Kevin Federline and Sons Explore Paris

07/07/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
KCSPresse/Splash News Online

Bonjour Messieurs Federline! Kevin Federline and sons Sean Preston, 3 ½, and Jayden James, 2 ½, played tourist in Paris, France on this weekend, strolling around the city and visiting the Eiffel Tower.

From there, the trio walked along La Seine Promenade, stopped off for some gelato and more.

The family is in the city while mom Britney Spears continues the European leg of her Circus tour.

Both boys are wearing Target’s Toddler Boys’ ProSpirit Durward Athletic Shoes ($10). They ride in a Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller in Crimson Red (currently sold out).

Click below for two more photos!

KCSPresse/Splash News Online
KCSPresse/Splash News Online

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CTBmom on

They are getting so big! Sean Preston looks like Kevin, and Jayden looks like a boy version of Britney. Adorable!

sammy on

kevin is big..the boys are adorable…so are he and Brit together?

Ellen on

Yes they are getting big. One so much so that he shouldn’t be in a stroller anymore.

mel on

Wow the boys are getting so big and are cute!!! Kevin looks different…lol

Tia on

Ellen – I don’t care how big they are, most 3 1/2 year olds won’t make it an entire day of walking the city (Paris) without the help of either a stroller or daddy carrying them! At least I know my 3 year old wouldn’t 🙂

Erin on

Kevin is actually getting 30k a month to babysit his kids while she is on tour overseas- must be nice, and he has nannies!

Mimi on

Kevin is in Paris with his girlfriend. She’s in most of the pics on other sites. They took the kids to see Ice Age 3 too. The kids seem happy.

Brooklyn on

They looks so similar! They are really cute though!

kendrajoi on

I think they look just like their mom- too cute!

holden on

wow, they are so close in age that they look like twins in the first picture!

Kiki on

What a pair of cutie-patooties! Even despite the mullet-ish hairdo Sean has. Compared to a year and a half ago when they always looked so sad and shell shocked, they look like happy little boys now. So glad Momma Brit has gotten herself together, you can see the positive influence this is having on her sons.

Jae on

Those boys are so cute! they have the cutest little faces!!!!!

Lisa on

Aw they are soooooo cute! They do look alike Jayden just has blonde hair opposed to Sean’s brown hair. They have adorable smiles! I always forget that Kevin has 2 other kids! And a 2 and 3 year old are not too big for strollers!

Anna on

What darling boys. I’m having a hard time telling them apart in the second two photos!

JMO on

Nice to see when Kevin has Jayden there is no binky!! *just a minor observation* They’re very adorable and Jayden is a spittin image of Britney when she was little!!

daze on

so cute! i’m very impressed to see how both kevin and britney have finally decided to take their responsabilities as parents (i mean kevin was not always very present and britney has some hard times). and you can see the boys are really happy and calm now. apparently britney and kevin arrived together in Paris and it’s not rare to see one of them spending the day at the other’s place. i’m sure JJ and Preston are really glad to have them at the same time once in a while, especially since jayden was a newborn when they divorced and preston probably doesn’t remember the time they were ‘one big happy family’!

Juliet on

The boys look happy.

Amy W on

Ellen, normally i would agree that at that age they could be walking, but when you’re going all over the place their little legs get tired. My just turned 4 year old walks when we go places but when we went to new orleans last week i brought the double stroller and by the end of the day he needed it b/c it was hot and he was just worn out. Plus theres the fact that they’re celebs (or at the very least, the ex and kids of a celeb) so theres the possibility that its safer/easier for him to be in a stroller.

Also if you look, SP isnt buckled (where as JJ is) which means he probably was sitting just so he could eat that ice cream and probably was alternating b/t walking and sitting.

The Mrs on

Ellen-You have clearly not been to Paris with little kids. Being in a stroller is the safest way of transport for any kids younger than 4 or maybe even 5 while strolling in Paris. Besides, doing all that sightseeing will take a toll on little feet like his.

Shannon on

So cute! That’s all I have to say- they are just too adorable!!!!!!

