Jerry O'Connell Jokes About Rebecca's Breastfeeding Mishap

07/06/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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Before contemplating children, many couples often choose to add to their family with a furry friend in order to learn the responsibility ropes. For actor Jerry O’Connell, practicing fatherhood with his dogs before welcoming his fraternal twin daughters Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose has proven helpful!

While guest-hosting Live! With Regis and Kelly last week, the doting dad proudly showed off pictures of his baby girls and noted their giddy smiles could only be attributed to one thing: feeding time! A veteran dog owner, Jerry jokes he has seen the same look before. “What’s amazing is I had dogs before we had kids and when you get the dog food [and] you’re putting it out, the dogs are like [panting], ‘Food time!'” he laughs. “Babies are exactly the same.”

With the girls now 6-months-old, feeding time entails two bottles and a can of formula; The first six months of their lives, however, mom Rebecca Romijn nursed. “Even I was like, ‘Honey, why?’ Lets go get some formula and make this easy,” Jerry says.

“But every few hours that big generator Frankenstein machine would go on.”

Unfortunately, nursing the twins involved adhering to a strict feeding schedule and, more often that not, cutting date nights short. “We were at a friend of ours’ wedding and we were there for a couple of hours. I was having a good time, dancing…and we’re having a good time,” he recalls. “My wife grabbed me and she was like, ‘We’re leaving now,’ and I was like, ‘No, no, no, come on, I want to cut the cake.” Realizing that Rebecca was more than ready to feed the babies — and had subsequently started to leak milk — Jerry laughs that the couple had to “skedaddle out of there!”

Click below to read about Jerry and Rebecca’s lack of sleep thanks to their twins’ 5 a.m. wake up time!

Not surprisingly, when asked by co-host Kelly Ripa if he has been able to rest since the babies arrived, the actor is quick to respond that sleep is a luxury of the past. To date, Charlie and Dolly have maintained a strict wake-up call: rise and shine at 5 a.m.! However, whose sleeping habits — or lack thereof — they have inherited have yet to be determined, Jerry laughs.

“I don’t wake up particularly early, my wife doesn’t wake up particularly early, but for some reason [for] our children, 5 a.m. is their time.”

Recently returning from a trip, Jerry was met by an exhausted Rebecca who promptly informed him he was officially in charge of the night time routine. “My wife was like, ‘It’s your turn, come on!” While the couple try to share the late night responsibilities, it goes without saying that the two find themselves convincing each other who is next to crawl out of bed. “I’ll be like, ‘It’s your turn,’ and my wife will be like, ‘It’s your turn,’ and I’ll be like, ‘No, no, no, I did it yesterday, I got up at five,'” says Jerry.

That said, Jerry shouts out his apologies to Rebecca, admitting that she, more often than not, is the one tending to the twins.

“My wife’s been great; She usually gets up and ends up doing it. Sorry honey, I’m so lazy.”

Fatherhood has changed Jerry in more ways that he could have possibly envisioned. While he once never gave a second thought to the idea of sunblock, he now can’t get enough on his girls, “slathering them up” with the highest SPF he can find! “Get out the 70 [and] put it on them and their toes,” he laughs. A father of multiples, the actor has also noticed a change in his physique as well.

“My biceps are getting huge because I’m just lifting them both at the same time. I’m going to be [Arnold] Schwarzenegger by the time they’re one.”

Source: Live! With Regis and Kelly

— Anya

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Meredith on

His comments about breastfeeding are ridiculous. First of all, it’s obviously his wife who was putting forth all the effort, so why complain? Secondly, everyone knows that breastfeeding is best for the first 6 months – not saying everyone must do this, but his wife is obviously willing, so why is he not supportive?! He is setting such an ignorant example by saying he wanted to switch to the bottle just since it would be easier.

mama2be on

Wow, it takes a lot to offend me and THAT offended me. Breastfeeding is not easy and i couldnt imagine how much more work it would be breastfeeding twins. I find his lack of support for his wife very, very sad.

Hea on

I normally don’t care but about these things but… is he stupid or something? I thought he was a funny guy before but this..? If I were Rebecca, I’d be incredibly pissed off. I would not take this kind of behaviour.

Liz on

I think by saying to feed the babies formular, he is trying to make it easier for Rebecca. Breastfeeding twins are not easy.

Jaclyn on

Of course it’s not easy (even singletons are hard), but Rebecca was obviously committed and willing to try her best to give her daughters optimal nutrition – why go against that? Six months is a great start and a year plus would’ve been ideal…

Anwways, kudos to her for nursing twins for six months – that’s what I think we should take away from this article!

Jennifer on

Perhaps Jerry is an intelligent person and supportive husband and father but the excerpts from this interview don’t make him seem like either. Breastfeeding is actually recommended for a year and in a country with a large part of the population being unhealthy and overweight, I find it pretty disturbing to discourage one of the most basic, healthy gifts we can give our children.

Ellen on

I really hope he still has the dogs. I always worry about people who freak out unnecessarily and get rid of their pets when they know there’s a baby on the way. Ridiculous attitude.

Does anyone know if he still has them?

joselin on

I think he was just joking. Ofcourse he is supportive of his wife. Relax people.

Kara on

Seriously? It’s almost to the point that I don’t want to read the comments anymore. No one can say ANYTHING without being attacked for whatever it is they said. He’s a comedian, comedy is his thing, he was on REGIS AND KELLY not some very serious show about parenting best practices. He made a joke, let it go. I highly doubt he’s an “unsupportive” husband. I’d be really interested for some of you to carry a tape recorder around with you for a day and see how many things come out of your mouths that you don’t mean any harm by but other people have a problem with. He’s human.

Ash on

I agree with Liz. I just gave birth to my 2nd child 3 months ago and i’m still breastfeeding. Sometimes my husband is asking me to stop because he sees it’s not easy and it’s a lot more tiring. So he’s probably thinking of his wife’s welfare.

Jenna on

Ellen- I saw Jerry strolling with the girls recently on TMZ and one of the dogs was with them.

Liv on

I didn’t find any of his comments offensive at all. I was just going to comment that they seem like such a happy, normal family.

Ellen on

Thanks Jenna 🙂

He’s a good lad is Jerry 😀

April on

You can watch it here and draw your own conclusions

Yeah, the comments come off a little wrong, but everything Jerry has said previously has sounded very very supportive of her decision to nurse the twins. And six months, that’s great! I think this is a case of simply guy-foot-in-mouth, where he wasn’t thinking, OR he saw how exhausted it was making Rebecca and was trying to “fix” it by offering to switch them to formula earlier than they have planned. He certainly didn’t mean anything horrible! Jerry is a light hearted funny guy who clearly loves his ladies, I don’t see the big deal.

sara on

Personally I think celeb moms are too posh to breastfeed/pump. Funny how 99% of them say they breastfeed but in the general population a minority of women breastfeed. I think celeb moms hint they breastfeed to appear more maternal or PC.

acidstars9 on

Sara, it is well documented that older, more educated and more wealthy women breastfeed more often than less educated, younger, or poorer women. The general trend for celebrities is to wait until they are in their late 20’s or 30’s, they may not necessarily be that educated but they certainly have plenty of money. I think it makes perfect sense that celebrity women choose to breastfeed more often than “average” women. Maybe a few are too “posh” to breastfeed, but not any more than the general population. Most celebrities seem to actually be helping matters because they are making it more “normal” and accepted to breastfeed.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Here comes the santcimommies breast feeding brigade. Look at em’ go after Jerry. Go sanctimommies! Go! God forbid he should make a joke about breast feeding on Regis & Kelly. I’m mean what has the world come to? A little Black boy throwing the terrorist peace sign and a father trying to poison his children with formula. I demand a thorough investigation Celebrity Babies.

April on

^^ What is a sanctimommy….? I see it on here and have no idea what one is. All of your posts sound the same……….

Megan on

I’m not impressed by his comments about breastfeeding.

aroundtheywaygirl on

April, if you don’t know what I’m saying, then skip past my post and keep it moving.

Cami on

As a mother of 11 month old twins, who were breast fed the first five months of their lives, breastfeeding twins was very hard and exhausting. I believe Jerry’s comment was only meant to suggest to Rebecca that feeding them formula would be so much easier for her, which it is, truth be known.

Amy on

some of you women need to get a life.

