she’s raising her children but this is too much. There is no way she’ll be able to show this to her children when she’s clearly badmouthing the father in the article.
This couple needs therapy for the sake of their children and then maybe after that they’ll keep their business out of the media.

Anon on

“As long as she is a good mother to her childern, what is the problem.”

I don’t think what she’s doing is being a good mother. The way she handles her divorce is going to impact her kids. Especially because its being documented and its going to be around FOREVER. Vh1 has this show “messiest celeb divorces” how would it feel if Hermes and Helenas parents ended up on there and they saw it??

Like others said, if dads that big of a tool the kids will realize in time.

melissa on

First of all i did not read any where in the article when she went into labor..and if it was a fast labor lets be honest some folks go fast and the partners they like arent able to make it.. 2nd of all if she did not want him in the birth room with her.. HER choice.. that is a very intense, personal thing going on there and why in the holy heck would you want him in there.. you want those that are going to be supportive..dont think that would have happened with her ex.. and as for her airing dirty laundry i truly dont think she said anything that bad.. and she is right..going back to court again and again does cost money, lots of money.. and just think she has 18 more years where this is a probability…
really enjoyed the family pictures!!

hkdiaz on

I completely understand why she didn’t want him in the delivery room and also even the hospital. He doesn’t sound like a calm person, so she was probably afraid he would make a scene at the hospital-yelling, screaming, demanding to be let in, throwing things (which he apparently likes to do). And, by the way, Helena is adorable!

Ivey on

It sounds like she knew it wasn’t going to work out, was about to turn 40 so took advantage and got pregnant, and then high tailed it out of there.

Its like Charlie and Denise all over again, the one thing that really bothers me about this interview is her saying she will work hard at being a single parent when she should be saying, she will work hard to be a co-parent.

Terri on

The entire family is just gorgeous. I just love the second pics. Beautiful ladies there! I wish Kelly the best in raising her kids as peacefully and lovingly as possible. They certainly deserve it.

Sarah M. on

Bad-mouthing the other parent isn’t a good idea. I’m now 26, and my parents divorced when I was 4. My DAD got custody of us. (A rarity in America.) We were always given the choice on whether/when we could go see her. My dad is now raising my MOM’S son from a very brief marriage that she had after they divorced. (I met him a total of 1 time, and that was the day of their wedding. To her credit, he was abusive and had a drug problem, so she is better off without him.) Otherwise, my youngest brother would be in foster care and we’d probably never see him again. Why? Because my mother is the way she is and called the cops on a 5 year old because she couldn’t handle him! Landing him in the mental ward at the hospital for a few days, then foster care for a year!! My dad never bad-mouthed her in front of us, but when we were old enough to realize how she was and mentioned it to him, he told us where he stood on the subject. He didn’t lie to us, simply said what he thought her problems were and the problems that both of them made in their marriage. But he didn’t make either her or himself out to be a saint. My mother now lives 15 minutes from my house, yet I see her once every 3 months, or less, and talk to her maybe once every 2-3 months.

I think that both Kelly and Daniel made mistakes in their marriage. Neither is a saint, nor infallible. (There were reports that Daniel tried to take her to court over the fact that she was away from Hermes for over 3 hours, while she was giving birth to Helena. If they are true, does this make him sound wonderful??) But they BOTH need to grow up and act like the adults that their children need!!

mochababe73 on

I think that it’s unfortunate that Kelly feels like it’s okay for her children to be without their father. If they turned out to be screwed up, then she’ll blame him for not being around. She can’t have it both ways, and this entire article makes her appear to be selfish. If this woman wanted children to herself there are any number of ways that she could have achieved this-artificial insemination, adoption, surrogate. Everyone must remember that SHE chose this man and HE chose this woman to be the parent of their children. They are going to be bound together for life. People need to think about this BEFORE making vows and making babies. The father should get these children away from this selfish woman as soon as possible. I can’t even bring myself to call her a mother. In a world where some men shirk their responsibilities, here’s one that wants to be with his children. Kelly should be embarassed by this write up.

Hea on

She gets no respect from me after this. What did she expect? You do not talk negatively about your childrens father like that in public. Certainly not for pr or to get people on your side. It’s so much worse than gossiping. It’s cheap.