N on

I’m just wondering… do we know what the boys actually go by? I see so many people giving them nicknames or referring to them by their full or middle names. Just a thought.:)

PS… they are adorable! And if I were going through Paris, I would love to be able to be pushed around in a stroller eating ice cream!

brook on

Erin…FYI, it is not considered babysitting when it is his own child! BTW-you sound really bitter about it!

Autumn on

LOL! K-Fed & sons remind me pics I used to see of Liam Gallagher & his sons Lennon & Gene from a few yrs ago when his boys (Now 9 1/2 and 8) were little.

Good to see K-Fed playing daddy here too!

debbie on

The boys are so cute! They look like their mom.

Felicia on

I just thought of this yesterday when I saw these pics on another website, but what about his other children? While he’s following Britney around the world on his tour how does he see his other son and daughter?

Autumn on

Felicia, Kevin hopefully does see his other two kids once in awhile, but the thing is their mom isn’t “Britney” so the paps probably don’t follow him around as much when he’s with them.

(Right now he probably is spending far more time with his sons from Britney than his older two kids with ex-gf Shar, but unfortunately that’s sometimes a fact of life in situations like that. I’m just glad though if Kevin isn’t a total dead-beat dad to ALL of his kids, like he could be.)

lydia on

Wow the boy are like twins, I can barely tell them apart, it seems like there is only an inch difference in height.

Mariel on

Ellen why are you always so RUDE??
C’MON its not your life, Sean P. and JJ are NOT YOUR CHILDREN.

EDWgirl on

I love how Britney is so down to earth with her kids and the gear she uses. When Sean was born, she had a simple Safety 1st stroller that we used to see her pushing him around in (blue one). It wasn’t the Bugaboo, Quinny or Orbit that celebs tend to buy nowadays. And now to see those boys wearing shoes from Target, something normal, nonceleb people buy for their kids is refreshing. There is nothing more pompous than seeing kids wearing $200 dresses and such!

L on

Such adorable little boys, i love seeing daddies with their kids!! Its also nice they have had the same nanny throughout everything, must be comforting!

Bancie1031 on

Awww they are so handsome 😀 I still think that Jayden looks a lot like Sean P ….. I agree that they do look much happier now compared to this time last year. It must be exciting for them to tour the world and get to see so much 🙂
I don’t think Sean P is too big for a stroller especially when your going to be out most of the day (or even for a long period of time).
Kevin looks the same to me …..

Mary-Helen on

Aw…the boys are so cute! They look so happy with Daddy!

As for his other kids, naturally he would be seen more with JJ and SP, as he is their primary caregiver. He is being more than gracious to allow the boys to tour with Britney, but remember, he has full custody of the boys, as opposed to joint custody as he has with Shar.

I think it’s great that Kevin is going above and beyond to make sure Britney and the boys have a good relationship and get to spend time together. He could’ve been a real jerk but instead he is working with Britney to make sure she is an involved parent.

Anon on


Kimora Lee Simmons receievs 40,000 a month. Is she baby sitting too? I honestly don’t see why people talk bad about K-fed. Shar Jacksons said he’s a good father. He more or less stays out of the spotlight…I just feel like theres this double standard.

and 3 1/2 isn’t too big for a stroller imo.

Di on

I think it is great that Kevin is spending time with his youngest two children but it is unfortunate that Kevin seems to have no problem with essentially leaving his two older children behind for weeks at a time so he can follow Brit on tour-it is a great arrangement for SP/JJ but a bad deal for Kori and Kaleb. I wonder why he did not bring the other two kids along for such a nice vacation.

Andrea_momof2 on

You know, I’m not a big fan of Kevin BUT no matter what anyone says he’ll always be Sean & Jayden’s Dad and they’ll always love him. It’s a good thing that they’re spending time with both parents because they need both parents.

Holly on

Heading to Disney with my 8 and 6 year olds in August and I can guarantee THEY will be in a stroller by the end of the day! LOL!

