Paris Jackson Calls Michael ‘The Best Father You Can Ever Imagine’

07/07/2009 at 04:15 PM ET
Kevork Djansezian/Getty

As the star-studded tribute to the King of Pop concluded, Michael Jackson’s own children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris Katherine, 11, and Prince Michael II (Blanket), 7, took the stage during a group performance of “Heal the World.”

After the song, Paris gave an impromptu speech from the stage surrounded by the Jackson family.

“I just want to say ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine,” she said through tears. “And I just want to say I love him so much.”

Her aunt Janet Jackson then took her into her arms for a hug before the entire Jackson family left the stage, closing the service that lasted more than two hours.

The moving tribute was especially startling because it marked one of the first times Michael’s daughter has ever been heard publicly.

Source: PEOPLE

Click below to watch Paris’ moving words.

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Tia on


Katie on

I am still crying! His kids are beautiful, and I know that he is SO proud of them up there and has a big smile on his face.


That was truely touching moment. I can not imagine what they must be feeling at the moment.

mazzie on

the fact that his children seem so sweet, polite and good natured is just testament to what kind of man michael was, despite all the critics. i know some will disagree but paris could have done no greater thing for her father than to say what she did and what a beautiful girl she is. i hope that they are left to grow up surrounded by love and in good care now.

Anna on

It’s always tragic when a child has lost a parent, let alone the only parent they’ve known. While I don’t care for Mr. Jackson as an individual, my heart hurts for the pain his children are going through as they grieve.

I hope the media will respect a child’s right to a private life and leave them alone. When they are older and decide they want a life in the spotlight, that’s a different story. But at this time, it’s just intrusive to parade them around like a circus act.

Erin on

That was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.

Gemma on

Words cannot even describe how unbelievably moving this part of the ceremony was. What courage that little girl had to fight through her tears to share her words. Truly beautiful and magnificent. I’m still teary eyed!

JMO on

Ugh as a huge Janet and Michael fan this was hard for me to watch. I was completely fine until little Paris spoke. I really do hope this shuts up all the haters out there who ever doubted him as a father. Paris, Prince and Blanket all looked like wonderful well adjusted young children. I never doubted MJ as a wonderful father and humanitarian. The world lost a very special person whether you want to believe it or not. RIP Michael and my thoughts are with your family and friends during this difficult time.

Mia on

I watched the memorial and was honestly moved by the performances. Emotionally, I have to admit I couldn’t hold back the tears after Paris’ speech. It was very touching and showed just how much she and her brothers loved their Dad. I’m sure some people may not think it was ideal for her to speak but I think it showed bravery on her part and the Jackson family to allow her to speak and vocalize her feelings instead of holding them in. I’ll be praying for those children.

Delaina on

What courage it must have taken a young girl who has been kept out of the spotlight most of her life to step up to a microphone in front of 20,000 people (and gazillions on television and the internet, at her father’s memorial no less, and make such a heart-felt statement.
I can’t imagine….I’ve lost two fathers and never found that kind of courage in myself.
Whether you’re a fan of MJ as a whole, or just the music like me, those 3 kids lost their dad and sadly, I know from experience how bad that hurts. My thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

ericka on

That was the most heartbreaking part of the whole entire service. It took me right back too when I lost my sister. I totally felt for her…that consuming grief…where you can bearly get thru your words.

I’m so glad they have their family surrounding them during this difficult time.

I do believe he was a good father, no matter what the critics say. They seem well balanced and well behaved and they seemed to REALY, REALLY love their dad.

RIP Michael

daniela on

Paris finally brought me to tears!!! So heartbreaking!!!

I agree these children loved their father and seem very well adjusted, it must mean MJ did something right. I’m so sad that they will have to grow up without him…

Jan on

heartbreaking yes.. but for many reasons…. for all their lives MIchael jackson has bent over backwards to sheild those kids from the media.. and the first thing they do is pull them up on stage and parade them to the world..sometimes kids need to be protected from themselves, and in my opinion Paris should not have been let speak.
I doubt MJ would have been very happy with that..

and the kids lost their father a week ago.. they should not have to be put through that.. it was disturbing to me. but other then that is was a beautiful ceremony……

Nell on

I’d been crying on and off throughout the service, but I really lost it when Paris spoke. That love for a father, I know all too well. As a Daddy’s girl who lost her own father too soon, I know that pain all too well.

Blood or not, that man was their DADDY. The only father they ever knew. And clearly who we all may have seen was not who they saw. They saw a loving father. And that man is gone.

May God grant them the healing they will need. He will be missed.

Lola Marie on

She was so very brave…they all were😦

She made me cry so bad and seeing it again still does. Regardless of what people thought about him the three people that mattered most loved him with all their hearts and they are hurting so bad right now. I’m 25 and can’t imagine losing my parents and to have to go through this at 11 is heartbreaking.

God bless them!

Diana on

I was fine until this child spoke…dear God, she destroyed me. I can’t imagine losing a daddy so young…and she did call him ‘daddy’. It just hit home to me that this man was someone’s DADDY. He was a star to us, but to these people he was a brother, a son, an uncle, and a DADDY. I hope people are able to respect this and out of respect for his children, we’re able to keep it peaceful today. I really, really hope so.
RIP, MJ! My heart goes out to your babies…

JC on

I know Michael wanted to keep his children’s lives private and I really don’t think any of the Jackson’s expected her to say something they seemed surprised. She just wanted to share her feelings for her dad.

Lola Marie on

Jan that could be her way of coping. Maybe they wanted to go up there. Janet was going to speak but Paris implied that she wanted to first.

lexi on

it was beautiful what she said. although a few simple words, it was heartbreaking. i do agree, that Michael worked hard to keep them out of the spotlight, but I’m sure she wasn’t FORCED to do that. i think if my dad had died, i too would want to speak at his memorial. it was a really courageous and brave thing for her too. some people might be against it, but i think ultimately it was her decision.

Caitie on

Jan, she WANTED to speak. Janet was supposed to speak and Paris kept tugging on them because it was obviously important to her that she say something for her father. They even checked with her before they let her speak to make sure she wanted to really do it and as soon as it became too much, they got them right off the stage. It was one last thing she could do for her father, there’s no reason they should have denied her this request. It was something that she obviously felt she needed to do and I, quite frankly, am immensely proud of that little girl for speaking for her father like that. I’m sure he’d be proud of her too.

mazzie on

JAN as other people have said, i think it’s important the child is allowed to speak at her father’s memorial, to express her emotion instead of hold it within her. it is a fact of her life that her father was a superstar and thus his memorial was on this scale, he touched the lives of all the people in that room, so in a way it was a very traditional ceremony, inclusive of everyone. i don’t think they were paraded, i think it’s important they were part of the tribute and memorial to him. only time will tell what will become of them but they seem very well adjusted and beautifully mannered children.
just my opinion of course.

annie on

I am usually not an emotional person but when I saw her speak I was bawling! What a beautiful corageous and sweet girl,I cant imagine what those poor children are going through loosing their father.You can tell Michael Jackson was a great dad.

JMO on


I def. questioned that myself when I first saw it. I thought MJ spent years sheilding them as much as possible and now they’re all over tv. However you can hear Marlon say, “Janet wants to say something.” to which Janet replies, “Paris would like to speak!” Perhaps Paris asked to speak are you supposed to tell her no. Are you supposed to tell them they are not allowed to attend their fathers memorial? I highly doubt Katherine Jackson nor the rest of the family will parade them around town but I think MJ wanted them as children to experience as much of a childhood as they could and that’s why he always shielded them from the media. They’re not babies anymore and they are able to tell the family their wishes. So I can’t stand there and jump on them for allowing her to speak if that was her wish. MJ I am sure is proud of his daughter no matter what. And proud of his family for stepping in and taking care of them. Now is not the time to criticize.

Jeni on

@Jan but if you watch the video, you can see Paris asking to talk, it’s not that she was forced to speak, she wanted to say some words. And if the family were to tell her she couldn’t I think that would do more detriment to her. Of all the kids, ‘Blanket’ or Prince Michael II seemed the most uncomfortable in the ‘spotlight’ probably due to his age and how they’ve lived in private most of their lives. And of any of them he probably should have been kept away.

Whether it was the best thing, I don’t know. I was surprised that they were at the memorial and so present in it (the camera’s panned on them a few times and obviously at the end they were on stage), because they’ve been kept in private so much. I think part of it is that they wanted to show people that they do have a connection with these kids (You could see Paris clinging to and laying her head on her grandmother’s shoulder throughout the memorial. They do seem to be well brought up and well loved children. Hopefully things will work out the best for them.

First and foremost before all of these things being said, these children lost their father. And now that we’ve basically have had closure, I think these kids need to be left alone to deal with life without their father now.

Alex on

I’ve been crying since Brooke Shields stood up and spoke, but Paris will have me crying all night. What a beautiful, brave and eloquent little girl she is. Surely some will disagree with the children even being there, but I think the family did good this time, they did a nice thing letting her speak, she wanted to tell the world that Michael was a great daddy and I really hope the nasty people amongst the press and haters take notice of her. Those kids don’t deserve to see horrible things written about their father, people should respect his memory for them if nothing else.

I can’t stop thinking about that pretty little girl. Paris, I’m just in awe of her today. What a treasure she is and what a credit to her daddy. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her brothers, today and always.

Gemma on

Amen JMO.

Diana on

I agree Caitie, it definitely looked like she really wanted to say something and I’m proud she got to do what so many of us, as adults, would be terrified to do. I’m sure in the years to come she’ll be proud she was able to get up there and pay tribute to her father. Such a strong girl!

Alex on

I want to just add, I think what got me was probably similar to some of you. We’ve heard Michael called a lot of things by a lot of people. Some good and some not so good. But we’ve never heard someone stand up and call him daddy. That’s what hammered it home to me.

brannon on

Heartbreaking and obviously her choice as her brothers chose not to – beautiful children.