The children are beautiful and they’ve created them together. Like it or not, Kelly.

Kasee on

I tend to agree with the people that say she knew things were ending so purposely got pregnant before they split. I mean, I understand they were trying to work things out, but if he is so volatile and they were already having disagreements about how to raise one child, how could she leave another pregnancy to chance if she saw a real possibility that her marriage could end in the near future? It’s called birth control, and she is certainly old enough to know how to use it.

Jax on

Mac, I sure as heck would not want the man that abused me in the same room as me when I deliver my baby, that is a complete violation to her body! IT IS HER BODY, he has NO RIGHT to be there when the child is born. I am glad that she is pursuing this and trying to do what is best for her and her children. Her ex is only draining her for every penny, because he knows that he can afford the kids education, so she will have to go crawling back to him and ask him for money. I’m sorry, but if a man could treat his wife that way, then there is no doubt in my mind that he will miss treat those kids. He deserves to lose all privileges to the children. You can’t have it both ways and that is what the law needs to realize. Good for Kelly and I hope she sues him for all the legal fees he has made her pay. YOU ARE MY HERO KELLY!!!!

Jax on

A child doesn’t need both parents to be fully adjusted. If my parents had divorced when I was younger, my life would have been a whole lot easier! I am living proof that you don’t need a mom and a dad together to raise a family.

Grace on

I don’t want to read about these people anymore, CBB. I don’t want to see their photos, I don’t want to hear Rutherford’s catty little confidences, I don’t want to know about the ongoing court battles that are slowly but surely making their childrens’ lives horrible.

This is a family imploding, and there is absolutely no reason for them to be in the public eye OTHER than the coverage afforded by places like this blog. Now, I like this blog, and will obviously keep on reading. But right now I’d like CBB to take a good long look at whether it’s worth it right now to continue covering this trainwreck. Every post you write about it results in one more electronic record for these children to look up in a decade. Stop it.

Rach on

I can’t understand why anyone would defend her decisions concerning her husband and the baby’s birth. I understand not wanting him in the room with her, but where the hell has she been ? Has she never heard of a waiting room ????? It’s said that he had to wait until the morning to see his daughter.I really hope that they did call him to let him know that she was in labour at least and not what the media has been reporing (that Daniel saw the report on a blog or something and that is how he found out).I really find it petty of her to use the baby’s birth as a way to get back at him.

Brooke, lol I agree.But I guess Karma is gonna be a b..

I really find it disgusting that she can’t put her drama aside for her kids or at least to keep it private.And with her spewing all this stuff about single mothers ? I am so sure most of those single mothers would have loved to have an ex that still wanted to be a part of their child’s life.

Rach on

PS. And all this Kelly is a strong woman

My mother was badly abused by my biological father.From beatings to words to so much more. I think she is a very strong woman for being able to put aside her feelings and keep things civil between them for our sake.Trust me it was not easy. I think the way she handled things helped us to understand what she had went through and to sympathize with her.I remember my mom would even write him letters with our updates and send him pictures and stuff etc..or course he had no interest.

It takes a much stronger woman to put aside everything that was done/said to her and to keep things in touch and civil with your ex for the sake of your children.But that is one thing in life, it is so hard for people to stop their selfish desires and put someone else above their needs/feelings.

Daniel is no saint,but the both need to shut up and stop trying to score brownie points through the media..The kids are are going to eventually grow up and discover the powers of Google.

I agree with Grace,maybe we should petition not to hear about their devolving marriage.I would prefer just to hear about the children and their pics etc.I find it so odd of CBB to keep posting all these Kelly Rutherford things that are so on the negative.I don’t recall that you do it much with many other celebs.. or maybe is it because Kelly gave you guys the exclusive interview ?

Sarah M. on

To those that believe she only used Daniel to get pregnant, I don’t agree. No, she’s not a saint. But she’s not a she-devil, either. And the only 100% fool-proof form of contraception is abstinence. I’ve never been married, but I imaging that sex is part of trying to figure out if you can still make it work. Even if both parties use an accepted form of contraception, a pregnancy can still occur. I’ve heard so many stories from women who were on the pill and their husband always use a condom, and they get get pregnant anyways. It’s been known to happen before, and I’m sure it will probably happen again.