Mom.Of.2 on

First the kids are ADORABLE!!!♥

I think how much the stars get in child support is crazyy!! It does NOT take that much to raise 2 children!! It’s absurd!! Yea I agree with the rest, a 3 yr old in a stroller is typical esp like it was said “safer.” Even though he has joint cust with Shar, how come you never see him with them? hmm…maybe bc the pay isn’t as good?? I know watching your kids is not babysitting, but with that pay.. He was greedy for asking for more. People now-a-days need to know their roots.

*He better be thankful Britney noticed him dancing in the back!!*

Hate she went through all that, glad things are getting better and wish her and the kids the best of luck!!

Anon on

Could it be that MAYBE just MAYBE Shar Jacksons kids don’t attract as much attention because K-fed and Shar are both dlist?? Just because there aren’t photographs of them doesn’t mean he doesn’t see his kids. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t none of us can make that assessment so why bother.

Also mom of 2 it isn’t that absurd, the idea is to take care of the kids in the way they were accustom to when the parents were married.

Terri on

Cute pics. Sean does take after his father, and Jayden after Britney. It’s cool to see them both reflected in the two boys.

gianna on

Kevin seems like a good dad to me, and the boys are gorgeous. Sean is a great mix of britney and kevin, and jayden is all britney.

CelebBabyLover on

I have to laugh that, in the last post of the boys (with Britney), people were complaining that Preston never gets hold. Well, I do believe that’s Preston that Kevin is holding in the last picture! 🙂 That also seems to give weight to the theory that Preston is simply to big for Brit to carry.

As for their names…Both Britney and Kevin have referred to Sean Preston as “Preston” in interviews for the last couple of years now. Jayden they just refer to as “Jayden”, but some people call him “JJ” just as a cute nickname! 🙂

Q on

The boys are so cute! You can tell they’re having a blast with both parents during their vacation. I still don’t think the boys look that much alike. In an interview Britney also said Jayden’s nickname is JJ.

Mary-Helen I would hardly call Kevin gracious for demanding $5,000 extra a week to let his sons be with their own mother on top of the $25,000 a month he gets. During witch Britney is working while kevin & his gf are jobless & hanging out. Kevin does not have full custody & is not their primary caregiver. They have 50-50.

Kimora has sole legal & physical custody i believe so that’s a different situation. Kori & Kaleb are getting a raw deal no matter how you spin it.

Emma on

Wow – talk about two peas in a pod – they could be identical twins apart from the slight height difference!

Elizabeth on

I love the fact that Britney Spears boys are wearing shoes from Target. I find it refreshing that someone with a very comfortable financial position doesnt feel the need to spend an fortune on their kids shoes especially since they outgrow them so fast.

SH on

I’m all for target clothes. Also, my kids have tons of hand me down clothes…but I ALWAYS buy my kids decent shoes, usually from stride rite, because I find the cheap ones (like from walmart or target) are very heavy and usually give my kids blisters. They all have very wide feet though.

Frost on

Does he take care of his other two children?

CBB – you guys should note his other kids too so that people don’t forget about them.

Kevin is a father of FOUR. I hope to see him interracting with his other children soon. it seems like he only cares for the ones who’ll bring in the money!

Anon on

Actually K-fed does have sole physical custody of the kids and Brit Brit has visitation and he is the primary care giver. Hence why K-fed is in Europe with the kids. While Britney seems to be recovering lets not forget the antics that stop just a few months ago. Also I heard that extra 5,000 a month thing from the sun so its hardly a solid fact. They print lies about britney every week.

mel on

@Elizabeth I agree why spend $100 on shoes when the kid will only be in them for a few months. It’s ridiculous how much we want our kids to have designer stuff and they only wear it a few times.