Shelby on

I agree with Cami. I breastfeed my 2 older boys each for a little over a year, and intend to do the same with my 3rd (who is almost 3 months), and have never used formula. All that to say that obviously I am “pro-breastfeeding”. I can only imagine that breastfeeding twins, while probably very fulfilling, can be very time consuming and perhaps difficult, and it sounds like Jerry was just trying to be helpful. Just my 2 cents . . . .

April on

Aroundtheyway, it was an honest question because i see it on your posts. If anyone wants to help me out i would be gratefull.

fuzibuni on

hi april, i wasn’t sure what aroundtheway girl was talking about either… but i saw it in some of her posts too. I think it’s a play on the word ‘sanctimonious’ which means “hypocritically pious.” So, I guess a ‘sanctimommy’ is a hypocritically pious mother.

and on a side note… ladies, I watched a documentary last night about ‘genetically modified’ soy beans, and in the united states soy is often put into baby formula without being labelled GMO on the box. these foods have not been tested by the FDA and yet they are being fed to infants without their mothers knowing. Just something to think about if you are using formula. If you can afford it, you might want to try to find ones that are labelled ‘non-GMO’ soy.

Lizz on

My son is 13 months and still nursing. I believe it is best and I am glad celebrities like Rebecca Romijn set a great example

Chris on

No comment on the breastfeeding debate. Anyway Rebecca and Jerry seem to be doing just fine as first-time parents (to twins, no less). They seem very excited about their experiences, and I tend to find Jerry’s stories cute. I hope they don’t read these comments because they might stop sharing stories about their babies altogether and that would be too bad.

Courtney on

I don’t think Jerry meant any harm by what he said and besides it’s not a new phenomenon for Celebs to breastfeed their babies it’s gone on for at least 50 years if not longer for example my favorite actress breast fed at least her middle daughter who was born in 1961 and had probably done it for her older sister who was born in 1959 & her younger sister who was born in 1965 but I know she did with the middle daughter because one of her & her husbands industry friends Mentioned it in a tribute article she wrote for him after he passed away last year

Mary-Helen on

I know breastfeeding can be hard, and I don’t think Jerry meant anything negative, he was just making an attempt @ being helpful while trying to get a laugh from the audience. Remember when he made that silly comment about Rebecca getting to be as big as a house and everyone came down on him? I’m sure that wasn’t meant to be hurtful either, just an offhanded joke that everyone freaked out about. I think he just has a more sarcastic sense of humour and alot of his humour gets taken out of context.

Marissa on

What may work for one family, may not work for another. They are obviously doing what they feel is best for their family. Putting an end to breastfeeding when a baby/babies are six months old is not the end of the world. There are FAR worse things than that. I love this family, so beautiful!

cécile on

Could it be that the guy being on Regis and Kelly, he just made humorous comments.Comedians often go for the self depreciation act, it just makes funnier stories than the “I’m such a supportive parent,I share all the chores bla bla “.I’m not sure that light comments made on daytime TV really tell you what happens behind closed doors.

The ones bragging about their support and giving themselves a pat on the back are not necessarily more helpful than the ones pointing at their own shortcomings.I’ve often noticed quite the contrary actually.

Katie on

Oh my gosh people, really? It was a joke!

Grace on

Nothing like a Dad supportive of the breastfeeding relationship….geez!

michelle on

“Sanctimommy” – I LOVE it!

Lighten up. Jerry’s a good guy. He was obviously trying to make a self depricating joke. He is always trying to play up his wife’s fantastic parentsing skills and make himself sound like a first time bumbling Dad. In reality, I am sure he would give her anything she wanted and support her in whatever she wants to do.

Why does everyone always have to nitpick every article to death. Just enjoy the humor!

kai on

aroundthewaygirl, thanks for a laugh in such bleak times!

Sarah on

Aroundthewaygirl – couldn’t have said it better myself.
Hey sanctimoms, the guy was joking… NOT making a statement for or against breastfeeding.
And for all the mothers who recoil in horror at formula, why not find something else to get your knickers in a knot about? Some women can’t breastfeed, others don’t want to… what’s it to you? Plenty of thriving, healthy, smart, well adjusted people have started life drinking formula.

Erica on

Something tells me if Jerry had said something like “I only want Rebecca to breastfeed because that’s what’s best for my kids” people would criticize him for being insensitive to his wife…aka there would always be fault found somewhere in his words where there was not any intended.