Alice on

It appears Blanket is holding a Michael Jackson doll up in front of his face. I only saw it sporadically at work as the streaming video kept freezing, but I did hear and see Paris at the end. What a sweet girl. I too though wondered how Michael would have felt to have his children up on stage and on TV in front of millions.

g!na on

I am completely in tears! I am so touched by little Paris’s speech! She showed so much courage to speak during her time of mourning! Michael loved his children no matter what anyone said! I’m glad Paris was able to tell the world how great a father he was! ♥

Lacey on

That moment was so heart-wrentching. I cryed through out the memorial but it that moment I lost all control of emotion that I had. I love Paris, for sticking up, in front of maybe billions of people and claiming the love that they all had for each other. Michael was a GREAT father! I think we will definetly see more of these children, especially since they’re growing up and they will pursue careers in the entertainment world. I wish Michael would have stayed alive long enough to see them turn into smart, wonderful adults, that he raised them to be.

JMO on

Not much of an Al Sharpton fan but the best quote of the day for me was when he addressed the children and said:

“There was nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with!”

Amen to that!

Kate on

In end whatever you may think of Michael Jackson whether he did this or that, it is obvious that he has left three children heartbroken and no matter what we think let’s give them the chance to mourn a father they obviously loved dearly.

L on

I swear that broke my heart…she looked so happy during the song & then when she spoke i started ballllling…despite what anyone may think about Michael he was a daddy to those children and nothing but normal..I hope people listen to what that little angel said & remember that. Beautiful children Michael, your memory will live on through them!
Thank you CBB for posting this…thank you!

RIP Michael, you will truly be missed!

Kelly on

I don’t care what the rumors say….they (the boys especially) look too much like their father to not be biologically his….and it doesn’t matter anyway, he was their father no matter what. What I fear is that the media will not leave them be, just as they did their father….

Lacey on

JMO-Yes! I love that part! Paris was the first to jump up in ovation.

Andrea_momof2 on

That was so heartbreaking. His poor babies!😦

eva on

All I hope is that these sweet and young children get to stay together and continue to live as a family after Michael Jackson’s loss.However gets custody of the kids must be a humane and loving person who can truly protect them and care for them above money and fame.

Mia on

Michael Jackson was loved very much by his friends, family, and fans, but I don’t think anyone can deny some of his media antics and such were very strange, and as someone mentioned in the broadcast “some of his decisions were questionable”. He was such an incredible entertainer, and nobody knows what really went on in his private life, and his media life was only a percentage of it,but I will say, I just thought the whole media broadcast of his memorial service was so over the top, and it was difficult to watch. I think it was beautiful that his daughter spoke, but I thought it was a bit forced. She was trying to give a heart felt speech and Janet is like “Speak up into the microphone”. The whole situation was very over the top, and very “public”, yet the kids were always shielded from the public up until his death. It’s like he can’t even rest in peace. It’s just a little ironic. I hope the kids can grow up to be well adjusted, and happy individuals while this whole thing blows over. There are biggest issues in the world, and every single article for the past 2 weeks on most News Programs (NBC, CNN, ABC..etc) are about Michael Jackson.

g!na on

Jan- I think it was healthy for Paris to speak.She wanted to do it and it helps heal the mourning process! I too spoke at my dad’s memorial. I too was like Paris, i fought back the tears but was courageous like her and i felt so much better to express myself about my dad! If Paris was meant to be denied to speak it could hurt her healing! I’m sure she felt proud of herself to let the world know what a great “daddy” michael was! Yes, it killed me to here her call him daddy! We never heard anyone call him that but his own childat his memorial! ♥ bless his beautiful children!

L on

Oh boo hoo Mia

Lola Marie on

Wow Mia…wow…

chantal on

Her words touch my heart

I lost my daddy too at her age and know how much i miss him how diffucult it must be for her
My father was a great fan of michael so im missing him alot at this time

my thoughts go out to those children and their family

parents and children don’t take each other for granted


take healing out of his songs I know i DO

Marina on

Is there anyone who still thinks that Michael was a bad person? In mi opinion he was the sweetest man in the world and what Paris did today was the best proof. What a wonderful girl! I can imagine Michael smiling at her words from heaven.

Anon on

I think its cool Paris got to speak. She’s a beautiful little girl and I wish her the very best.

chantal on

i think those kids should be with Janet jackson i think she would be a great caregiver for those lovely kids

Alice on

I think it’s great that she spoke.

First, for herself, because she asked for it, it means obviously she needed it, she wanted it.
Maybe Michael was hiding his kids, but at some point they would have stopped wearing masks, and I think now they are old enough to deal with the outside world (especially with so much family around to protect and love them) and taking part in their father’s memorial cannot be denied to them. They’re the people closest to him, they should not be kept away.

I think it was also a great present Paris gave Michael today, because as much as he loved them, as much as he told so, you can’t deny he was special, he wasn’t living like everyone. And so, even if I never assumed anything good or bad about his parenting, I wouldn’t blame people who were worried about the kids due to both the mystery around them and his personality. To see them at the memorial, and to see Paris speak shows everyone that yes, they seem to be well adjusted kids, and yes, they felt loved and happy with him. No one has ever spoken of Michael Jackson as Daddy and Paris set the record straight as to who he really was.

Dia on

that part was so beautiful. Paris was the first to jump up in ovation!!

And i saw the video and she was not forced to talk. She just wanted to show the world how much she loves her dad and how much she will miss him.
Regardless of what people thought about him he was a good dad coz if he wasnt this three kids wouldnt loved him with all their hearts like they showed today.
And Paris would never said that about him.

Almost 3 years my grandmother died and it was so hard for me that I broke down and they had bring away from the funeral.
And this is their dad so it must have been so hard for them.

In the dutch media the claimt the kids couldnt be his coz of how white the are well i have seen alot of mixed children on CBB who look more white then black. DNA is a weird thing;)

Lola Marie on

Smiling down on her with his gorgeous sweet shy smile😦

As an artist and I loved him no matter!

Anon on

“heartbreaking yes.. but for many reasons…. for all their lives MIchael jackson has bent over backwards to sheild those kids from the media.. and the first thing they do is pull them up on stage and parade them to the world..sometimes kids need to be protected from themselves, and in my opinion Paris should not have been let speak.
I doubt MJ would have been very happy with that.. ”

This thought crossed my mind. Except MJ was I think a bit more lenient in recent times in terms of letting his kids be photographed. Either way, MJ is gone and if it gives the little girl peace to speak and dispel what she’s probably heard..then MJ could be content with that.

h.f on

When paris spoke, it broke my heart. Three young children have lost their father, and for me, thats what makes his death so sad. I know he will be watching over them and they have a huge extended family that will care for them endlessly, but its not the same.
My thoughts and prayers are with the family, and what a brave little girl, at 11 years old to stand up and talk about her father, who she obviously loved to the end of this earth.
My heart breaks everytime a child loses their parents and my heart hurts when i think he wont be there to see them grow up😦

Michelle Harrington on

Thank God for the children! They are the ones who will tell the truth or “set you free” and as far as I am concerned MICHAEL JACKSON should NOT be judged by anyone! It is not their place!

His little girl spoke volumes for her daddy! What a wonderful eulogy she gave for her daddy. She truly loves her father and will most definitely miss him forever.

The one good thing that has come out of Michael’s premature death is that his children will have stability with his mother Katherine and all of his siblings.

Thank you

Amanda on

I second every word of Mazzie’s comment.

I would sincerely hope that the tabloids and paparazzi do the decent thing and allow these kids the space they need to grieve for their father but I somehow doubt they will. They have not a shred of decency and I fear that unless these children are as fiercly protected as when Michael was alive, they will be hounded.

Also, I hope Debbie Rowe saw the footage and pictures and realised that these children belong with each other and their family. If she truly loves those children she’ll back off and spare them the agony of a public, drawn-out custody battle.

JMO on

Mia as this is a place for people to speak of their opinions which are usually welcomed I think at this time it’s not really the place nor the time to talk about Michael Jackson’s so called “antics”….there is always the fox news messageboard for that which I am sure will welcome you and your opinions on any of those matters!

Kelly on

Paris and her words about her father broke my heart as I watched her tearful speech.😦 I watched the whole ceremony and it was just beautiful. I can truly releate to Paris and her brothers in losing a parent near and dear to their heart b/c I myself lost my Mom the same age as Blanket is right now. My deepest condolences and prayers are with them and the family.

Y on

That was heartbreaking.😦

LisaR on

Little Paris did what she did to stand up to all the haters. She stood up for her daddy. She obviously knows what people are saying about him which would obviously be heartbreaking for any child, and this was her way of setting the record straight and hopefully shutting them up. Say what you will about the man, but he was obviously an awesome father. Kudos to her. Looks like MJ finally got the hero he deserved in the form of his baby girl.

penny on


crimpe on

OK this has NOTHING to do with the content of the memorial service, which I have not had a chance to listen to. I just saw MJ’s children at the memorial, and with no sound on, the first thought I had was “Did someone dye their hair??” I remember variation in their hair colors, and even recently a lot of blonde. Now they all have identical hair shades. Huh. They are beautiful children. I don’t envy them right now.

Marie on

That was a beautiful, really heartfelt and heartbreaking tribute from Michael Jackson’s daughter. Anyone who watched the memorial will know that Paris asked to speak. Janet was supposed to but Paris, surrounded by the Jackson family, asked if she could say something instead – and it was right and gracious of Janet to step aside and let a little girl express her love for her daddy. What struck me was how much the family looked after her and when Janet said ‘Speak up, sweetheart’, it was because, on the original broadcast, you couldn’t hear her when she first spoke. And as soon as she’d finished, Janet and the rest of the Jackson clan took her and her brothers into their arms and off the stage.

Michael’s children were kept out of the limelight, as we well know, but these were exceptional circumstances: ‘the greatest entertainer the world has ever known’, who happened to be their father, has died. The family had a private funeral service and then, because of who Michael Jackson was and what he meant to millions, a public memorial. To have allowed his children to be present at that and a part of it is acknowledge them as his children, him as their father, and for them to celebrate his life, see how loved he was, and, in the case of Paris Jackson, give them the chance to express themselves.

There are times when you have to allow children to be children and not impose an adult’s value judgements on what they may or may not feel, what they should or shouldn’t do in a time of grief. There’s no mandate of how to deal with the loss of one’s father, let alone one who is a legend and an icon to so many.

It isn’t a memorial service that might damage his children. But they have lost their father, the only parent they’ve ever known, and the best we can do for them is to wish them well and hope that they grow up knowing how much they are loved, and I believe they really are being well cared for.

cathy on

personally i think what paris did today was amazing and brave. she did NOT have to go up there and speak nor was she forced, it was evident to those watching that this is something she wanted to say. those children are not naive, they know what is said about their father, they know what media circus surrounded him and even them. i think Paris felt she needed to let the world know that despite what you all think he was a great daddy above everything. and i think she did it perfectly.

Paris, Prince, Prince II, you are well rounded amazing children, stay strong

RIP Michael

Di on

Paris was so amazing and I loved how the rest of the family just rallied around her especially Janet. I really feel like Paris needed this moment to speak and it was only one short sentence. I think it was important for her that she say something after everyone else had spoken because only she and her brothers know what kind of father Michael was.

If she had never saying anything, she might have always regretted it. It is so good to know that those three children have such a large family that they can rely on during this tough time. I thought it was really sweet to see Blanket holding a doll in his father’s likeness.

I know that Michael tried very hard to shield his children from the spotlight but I think he would feel honored knowing that he has raised three remarkable children. When Steve Irwin died suddenly, his daughter Bindi actually read a statement during the public memorial so Paris’ short statement seemed totally appropriate.

I have no doubt that after this event, the children will be allowed as far as possible to live a private life.

aroundtheywaygirl on

I cried from the start of Soon and Very Soon and I cried when that lovely little lady spoke about her daddy. It also breaks my heart to see the baby, Blanket, carrying a Michael Jackson doll and hiding his tears behind it.

french gigi on

paris is such a beautiful girl and she just did what was in her little heart.
those kids belonged at that memorial; more than any of the critics with nothing nice to say about it, who watched on their television.
parading them around? please! what hogwash.

michael knew what he was doing when he chose his mother to care for those kids……she will guard them with her life, im sure.

penny on


ChelseaLee on

How pitiful. What a brave little girl. My heart goes out to those children.

Helen on

I think we can all say here that those children were loved by their father and are deeply loved by their family. Does anyone know who the man on next to paris is, the one cudeling her? He seems very sweet, and the way Janet said ” darling” showed that Paris was in no way forced to speak, she really wanted to, hopefuly she feels beter now even though nothing will replace her father.
twould be nice if we’d stop talking about Mickael Jackson’s private life. Just Listen to his music, now that you’ve seen that those 3 beautiful children are normal and deeply loved please stop watching this kind of thing so that the media can leave this family alone.

Anon on


The Prince Michaels hair was blonde when he was a baby, but they’ve all had dark hair for sometime now. Especially blanket whose hair appears to be black. Its interesting tho that seeing them on television as opposed to in photos I can see a resemblance to the Jackson Famil in the bone structure. Especially in Prince Michael and Blanket(who is ADORABLE).

Anon on

Also if the public, us included doesn’t show an interest in these children then the tabloids and the ‘news’ won’t hound them. As much as I’m curious about these kids I won’t buy anything about them for that reason.

Cheri on

SO heartbreaking. My heart hurts so much for these babies. Paris is a beautiful young woman and I’m so proud of her for stepping up to speak about her daddy. I pray these kids are allowed to stay with their family, safe secure and well taken care of.

When this was played in my office, there wasn’t a dry eye around, even from the males. I’m sure Michael’s so proud of his kids this day.

Tiger Lily on

Paris’ little speech was incredibly moving. I hope the children’s wishes are taken into consideration if there is a custody battle.

ash on

It really seems like Paris is aware of the rumors that surround MJ and the children. I think this was her little way of setting the record straight. It was very touching, especially for someone who is so used to being covered while in public, to see her get up there so bravely and face the world and face the truth.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Helen, I believe that was Michael’s brother and Paris’ uncle, Tito.

Hea on

It was a very nice memorial and it was so brave of Paris to speak. I hope she feels better having done that. I do hope, however, that the kids will be allowed a low profile when it comes to media. I also hope that someone capable and loving will take care of them. I fear that Katherine, loving as she most certainly is, is a bit too old and fragile to do it herself?

Whether or not Michael was the childrens biological dad… it doesn’t matter. It matters no more than it matters if you adopt or give birth yourself. A child is a precious gift no matter where he or she hails from and every good, loving and nurturing parent out there deserves a standing ovation.

May your body, heart and soul find peace, Michael. Wherever that may be.

TampaGirl23 on

Michael may have had his quirks, but he was a wonderful entertainer. There were a few shots towards the end of the memorial that showed his children and you could see a look of proudness on their face that the person that everyone was there to honor was their father. Yes they have been shielded from the public, but I think being at that memorial gave them the opportunity to see just what a wonderful person their dad was and how many lives he impacted. That tribute made me remember what Michael Jackson was all about and his daughter’s speech was absolutely wonderful. I think she made everyone realize that he wasn’t just an entertainer in the headlines but a dad too…

Lauren on

I am not an emotional person and rarely cry. Paris killed me. Say what you will about Michael as a person, but it is clear in the video that has emerged of him with his kids since his death that they thought the world of him, and judging by what I’ve seen of them thus far, Michael did damn well as a dad. I can’t imagine what they’re going through right now and really hope for the best for them.

Hannah on

I’m happy they let her speak . I lost my biological father at 14 and I was not at his funeral . Maybe I felt too loyal towards my idiot stepfather and thought if I denied this side of my life he would love me like I deserved . But at that time nobody encouraged me to go . It was a big mistake because it came back to bite me later . There were so many things I would have wanted to say and I never had the chance .
I made it through the show without crying up to that point , then I lost it and as hard as it was to watch , much harder for her obviously it’s good she said what she had to say

meghan on

Obviously Paris needed to share with the world the person she loved–not the entertainer, not the public figure, not the tabloid fixture–but the wonderful Daddy who loved her and her brothers so deeply. I’m glad she was able to share her feelings with the world. She is probably as headstrong as any 11 year-old girl. No one forced her. Janet and the uncles told Paris to speak up and adjusted the microphone because they realized she wouldn’t to be heard clearly if she didn’t. They knew it was important, for Paris, to be heard.

jashmom on

I bawled when Paris spoke!!! His children are absolutely gorgeous!!! I know MJ is their guardian angel looking down on those sweet children with lots of love and pride in his heart!!!

RIP Michael!!!

Sarah K. on

Anon, I was thinking the same thing. If the media is going to leave the kids alone, people need to not show interest. I don’t think I’ll be buying anything either.

And, I kinda agree with Jan (#13). I think maybe the kids should have been kept out of the public eye today since it was so clearly what Michael wanted. He fought so hard to protect their privacy and innocence. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t think Paris was forced to speak. And, I think she was incredibly brave and eloquent. Her eulogy brought me to tears as well. I just think that maybe the kids should have only been brought to the private memorial where Paris could have given her eulogy surrounded by close friends and family. I honestly don’t think Michael would have been alright with his beautiful little girl on every tv screen in the world. I believe that his wishes should be respected when it comes to the three most precious things in his life.

Shirese on

Not a huge MJ fan but believe he was rightly an icon, but Paris moved me so much.

Mary on

Those poor children. Paris seems like such a sweet little girl.

Juliet on

She seems so sad. I fell sorry for Michael’s kids.

Jess on

AWWWWWWW i love how Prince tries to comfort his sister towards the very end along with his aunt!!

L on

Thats actually Randy…not Tito

Erin on

You can’t fake emotion like that. Obviously the kids loved their dad. Whatever else he might have been, he apparently was an adored father – and in my book that counts for a hell of a lot. I just hope those kids grow up with some semblance of privacy and peace.

dawn on

why wasn’t most of this done for him when he was alive? he felt betrayed after everything, and that was his reason for moving temporary out of the U.S.

after everything is said and done. watching the children seeing all this going on,was heart breaking. especially when paris spoke. hopefully now he can rest in peace. so sad he had to get a break this way. but he’s ok now.

jenna on

I was in tears bawling when Paris spoke about her daddy.She was so brave and I bet she was a totally daddy’s girl!!! She and her brothers were so loved by their dad!!! I hope that MJ’s family can keep the kids all together and remind them daily that there father loved them so much!!! I cry even thinking about the scene!!! God Bless MJ’s kids

mp on

Many posters have been harsh on Jan, but I agree with her. Speaking in front of millions of people was not appropriate for a sheltered 11-year-old girl, and the Jacksons shouldn’t have allowed it. Speaking at the private family memorial would have been just fine, IMO, but not at the Staples Center with the feed going out to every cable news & entertainment network in the world. I tend to believe the Jacksons encouraged her actions, and I hope the kids won’t be exploited as their dad, uncles and aunts were.

Bren on

That poor girl.

Mel on

My heart breaks every time I watch this.

Ryo on

Paris is old enough to make her own decisions and it was very plain that she WANTED to speak. No matter how much Michael sheltered her she had to be aware of what many people’s opinions of her father were and I’m not surprised she wanted people to understand that he was a good father, because who’s going to believe it if it doesn’t come from her? She wanted the world to know what her father loved her and she loved him, and I applaud her for being brave enough.

Hey Chick on

The whole Memorial Idea is sick. Yes he was a great performer and musician, we ALL agree on that. His Children are Beautiful as well and should be respected the way MJ respected them and kept them away from this fiasco.
The whole attention “wh*re” Jacksons bother me. Michael was NOT like that and this media event is ludicris.

Jeni on

@mp but maybe she wanted to speak at the public memorial, because she knew people would hear her. These kids probably hear some of the things said about their father and they/she wanted people to know what he meant to them. People have mostly been talking about the custody battle that may ensue in the coming weeks.

But she wanted people to know that she loved her Daddy, and that he was a good father. This is something not a lot of people in the media have been talking about.