Brandi on

Helena is gorgeous and I do think she looks like her brother, just a darker version.

Grace and Rach I would like to address your points. (just delete if this is inappropriate mods.) As someone who works in web media, I can tell you that this same story is posted in numerous places on the internet. When magazines provide exclusive photos like this they usually come with some kind of note or a story that is expected to be posted alongside the images. That is the agreement made in exchange for being allowed to post the photos. I would assume that is the case here since the story is the same on most sites. For the most part, I had noticed celebrity babies avoided coverage of the divorce/custody hearings during Kelly’s pregnancy and was a little disappointed because I wanted to talk about it, so I was surprised to see this here too. Again I think it is because there is an agreement that comes with being able to use the photos.

Secondly I would wager to say it is completely worth their while to continuing covering this family. Look at the number of comments on this post. That shows me that people are interested and in web media, the more people click on a post means more views, more money, more traffic. It’s a sad situation but from my point of view MORE coverage would actually be beneficial to the site. Of course I hope they do not and will continue to be respectful of the children, but those are my thoughts from a business angle.

Sorry to be such a windbag, that turned out much longer than I intended it to be. Anyway, the children are beautiful and that’s all I have to say about that!!

Kasee on

Sarah M., I understand what you are saying, and it could have been an accident despite precautions. However, Kelly was married before and managed not to have a child until the age of 37. I do understand that working on a marriage involves sex, but I stand by my statement that if my husband was in ANY way abusive or showed signs that he could be, I think I’d be extra careful in the procreation department.

Sarah M. on

Kasee – I do agree with you in that if there is ANY sign of abuse or a potential of it, I too would be more careful in that area. As to her previous husband, may they wanted children and he was unable to have children. Or they were unable to together. If that was the case, maybe her not having a child by 37 wasn’t for lack of trying! (I don’t know anything about her first marriage, so I’m just guessing.)

I’m not going to pretend like I know the intimate details of her life. I don’t. None of us do. But I know that with relations, people think that they can change the other, if they just try hard enough. Even though he may have showed signs that he was/could be abusive, maybe she still held out some hope that he would change for her. Maybe he had shown small steps to making said change, so she figured she was safe. Then was proven wrong. I’m really not pro-Kelly. I haven’t seen much of her stuff, I can just place her name with her face. I’m just trying to throw out different scenarios for consideration!!

CelebBabyLover on

mochababe- So you would really take a newborn, breastfeeding baby away from her mother? A newborn should not be removed from his/her mother’s care unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as the mother being abusive toward the baby, the mother being too ill to care for the baby, or the mother not being medically stable enough to care for the baby (by that I mean being like, for example, Britney Spears during her downward spiral).

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- I agree. We really shouldn’t automatically assume that Kelly and her first husband didn’t want kids. For all we know, Kelly’s first husband was infertile, or maybe their, um, let’s just say “baby-making materials” just weren’t compatible. Believe it or not, that DOES happen occasionally. Sometimes, for example, although it is fairly rare, a woman developes an allergy to their partner’s, uh, baby-making material secreations (please note: I am not in anyway a prude or afraid to use correct biological terms. I am simply trying to be careful to keep things PG-rated, since this is, after all, a family site that we’re on! :)).

Usually that also means the couple can’t have children together (due, I’m guessing, to the fact that the woman’s body basically rejects the man’s “baby-making contribution”.).

Anyway, basically, Kelly and her first husband could have been trying like crazy for a baby, but were unable to concieve. I think what Sarah M. is trying to say that we weren’t in Kelly’s bedroom during her first marriage, and we weren’t there during her secound. Thus, we should give her the benefit of the doubt as far as concieving Helena despite having problems with Daniel is concerned (since, for all we know, it could have been an accident despite precautions).🙂

CelebBabyLover on

aroundthewaygirl- I couldn’t have said it better myself! At the end of the day, Kelly and Daniel BOTH need to start acting like adults about their divorce!

Sarah M. on

Thanks, celebbabylover, for phrasing it another way. I was having a hard time coming up with the words to match my thoughts!

