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07/07/2009 at 12:30 PM ET

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MZ on

omg can i relate to those in-law stories! the article put it well…it’s a battle over who has the right to be the woman-in-charge in my household. the day after i had my son, my in-laws came to visit us in the hospital. my MIL was holding my son when he began to cry. i was bed-ridden b/c of complications and asked her to give me back my baby so i could feed him. “he’s not hungry” she announced. “you wouldn’t know if he was hungry.” from that moment, it’s like battle lines were drawn! (although to be honest, we’ve never gotten along well.) she refused to give my baby back until he was red-faced from screaming so much. she thought it was funny!

my son is now 5 months old. we live across the country from my in-laws, but they have visited frequently. every time they come, my MIL expects to be the one to set the rules for my son: when he eats, when he sleeps, whether he has a binky, etc. it drives me nuts! she won’t even listen to my husband. it’s gotten so bad that we felt it was impacting the baby’s well-being, so the only thing we could think to do was begin limiting her access to our son, which i am sure is making the problem worse on some levels, but i don’t know what else to do. 😦

Fnhdl on

MZ – I am so sorry to hear about your horrible MIL. I happen to think you are doing the right thing by limiting contact with her. Your son doesn’t need that kind of disruption in his life. Hopefully she’ll mellow with time.

mary on

Oh the placenta lady. That was a story and video that made me laugh out loud and for so long. I can’t wait to show it to my husband who by the way will find it utterly disgusting, which is why I’m going to show him. (hehe) As soon as I finish looking up info on eating the placenta.

N on

Who on earth decides that it is a good idea to eat placenta? Ew.

and MZ – I feel ya. From the second we got pregnant, my MIL has not stopped with her onslaught of “advice” and has pretty much threatened that if we have a boy and we don’t use my husbands name (which he hates, but he’s a 4th) that she won’t ever see the baby. Which, as horrible as this sounds… would be a little okay. I know that she will get over the fact that we aren’t using his name and be around… but I can’t imagine what she will be like after the birth… ahhh!

Rach on

MZ, omg that is so horrible and rude.My MIL has always been an absent part of my husband’s life, so I never really expected her to be there for our child. Sometimes I feel upset for him that he doesn’t have both sets of grandparents active in his life, but after hearing about stories like MZ I am a bit relieved. It feels bad to say it,but its true.

Anon on

I just had someone come out and do our placenta encapsulation. Have been feeling great since I started on the pills–maybe a coincidence, but I’m glad to have spent the time/money on this. It was less than the price quoted in the article though. So amazing to see the organ that sustained my little guy for pregnancy, and I’m usually horrible with organs/blood/body stuff. With that said, we didn’t tell our families about doing this…