Maybe it wasn’t the best venue for the statement. But it happened. Can’t go back now. And maybe the kids requested to attend the public memorial. We don’t know. And probably never will.

Lora on

Oh Paris, poor thing! I wish her and her brothers all the best in the world. No child should have to go through what she and her brothers have gone through. My heart breaks to see her like this. For me this was the first time I’ve ever “really” seen her and I did not want to see her like this. I never really was a big fan of MJ but I really don’t have the words to say how I feel for his kids. I am so sorry! God bless them!

Becky on

Wow! If that doesn’t make you tear up, I don’t know what will….as I write this wiping my face…

Mia on

I’m standing by my opinion. I agree that Yes, what his daughter said was beautiful, and its tragic when you lose someone you love, but it was kind of difficult to take everything seriously when the whole event was over the top and turned into a media circus. It’s ironic that Michael Jackson spent most of his recent life in recluse, and spent time protecting his children from the media, yet since he’s died everything in his personal life, his kids, details about his estate, is out there. And I agree with the other poster, why wasn’t anyone out there to defend him when he was still alive? All of this comes about after he is gone.

FC on

I thought Paris was brave to even want to speak, but I’m glad she did. She let everyone know that outside of the legacy he created in the music world, and his legions of fans, he was her beloved daddy, and she just wanted to let everyone know that first and foremost, he was her father and she loved him as dearly as he loved her and her brothers. I saw nothing wrong with that. And the way the family rallied around her was touching too, especially Janet, Jermaine and I believe Tito.

I thought the entire memorial service was beautiful.

Those kids are beautiful, and my heart goes out to them. They absolutely adored their father and will miss him terribly. I am just glad they have such a big support system that is the rest of the Jackson family, and you could see the deep bond they share all throughout the memorial service.

Kami on

“Is there anyone who still thinks that Michael was a bad person? In mi opinion he was the sweetest man in the world and what Paris did today was the best proof. What a wonderful girl! I can imagine Michael smiling at her words from heaven.”

Generally children, regadless of their parents (sometimes very serious) faults, think they are wonderful and love them. This little girl’s heartfelt words, IMO, do not in anyway nullify the questions that have been raised about MJ’s character/behaviour.

Cece on

I think it would be wonderful if Michael’s Mother gave custody to Janet. I don’t know if she would want to raise three children, or if she even wants children of her own. I wonder if the natural mother, Debbie Rowe, will still fight for custody of the children. And then there’s the question of whether Michael is the father of the children. I heard a report that it may be the plastic surgeon he used…. I hope it is resolved quickly, peacefully and in the best interest of the children…

Tearra on

In one of Michael’s song he says “you preach about my life like your the law”.

God bless Paris I think Michael gave her and her siblings a great start to this cruel and bitter world.

He was the most chartible celebrity in the world (300 million), raised millions for AIDs and world hunger, was a devote lover of animals and countless more but all people want to remember was the negative.

Rest in Peace Michael I was a fan to the end. I love you😦

Sage on

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson is one brave little girl. Her father was a WORLD figure and Icon so its no surprised that it was broadcasted to millions of people because that is how many people’s lives he touched.I am glad she spoke to world and told them about her daddy, go PARIS
As I watched today I could tell the Proudness and Love that was bursting out of this beautiful girl for her father. Like other’s have said she was the First one on her feet everytime giving a stand ovation for her father especially when Al sharpton said”there was nothing strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with”about all the people who put her father down.It was her way I think of saying “HATERS TO THE LEFT PLEASE” She connected with that and KNEW there were people who had and will have such a negative view of her father but she knows better then they did.
For those of you that said she shouldn’t have been allowed to speak and felt like she was being exploited, I disagree with you a million percent.This isn’t like someone was forcing her on stage to perform a song, to get attention,or a dance like it was for her father. Today was the day those children had to say goodbye to their father who they will never see again. SO if Paris felt like she had something to say about her father to the world LET HER SAY IT, it was his memorial service for goodness sake.

mel on

I’m glad that Paris had a chance to speak about her father and it was very brave of her. We always try to protect and cover up things from children but atleast the Jackson family allow the kids to bring closure and even see their father on his death bed. Now I really hope and I know this is a long shot that the media leave his children alone and let them grieve and live a normal life away from the public as Michael tried so hard to do.

Ebonee on

I had beencrying through the service, especially when JHud sang “Will you Be There” *That was my mother’s favorite song and she died in 1993…* But this moment with Paris is what did it for me. Having been there when I was her age, losing a parent and feeling the world crash around me, that hurts! I cried like a baby when Paris did that, but I am happy she WANTED to and was allowed to. She had something on her heart that she wanted the WORLD to know, and that was that her DADDY loved her, and was a good man, no matter what the *biased* media wanted anyone to think. And that was a beautiful thing. Paris is beautiful and her brothers are handsome, they are living breathing versions of MJ and because of them he will always live on. I also think that the kids truely look like Jacksons, Prince Michael really looks like his father to me, and it’s unfair for people and the media to try and say otherwise when those children will hear about it at some point in their lives. RIP Michael, you are loved and always will be!

Pam on

I have to agree with the one poster – those kids sure do like a lot like Michael. It might shock a lot of people, but those could actually be his biological children. The boys really look like Michael. But even if they are not his biological children – they are his kids and he is their father – and that is all that matters.

Sage on

Also in recent years Michael had been more lenient about the kids wearing mask as a matter of fact. He even let them walk on the street in plain sight without them.

Also I believe all these media coverage is coming from left field, due to the fact that people forgot the Greatness that was Michael Jackson. I think that people got so caught up on the his apperance, the charges, and his behavior, which made for intersting tv. SO in recent years the popular thing to do was to rip on Michael. But now that he died people are trying to make up for all those things because they realized that he was like one of the great entertainers to ever live.

Lisa on

I agree with CeCe. I think it would be wonderful if the children went with Janet. Paris seemed so attached to Janet during the ceremony – holding her hand, putting her head on her shoulder, hugging her. The grandmother is great, but she is 80 and Debbie Rowe, the birth mother, hasn’t seen these children in years.

JMO on

Michael tried to shield the children from the media as much as he could because he wanted them to grow up as normal as possible. That’s why when they went out with MJ they wore mask. He was shielding their identities so that if the nanny or someone else wanted to take them out they could go out in peace. However over the last few years he’s been quite lax about letting them go out in public as they are. They were seen several weeks before his death in a book store just shopping like “normal” kids. I think it may have gotten to the point where the children were old enough to understand it and decide for themselves what they wanted to do.

Once again Paris was NOT forced to speak. She asked. You could see the family ask her and protect her. I do NOT think for one second MJ would have been upset. I think he would have been proud. Proud that his family stood strong. That they guided his children through one of the most difficult days they will ever have.

As far as the media outlet it does pain me to see all these exclusive unreleased photos and videos of MJ w/ his kids in private times but I can guarentee you that these videos are not being released by his family. So to say they are exploiting these children is a bit harsh! I am sure if they could they would have prevented the children from having to go through this pain but you cannot keep an 11 and 12 year old from wanting to be at their father’s memorial as well as speak their mind.

When Rev. Al Sharpton gave his speech about MJ being strange who was the first one to stand up in an ovation??….PAris! Obviously these kids knew that their father recieved a lot of controversy but to them MJ was their daddy and nothing more. Paris didn’t need to prove anything to anybody. She spoke from the heart. She was not pushed, coherced, or forced to do anything. If you know the Jackson’s and you know them well as a fan then you know they for the most part try to remain quiet private individuals. Despite the tribulations they may have faced over the years they to me are the core of what a united family should stand for. Through it all they stuck by each other and they were there for MJ in the most difficult times. So to the person who said that he should of been honored like this before his death… he was probably more honored to have the strength of his family and the support of his fans then to have any kind of tribute in his memory. He knew through all the hate that at the end of the day he had his family, his close friends and fans that believed in him all the way and I don’t think anything else in the world mattered more then that.

gaia's mommadukes on

I do not know Michael Jackson, however I honestly don’t think he would be sickened or disagree with his memorial.

Jackson had billions of fans, some who literally lived and died by him(serious at least 10 ppl committed suicide after his death). I think that the memorial itself was very very understated and not a circus at all. I’ve never heard a michael jackson interview where he did not acknowledgement of fans and they being the reason he’s reached icon status.

Im probably in the minority in that michael jackson never struck me as being particularly odd. I grew up amongst artistic and have an attitude of “your choice is who you choose to be, and if your causing no harm then you’re alright with me”. Michael Jackson never hurt anyone(never killed, never molested, never sold drugs) in fact it seems the only person he continously hurt was himself. The media has always done its best to turn mj into a media circus even when there was no real news to report. I hope michael is resting in peace and the parasites can find a new host and the media will stop hiding behind mj and start reporting news about healthcare, jobs, iran and north korea

Silvermouse on

I agree with Lisa. However I somewhat agree with Mia as well, not about his “antics” but about how much coverage his death has been getting. I think we all need to let him rest in peace because the more this goes on, the more traumatic it’s going to be for his children.
Sorry if you disagree, but that’s just mine and thousands of others’ opinion.

Amy on

Ok, I have never been a fan of Michael. For some reasons I will not mention here…

But that broke my heart into a million parts. I cannot imagine the pain to lose a dad😦

Finnaryn on

I also agree that Janet should get custody. Michael obviously felt that Kathrine was a great mother, if he awarded her custody in his will, but he awarded it to her alone, not Joe, his father. He likely thought his father would pass before he would.

Jessica on

Has anyone seen the video of footage of John Jr. saluting her father. Jackie told him “say goodbye to daddy,” and John saluted. She didn’t tell him “salute your father salute your father it’ll look good for the cameras.” Children have their ways of expressing their feelings. It may not be the same way as you but it’s still their feelings and they should be allowed to express them.

