Jillian Reynolds Expecting Baby No. 2

07/06/2009 at 12:30 PM ET

A good day, indeed! Jillian Barberie Reynolds, co-host of Good Day L.A., revealed on this mornings’ show that she is expecting her second child with husband Grant Reynolds. To hear the 42-year-old television personality tell it, however, her bump was the worst kept secret in town!

“You know it’s not even a question anymore, [when] everyone is like, ‘You’re eating Doritos at 7 a.m., drinking 7-up and you’ve got a gut.’ Gee I wonder why? Yes, I’m pregnant. Helllloooo!”

The FOX NFL Sunday weatherwoman went on to suggest that baby-on-the-way was a surprise. “Jay Mohr said to me, ‘What, you get a boob job?’ and I said ‘Why would I get a boob job, I already have big boobs?’ and he said ‘Umm…,'” Jillian recalled. “And I was driving home and said ‘Oh my God, I have a pregnancy test at home, I’m going to give it a try.'”

“I peed on the stick and went back 10 minutes later and it said ‘Pregnant,’ so I stuffed it in an early Father’s Day card for Grant. Grant and I, our sex life, still goin’ strong!”

The announcement comes as the couple celebrate the second birthday of their daughter Ruby Raven.

Source: Fox11 News

Thanks to CBB reader Deanna.

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kai on

Hu, I sort of figured they must have had sex, but always good to know for certain. Congrats!

mom*of*boys on

YEAH! I love Jillian! Congrats to Grant & Jill, and little miss ruby too!

Chris on

A little Too Much Information but congrats!

Crystal on

I ♥ Jillian! She’s always so funny when she’s whooping it up with the boys on Fox with the NFL pre-game show. They’re always like Jillian you look so sexy today and she’s like give me a break!!! lol! I can’t wait to see her growing belly! 🙂

Shannon on

Ummm… the comment about her sex life was a little inappropriate and off topic. I mean I know that’s how babies are made, but did we really need to hear that?

Anyway, congrats to them! I love her daughter’s little curls.

Brandi on

Congrats! I thought for sure they would just have Ruby. What a great surprise at 42. Jillian is always sharing too much information but that’s why I like her so much she makes me laugh.

ErykaWynter on

I hate it when celebrities (or anyone for that matter) feel the need to make a point to share that they have a healthy sex life.

mom*of*boys on

I know everyone thinks that her comments are a bit harsh or too much information but that is what her personality is. Anyone who knows her, knows that is just a part of Jill! She is awesome and amazing. I love her high energy.

debbie on

big deal Jillian your having sex aren’t we all! Did we even ask? TMI!!!

meghan on

Jillian Reynold’s is the queen of TMI! I would be shocked if she DIDN’T overshare. Lighten up!

CTBmom on

congrats to them. Ruby is a cutie. I don’t think her comment about her sex life “still goin strong” was bragging…I think she meant it as a joke.

meghan on

I find Jay Mohr asking her if she had a boob job much more inappropriate. Of course, when you’re married to Nikki Cox, that’s where you’re brain’s at most of the time!

Jaclyn on

Maybe TMI, maybe not but all in good fun. There is something about Jillian that is just so likable 🙂 I miss Good Day and wished it aired nationally on Fox again!

Cannot wait to hear the news & name about number 2. Love the name Ruby!

Forever Moore on

Well, considering her hubby is HOT, more power to her!

martina on

People, lighten up!!! That’s what she does, she is brash & funny & talks too much. But Jillian doesn’t take herself seriously, it’s all just talk.

Ashley on

I was wondering if Jillian and her husband were going to have another baby… it seems like the “sweet spot” for a lot of couples is around the first baby’s two year birthday.

Wonder if they’ll continue with the double R theme?

Amanda on

CONGRATS! Always exciting news! Happy & Healthy nine months!!!

rachel on

i love jillian!!! and people that watch fox11 shouldn’t be surprised…that’s just jillian for you .congrats jill and grant and big sister to be ruby.

Sage on

Love Jillian and baby number 2 will be very cute like Ruby

Lise on

You Americans are too uptight about sex. It was funny!

Mia on

Good to hear everything is going well her/her husband and family. She was on Howard Stern recently and said something about her/her husband were having problems, but they “are working things out”, so hope all is well. I wonder if it will be a boy.

Rachael on

Maybe the constant commercials for Nutrisystem will now stop?! 😉


brook on

jeesh…what a bunch of prudes on here..lighten up people!

Ellen on

The problem with reading interviews rather than hearing them is you have no idea what tone was used. She was very possibly being tongue-in-cheek about the sex life comment.

Whatever the intention, congratulations! I hope she has a healthy pregnancy.

April on

If you don’t understand that shes joking just click on the link and you can see the video for yourself. I just love Jill and am sad we don’t get Good Day Live anymore. She’s so full of energy and funny. And yes I agree what a hot husband she has! yummmy. Congratulations to them.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Wow, I totally wasn’t expecting to read this!! Anyways, congratulations to Jillian and her hubby. This baby is going to be just as adorable as Ruby.

Rach on

LOl anyone who has ever watched Jillian in anything knows that she is one of those TMI people lol..

Congrats to them ! I really hope my next pregnancy I can eat doritos and 7-up lol and any food..dang hyperemesis 😦

deanna on

I love Jillian on good day la I was so happy for herto hear the news

Karen on

I Love her!!! I so miss Good Day Live and wish it’d be back!!!

kai on

my comment was supposed to be (slightly) funny itself, just thought it was such a random thing to say from her. btw, I’m not American, I don’t know your weatherwomen;)

danigirl on

I knew she was pregnant like a month and a half ago! I’ve just got that radar. You guys need to lighten up (and have more sex, lol!)!

Laura on

She said she was entering her 2nd trimester, sooo that must mean she’s due December or January?

kate on

Fox streams Good Day Live everyday online. @ http://media.myfoxla.com/live/. They stream the whole show starting at 7am pacific.

kate on

Sorry by the way congrats to Jillian and Grant. I kind of suspected that she was pregnant a few weeks ago. During the cooking shows she would not participate and if you Jillian you know that she loves to eat. and since the show is streaming during the commercials you can see what is going on behind the scenes you would see Jillian with a huge bag of Doritos and cans of seven up-or sierra mist. She chest also has grown alot she told the audience yesterday that she was now a double f instead of a d.

Terri on

LOL, Kai.

CelebBabyLover on

danigirl- Well, that (having more sex, that is) is a little difficult for those of us who don’t have boyfriends or husbands. LOL! 🙂

TV on

Ruby Raven, heh. Cute name but I’m wondering if Jillian and Grant realize that they basically gave their daughter two names that pretty much mean the same thing. Either way she looks very cute and obviously lves up to her name. Can’t wait to hear how she’s going to handle becoming a big sister over the next couple of months. Congratulations to the whole family.