I’m not the biggest celebrity defender and even I think Jerry gets a bad rap sometimes! I don’t think he’s ever done or said anything that would imply he’s anything less than a loving, supporting husband and father. His comments are okay in my book. 🙂

Rach on

Wow, easy people..relax.. I think it is a common thing for anyone to suggest bottlefeeding. Especially with multiples. Anyone who is concerned will say something like that just to make sure there wives aren’t running themselves on ragged. Sometimes I feel like the breastfeeding crowd tend to get really offended quickly rather than the bottlefeeding crowd.

My husband would always make these kinds of jokes and comments, but it wasn’t to say that he was not concerned or supportive at all. I remember the day I came home we had no pump and I was extremely engorged and in pain. My sweet husband grabbed a glass (so not to spill the good stuff) and he began helping me massage and manually expressing the milk,neither of us had any idea as to what the heck we were doing,but it worked.The next day I got the Ameda pump as my “push present” lol. Trust me, many jokes have come out of that event, but I don’t mind at all,we are the lighthearted sort of people.

LOL,I can understand their wedding story.I really wished more people talked about the embarrassing stuff, then their wouldn’t be first time moms like me that are confused. I remember at a time my milk was so much that it would soak all my clothes,I would have to sleep with towels and I always had to wear a bra with extra of those thick pads. Uggh..If someone had told me more about those situations rather than the medical stuff,I would have probably been more prepared and I would have probably given breastfeeding more of a harder effort. Sometimes TMI can be some good information to people like me 🙂

Anon on

Even I was like, ‘Honey, why?’ Lets go get some formula and make this easy,”

Maybe I’m the idiot, but I thought he was saying that lets make the process easier on his wife and formula feed.

and maybe in this country people who are wealthier and more educated breastfeed but outside of this country and the west women breastfeed because thats really the only option. People try to breastfeed as long as possible to hold out on increasing the amount they spend on food!! Its so ridiculous how warped things are in the west, it cracks me up. I honestly don’t know how breastfeeding became so unpopular and I certainly don’t understand why some moms want a badge of honor for doing it.

April on

Thank you fuzi.

babyboopie on

I breastfed my son and I plan on doing the same with my unborn baby soon and it was not easy because I had mastitis and so I can see how Jerry may think it’d be easier for his wife to use formula- however, it’s great that his wife is breastfeeding, more mothers need to breastfeed!

Ellen on

Does it matter HOW they feed their children, as long as they are fed. Formula is not biohazardous material, it is food! What suits one family will not suit another.

As long as they stop breastfeeding before the child can walk, who cares!

Georgia41 on

“As long as they stop breastfeeding before the child can walk, who cares!”

Get ready Ellen…….the breastfeeding mommies of walkers are going to have a fit with that comment 🙂

Ashley on

“As long as they stop breastfeeding before the child can walk, who cares!”

For the record, I am not a breastfeeding mom (yet) but the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until the age of 2.

And the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that “Breastfeeding should be continued for at least the first year of life and beyond for as long as mutually desired by mother and child… Increased duration of breastfeeding confers significant health and developmental benefits for the child and the mother… There is no upper limit to the duration of breastfeeding and no evidence of psychologic or developmental harm from breastfeeding into the third year of life or longer.” (AAP 2005)

At least the first year of life.

Manon on

This guy seems to joke around a lot in a borderline insensitive way from what I can tell by the comments.

I think the main issue for me is: too much information!

Anyway, I can’t see that this does not make him a loving hubbie. Didn’t especially like the way he pinned labels on his little girls though.

On another tack, can’t stand when people get all hissy fitty and “geez, lighten up!” – so funny cos they sound anything BUT lightened up when they say it!

MammaDucky on

Wowza! Really ladies?? Do some of you not know that Jerry is more of a comedian than serious actor? The guy was being honest and funny at the same time. If I’m going to be honest here, I think he sounded exceedingly wonderful as a husband! He was suggesting the formula in an effort to make it easier on his wife. My hubs did the same when I nursed my twins. I eventually switched to formula as well. I nursed my son (singleton) till he was 15 months. To each his own.

Stop trying to find the negative in everything! The world would be a much happier place if we looked for the good.

Jennifer on

Ellen – Formula actually may be a biohazardous material….