Paris wanted to speak at her father’s memorial and she did. It was difficult but I highly doubt she regrets it but I’ve heard plenty of people regret not speaking at their family members funerals. Let the Jackson family mourn their family members and it would be nice of critics to let them do it in peace.

jessicawilliams on

I just wanted to wrap my arms around those kids!!! I watched the whole thing and lost it each time someone spoke…but when little Paris spoke…I was done! I just started sobbing like a baby! I cannot fathom the strength it took for her to speak…I will miss Michael Jackson. His music will undoubtedly live on and I hope his kids will be protected just the same as when MJ was alive. My heart is with the entire Jackson family…

Marissa on

A Beautiful Angel she is~ And her Daddy is smiling at her and her brothers from Heaven as he is so proud of them.

robbinghimblind on

There should be no question about who Michael was, or any of such.

This was a young girl who lost her father less than two weeks ago, and is in obvious distraught. It does not matter who he was to us, whether it be good or bad, she was her daddy. She didn’t see him as the pop icon, or the scandals, she saw him as her father and nothing else, because nothing else mattered to her.

And it doesn’t matter that she was always hid from the public. It was her fathers memorial and she had every right to share her thoughts on him at such an important and devastating time. I, personally, cannot even think about it without crying, those poor children.

gaia's mommadukes on

Im a janet jackson fan and she seems lovely but aren’t these janet should get custody opinions kinda left field? I mean mj intentionally but his mom then diana ross(who I think has 6 children)…what do we know about janet that makes you think she should get custody?
I dunno it seems like “give them to the second most famous jackson” to me. I mean all the jackson brothers especially jermaine seem well adjusted and I know janet, jermaine and michael were all on good terms….

Jan on

I never meant they forced her to speak. they obviously didnt. I just do not think she is old enough to know whats best for herself in the long run. the media is ALL over it already. their pictures are on every front page of every newspaper.
I do not think that is right. I do not think that is in the best intrest of those children. and i do not think it is what Mj would have wanted for them.

Jan on

IMO it would have been alot tastier if it was done without the casket there and with a “Do not film his children”-deal.
Those things they could have kept private.

Anna on

I agree Jan. Those children are so young, the family should be more careful not to exploit them. I doubt Michael would have wanted the cameras all over his children like this, especially at such a sensitive time for them.

Leyla on

Her words were simple yet they meant so much. She truly loved her father as did her siblings and obviously this is a tragic loss for them all.

I’ve never met a person who has regretted speaking at a loved one’s memorial, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who have regretted not doing it.

Tearra on

Looking at the picture posted by CBB of MJ’s 3 kids and Janet from my Blackberry the kids complexions remind me of Nicole Richie’s. A sort of olive toned(can’t think of a better description)? Especially Paris. None of the children in my opinion look “pure white” like they did when they were first born. When they were babies I thought “okay those can not be Mike’s kids” but now I’m not so sure?

Whatever the case they are all beautiful kids…just as pretty as can be🙂

I hope this day will start the process of healing for all the Jacksons.

Colleen on

To not have the children there would have been a dishonor to Michael Jackson and a disservice to his children. These children had little knowledge of their father as a superstar. To have all these stars come out today and talk about their father with such high regard will serve as a very positive memory to the children. To see clips and highlights of their father as a star must be a thrill for the children, to see how people worshipped their father and respected. I highly doubt they will ever regret being there. These children are old enough to make this decision on their own, and I believe the Jacksons would have consulted the children before having them attend. They are their family- the children have every right to be on stage with the rest of the Jacksons. MJ kept them underwraps because of his fear of the public, a mental health issue.

Taylor on

I cried watching Paris speak. What a courageous little girl she is.

Mrs. W on

i totally agree with olleen…except for the last line. i wouldn’t say he his fear of the public was not a mental health issue. he saw how the public/media hounded him and ripped every move he made to shreds. what parent would want their child to purposely experience that? how many people have picked apart the kids appearance and said that michael isn’t their father. whether or not he is biologically, he’s the only father they know and he hid them because he knew people would say…”look, they aren’t his” or “look, they are fair skinned” or “look, they look like this or that and michael isnt their real dad.”

people think that just because someone is popular or different that they don’t have feelings. just because you wouldn’t do a particular thing doesn’t make it sick, weird, crazy, etc. NO ONE in this thread knows what its like to live a life like his. constantly hounded, analyzed, chased, no privacy, taken advantage of, exploited as a child, etc. at the end of the day, i’d love to see how a lot of you (negative) people parent your kids. i bet someone somewhere would find something questionable about you as well…just let him rest peacefully, or as my mother taught me..if you have nothing nice to say, be quiet. now is not the time to be so judgmental and on high-horses. he isn’t even buried yet and people have sooooooooooo much to say about every little thing

Meg on

I am not a Michael Jackson fan and was not in any way affected by his passing… but her words literally brought me to tears. I am so sad for his children; it must be devastating to lose a family member.

Mel on

Jan –

Stop your presumptions as to what you think MJ would have wanted for his kids or what his children wanted at that moment.

Clearly no one forced them, I hope they did what they wanted and will continue to do just that.

It was a beautiful moment………

Molly Mae on

Paris broke my heart and had me in tears. In my opinion, she did what no one else could do in all of these years. She squashed all of the haters in 20 tearful, heartfelt seconds. I will never know this child, but I am immensely proud of her. All she wanted to do was let the world know how much she loved her Daddy and in doing so, stood up for him and gave him the biggest gift anyone could ever give him.

Sabrina on

All three children are so gorgeous. I found it very touching to see how close the children seem to be with their aunts and uncles.

Jasmine C. on

This was heartbreaking to watch…May God bless MJ’s children and put them in the best possible place…BTY Paris is beautiful.

Sarah K. on

#124. Michael was justified in fearing the public as they have been very cruel to him. He was also justified in wanting to shield his kids from the spotlight. This site is a prime of example of why (no offense, obviously I enjoy CBB). Before today, I have not seen those little kids on CBB and now here they are. The kids have been protected from the spotlight until today. I just hope they can get back out.

This was not the only memorial held for Michael so it’s not like the kids wouldn’t get to properly say good-bye if they weren’t at the public memorial. There was a private memorial that was held just for close family and friends. That would have been the perfect venue for Paris to deliver her beautiful eulogy.

There is no way Michael would have wanted images of his little kids crying to be shown internationally. Who here actually believes he would be ok with the fact that the whole world watched his daughter break down sobbing?

I’m not faulting the Jackson family, but I didn’t think the kids, especially Blanket, should have been brought to such a public setting. Now is not the time to shock them into the media spotlight.

Colleen on

From what I have read, his fear of the public does seem to be a mental health issue. Even without a suspected MH issue, I can understand why he shielded his children- however masks or keeping them home would not do him justice at his own memorial. I have read that MJ had a fear of the public and that is a big reason why he self-medicated with prescription drugs. He has a prescription drug issue for many many years.

RIP Michael on

Paris was a soldier. I couldn’t get up and speak at a funeral of less than 100 for my uncle let alone OVER 20,000!

Amen Mrs. W! We all know the negatives about him it will not be allowed to be forgotten for one second by people who feel the need to point it out. Can we have ONE positive post. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t make it right and doesn’t make it appropriate…

ljc on

Heartbreaking. I hope these children get the privacy and whatever counceling they may need to help them grieve. I’ve known a few people who were young when they lose their parents and they tend to grow up too fast and not handle it correctly. I just hope that doesn’t happen in this situation. There will be a place in all of our hearts for Michael as we can all remember a time when his music was influential to our lives. RIP. And to Paris and the two Princes…God bless you with love and each other!

Anon on

I find it disgusting when people say that they didn’t care about Michael Jacksons death but Paris’s comment makes them sad. I say this not because he’s Michael Jackson, but because one should always be saddened or a little impacted by someones death, and if you aren’t its tasteless to express that. Really really tasteless.

daniela on

I cried when Paris spoke…I was teetering on the edge of tears but she pushed me over, she broke my heart!!!

I think the service was over top, I even thought it should have been completely private. But MJ was too big of an icon for that to happen. And in a way I’m glad I was able to say “good-bye” to him via his publicized memorial.

I’m still in shock and am heartbroken over MJ’s death. I feel like a part of my childhood has been wiped away…I didn’t expect this day to happen til I was old and gray. 😦


Renee on

That was heartbreaking! And how gorgeous is she? I’m sure MJ’s very proud of his children and I’m sure he’ll be watching over them.

Kait on

Biological or not, those have to be three of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen. It brought me to tears when Paris said how much Michael Jackson, her Daddy, was the best. It is truly heartbreaking how young these children are and that they have to say goodbye to their daddy so soon. I first thought maybe the memorial being public was too much, but it shows Michael’s family how TRULY loved he was by so many around the world. I’m glad his children got to see the fans that support them as they go through such a rough time. Like it was said during the service, now Michael can hopefully rest in peace for eternity for the first time in years. Rest in peace beautiful angel, you will never be forgotten.❤

Micheley on

I think that Michael’s children being apart in the memorial would not have been a problem with him at all. For once all the fans and everyone were very respectful and reserved so there was no danger to the children, and they wanted me to be apart of it, and they should be.
I think it was good for them to see all the people whoh loved their father.

Terri on

The child wanted to speak. And when she did, her simple words meant more than anything said at the entire event. MJ was a good father and his children will miss him. Many of us will miss him. RIP MJ.

Jasmine C. on

Mia the whole thing may have seemed “over the top” to you…but Michael Jackson was larger than life! What else did you expect??

Melanie F. on

If anybody watched or read Debbie Rowe’s interview last year, they would know, that it was her idea to not have the children show their faces without masks in public. I am sure the children’s faces being shielded from the media was a large part of Mike’s doing but from her interview it sounds like that was something that she wanted and they discussed prior to her giving birth to his children. That being said, I do think they should have been there, they are beautiful and are HIS children.

