Keri Russell and River: Playground Playdate!

07/06/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Pacific Coast News

Going incognito in a floppy hat, Keri Russell and her tow-headed tot, River, set out for the playground on Friday in Brooklyn.

Enjoying the sunny skies, the 2-year-old kicked a soccer ball around with his pal before heading home!

River is the first child for the actress, 33, and husband Shane Deary.

River is wearing Crocs Caymans in Mango ($25, plus get free ground shipping with code july4 through July 8, 2009 ).

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Annie on

I love River’s hair.

Brandi on

I cant believe how blonde he is since keri and shane both have such dark hair!!

Chloe on

Surely he should have a hat on as well, especially as he is so fair skinned?! Not lovin’ that long hair either to be honest, but each to their own!

Alex on

Aw too cute. He’s totally daddy in the face. Brandi – both my parents have dark hair and I was born so blonde I looked bald, I think a lot of babies are :). He’ll be a cutie pie whatever his hair colour ends up being.

Rayan on

He is SO cute!

He kind of has similar looks to Shiloh Jolie Pitt.

j on

Spitting image of his dad.

crg on

I love long hair on little boys, but this just doesn’t suit him- just my opinion. Same thing with my son. I’d love for him to have long hair, but he’d just look silly.

JMO on

Cute. Not a fan of long hair. But I’ve learned to get over it when it comes to celebs with the long hair trend. BTW hasn’t the croc trend died out yet?!?! lol

Allie-Rose on

River is an absolute cutie! I don’t really mind long hair on little boys, but I don’t think it suits River much. Maybe it would suit him better if it were at shoulder length

Alex – Both my parents are dark-haired, yet my sister was blonde until she was 3, so that doesn’t mean anything

kai on

We haven’t seen him here for a while. I’m, too, amazed about how blonde he is. Cute! Keri was so gorgeous pregnant, I wonder if they’ll have more. would love to see that:)

juli on

that little fair skinned boy should have a hat on! his mother is cautious to keep her own skin out of the sun, how about thinking of your child too?? and get that kid a haircut. He looks like a girl.

Christine on

Where can I get a sunhat like hers??
And boy does River ever look like his Dad!!

Lauren on

River to me is the absolute spitting image of the boy who played Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween. Not sure how to interpret that…

Gigi on

Cute little girl 🙂

brook on

He reminds me of Dobber-from the old TV show “COACH!”

Cute kid…not my choice of hairstyles for little boys-but he is not mine!

Gigi on

Hey everyone ……. it’s Shiloh!

Elli on

I considered him very cute this time last year, when we saw pics of Kerry carrying him in the ergo carrier a lot. Not any more – give this boy a cut, please!

Lis on

Why on earth would you want your little boy to look like a little girl???

Lau on

I agree with the fact that long hair (even when I like it whether it’s on boys or girls) doesn’t seem to suit him so well. But he’s a cutie either way!
And also, it’s true that he’s very fair skinned, and that a lot of time under the sun could do him bad, BUT! sun is good for the skin as well, no matter how pale you are (or are not). I’m sure Keri knows when it’s been enough sun as to put a hat on her son.

Olexis on

You woman on here are unbelievably rude and catty! I understand having your opinions but Gigi and Lis, grow up! Act like adults and not middle school girls!

sil on

looks like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!!!

andrea on

maybe he had a hat on and took it off.

emma on

I thought these comments were screened? Whats up with calling River a girl. You should be ashamed. You would not like it if it is your child people were saying rude things about. River is a very cute little BOY.

lizzielui on

Isn’t Keri Russell Jewish? If that is the case, maybe she is following the Orthodox tradition and waiting until his third birthday to cut his hair.

Alice on

Doesn’t River’s father wear his hair long also (in a pony tail I believe)? I think he looks cute. Besides, what law ever said boys have to wear their hair short and girls long?

cassie1173 on


g!na on

omg! his hair style does look like shiloh pitt! he has more strawberry blonde than shiloh! They could be twins!

momof3 on

Two year-olds often will NOT keep their hats on. I know mine won’t despite my best efforts. We try to douse him in sunblock because we know he will inevitably remove his hat. People who say “put a hat on him” obviously do not, or never have had, a toddler with a will of his own. What do you do? Superglue it to his head?
Regarding the hair…adorable! To each his own but be prepared for people to mistake your child for a little girl.

ccpp on

Love her hat, love her jeans, love her tshirt, love her sunglasses. she has great style. I don’t like little boys with long hair! it looks ridiculous! and i think it could cause gender identity issues.

