Simon Pegg and Wife Welcome a Daughter

07/07/2009 at 11:30 AM ET
Richard Young/Startraks

Wish granted! Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg — who went on record with his preference for a daughter — recently welcomed a baby girl with wife Maureen McCann, his rep confirms to CBB. She is the first child for the couple, who announced the pregnancy in February. Simon, 39, and Maureen will be staying mum on the details, he blogs.

“Hello all. As is being reported by various news sources (don’t know who told them, ‘cos it wasn’t us) we had a little girl last week. Name, weight, time, place etc all belong to us and we won’t be going out of our way to divulge them anytime soon. Rest assured, everyone is well.

Thanks for all your well wishes though, they are greatly appreciated.

Love, Simon”

— Missy

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s on

I’m not sure as to whether or not this comment will get deleted, but for celebrities who whinge about press intrusion because they sell photos of their children and in turn open the door to such press interest, take note from Simon, good on him for not opening his life up to the world!

Sophie on

I love Simon Pegg, Glad to hear that everyone is doing well- that’s all that is important anyway.

kai on

^^agreed. I loved how he said “it all belongs to us”, very sweet.


mc on

LOVE simon!!

Liv on

I love simon too! He is so funny. I’m glad he got his little girl:)

Sarah M. on

I like how he phrased it, also. That he appreciates our thoughts, but in the end has decided to focus on his families privacy.

I wish them all well with their new daughter!

Andy on

I just think that sounds rude. A simple ‘no comment’ would have sufficed when it came to name weight etc.

Sounds like it is more of an effort to keep this information away from the public, than it is to share it with them.

You don’t want to tell us the name of your child fine, but no need to sound like a butt hole in the process.

Bumbles on

I think the reason that he has said that is because he has probably been asked all of those details and as some celebrities release some details but not others he is clearing up the fact that he won’t be releasing anything. If he’d said ‘no comment’ he probably would have been accused of being rude. I love Simon’s TV programmes and his films but he has recently entered a whole new level of celebrity by being in hollywood movies and is probably try to keep some normality in his life. You never see him in tabloids in the UK and he probably wants to keep as normal a life as he can for his family.

traxie on

I’m not sure why but I have a real problem with C-listers like this guy who get all self-important about not letting the media and general public know their kids’ names etc.

If the biggest stars on the planet, like Brad and Angelina, can be forthcoming with their fanbase who help them keep earning their massive salaries … then I think people like Simon Pegg should show a bit more humility and accept that interest in these kinds of details are part of their life as public figures.

To be honest, I actually wonder if these comments were intended to generate attention rather than defuse it.

dee on

I don’t think he said anything rude, and it’s genuinely not any of our business. If I want to go see a Simon Pegg movie, I go b/c I think HE is funny, not b/c of the details I know about his family. Just b/c you paid $9.00 to see their films, doesn’t mean they need to tell you their social security number.

Jaclyn on

Traxie–why do you care if one ‘celebrity’ puts out details of their lives but others dont? Does the rest of the world need these details? No.

dj on

I like the way he worded his announcement, he said all the vital information is for the family. In other words it is noone’s business. If the family decides to sell or tell any information it is their personal biz.

Margot on

Traxie, that’s incredibly rude of you. How dare you insinuate that because Simon Pegg is better-known than the average Joe, he therefore has a duty to the public to divulge everything about his life? The baby is THEIR daughter, and if they don’t want to release the information, they should be pressured to. Yes, it’s nice to know that they had a little girl and all congratulations to them, but knowing her name and birthweight etc will not alter our lives in any way. In short, it’s none of our business unless they choose to share, and IT’S THEIR CHOICE. You don’t own celebrities, and you certainly don’t own their families – let Baby Pegg have the privacy she deserves.

dragon86 on

First off, he initially announced this on his blog, which he sort of takes as a more ‘personal’ approach to his fans. Funny how all the fans that follow him on there didn’t have a problem with him not divulging all these details. Let the guy (C-Lister? Please. This guy has way more talent than most of your ‘A-Listers combined) have his privacy for his family. HE chose this life; his daughter didn’t.