Heidi Klum and Leni: West Village Walk

07/07/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Sporting a dress that accentuated her baby bump, Heidi Klum strolled hand in hand with daughter Leni, 5, on Friday in the Big Apple.

The pair were accompanied by quite the crowd, including siblings Henry and Johan, grandma Erna, a nanny and a bodyguard — whom Leni received a piggy back ride from on the way home!

The brood will grow in October, when Heidi and husband Seal welcome their new addition — a baby girl!

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Amy on

What a gorgeous mother and daughter duo. I love the outfit Leni is wearing. So bold and bright–perfect for a four year old!

Mariasha on

Wow, Leni looks sooo much like her father it is insane. Cute Duo!

Lila on

Leni is such a cutie! Love her haircut.. 🙂

eternalcanadian on

lol, leni’s fashion choice is interesting to say the least! her mum looks so good. hope the pregnancy continues to go well for heidi.

Ana on

Two girls and two boys. How cool could that be?!

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Heidi always looks so beautiful and Leni, my goodness what a pretty little girl!! I just love seeing these two together.

Laura on

I love Leni’s outfit. I’m assuming that she picked it out herself? But I suppose I could be wrong. I love seeing little kid’s pick out outfits by themselves. I just saw a picture of my cousin at about age 5 or 6 wearing a red white and blue stripped shirt and then pink and yellow and green floral capris… totally made me chuckle.

Alyssa on

Wow! She popped, she looks great!

Jacquie on

It’s nice to know my child isn’t the only one who likes to dress in multiple, contrasting prints! The look cute together.

Chelsea on

“Wow, Leni looks sooo much like her father it is insane. Cute Duo!”

I actually think she looks like a mini-Heidi, to be honest. Not that I’ve seen a ton of pics of Leni’s biological father, but she looks a lot like Heidi to me.

I so want to see some more pics of Leni w/ her daddy Seal<3 They are one of my fave Hollywood father/daughter duos. Seal seems like such a wonderful man/husband/father.

Helen on

Heidi should be pregnant all the time because she’s just gorgeous that way.

Sharon on

same i love seeing leni with her daddy! seal is a great father and leni sure does look like heidi!

Mina on

It could be just the way the dress is folding but to me it looks like Heidi’s belly button popped out. Doesnt that usually happen when you’re close to giving birth? She still has 3 months to go. I havent had a baby yet but mothers have told me that their belly buttons popped usually the month before.

k on

Didn’t Angelina wear a similar dress during her last pregnancy? It looks super comfy and lovely!

Delaina on

Laura – I totally agree!! Isn’t a scream to see what kids will pick out on their own? My 3 year old niece was in preschool this past year (for the first time). Her teachers told my sister-in-law they couldn’t WAIT to see what my niece showed up in every day! She’s going to be QUITE the fashionista I’m sure!! My daughter is getting to the stage where she’s very opinionated about her clothes. LUCKILY, she only wants to wear dresses these days, so it’s hard to mismatch that! I know when fall comes though, we’re going to have some interesting ensembles! I love it – Leni looks adorable as always!

Bancie1031 on

Heidi looks great

gianna on

I’ve seen pics of heidi out with her mother and 3 kids all this week, every single pic there’s at least 2 nannies and a bodyguard as well as heidi and the mom. I can’t imagine why so much help is needed especially when she is usually always with her mom. I see one nanny pushing a stroller, one carrying a kid, bodyguard carrying a bag, it looks like she has 9 kids or something rather than 3 lol. I think nothing wrong with nannies, working moms and celebrities all have them, but every minute out with so much help looks stupid to me. Leni looks exactly like her bio dad, people just think heidi because if you have to choose compared to seal’s two sons with heidi, I guess leni would be the most resemblance. But overall none of her 3 kids look much like her. She popped out a lot more with this pregnancy than her 2nd amd 3rd, I guess since it’s her 4th and her body has been pregnant a lot already.

CelebBabyLover on

I love how Heidi and Seal often let the kids where whatever they want, within reason. For example, we have also seen pictures of at least one of the boys in a spiderman costume (and not just on Halloween, either)! 🙂

Angela Lake on

I love the Leni’s look. My 18 month old niece decided what she wanted to wear the last time I had her, which was in June, she ended up in wind pants, a green floral dress, and her winter coat and her sandals. Well whatever her mom was doing laundry the day I had her.