Jolina on

This was the most heartbreaking moment of the memorial. It brought me to tears when Paris spoke of her father. Still bring me to tears. Rest in Peace MJ.

maggie on

i thought that paris’s speech to her dad was beautiful and made my mom and i cry so much, because here was a little girl that lost her dad at a young age and brought up the courage to speak in front of millions of people. they also had to be there because that was their father (even if some people think that they aren’t his kids) they called him dad, they loved him very much and he cared about them with all his heart so if they weren’t there then it would be like they didn’t cared about him, they needed to know how much people cared about him and know how much he was loved even through the tough times. i that mj is in a better place and his kids are with one of the jackson family members.

lorriana on

i cried after paris’s speech. they seemed so much loved by him and he was absolutely loved by them. they needed to know how much everyone in the world misses and loved him by fans, singers, athletes and even politicians through good times and bad. LONG LIVE THE KING! LONG LIVE THE KING!


for those people that think Prince, Paris and Blanket aren’t his kids they call him dad, he loved those kids, they loved him and his family and his name are on their birth certificates so Michael Jackson is their father blood or not! i wish the kids the best of luck and pray that the paparazzi would stay away from the kids. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON THE KING OF PEOPLE’S HEARTS

Nicci on

The whole Memorial to MJ was very touching but not as touching as when Paris spoke. I started to bawl. I felt so bad for her and yes it did take some courage for her to go a speak in front if 20,000 people and gazillions of other people watching on tv and the internet. But i have to say and 3 kids are going to be heart breakers they are all gorgeous!

Meiazure on

For a child as young as Paris to be able to stand on stage and spill that out… is not easy. Let’s hope that MJ can rest in peace in a better place.

Meghan on

Those are his children no matter what and they deserved to be there and to speak more than anyone. What that little girl did was one of the bravest things I have ever seen. It breaks my heart that their daddy will not be here to see them grow. Such beautiful children and souls.

I truly believe that they are biologically his children. They look alot like Michael.

But no matter what…. They are his, and that was their DADDY.

Bless their little hearts and RIP Michael.

Melissa on

I didn’t know until reading some of the previous comments that this was something that Paris wanted to do. While watching it, I thought it seemed strange that her family looked like they were pushing her up to the mic, as if she was reluctant. Regardless, I was completely heartbroken, but now that I know it was all her choice…wow. That girl is absolutely beautiful and I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for her to be up there. Janet’s interactions with her throughout the whole end of the memorial also made me tear up while watching it. It seems like the kids have a really strong support system, which is so important. I hope they can continue to live the relatively “normal” lives they had before this tragedy.

Crystal on

My ♥ goes out to the entire Jackson family. I thought it was so wonderful and brave for Paris to speak about her dad. She wanted the world to know how much she loved her dad and how much he meant to her and her siblings. Wherever Michael is he is so proud of his children and the kind, gracious people they have turned out to be. Paris seems really close with her aunt Janet and I’m sure she will continue to lean on her through this very difficult period. Jackson’s you are in my continued thoughts and prayers! God-Bless!

someday mom on

My heart breaks for those children.

L on

I dont understand how some of these commenters can classify Paris speaking up at her fathers memorial as exploitation on the Jackson family’s part. All the girl wanted was to express her feelings for her father, and as previously stated it doesnt look as though she were forced to speak, but rather she wanted to. Its absolutely heartbreaking.

Silvermouse on

Diana, I know how you feel. When I saw the Bashir doc, when he showed his children and the pictures in People (aragh, I had to buy the tabloid because I want to crop that cover and paint it in silver glitter, scarlet, and black *hopefully) it nearly brought me to tears. Then when I saw Paris at the memorial, I was in the mechanical verge of tears.
On a side note,
Does anybody else think (despite the headlines nowadays) that Paris, Prince, and Blanket are Michael’s biological children (I promise I’m not trying to start speculation)? They really do look like the Jackson family.

Tiffany on

I had been crying throughout the whole memorial but when Paris spoke, especially when she called him daddy, I lost it. I lost my mom at 7 years old so I know what those children are going through. May God bless them and keep them.

gianna on

That was the most touching part of the show. Honestly we didn’t know much about michael as a dad, but the way his daughter spoke and looked so sad, speaks volumes. They all look like good kids too. Paris is a beautiful child and so brave. I always thought no way are those his bio kids, but prince and blanket do actually look a bit like michael, so who knows. All 3 are gorgeous kids I loved how loving janet was with the kids, latoya seemed it too. I always thought janet would make a great mom. I wish he would have put janet to follow katherine if god forbid katherine dies because the kids know janet and she seems loving, and is younger than diana ross.

NettieB on

I’ll never trust mainstream media in part because of how they hounded MJ and his family all these years. Al Sharpton’s eulogy and message to his children that wasn’t nothing strange about their father…it was strange what he had to deal with and he dealt with it for us:

I don’t think many in this thread could really understand how much his death is a loss, not just for the children but across 7 continents. What other entertainer can really say the same?

Rocky on

Paris’ words brought me to tears. Because this little girl along with her brothers has lost someone who loved them so much and who they obviously loved immensely. I dont care if they are biologically his children or not, Michael was DADDY and thats all we need to know.

For those of you saying that the children (esp. Blanket) shouldnt have been there, its my opinion that you are completely mistaken. I have seen a child be completely shut out of their mothers funeral preparations and everything except the funeral service and it did nothing but tear him up – and it still does to this day.
Michael was their father and they loved him more then anyone else in the world. They first and foremost are the ones with the rights to say goodbye as they choose.

Paris is an extremely brave girl as are her brothers for standing together and allowing the world to say goodbye to their father and show them how well he was loved REGARDLESS of everything.

Erica on

Paris Jackson was amazingly brave and beautifully poised while giving tribute to her father. Like many here have said she 100% chose to speak; if you watched the memorial in its entirety its clear that she was asking to have a chance to speak and Janet was behind her the whole time. I think her and her brothers will be fine IF the media does not hound them day in day out (I won’t be holding my breath for that one, but it never hurts to hope…)

I felt the exact opposite when they were born but now I’d honestly be shocked if the kids are not biologically Michael’s, especially Blanket whose sad, beautiful eyes are the image of his dad’s. All three ARE undoubtedly Jacksons whether by birth or adoption but they also physically favor them as well, even more so as they get older.

Allie-Rose on

Paris’ speech was absolutely heartbreaking! My heart goes out to her and her brothers.

alice jane on

I was so surprised when she got up to speak, but so so touched. That’s a little girl with a big heart, and her words were heartbreaking no doubt, but her courage was also very inspirational. And man, she is a beautiful young lady.

Cara on

It was so moving, the kids are beautiful. Paris was so brave and she is a beautiful little girl. How tragic for them to lose their Daddy at such a young age.

I think it poignant and very sad, the first time the kids are in public without masks turns out to be their fathers funeral. Their nanny has stated the kids hated wearing the masks in public, so that was clearly their choice and going unmasked for the ceremony was not forced upon them. The poor little boy seemed to feel very uncomfortable though, covering his face, but the two older ones coped really well and appeared to be quite self-confident.

The whole Jackson clan seems ‘off’ though, there has to be some serious psychological problems for almost an entire family to try to radically change their appearances in the way a lot of the siblings have. I really hope MJ’s kids can have a normal’ish life considering their circumstances, from those few moments in the public eye, it does appear they are well adjusted and lovely kids.

CTBmom on

There were many touching moments during the service. I started getting teary eyed when Brooke started getting choked up talking about Michael, but I totally lost it when Paris got up and spoke about her daddy. I think besides crying for these 3 children’s loss, I was crying because these kids obviously know that so many people thought their father was strange. We didn’t know Michael Jackson the person…they did, and I have to say that I view the man totally differently now. I am saddened that it took his death, and his little girl’s tearful words to do it.

Lara on

I find that incredibly sad. His family’s hearts are just broken. I think she wanted to talk to defend her Daddy and to help her grieve. They must know what outsiders have said about him, or at least have an inkling about what they think. Incredibly sad as it is, that little girl and her brothers are positive that their Daddy was the absolute best. They were very, very, very loved. Sadly not all children in this world get a chance to feel loved like that. What a beautiful tribute.

CTBmom on

Silvermouse…in response to your question on our opinion on whether the kids are biologically Michael’s or not: I honestly think they are. If you look at Prince and Blanket’s eyes, they are just like Michael’s. They also have the same shaped face as him too. Also, Prince has the same build and large hands and tapered fingers like his father. Regardless if they are biologically Michael’s children, he was obviously their daddy…and they are all 3 absolutely beautiful. I just pray the the media will give them space and not be in their faces, but I kind of doubt it.😦

Alice on

Yes she might not be old enough to know what’s “best for her in the long run” but I don’t see how speaking at her dad’s memorial is bad for her. If she’d spoke at the private ceremony it would not have been the same, because all the guests would have been close to MJ, it would’ve been people she knows, and that know who he really was. The way she said it there in front of 20,000 people and evey TV in the world, the fact that she felt it was necessary shows that obviously she knew people knew nothing about MJ as a dad and could think bad things about him.

Paris didn’t want to tell her father’s friends what they already knew, she wanted to tell the world how great he was and to remind the world that more than an amazing artist he was for her the best dad.
She was very sweet during all the ceremony and she’s obviously close to her brothers. She was hugging and kissing Blanket on the stage where he looked uncomfortable.

The Jacksons are perfectly capable of shielding those kids from the media and spotlight if they want to. Not letting them go to the memorial migh have done more harm than good for them.

Cara on

I am just reading a lot of the posts here and I have to say the ‘MJ as a great father’ theory, is maybe pushing the boat out a bit!!!

He did live a bizarre life, so the kids obviously did too. A lot of very famous people manage to keep their kids totally anonymous and out of the Paparazzi lens without going to the extreme of masking their kids faces.

His family have openly stated he has had a long standing problem with prescription drugs, so those kids have likely had a difficult enough life as a result of his addiction and witnessed situations no little kids should be exposed to.

Of course they love him, of course he loved them, but I would imagine they have had a tough home life growing up.

Lissette on

I’m so happy she spoke! It was very brave of her to do so and you could tell she wanted everyone one to know what a great father he was to them(and I believe it). I kept thinking how proud he must have been watching her and I’m sure the Jackson family were pleasantly surprised as well. These kids seem very mature and well behaved for their age. They are adorable and Paris is gorgeous!! I’ve always questioned the older two biologically being Michael’s but Blanket to me looks a lot like him.