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- No prob!🙂

KimberlyL on

Regarding taking extra precautions to prevent conception, I was under the impression that she was still breast-feeding her son at the time and therefore may have assumed she couldn’t conceive thus accounting for no adequate preventative measures.

Kasee on

Sarah M.and CelebBabyLover, I don’t think that you are wrong; there could have been extenuating circumstances and we don’t know the details of her life. I guess my problem with Kelly is that she doesn’t appear to want to take any responsibility for the situation that she is in. I’m not saying someone should take responsibility for being abused (if she was) but as others have said, she did choose him to be the father of her children, twice. She seems to come off as like, oh my goodness I have no idea how this happened.

Patricia on

I love that Kelly is seen like a real new moomy, full tummy and all and still (seemingly) in maternity clothes. It’s refereshing : ) However, I do sort of find it deeply disturbing that she is airing all of her and her ex’s dirty laundry in a trashy gossip mag! I mean, for all his faults, even Daniel didn’t sink to those levels. I don’t understand her reasoning for this. I mean, is doing THAT good for her children? I don’t think so. It all just seems very hypocritical to me.

Moore on

Kasee, I agree but I’d take it a little further than that. If my husband was abusive to me in any way as some people say this one was (but not enough to divorce right then for some reason) there would be no sex. There would have to be no doubt in my mind that our relationship was more than ok because I would not want to take the chance of bringing another child into that relationship.

Regarding her first husband, they were married after eight months and 3 months later he was hospitalized. She supposedly left him not long after. They may have tried for children but after reading about her first husband I do wonder if children were among the reasons why she left. She didn’t seem to wait around very long.

Rach on

Brandi- no windbag at all !! Thank you for that insight and info.

CelebBabyLover on

Tina- The colostrum comes in regardless of if you’ve still bfing your older children or not. That’s why a lot of children self-wean during their mother’s pregnancy.

Moore- Supposedly, Kelly’s first husband was very verbally abusive towards her. She never mentioned it, but other people have.

shimmer on

cute kids! Helena looks just like her daddy

Grace on

Hi Brandi,

I’m in web publishing too, and I totally get the bottom line. I know that posts like this increase traffic and pageviews, and that there are strings attached to images. What I’m getting at here is that there’s an ethical component to this particular situation that I’d like CBB to take a closer look at.

Of course it’s profitable to continue posting Rutherford-Giersch content, but the comments we’ve been seeing are very much the same on each subsequent post (there are only so many positions to take in this issue). But ethically, is it really worthwhile to continue affording coverage to this family? Rutherford is a B-list celebrity on a cable TV show; Giersch is a somewhat obscure businessman. Neither have a particularly fervent fansbase that CBB would alienate by limiting postings. At this point, the ONLY true draw for an audience is “watch these people implode”.

I’d argue that once the coverage slips into covering a nasty divorce and custody case, and the comments are just rehashed discussions, then it’s time to take a second look at the content that isn’t quite so marketing-related. Truly, does the public need to know about the details of this divorce? Is public scrutiny benefiting the situation in any way? And as an unfortunately always-last note, could this coverage do more harm than good in the long run?

I’d argue that CBB has exhausted coverage of Rutherford-Giersch. Yes, maybe it sacrifices a little advertising revenue, but it also prevents CBB from being associated with an exploitative custody dispute that is CLEARLY being carried out in the press with great intent. I’d say CBB should stop being a willing aide in that action — this is supposedly a blog about babies, not the horrible vindictive ways their parents leverage them.

And if CBB can’t shake the habit totally, then maybe limit to one R-G posting every month or so. But at the moment, I’m not sure the paltry pageview income is worth the icky feeling that CBB is turning trashy tabloid and increasing hardship for these two children.

CelebBabyLover on

Grace- Are you suggesting that CBB not cover the Rutherford-Giersch family at all? Or that they don’t post anything about the divorce (i.e., pictures of the kids would still be okay)? Personally, I still want to see pictures of the kids. However, I do agree that we could do without articles about the divorce.

In CBB’s defense, however, they have actually been very good about not posting about the divorce. This is actually the first extensive article they’ve posted about the divorce. Other than that, they have been sticking to just posting photos of Hermes, Kelly when she was pregnant, and now this introductry photoshoot of Helena. They also, obviously, posted Helena’s birth announcement. They DID mention that Daniel claimed he wasn’t invited to the hospital to see Helena, but I think that was because it obviously involved Helena.