Mary-Helen on

K-Fed DOES have sole physical custody of the boys and the only visitation Britney has is supervised under the watch of her father. The fact that Kevin is being kind enough to travel with her, holding back the launch of his clothing line and his DJ work so that she can spend time with the boys despite all of the hard feelings between them during her public meltdown is very gracious, especially when she made such hateful comments about him in Rolling Stone, accusing him of “walking out” (despite her filing for divorce and telling him by text) and saying her sons need a father figure because they don’t have one. As for Kevin’s job, seeing as Britney dragged Kevin into court so that the boys could travel with her, when is he supposed to work? If he had said “No, the boys stay in California while I work” then everyone would’ve come down on him for denying Britney access to the boys. Then when he graciously allows them to go with her, he’s a deadbeat. The guy can’t win.

Kevin is their primary caregiver and naturally he would be seen with them more. We don’t know what is going on with Kori & Kaleb because when you are the father of Britney’s kids, people only want to hear about them. Personally, I think Kevin has proven himself to be the more stable influence on these boys and definitely a capable and doting dad. Why people come down on him for “babysitting” (when he is the one with them most of the time) and for taking child support is beyond me. He needs to raise these kids, if he were a woman, he would be praised.

I think while it’s wonderful that Britney has come so far, everyone needs to remember it was her actions that prompted JJ & SP to come into Kevin’s care full time. She made choices that prompted all of this, so while I commend her for getting it together and being a good mom, she is the reason they live with Kevin.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- I agree! There was an article that came out right before Britney’s tour that said she was going to “have the boys more” during the tour. However, K-Fed’s lawyer explained that K-Fed still has full custody, but that Britney is being allowed more and more visatation (and, by the way, I haven’t read anything about it being surpervised, and in a lot of the pictures we’ve seen, Britney’s dad isn’t there), hence the comment about her “having them more”.

It’s also been mentioned (by K-Fed’s lawyer, I think) that K-Fed and Britney each have the boys about 50 percent of the time, but Brit’s 50 percent is visatation.

As I understand it, when you are under a conservatership, you cannot apply for any sort of custody, so I doubt Britney will be getting custody any time soon (and this is not a slam against Brit. I’m just trying to explain that K-Fed probably will have sole custody for quite awhile.).

As for K-Fed’s other kids…I forget exactly how old they are, but I’m almost postive that his oldest, Kori, is school-aged now, and I believe Kayleb is as well (I know Kayleb is about a year older than Preston, and Preston will be 4 in September, so Kayleb is probably 5 now). It’s summer now, but when the tour began was somewhere between early Winter and late Spring (I forget which), so school was still in session. Thus, it was probably best for Kori and Kayleb not to have their schooling disrupted in order to be with Kevin and their brothers on tour.

Also, maybe Shar occasionally flies out with Kori and Kayleb so they can see Kevin…but we just don’t know about it because there are no pictures taken (since, as people have pointed out, K-Fed and Shar are nowhere near as famous as Brit is. Preston and Jayden get photographed when they’re with K-Fed, but that’s mostly because of who their mother is.).

Anyway, I have no doubt that Kevin loves all of his kids! Oh, and I believe I read somewhere not to long ago (I think it might have been in Kevin’s PEOPLE interview this past Winter) that, when Kevin is in LA, he has Kori and Kayleb every other weekend, and I also remember reading that they attended Preston and Jayden’s joint 2nd and 1st birthday parties.

Chris on

They do not have 50-50 custody. “Federline retains sole custody of the couple’s two sons, Preston, 2 1/2, and Jayden, 1 1/2. Spears – who’s currently allowed two visits and one overnight per week – will get more visitation rights.”,,20213350,00.html

Kimora Simmons also has full custody of her children but Russell gets visitation. Visitation does not equal custody. Kevin is actually being gracious and probably sacrificing time with his other children while he travels with his and Britney’s children.

The boys are cute and I agree with others that Preston looks like Kevin and Jayden look like Britney. And they look soooo happy now.

mvg on

Actually, Britney has the kids in True Religion and Joes Jeans most of the time, while Kevin seems to favor the more “reasonably” priced apparel for the tykes. I guess each parent dresses their kids according to what their budget allows, although Kevin did mention that his kids clothing line was going to be affordable since he “saw no reason in spending $100 or more on jeans the kids are going to roll around the dirt in”.