Lara on

Cara, that was not the first time they were out without masks. I’ve seen pictures of them from a few months ago when they were with MJ without them.

Also: “I am just reading a lot of the posts here and I have to say the ‘MJ as a great father’ theory, is maybe pushing the boat out a bit!!! ”

Why? No matter what, to them he was the best Father he could be to them. We know nothing about how any famous person really lives their life so to make assumptions on MJ’s parenting skills seems wrong, especially now that he is gone.

gaia's mommadukes on

They’ve been photographed without on a number of occasions in the last few years. Also, his nanny seems kinda money hungry; she couldn’t wait a week without selling out to the papers.

Southlyn on

I lost my father at almost the same age.

My opinion of the Jackson family (especially Janet) increased when I watched them allow that precious and beautiful child to speak. It shows me that they are going to allow Paris to grieve in her own way, which is very important.

Shannon on

I was going to say something to those who have negative comments about MJ and his kids, but I’m not going to waste my breath on them. They don’t have a clue.

I am going to say that what his little girl did was beautiful, sincere, and completely heartbreaking. I was in tears throughout the whole ceremony, but when Paris stood up on that stage to tell the world that her daddy was the best, and she loved him, I could not stop crying. Even now just thinking about it, I have tears in my eyes. These children clearly loved their father, and it breaks my heart that he was taken from them so soon. His death is a terrible loss for the whole world, but more than anything, it is devastating for his children. I hope they are able to find stability and happiness as they face this new world without their loving father.

RIP Michael. You will be incredibly missed.

Allie on

JMO, you took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you for beating me, so I didn’t have to write out a long post. haha Michael Jackson was much larger than he could ever imagined. I know the stress and public scrutiny caused him to be a very private person, and wanted to shelter his kids from that life. I DON’T think he would be mad, not even for a second, that his daughter chose to speak at his funeral. SHE wanted to do it. SHE wanted the world to know how much she loved, and is going to miss HER FATHER. I know her pain, as I lost my dad when I was a little girl. It’s her right to express herself, and I think her daddy would have been EXTREMELY PROUD!!!!!

Stéph on

Poor little girl. It breaks my heart to see that. I am still crying and can’t stop crying, it is just too sad. I am sure Michael is up there looking at them proudly.
Paris, I am sure your daddy is proud of you for speaking out at his funeral.

RIP Michael, you will be missed.

J-Lin on

Janet and Michael seemed to be very close. He had his reasons for designating the person he saw best as guardian of his children. Maybe Janet likes being Auntie rather than taking on the full responsibility of rearing three children.

And Kathryn and Joe are not together. Kathryn lives in Encino and Joe lives in Las Vegas.

jessie on

the whole service was beautiful, especially when marlon and paris spoke.

sally on

what beautiful children.

Chris on

gaia’s mommadukes Says:
his nanny seems kinda money hungry; she couldn’t wait a week without selling out to the papers.

No, the nanny came out and said that was a fake interview. She did not make those statements: Makes you wonder how many other fake stories were written over the years.

Anywho….Paris was so poised. Blanket is too young to understand although he was clutching the memorial booklet and his Michael Jackson doll the whole time (heartbreaking). Prince Michael looked to be trying to hold it all in which he did until he saw his sister break down and then he leaned on his aunt Janet. Of course the children looked sad at times. I don’t see how that is shocking to anyone. They also looked happy, too, especially when they were listening to funny stories about their dad and singing his songs.

Paris probably wanted to make sure people knew Michael wasn’t just a public figure but her daddy and she loved him. Janet was going to speak but she said Paris wants to say something. All the brothers kept asking her if she was sure and she said I can do it. (I’m good at reading lips lol) And they only told her to speak up because they knew how important it was for her to be heard. As soon as it got to be too much Janet told Marlon that’s it and to wrap it up.

Emma on

The children are so brave.
But why are people jumping on comments by other people who state that yes Michael Jackson had questionable actions at times. To quote him on ‘sleeping’ with young UNRELATED children:
Why can’t you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It’s very charming. It’s very sweet. It’s what the whole world should do.
Michael Jackson

Now as a mother WHO here would accept a grown man sharing a bed with their child no matter how innocent?

Danielle on

Even though I had read the post here on CBB first, when I watched the replay last night of Paris speaking, I got teary eyed. Out of everyone’s speech, hers was the most unrehearsed and honest and raw. We had a glimpse of someone whose love was pure and in this media muck, it was so refreshing to be reminded that whatever superlative or title everyone puts on Michael, at the end of the day, he was just “Daddy” to three little kids who miss him terribly.

Tricia on

Michael Jackson was an amazing artist, an imperfect person, and apparently a great dad whose kids loved him very much. If Paris’ speech hadn’t made me completely lose it, the sight of her younger brother, clutching his little MJ “action figure” would have. Many will miss him, but none so much as these three most important people in his life.

Emma on

CTBmom Says:
response to your question on our opinion on whether the kids are biologically Michael’s or not: I honestly think they are. If you look at Prince and Blanket’s eyes, they are just like Michael’s. They also have the same shaped face as him too

Honey….MJ has had SO much surgery to his face. Look at the pics of him as a child/teenager and his eye shape is different to how it was when he died. Also his face shap is too.
Not saying they are not his bio kids (although the doctor in me thinks not) just the shape of his eyes and face are not the same as the kids.
A Photographic History of Michael Jackson’s Face

melissa on

my heart bleeds for this entire family paris is the bravest little girl i have ever seen

Lola Marie on

If you’ve ever seen interviews of Michael with Paris or clips of them together then you’d have to notice how clingy she was to him and how protective she was! A while ago on YouTube there was a video of Paris and Michael in the mall together and Paris looked to be about 3 or 4. Michael stopped to sign autographs for some fans and he was holding Paris’ hand, well when he tried to release Paris’ hand Michael had to tell nanny Grace to pull Paris’ hand because she wouldn’t let go! AS SOON as he was done autographing she immediately grabbed his hand back. It was the most adorable thing to see and now the saddest…I remember laughing saying “she’s possessive of her daddy”.

Plain and simple on

I don’t know what kind of person Jackson was and I don’t know what he did or didn’t do. I don’t want to speak ill of the dead. I will say that I don’t think everyone who abuses a child automatically abuses their own children – in fact, it has been proven that some don’t. This isn’t to say that I am accusing the man but I think his father screwed him up enough that anything is possible. I didn’t watch the memorial but did catch some of Shield’s speech and his daughter’s words. I am sure Shield’s speech was heartfelt but it came off as a little rehearsed.

Jackson clearly moved a lot of people, unfortunately I think there were a great share of people there jumping on the bandwagon and that always disgusts me a little. Personally, I don’t believe anyone should be glorified to the degree he was. As for his daughter speaking – she did because she wanted to – and to be honest, I thought that it was the most genuine moment of the night. That child and her siblings are in for a very difficult time and I feel terrible for them. I hope they are provided with stablity and support – they will need it. I have to say that seeing them made me wonder if Mr. Jackson really did suffer from ‘Peter Pan syndrome’ and the allegations were all bogus. Who knows – but those children are definitely innocent.

Tiffany on

CTBmom on

To Emma….I am well aware that he has had alot of surgery to his face. Please let me clarify my comments. Here goes: If you look at the pictures of Michael Jackson AS A CHILD, Prince and Blanket have the same eyes and face shape as their father.

machelle2000 on

I hope they will stay with the Jackson Family, they seem to love them a lot. Paris and the others touched my heart. I heard that the baby boy broke down several times calling for his Dad.

starr on

The entire family did an amazing job.

machelle2000 on

I pray for those kids, because can you imagine what they have to face in life? The phonies coming out of the woodwork, the so called friends, bf’s, gf’s. Just to get close to Michael Jackson’s kids and money of course.

Carrie on

I think it’s good for children to attend memorial/funeral services. It gives them closure too and allows them to ask questions and express themselves. I think it was very appropriate to allow Paris to speak if that was her request. She is 11 years old and able to make a choice. This was her way of saying a final good-bye to her “daddy”. A very beautiful moment and a very beautiful girl, inside and out.

shay on

To plain and simple and anna,

Lets stay focused here, no one cares how you personally feel about Michael Jackson. He probabaly didn’t care how you felt anyway. It’s obvious that you both are hating.Lets see how well you can take care of M.J’s children. They look very well in their grandmothers care. I just hope Ms. Rowe doesn’t think she is going to come around now to get benefits. The children were already around the Jackson family,and they don’t need to lose them too. Paris was really sincere and I feel bad for her

Me on

What beautiful children-Paris did her daddy proud last night, as did her brothers. they were all adorable and i hope whatever decisions are reached about the future are is made in their best interests, they deserve the best.
RIP Michael, you were a truly beautiful person, i hope now people respect you and believe in you,and the ridicule will stop for the sake of your children. i have a lot of respect for you,your family,friends+kids, and the way 99% of them have acted with such dignity the last 13 days.
Rest in Peace

machelle2000 on

#180-Emma, Michael wasn’t a typical grown man, he was a boy trapped in a grown man’s body. Everything he did was innocent. He was destroyed when he was accused because he knew that he didn’t touch any of them. How do I know this? I was just like Michael. In my case, I had a childhood a VERY good one, I didn’t want to grow up to this mean bad world, especially when I left home for college and was held for hours being raped repeatedly by this sick man. Am I crazy? NO!!! How can I be? I continued my studies, carried a 3.9 grade average in college, and took a job that paid very well. However, I was still a child. I had sleepover’s with my baby sister, invited her friends, when I dated it was like a schoolgirl’s crush. It didn’t take long for guys to pick up how immature and girl-like I was. I watched cartoons, played with dolls, and even dressed like a girl. I dated younger guys and still do. I am 39 years old now. I am not a pervert at all. I just long for the innocents of being a child. I shared my bed and had pillow fights right now; I have no desire for little girls. I just need to keep that innocence in my life. Michael missed a lot, and he grabbed it every chance he could. Look how he protected his kids. Covering up their faces was protecting their innocence. So don’t judge this man unless you really know him, and you don’t.

gaia's mommadukes on

Plain and simple, you attempts at not talking ill of the dead seems to have failed.

lucy :) on

Paris had pretty much made everyone in the world cry. her speech basically said that her dad was the best father she and her brothers ever had and that he wasn’t the monster that the paparazzi said he was. Even if he wasn’t their “real” dad (which i doubt) look at Seal and Leni (Heidi Klum’s daughter) she isn’t Seal’s actual kid but he loves her very much and she loves him too. I hope that Debbie Rowe would stay away and not get full custody of the kids because if you think about it she just seems to get the media’s attention and wants to get the money. my prayers are with the whole family

kim on

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to hear and read other people saying and writing that your father can’t be your father. To know that people made jokes about your father’s death, about him being an alien about you being too white to be his daughter, about you being bought, about your father being a child molester. I can’t imagine what that feels like, but what I do know is that Paris Katherine Jackson will be a force to be reckoned with and she is on her way to clear her father’s name. It began with her very public, angry and sad goodbye to him.