They have not, however, done posts about the various custody issues and such that Kelly and Daniel have gone to court with (the only time any of those have been mentioned are in posts of photos of Kelly going to court dates when she was still pregnant with Helena).

Anyway, I CBB continues to post photos of Hermes and Helena. Speaking of which, I still haven’t commented on this actual photoshoot! Helena is an adorable, dark-haired beauty, and I love how proud Hermes looks to be a big brother!

Grace on

I’d try to cut back on the kids a lot. Some of the issue was pictures of Rutherford pregnant, which often involved some mention of the court cases, so some of that will have eased off. But generally, yeah, I’d say that CBB could ease off from showing 95% of this family.

Babies are cute, I get it, but these kids could do with a lot less attention than they’re getting right now. There are plenty of children in more stable families that could be shown… and that’s not shunning kids from unstable houses in any way, mind you. It’s just saying that the parents have so obviously seized upon the idea of tabloid warfare USING those children, and so I feel that we’re in a “fruit of the poisoned tree” situation. When I see a photo of one of the kids, I’m immediately reminded that this is likely some sort of custody publicity bonanza. Printing those photos encourages the parents (unfortunately, I’m mainly talking about Kelly here) to continue giving badmouth interviews.

I like CBB, obviously, but it occupies a somewhat precarious place in media — it’s about children, who are typically protected from public scrutiny, and has been known in the past to stop posting photos at the request of the child’s parents. On the flip side, CBB post photos sent in by celeb parents who aren’t in the paparazzi crosshairs. And now, with Rutherford-Geirsch, I think CBB has to take stock of their particular place in the media stratosphere and maybe choose the side of being a little protectionist towards these kids. (Yes, even though their parent is the one thrusting them into the limelight.)

It’s not the most lucrative business choice, I know, but I honestly am starting to feel like any media covering the R-G supernova is just contributing to the heat, and as an extension, so are all of us who consume the reportage. CBB is in a position to have morals and ethics. I think they’d be a good idea here.

Daisy on

What a beautiful baby girl and such a lovely name.

Sarah M. on

I can’t decide if I want CBB to stop posting this family or not. On the one hand, I LOVE seeing pictures of cute kids! On the other hand, it seems like even if the post is just about the kids, a debate about the divorce is started, anyways. And, quite frankly, I’m sick to death of all of the bickering back and forth on here!! (I do join some debates. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I really need to just stop looking at the comment section for some families. Sometimes, though, I have a question that I’m curious about and have to read through the same debate for the upteenth time, sometimes without even get my answer!) It just gets old after a while!

Pamela on

Shouldn’t she be holding the baby’s head in the third picture?

CelebBabyLover on

Pamela- I’m guessing someone behind the scenes was supporting Helena’s head in that picture, and that person’s arm just got photoshopped out of the photo.🙂

veronica on

what a cutie!!!:) Hermés with blonde hair like mommy,and Helena with black hair like daddy’s…cute cute cute

Carol on

I don’t think she refused to allow her ex at her birth to be spiteful. Birth is very tough and the last thing you need at your side is someone who is angry at you. He should be allowed in the hospital, but while laboring, no way! Birth is very private and she should be able to choose anyone who makes her comfortable.

Matilda on

Carol, I think the problem is that he wasn’t just kept out of the delivery room, he was kept completely in the dark until he was notified by the media.

It’s two levels of unfortunate: one, I’m not sure it’s really that defensible to leave the father completely ignorant during the birth, and two, there was a court order in place that if she left Hermes alone for any amount of time, the father would be called as the secondary childcare.

It’s reasonable for the father to assume that he’d know one way or the other about the birth, because he’d get a call to look after his son, because there was a COURT ORDER. For that not to have taken place… Sigh.

CelebBabyLover on

Matilda- We don’t know for sure that Daniel found out about the birth through the media. That’s what he claimed, but he may not have been being truthful. You are right about the court order, but again, we don’t know all the details of what really happened.

