Roger and Mirka Federer Celebrate Wimbledon Win

07/06/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Meet the champ! Coming off his 15th Grand Slam win at Wimbledon — breaking Pete Sampras‘ record — Roger Federer poses with expectant wife Mirka Vavrinec Federer at the Wimbledon Champions Dinner, held Sunday at the Hotel Intercontinental in London.

Roger’s next project? His baby-on-the-way, a boy due in early August. The couple has yet to decide on a name!

“You know, we’ll see,” Roger said recently. “There’s quite a few books around that are that thick, so we’ll see where it takes us. But, no, we haven’t decided anything yet. I have no clue right now myself. Thank God we have time left to decide.”

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Ashley on

They look so beautiful together I am sure Roger and Mirka will have a beautiful baby boy with gorgeous hair! I feel for Mirka though being very pregnant in the summer, it looks like she is a little swollen; not wearing her wedding band!

H Knight on

She looks fab and she just sat through a nerve wracking over 4 hour tennis match!

Sanja on

Poor Mirka, I was exhausted after that match and I was at home on the couch! I have no idea how she managed it without a bathroom break, at that time in my pregnancy I was peeing every 10 minutes, lol.

Sabina on

Ashley, they might be wearing their wedding bands on the right hand!

But besides that note, congrats to Roger and Mirka – cannot wait for her to give birth… And congrats to Roger on the Wimbledon win.

Ashley on

Hmm I have never heard of wearing a wedding band on the right hand? But regardless it’s not like I am trying to start gossip, I just noticed she isn’t wearing it.

Erin on

Ashley, a lot of Europeans (especially Eastern Europeans) wear their wedding rings on their right ring finger. If I remember correctly, it’s especially a tradition among those in the Eastern Orthodox church. Regardless, I wouldn’t rule out the swollen fingers theory! Or the no ring at all theory. I actually hate the feeling of wearing a ring, so mine is locked up. Weird, right?!

Elly on

She looks lovely! I kept hoping to see her belly during the match to gauge the secret due date, but the camera never caught it. I think mid-August. These two are such a sweet couple. I love how their lives are intertwined in all aspects.

Brooklyn on

Was just looking at other pictures of Mirka and she is wearing a ring on her left I guess maybe her fingers are a bit swollen! In any case, they’re a cute couple.

eternalcanadian on

Per the comments about no wedding band. Not everyone wears their wedding rings all the time. Lots of people take their rings off at bedtime, and also don’t wear them when they’re playing sports (like tennis) or doing dirty work like the yard or on the car. I think Mirka isn’t wearing her ring because her hands look pretty puffy, and judging from the way her body looks I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s retaining water. I know a lot of European people, and they always wear their ring on the third finger of the left hand, just like we do in North America. I haven’t met anyone from say Russia or Germany or Italy or China that wore a wedding ring on the third finger of their right hand.

Ashley on

eternalcanadian: I have a best friend who is from Germany and she wears her wedding band on her right ring finger. I’ve had discussions with her regarding this and she said that it’s traditional in many European countries. I’m not positive if this would be custom in Switzerland or not, though.

Roger and Mirka will certainly have a 2009 to remember, that’s for sure! Their little boy will surely hear stories for the rest of his life regarding his father’s great accomplishments during his birth year! =) They’re one of my favorite athlete couples!

Ellen on

Jeez. It is is VERY common for people in Europe to wear wedding rings on the right hand and that’s only if they choose to wear them. It’s only a piece of metal afterall that some people don’t need to wear to feel married.

Bird on

I kept wondering if she was having to take bathroom breaks during that match too. I was surprised she could even sit for that long. That’s dedication. Although, come to think of it, I stayed up till three watching it on tivo. He’s the best.

Rach on

As far as the wedding band thing, I wore both my bands together until I started to get really fat and swollen.First,I took off my engagement band and then I took off the wedding band only to be worn when I left the house.The more pregnant I got was the more I just said forget it. Especially since I started etting perma-dents where my rings would be.

I put on my wedding band the day I had to go to the hospital only because I heard that the medical staff sometimes have a bias for younger unmarried interracial couples from many people who had previously delivered at the same hospital.I have one of those faces,especially when it was all swollen and puffed out,it made me look a lot younger than I was really.Now,I don’t even bother,I know i’m married and that is all that matters.