So I hope all of you people out there who judge MJ and continue to bring up the charges HE WAS ACQUITTED from and who don’t know that that very kid who accused him has since come forward to say MJ never touched him..I HOPE YOU HEARD PARIS tell you to kiss her a**.

Anon on

I really don’t see anything wrong wiTh MJs comment about sharing your bed. I feel like it was unwise given how the media slants everything he says. I’ve seen the interview in which he said that comment and it didn’t come off to me perverted or anything at all. Also, when his case actually went to court it came out that he didn’t actually sleep IN The bed with the kids. Most of the time he slept on the floor, on a sleeping bag, or on top of the covers.

Would I let my kid sleep over MJs house? I don’t know MJ so no, but these kids that stayed over his house weren’t strangers they were children of the families he knew for years and years. Some underprivileged kids, some celebrities. Would I feel uncomfortable having my child stay in the same room as a friend of mine? Not at all.

While I agree with the assessment that MJ was an innocent and child-like person, in many ways he was a very astute and intelligent person. I know we tend to see him as being fragile in the mind but I think he was a lot stronger than ever given credit for. Considering that I don’t think he’s a child molester; I must say that I don’t feel the need to judge his other life choices.

Anon on

The thing about Paris did make me cry, but not because of what she said. Most 11 year olds think there parents are simply the best there ever was. What made sad for her, was that she’ll never know her father the way people who have them longer do. As you get older, you learn things about your parents that you’re blind to in your youth. You really get to love them for who they are aside from being your mom and dad. I felt sad that the three of them have possibly missed out on that chance. It was actually Jermaine singing, Marlons and Brooke Shields speeches that made me cry. They just seemed very honest and thoughtful. Not rehearsed to me, but well thought out. Humanizing Michael, because he was a PERSON with skin and a heart just like us less talented.

Daisy on

What Paris did was beautiful. I was only 12 when my father died and now ten years later my heart still breaks. I wish I had the guts to have done something like she did. It is better for her to have spoke than for her to think back in the future that she wished she had the chance to say or do something as a tribute to her daddy.

Life is going to be very hard and confusing for these children, I hope their family looks after them well. Nobody knows a person the same way their child does, and as much as he was a son and brother he was these children’s only parent. He was the most important person in their world and at that memorial, although it was for Michael, they were the most important guests.

Anon on

Paris was awesome and it was a moment that made me realize that Michael was more than just my childhood idol/crush or this mega superstar…he was somebody’s ‘daddy’. He meant the world to those three people and now he is gone.

machelle2000 thru kim very well said!!!!

We are all certainly entitled to our own opinions, but I am choosing to keep mine positive about Michael. Just for the simple fact that I don’t know this man or what was true of his mind or his actions. I can only assume.

Nevertheless, I’ve ‘assumed’ all along that both allegations against him were motivated by money and all it was, was an extortion plot. I’ve always theorized that if someone, rich or not, molested my child I would not settle out of court. I would take his butt to court on criminal charges and then STILL sue him later on. I wouldn’t let a so called guilty man walk free to hurt other children which is what that first family did. I recently read that the father of the boy who took Michael to court in ’93 hit his son in the back of the head with a weight over money…I think that says a lot about that family!

Marie on

Oh.. Look at Blankets doll.. It’s a Michael Jackson doll.. How cute.. His father with him! Rest in peach Michael and good bless you and all your family!

Tess on

Prince, Paris, and Blanket are going to be raised by a wonderful Grandmother and terrific Aunts and Uncles who will care and nuture them with all the love their Father would have wished for them. Michael’s children are going into a family with wonderful cousins and children of cousins….and the current generation of Jacksons are full of beautiful, hardworking, and very respectful and respected young men and women. We would all be so blessed as to be involved with this very loving and supportive family.

jackie on

awwww that is just about the sweetest thing i have ever heard!

cassie on

I have a feeling that they Debbie Rowe is getting custody of these kids. BTW Us weekly claims that their nanny Grace was at the after memorial family gathering. A reporter was on Showbiz tonight who said she spoke to Prince Michael yesterday. According to her when she walked in he smiled at her so she asked him was today a bad day. He said, it was “a nice day” she said after a little more small talk. He said,”Thank you for coming “and shook her hand. She also spoke with Paris. She said she was shocked by how normal and well mannered they were.She said when she left they were talking with their cousins. I think I read that they have 25 cousins.

alwaysright101 on

when she spoke, it made my mom cry…..since the announcement of his death back on the 25th we both been holding back our tears.

we both cried yesterday though at different times. i cried when she wanted to hear one of his songs, someone had told her about a song of his and wanted to hear it..and just hearing it made me cry because it finally had hit me that he was gone, and that now he is just a legacy.

we only watched bits and pieces of his funeral but we saw the part where paris spoke and it made my mom cry…and my mom crying kinda made me tear up a bit.

Teresa on

this was such a moving ceremony.dont get me wrong, i absolutely love michael jackson, and as shocked as i was when i heard that he died, i didnt cry- until i saw paris speak. she seems like such a sophisticated young woman. and i think its so nice that all of these comments on this board have been so kind (except jan maybe). and like many of you said, michael may not have been their biological father (w/ these rumors coming out that their father is a dermatologist in LA) but he was their DADDY. when i finish typing this im going to hug my dad. giving custody to debbie rowe would be a terrible mistake. seeing janet and everyone else hugging paris after her short speech was evidence enough that these kids have a bond w/ the jacksons and they should stay w/ that side of the family. and can i just say, prince is actually kinda cute! (dont worry im only 14 lol)
whether you loved him or hated him,theres no denying the impact michael jackson had on our society. he may be dead, but his soul will live on forever. RIP MJ❤

RIP Michael on

Paris certainly endured herself to the world yesterday.
Man teenagers are friggin smart.

Teresa u certainly don’t seem 14!🙂

lulumay on

Mia, they told Paris to speak into the mic b’c she didn’t know that she needed to. It is a normal thing to say to anyone who is not used to speaking publicly. I also think that while it is understandable why MJ wanted his kids “hidden” during his life, I think it makes sense that now the world “sees” the kids, in a respectful way, to show that they are normal, happy & loved.

Little Paris proved that & I think her father would have been proud.

I work with kids for a living: there is NO way you could force a child to get up & speak the way she did on that venue in front of 20K people. No way.

Maddie on

I remember reading Lorna Luft’s memoir about her life as Judy Garland’s daughter, and Lorna explaining what it was like to lose such a famous parent.
‘My brother and sister and I lost a mother, not a legend. We had to deal not only with the overwhelming grief, but the public exposure of that grief, and the belief of thousands that they felt the same pain we did. They did not. They definitely did feel loss, but not the loss of a beloved parent.’
That’s the thing to remember, i think. To these children, Michael Jackson was their father. Not a legend or an icon, simply their father whom they thought the world of (despite what others thought). For the Jackson family, because Michael was such a public figure, they don’t have the luxury of grieving in private. The world has lost a superstar, but these children have lost their father forever. They now have to find a way to live without him, and that makes my heart break. No child should have to bury a parent.

elo on

Prince Michael was also very emotional… You can see it when La Toya gives him a tissue at the entrance of jackson’s casket. And Paris made a touching speech!! MJ would be so proud of his brave daughter.

Daisy on

Just to add another bit, as we were watching the memorial my mother made a comment that was so true. If half of the lovely things that have been said about MJ since he passed were said to or about him in recent years, we might not be sitting here watching a young family mourn.

Jennifer on

I watched the memorial with my mom and was holding my 8 week old son when I heard her speak about her father. I really lost it then and had to try to re-focus because I didn’t want my baby to sense me getting upset. That was the saddest moment of the memorial for me – hands down. I’m sure the Staples arena didn’t have a dry eye at that moment.

Me on

Daisy; i 100% agree with your last comment. RIP x

Erin on

I lost my mom to cancer when I was 13. Brooke’s speech had me bawling, but that little girl sent me over the edge. Way over the edge. What a sweet little soul. It’s disgusting to me that people still think Michael hurt children. If my child was molested, I wouldn’t want money…and he was acquitted on every single charge. Al Sharpton’s speech was amazing “Nothing strange about your daddy. What was strange was what he had to deal with.”

I’m glad they are now seeing how much he was and is adored around the world, but am so sad that this is how it happened. How could anyone not want to just hold on to her and tell her it’ll be alright? I hope his little ones make it through this alright.

Amber on

It was very touching but I can’t help but to wonder what Michael would have thought. He masked and sheltered the kids to keep them out of the publics eye and now the are front and center. All that work he did was for nothing. I hope they can grow up normal.

Mon on

I feel so much for these children. I agree with the previous poster, I wonder what Michael would have thought having his kids exposed like that, but I guess this was a totally different situation. They are beautiful children, and Michael was a beautiful person inside and out. I never beleived for a minute that he was a child molester. He had a child-like heart and just wanted to recapture what he had lost himself as a child. He had such an amazing soul and I wish there were more people in the world like him
I will truely miss Michael Jackson and the great things he gave to the world.

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