Fynn on

Last time I saw a pic, River’s dad has long hair too. Makes perfect sense, then, that his son would as well.

Trish on

LOL at ccpp

lizzielui on


Gender identity issues for whom? The child or the people screaming that he should cut his hair?

eva on

“Get that kid a haircut. He looks like a girl” and these are the adults. I am often shocked at how infantile some people can get with kid related topics.When someone says that a child will be made fun of because of their names or their hair I assume that it’s comming from a parent like the person above who says “he looks like a girl!” let’s also point fingers and laugh an obnoxious laugh at someone for doing something different from us.

alice jane on

Oh, God forbid, another little boy with long hair. What a crime. He is absolutely adorable, and if he or his parents want him to have long hair, so be it.

Hea on

CCPP – Don’t worry, I know better than you about these things and it certainly will not cause gender issues.

eternalcanadian on

oh hey, what a cutie! i’m surprised at River’s hair, it looks so strawberry-blonde, reddish. i thought he had really pale blonde hair? maybe it’s the sun?

Rebecca on

ccpp, you know nothing of what causes gender identity issues. That is so insanely uneducated of you to say.

River looks just like his daddy. I have a little one a few months younger than him and she won’t keep a hat on unless she WANTS to have it on (which is rarely.) You pick your battles and wearing a hat at that age isn’t one that I choose (or many choose) to wage.

Ellen on

I am absolutely ashamed to read half of the comments here. I would have to assume most of us are parents. How would you like it if I told you your child is fat, ugly?

Juli, your comment was one of the worst I have ever read, on ANY board. Can we see a picture of your child/children please? I’m sure I could find something to say but the difference between you and me (and 99% of mothers) is I would NEVER even dream of making a comment about a child like you just made.

I’m absolutely astonished and somewhat speechless.

JustMe on

I’m surprised his hair is so straight given Kerry’s curls! Cutie pie

Gigi on

Hey Olexis, I am a middle school girl 🙂 …. and I still think River looks like a little girl.

Liv on

Very cute pic! I love long hair on little boys:)

April on

I have to say, I’m digging the hair! Very cute. And Shane has long hair too and it looks great. Some people can really pull it off and I think he and his son can.

christina on

Oh dear….yikes.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

I totally agree with some others that say he looks alot like Shiloh!! At first quick glance, I was like what is Keri doing carrying around Shiloh?? *lol* Anyways, River is such a cute little guy and he’s getting so big.

wowfornoobs on

christina Says:
July 6th, 2009 at 7:57 pm
Oh dear….yikes.

Christina–if you can’t say anything nice, why say anything at all? I know it’s your opinion and this is mine, but there’s a way to politely voice your dislike. How would you feel if someone wrote that about your child?

Brook, I think, said it fabulously. “Cute kid…not my choice of hairstyles for little boys-but he is not mine!”

Ellen on

For those of you who have issues with this lovely boys hair, what if he was Hasidic? What about Hasidic boys in general who cannot have their hair cur for 3 years? Would you have the same issues?If not, why not? Please don’t use the blanket excuse that “religion is different”. Why would it be different? surely If you are so against a boy having long hair it wouldn’t matter what religion they were….would it?

HeatherR on

Good lord, I get tired of these “long hair” debates. It’s already been said sooo many times on here.

Donna on

Don’t like the hair style on this particular baby. Ryder Robinson can pull it off the best.

Elle on

Is River close to being 3? My son is almost 2 and his hair isn’t anywhere near this long and I have never cut it! I have actually been letting his grow because it is kind of curly and I want to see what it does. So far it looks really cute! I’m kind of surprised that his hair is so straight too. I thought that Shane had curly hair or am I wrong? Cutie little guy!

Carla on

Looks like someone wanted a girl…

SH on

OMG these comments are making me nauseated. Are people really that shallow?!? Yes, some of you are literally in middle school…but for the ones who aren’t, PLEASE GROW UP AND CARE ABOUT SOMETHING THAT MATTERS!!!