Rach on

PS. Mirka looks gorgeous 🙂 I was the same way when I was pregnant (lol still am) and I would envy those women with the slim bodies and the “little cute baby bump” like Ana Ortiz ~

MZ on

she looks so cute!!! great couple

Julia on

As for Russia and all of Eastern Europe it is COMMON to wear a ring on your RIGHT ring finger. I can’t tell about Western European traditions though, so may be Mirca didn’t wear it after all.

Swissy on

I am from Switzerland and most of the people here were the wedding band on the left ring finger.
@Ashley: It’s true, in Germany it’s the right ring finger.

Mirka really looks great! And congratulations to Roger.

Bumbles on

According to the British BBC commentary team on Sunday the baby is due in the first week of August. Talking about the wedding rings, I didn’t notice Mirka wasn’t wearing one but you couldn’t miss Brooklyn’s it was v.sparkly!!!!

lennie on

In Switzerland u wear the wedding rings on your left hand. Her hand is swollen and that’s why she’s not wearing it. My mum knows Roger’s mum and she told her that Mirka is at an uncomfortable stage now where everything is swelling up especially in this summer heat.

Tamara on

Here in Holland we wear the wedding ring on our right ring finger and engagement ring on our left ring finger. I believe Catholic people are the other way around, wedding ring on the left and engagement ring on the right.

Laura on

Rach: Why would you put your wedding band on to impress hospital staff? They shouldn’t judge you. They are there to deliver your baby.

Simone on

I am from Germany and it’s regardless of what kind of religion you are. Here we wear it on the right hand when married and left when engaged.

Helena on

I’m sure they’ll have a gorgeous baby. I’m such a fan of this couple. They seem so low key and I think they’ll make great parents.

JM on

you guys are quick so to conclude the worst when something is out of the norm….if any of you have been pregnant before you would know that coming down to the end of the pregnancy, everything swells…hands, feet….some people even get carpal tunnel syndrome. don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions about her not wearing the ring…she’s PREGNANT!

Kia on

Roger said he wouldn’t wear his ring while playing because he would be very afraid of loosing it.

Me on

aah she’s looking fantastic!
not long to go now-i too heard them discussing it on the wombeldon coverage, and she is apparantly due August 1st, according to Boris Becker! wonder if they’ll be inspired by Gwen+Gavin’s kids names and go for something out of the ordinary? hope so! x

Lara on

Wearing rings while playing a sport like tennis is dangerous anyway, kia. My husband used to play baseball and once broke his ring finger when the ball hit it. It got swollen up so quickly he’d have risked permanent damage if he’d been wearing his ring. I imagine it’s the same for tennis.

Rach on

Laura, I know it sounds horrible eh ? But its so true. I still wore my ring and we still got the weird whispers and looks. And the fact that I looked younger than I actually am made it worse. I remember no one was ruder than most of the NICU staff. They treated us like it was our fault that our baby was in there (didn’t know i had a choice on whether or not the protein showed up in my urine and I had preeclampsia) and that we were too young and unmarried to accept adult roles. I had to stop so many people from yelling at them. Especially after one grabbed my baby and started shaking him around and told us to stop being so gentle and slow,that he wasn’t going to break (our first baby,sorry for us handling him like well a newborn baby..).Everytime they noticed me when I walked into the NICU,the conversation was about me and they stopped as soon as they noticed me and began to do the fake nice thing to my face.I was always taught to be respectful and respect my elders,but I finally had to let loose and have a meltdown (as if having a baby in the NICU wasn’t stressful enough). I felt like, well, in order to get respect maybe I should wear a sash across my chest saying that I was 24, my husband was my highschool sweetheart, we had been together for 8 years and married for 5…maybe next time..

Rach on

PS, I think the best part was when the same shaking nurse told us that “babies are pretty much stupid so you really have to show them what to do”…yep, my verve for breastfeeding pretty much was gone..

CelebBabyLover on

Kia- I don’t blame him one bit (and this isn’t an attack on you at all. I know you weren’t critcizing him or Mirka!)! My father lost his wedding ring while swimming (he didn’t even realize it until later, and he’d been swimming in a river, so unfourtnately he couldn’t just go back and retrieve it like could have if he’d lost it while swimming in a pool) a few years ago. Ironically, he had just gotten it loosened as it was getting too tight. Obviously they loosened it a bit too much!

Daisy on

I was freaking out during the match, Mirka must have been 110 times more nervous. The bbc commentator’s kept mentioning how unfortunate it was for her that the match went on for so long, and if she had to leave and get out of the heat that would probably be him out because obviously he would be worried. It was a great game, the year is only going to get better for them.

Vicki on

Anyone know what Rolex she is wearing