Potette: For Potty Training On The Go

07/07/2009 at 03:30 PM ET

The Potette ($10) and Potette Plus ($16) portable potties are a godsend. When you hear the call from a tiny voice in the back seat, just pull over. The folding potty is always at the ready. The “Plus” model also works as a toddler seat on an adult toilet.

Disposable liners, sort of like a plastic shopping bag with a maxi pad in the bottom, fit around the frame and go straight into the trash when you’re done. (I make sure it always has a liner in place so it’s ready to go.) Liner refills ($5/10) are available but I’ve heard of moms using disposable grocery bags with paper or paper towel inside.

Mine stays in the back of my SUV, but I’ve heard of parents taking it with them and offering it instead of public toilets. One friend’s child insisted on using only the “car potty” and seemed to enjoy the privacy of the garage. That’s a must-have item in my book!


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Monica on

Love this product!!! (Potette plus and bags) It’s a must for potty training. I use it everywhere!! We like to travel by car a lot and comes very handy, we sometimes don’t even stop the car, my daughter gets out of her carseat, sits, and then I make a knot on the bag and throw it out when we stop. My daughter potty trained at 22 months, she is now 36 months and still fits in it very well. Instead of diapers in my diaper bag, I now cary this. Also comes very handy in public restrooms.I love it so much that i’ve even given as a gift. Love the colors also!!!

Kristen on

I love this product! We take it everywhere! It has paid for itself many times over! I highly recommend it to every parent of potty training children!

Nicole on

Sure, this sounds like it could be a good idea, but I don’t think it’s so great when I’m at the playground with the girl I nanny and some random woman takes out their portable potty and puts in down right in front of where I’m sitting (even though the rest of the playground is empty), pulls her kid’s pants down and has them urinate in it. I just don’t think that’s appropriate.

Sarah on

I love this idea, but my sons would never go for it. They would be absolutely mortified to go potty anywhere besides a bathroom.

Anna on

I don’t feel like carrying around a potty. Just take the pants down and have the child go in the bushes.

Rebecca on

Monica, that is SO insanely dangerous to have your daughter get out of her carseat in a MOVING car because you’re too lazy to pull over. Some states will ticket you for an unrestrained toddler if a police officer sees it (or is reported by a concerned citizen!)

This item is so silly. I agree with Anna, just have the kid go in the bushes!

Laura on

I think the idea of pooping into a bag is gross… are they humans or dogs? HOw is that any better than just having the child poop in their diaper and then throwing that away?

I think the seat would be good for taking to a public bathroom seeing as how children have tiny bottoms and they would probably feel more comfortable on something of that size. But I don’t think I would use it with a child outside of a bathroom.

UggaMugga.com on

I like the idea of having a cover on public toilets and on shopping carts, but I’ve never purchased anything because I can’t get past the idea of then taking off the germ-ridden product and putting it in my bag or even in my car…yuck! Instead, I wipe down carts prior to putting my children in and I line the toilet seat and hold my children if need be. I wish there was an easier way, but I can’t think of one.

And Monica, unstrapping your child and having them go to the bathroom in a moving vehicle is the saddest, most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard! And I’d certainly call the police if I ever saw such a thing! Please, at least stop the car next time!!!

Carol M. on

Monica, I suppose it’s better than having them pee in a soda bottle, but not by much.

fireflye on

I love the idea of this product and just ordered it! My daughter is tiny and petite and has a tough time balancing on a toilet while reaching for toilet paper. I always help her when I’m with her, but sometimes she’s not with me. She’s also a thumb sucker and the thought of her putting her hands anywhere in a public bathroom when we’re traveling always makes me ill. We have a bunch of car trips coming up this summer and this sure would be handy on the road.

I had friends in college who got tickets for urinating in public. I try not to teach my kids to do things that will be illegal when they grow up, but that’s just me.

Thanks for the review!!

Nancy on

I actually used this product today! We were at a park and one bathroom was closed, another was too gross for words. So I pulled the Potette out, put the bag on and put my potty training son on (unless he’s with Daddy, peeing on a tree isn’t going to happen).

Sarah S on

peeing in the bushes??? Ha! Clearly you don’t have little girls…

Julie on

Or…..I could just put our $10 potty training potty in the back with a roll of small garbage bags and have the same thing without spending more money….hmmm…

Zoe's Mama on

I just used this product today at church for my daughter who is 20 months old and is doing very good potty training. Yes we went to the restroom in our own stall and used it. She was thrilled at the fact that Mommy had her own little potty in her bag because she thinks that the big potty “stinks”. I think we all have to do what works best for our little ones and not insult others. I am a germ-phobe too and I would rather have something that only she uses with her at all times until shes older and we can explore other options.

By the way it does come with its own sanitary carrying bag.

Suzanne Riffel on

Great product tip!

I am a HUGE fan of this product and recommend it to any potty-training parent. In my book, I strongly encourage going “cold-turkey” with diapers when you begin the training process, but this causes many an “emergency” when your child suddenly needs to go! The Potette is wonderful because it is small enough to fit in your purse or diaper bag. You’re NEVER away from a toilet when you’ve got one…and you’re much less likely to have a potty-training accident. In addition, the product is relatively inexpensive. You won’t go wrong with this purchase!

Suzanne Riffel, author of “The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers”