Expectant Jennifer Hudson at Memorial Service

07/07/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Kevin Mazur/MJ Memorial/WireImage

A very pregnant Jennifer Hudson was spotted backstage with Usher at the Michael Jackson memorial service, currently being held at the Staples Center.

The actress and singer performed the song, “Will You Be There,” with a choir and the Michael Jackson tour dancers at the memorial in Los Angeles.

The song, released in 1993, is off Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album, but was also featured on the Free Willy soundtrack.

PEOPLE live-blogged the event if you couldn’t watch on TV. Jennifer’s baby is reportedly due in August.

Click below for a photo of Jennifer on stage and to watch a video of her performance.

Kevin Mazur/MJ Memorial/WireImage

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Beverley on

Well, I hope she’s not wearing that dress on stage or we all might get a flash of more than we want to see.

Beverley on

Wow, that’s a short dress.

francesca on

I thought it was a top with leggings or something?

Anyway, she looks fabulous on stage, she’s doing a great job.

Elli on

Just seeing her performance on TV – great, good-looking, powerful voice and she is visibly touched, I guess, who wouldn’t…

Forever Moore on

Her performance was breath-taking…that baby just got an amazing show!

Amber on

She killed it

Ryo on

Her performance was the one to finally make me cry.

Amber on

The dress didn’t look inappropriately short on tv…imo.

Hmmm on

I’m getting pretty tired of folks bashing Ms. Hudson for her dresses. I don’t believe you’ve seen anyting innapropriate have you? No.

She’s gorgeous in everything I’ve seen her in.

Crystal on

I think that Jennifer Hudson’s dresses choices have been a little odd. Especially since she didn’t used to wear such short outfits. That being said, she is VERY pregnant and I’m sure she’s just wearing anything that’s comfortable and keeps her cool. She looked BEAUTIFUL onstage and I liked the cover-up she wore while onstage. I can’t wait to see her little girl! I’m so excited for her and David! 🙂

mmh on

Her dress was a fine length — knee length!! Come on!

brannon on

Agree. And beautifully powerful performance. I hope she never reads this blog.

Philippa on

That was an amazing performance! I think Jennifer looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to see the baby and hear what she’ll name him/her. 😀

anna on

Another unflattering dress. She would have looked much better in something else. Her performance was good. Hope the baby’s hearing is ok. 🙂

Sanja on

I think that people are getting the wrong image from the first picture, in the video you can see that the dress is knee lenght actually.

Brandi on

I think she wore two different outfits. The one in the photo has leggings with it, and the one she wore on stage ties under the bust. It looks that way in the video at least.

Allie-Rose on

Oh for heaven’s sake! Give the woman a brake about her dresses! She’s pregnant and wears what she feels comfortable in,it’s perfectly understandable and there’s nothing wrong about it. Everyone in here’s had some questionable dressing choices at some point, so judge yourself before judging Jennifer or any other celebrity for what they wear.

On another note, her performance was beautiful

Jeanita on

Who cares what is wears and what does that have to do with what kind of parent she will be? Beautiful inside and out. Great job singing the today. Congrats for coming out today and supporting the Jackson Family.

Ursula on

Jennifer looked stunning, and gave the most stunningly beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson. I can only imagine how she felt after her recent tragedies, being there for the Jackson family while preparing to start her own family.

Mia on

Love Jennifer, she’s really glowing!

SH on

it almost looks like what she’s wearing in the first picture goes UNDERNEATH what she’s wearing in the second picture for the show? kinda like she was in the middle of getting ready when the shot was taken back stage? just a thought…

L on

Jennifer looked absolutely gorgeous & sang so pretty..more power to her for getting up there and being due so soon!!

Sidenote: Ushers performance was amazing!!!

Monica on

she looked great on stage! her dress looked fine.

MZ on

she looked lovely and sang beautifully. she’s a class act.

Anon on

I think she looks phenomenal in the second dress.

FC on

No mistaking her baby bump at the memorial or in these photos. I thought she looked, and sounded, wonderful. Baby-to-be looked good, too… 🙂

Gigohead on

Her performance was so inspiring. She’s big like me now so I’m especially proud of her. Does anyone know when she is due? I’m due in October myself..I’m having a boy.

christina on

Second dress looks much much better…she should keep her arms under wraps, not to mention that much leg (which noone needs to show unless at the beach!)

Hmmm on

Keep her arms under wraps??? What? That’s a terrible thing to say. She’s a gorgeous proud mom to be.

Terri on

She looks gorgeous and happy! Good for Jennifer!

CelebBabyLover on

Crystal- Where did you hear that she’s having a girl?

Gigohead- It says August in the post. 🙂

Tiffany on

I actually loved her dress and her singing brought me to tears. She looks beautiful as always.

Kait on

Although no one can sing that song as amazing as Michael she did a beautiful job. That was one of the first songs I’ve ever heard of Michael Jackson’s (also Thriller) and I do say it brings tears to my eyes when he speaks at the end. You can hear his emotions pouring out, it’s so heartwrenching.

gianna on

She is carrying very big, and the dress was so short, it wasn”t very flattering IMO. I think she is having a girl.

Emma on

I haven’t watched the video, but I think the second dress is just stunning.

Alice on

Well she didn’t go on stage in the first dress, it was probably something comfy there’s nothing wrong with it… she’s heavily preagnant!!
The dress she wore onstage was very classy and appropriate. I didn’t think it was unflattering, but in any case, she went up there in heels and in a crowded stadium where it might have been quite hot so I don’t think ‘flattering’ is the real matter XD
It’s understandable that she would not wear something that brings the attention to her belly, it was a tribute to MJ not something about her.

Her performance was beautiful!

Shannon on

Jennifer’s performance yesterday literally brought me to tears. So wonderful for her to be able to get up there at 8 months pregnant and sing her heart out in memory of an incredible man. All the best to her and her new family. Can’t wait to see her little bundle!

Daisy on

Maybe because this is my favourite Michael Jackson song, but her peformance was the best of the night in my eyes. When she came on the room I was in fell silent. It was totally fitting and very moving.

Why do people seem to be so quick to critise Jennifer recently? She looked great and it is fantastic that she has got something to brighten up her year after everything that has happened. Is it so hard for people to just be happy for someone else?

Christina on

Wow, does she ever look gorgeous!

Jacquie on

I have to say she looks beautiful. Not all pregnant women just have a little bump that sticks out. And I find it impressive that she has the lung capacity this far in pregnancy to belt out songs like that still! Most of the time it is hard to just breath at that stage!

Bella Mama on

beautiful girl and she gave a beautiful performance..