Shea on

I can’t believe he’s 2 already! It seems like he got so big so fast! It seems like there was just a picture of her carrying him in a sling in the airport not long ago and he was ity-bity…man time goes by fast! As for his hair…I personally won’t keep my little boy’s hair that way, but I think he’s a beautiful little guy!

Yaz on

You nasty commentators should either get a life, or grow a baby yourself.

CelebBabyLover on

Carla- Or she’s waiting until he’s 3 to celebrate the Jewish tradition of Up-Shearin’ (if I’m remembering correctly, the Russell-Dearys are Jewish)! Or she just likes long hair on little boys!

Alex on

I think he looks sweet, and I love the hair. I don’t think he’ll have gender issues (ridiculous catty suggestion) and I certainly don’t think this means Keri wanted a girl (Carla, another ridiculous catty suggestion).

I will usually fight for a person’s right to say what they want (within reason) on here and I really dislike the people who try to self regulate that (read, those who only want good comments and reject the idea of free speech, I get mad when those people come out to play!), but I’m horrified that this kind of abuse (and that’s what it amounts to now) can be thrown about just because of a little boy’s hair, it’s madness. He is perfectly lovely, his mum looks lovely too. Say what you want, that you love his hair, that you don’t love his hair, but I see absolutely no reason to be THIS nasty about it. It seems to me like some people have some very specific personal preferences and are pushing that. Just because you don’t like long hair people, it doesn’t mean River will have gender identity issues, or that his mum didn’t want a boy. Wow.

Kristen on

I would hope that celebrities don’t come to this site. It must be hard to see strangers pick apart pictures of them but to have pictures of their children torn apart by other women must be too much.

What I used to like about this site was that I felt like we were all, or most of us, moms and we were all in this together. Lately this site has just become another gossip site filled with either bored housewives who have nothing better to do than criticize or it is filled with perfect mothers.

And for the perfect mothers; the ones who pick out the perfect names, pick out the perfect hairstyle for their boy and the perfect girly dress for their daughters- aren’t you tired of condemning the rest of us normal flawed mothers? Sure we weren’t able to wean our baby off of the binky by 3 days old, off of the bottle by 6 months and they weren’t potty trained by a year but is there nothing else that you could be doing other than telling us how to wear a sling in the proper way because that is how you do it?

April on

A middle school girl Gigi? That explains so much…….

There are some nasty nasty ladies on this site. It is too bad.

Hea on

Why is hair even a gender issue with some people? Look at native people all over the world. It is not uncommon for males to have long hair in a lot of old cultures.

Barbara on

Can we talk about hair color for a minute? Why is it that kids get the really fabulous hair color when they don’t care about it at all? Women pay millions of dollars to get that wheat blond color that River has.

Just like youth, great hair color is wasted on the young.

And I think he’s a darling kid. She is one of my favorite actresses.

Amie on

He’s such a cutie and has gotten so big.

Amy W on

i LOVE his hair, i think boys look cute with long hair, especially when its thin like his. my 20 month old has longish hair (never been cut) and i get so sick of people telling me i need to cut it. too bad they don’t understand that his hair is actually a comfort thing for him and he plays with it when he nurses and its calming for him. I mean seriously people, its just hair. Jesus had long hair and i bet most of you wouldn’t have told Him to get a haircut.

C on

My 1st thought on seeing this pic is why, oh why don’t they cut that kid’s hair? His face is not suited to long hair. He’d be so much cuter with short hair, IMO.

Then I started reading the comments. He doesn’t look like a girl and it is his parents’ choice when to cut his hair. Kind of cool if they are following Jewish Orthodox tradition.

CelebBabyLover on

Kristen- Unfourtnately, some do. Melissa Joan Hart and Soliel Moon Frye both read this site. Soliel wrote in after Jagger was born to explain her name after so many people said nasty things about it. Melissa also wrote in after a bunch of people complained about how she said either shortly before or after Brady’s birth that she hopes for a girl next time. She actually had to explain that of course she’d be just as happy with another little boy.

Amy Dalley and Carnie Wilsion are two other celeb mommies who read this site (like Soliel and Melissa, both have written in after people said very hurtful things about them or their families. In Carnie’s case it was her weight, and in Amy’s her choice to allow her son to cry it out).