Considering that there hasn’t yet been any attempt by Daniel to take Kelly to court over violating the court order, I’m willing to bet that they actually had some sort of plan in place as far as watching Hermes was concerned (some court orders can be modified on a case-by-case basis). Or maybe Daniel DID get called to watch Hermes, but again, wasn’t truthful in his comments.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

My goodness, that is one gorgeous baby girl!! I just can’t get over all that hair she’s got.

jade on

While I do think that in a divorce joint custody is the best option- if Kelly is concerned for her children’s safety then I think she has the right to seek sole custody of her children. She once said in an interview that her husband threw a laptop at her- while pregnant. She knows she made a mistake marrying him, but now she has 2 beautiful children and is doing her best to raise them and protect them. Kelly was the one giving birth so it was her choice to not have her husband there- even though he is the father, given the circumstances it was better for Kelly to not have him there so she could relax and focus on giving birth. So stop bashing Kelly because I think it is very admirable the way she handles the situation- sure it is tough but she always has a smile on her face and focuses on what is most important- her 2 lovely children.

jade on

I’m suprised how everyone is so against Kelly. She is saying that her husband is abusive and not a good father- just someone greedy who is out to get her. He probably just married her for her money. She is smart to seek sole custody and raise her kids alone and protect them from someone who sounds like an abusive and angry person.I don’t know both sides but I believe Kelly and what from I have read that Daniel said, he doesn’t have his kids best intrests at heart. I mean seriously- who throws a conputer at their pregnant wife? I think it took a lot of courage for Kelly to leave her husband while pregnant- and she even said she was scared. It sounds to me like she married a very bad man and now she is trying to distance herself and her kids from him.

april25org on

What the GOSSIP GIRL doesn’t want you to know.
She re-started breastfeeding her son at 3 to keep him from his father.
Made false allegations to state department to have his Visa revoked—it worked that’s why children are with dad in Europe. She has been court ordered to co-operate in him getting his Visa back.
Refused to place the father’s name on birth certificate.
Has been admonished numerous times by different judges to STOP interfering with relationship between the father of their children.
It’s unbelievable what this woman is doing. It is always in the best interest of the child to be allowed to have a loving relationship with BOTH parents barring any real abuse. But if one parent is willing to share and not interfere with that relationship while the other parent is hell-bent on removing the other parent from the child’s life, whom do you believe should have primary custody? In this case Kelly Rutherford willfully continued to interfere with the custodial time of her ex-husband, made wild, false allegations, and was admonished time and again, yet continued to attempt to severe the relationship between her ex and their children.
This Gossip Girl doesn’t want anyone to talk about how it was she who was trying like hell to remove the father from her children’s lives and got caught.
A judge actually got a case of alienation right!
It is her doing that caused her ex to unjustifiably have his visa revoked. Miss Rutherford has been ordered to help her ex get his visa back, in the meantime– since she is at fault for him not being allowed back in the US, AND… she fails to encourage and facilitate a relationship between her children and their father– a couple of courts have ruled that the children will temporarily reside in France half of the time. In any case, Kelly has 50/50 custody and he pays for her airfare, car, and housing while she is with overseas. They also travel to the US to stay with her. She sees her children all the time… but so does the father and Kelly has a problem with that.
This is not the first time Kelly Rutherford’s pathology has reared its ugly face, A few years ago she married a wealthy banker, Carlos Tarajano, and left him shortly after he became severely ill with a failing heart condition. Their marriage was covered by Glamour magazine in an upcoming issue, but Kelly had already left Tarajano. The ill and heartbroken groom informed the fashion magazine that Kelly had filed for divorce, however when the magazine contacted Miss Rutherford, she insisted that they run the piece on her fairy tale wedding (please include the pictures of me in my fabulous wedding gown) and assured the editors that the marriage was intact. Glamour ran the piece, Kelly Rutherford divorced the ill banker shortly after and Carlos Tarajano died a few weeks later.
Now Miss Rutherford is making the rounds on Talk Shows crying crocodile tears about how “unpatriotic” it is to deport “American” children and keep them away from their “primary” parent. The only thing that makes me more sick than her using her celebrity status and the media to promote her personal vindictive agenda is the way she uses her own children to get back at a man for divorcing her.
If Kelly Rutherford is a victim of anything, its Karma.


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