Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Show Their Support

07/06/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Jesse Grant/WireImage

Showing their support, expectant parents Nicole Richie and Joel Madden attended a private screening of Playground last Monday evening in Los Angeles.

The documentary, which premiered earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival, focuses on “the child sex trade in the United States and discrepancies in laws and the perception of the exploitation of foreign and U.S. children.”

Nicole, 27, and Joel, 30, expect their second child in late August.

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Laura on

I hope it’s boy

Lila on

I really wanna know what they’re gonna call their kid! At first I absolutely hated the name Harlow but I’ve grown to like it. I wonder what they come up with next.

Bb on

Nicole is glowing. They make such a hip, cool couple

Meream on

I really love Nicole’s hair. She has great style, too.

merry on

One of my fave celeb-baby couple. Nicole looks so amazing when pregnant and all together are so beautiful young family. I like the name Harlow, cant wait to hear the new one.

JMO on

She looks so cute pregnant!

I wonder if she does have a boy if she will honor Michael Jackson (who is her godfather) in any way. Or if she’ll use her dad’s name in any form too.

christie on

she seems so small for being due in late august! i’m due late september and feel like i’m twice her size! she is adorable pregnant though. good luck to them!

Anna on

We as parents and society should really see this film and many others like it. Human trafficking is only 3rd after arms and drugs. Child sex trade is booming and should offer more of a podium on discussions. Thanks Nicole and Joel for your show of support and bringing this to light!

Courtney on

she looks great can’t wait to see what they name this little bundle of joy I loved when they picked Harlow cause I’m obscessed with old hollywood I’d love if it were a boy if she named him after her dad and if it were another girl Ava Melissa jade [ava aftr gardner Melissa after Manchester or Joan Heart & Jade after Jagger}

Dana on

I can´t wait for the new baby. I love the name Harlow and I´m sure the next one will be beautiful.

Brooklyn on

Nicole looks great! Her hair is beautiful!

Stephany on

I love this couple! Nicole looks great!

Cheryl on

I’m due late August too and my bump is the same as Nicole’s.She’s such a sweetie and Harlow is an adorable little girl.I hope baby Richie – Madden #2 will be as gorgeous as Harlow.I wish them all the best!!! 🙂
P.S. I can’t imagine Nicole having a boy but who knows…

Shannon on

I agree, Cheryl! I can’t picture them having a boy! I love this couple. They seem so grounded and as though they really have thier priorities straight. I like that they aren’t rushing to get married just b/c it’s more appropriate, but instead are focusing on their children and their family as a whole. I don’t need to see pics of Nicole in a long white dress to know these two are a loving, commited couple. Way to go, guys, for living yuor lives the way you see as best for yu and your kids! You guys rock!!!

Annabel on

Let’s please not bring up marriage with this couple… I don’t feel like having that debate for what feels like the 3,579th time. Anyway, she’s definitely gotten a lot bigger since the last picture I saw of her. Before, if she wore a lose shirt you couldn’t tell she was pregnant unless you already knew. Lucky girl… And I’ve never really liked Harlow’s name. I mean, I like each name by itself, I just don’t think it flows that well when combined. To me it sounds like they picked three names out of a hat and went with it. lol. I know they didn’t actually do that, I’m just trying to emphasize that I don’t think they go well together. So I’m looking forward to seeing if the next little one will be better. And just for the hell of it, I’m gonna call boy. : )

lolita on

I think shes having twins…. 🙂

Lauren on

Im just as petite/thin as nicole richie, yet when i was 8 months pregnant i was twice as big 😦 with one…

Brandi on

I love them together, nicole is getting a Big belly! Joel always seems so serious. lolita benji joel and nicole all already said its only one baby. she is carrying the same way she did with Harlow very cute.

Amanda on

LOVE this family! Sooooo excited for them!!!

Alison Bell on

I think it’ll be another girl…she doesn’t look very pointy.
But then I’m basing that on an old theory so who knows but it has usually helped my predictions so far haha!

Krystal on

Annabel, I think it’s funny that you think don’t like the names together. If anything I love Harlow’s name because I think they flow so well together! I’m not particulary fond of any of the names individually.

I would love for them to have a boy (I really hope they do!), but I think it’s going to be girl.

cas on

she is getting big!

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Nicole looks so pretty!! I’m gonna guess here and say she’s having another girl but who knows.

Bancie1031 on

Nicole looks great ….. I wonder what she’s having! It would be great if she has another little girl so Harlow has a sister but it also would be great if she had a boy because then she would have one of each …. awww I can’t wait …. when is she due again?