Olivia on

Poor baby had to leave the part early so his daughters could eat? Boohoo. I always thought of him as a nice guy, but he sounds like a clueless jerk when he talks about babies or pregnancy.

Ellen on

Jennifer, I wanted to find articles online about how hazardous breastfeeding could be, I could.
If I wanted to find articles online claiming that Elvis and Michael Jackson are both alive and well living in Canada, I could.
If I wanted to find the results of a study confirming the vast numbers of people that are so gullible they believe everything the read online, I could.

SweetDiva on

I knew the breastfeeding police were going to be all over this.
My mother did not deliver me via natural childbirth and did not breast feed me. It is a choice that you can make. If someone doesn’t approve of it for their own lives, it’s not a reflection on those that opt to breastfeed not does it make them a bad parent. Their children are not doomed!
Some of you make it sound like he was beating the girls with rubber hoses. He was speaking on a morning talk show. They keep it light and fun! Nothing wrong with laughing at the wacky ways that parenthood changes your life!

L on

Personally, I kind of think Rebecca deserves better. It seems like she has three children. I know he may not mean any harm but he is constantly talking out of his but (like last time saying she was huge). I think he is insensitive and immature. I am sure he loves her but he seems like he still has a lot of growing up to do. God bless Rebecca for having the patience. I understand that he is a comedian but there is a time and place for everything. Just my opinion. Good luck to them both I hope they last and live a happy life together.

Fnhdl on

“If I wanted to find the results of a study confirming the vast numbers of people that are so gullible they believe everything the read online, I could.”

This actually made me laugh ou loud! Right on, Ellen!

Molly on

Im having similar problem. My baby is 2 wks old and breastfeeding is not easy. She has problems latching. My husband pushes for pumping and bottle feeding and I have to use lots of energy to fight him off. He wants me to make it easier and he wants to help but for me this is hard ! I wish for him to stop pushing for bottles (he’s not pushing for formula though like jerry)

So i feel for Rebecca. not only BF, especially twins, is not easy, but having to fight off the husband in order to do whats best for the kids is not easy, it adds issues she does not need whether he wants to be supportive or just jokes. This kind of “support” is worse then no support at all.

Dont give up, Rebecca !

Rach on

Ellen, sometimes your comments are a bit offensive to me, but this time lol you cracked me up.I completely agree. I have some friends that strictly breastfed and they were shocked when a study came out saying that breastfeeding is actually only beneficial when the mother is healthy and consuming a healthy diet and foods that would not irritate a child’s system. It’s funny because they only decided to breastfeed because of all the sins they thought formula caused. Their children all ended up with most of the things they were afraid of getting. Especially allergies and tummy problems.

I really don’t understand the debate..Who the heck cares as long as the child is getting fed ?

Beth on

Coming from a long-time Jerry fan here, the guy jokes about EVERYTHING gals. I think I can safely say he was teasing about the breastfeeding. If you watch the video, he actually looks quite astounded and impressed with his wife for continuing with the breastfeeding for 6 months. The guy is a kidder, give him a break. He obviously loves his wife and kids and I don’t think he was following her around for the past half-year complaining about her still breastfeeding like I feel some of you seem to think. Just watch the video, he seems to me to be acting like his typical kidder self.

And coming from a twin who was only breastfed for 3 months, my mom thinks she’s a trooper too. (our switch to formula and food came more from a shown interest on our part to ‘move on’ from the boob to other things according to my

Kasee on

Ellen, you cracked me up as well.
For those pushing breastfeeding, I understand all of the medical information and all of the recommendations by various health organizations. I am not married nor do I have children, so I don’t take personal offense, but sometimes ya’ll need pipe down a little. You don’t always know why a woman is not breastfeeding. My cousin just had her second daughter, and she literally can’t breastfeed her. But outside of wearing a t-shirt that says “I am physically unable to breastfeed” so that all of the “sanctimommies” can understand why she has to break out the formula, she just gets to feel bad about herself and feel like less of a mother because you all look down on anyone who doesn’t do what you do.

Shelley on

Poor Rebecca!!!

lauralee on


Do you have a citation for the study you speak of? Because I am a trained and experienced breastfeeding facilitator and am very familiar with the research, and have no idea what you are talking about. Yes, there was a study 2-3 years back about toxins in breastmilk that got some people riled up. However, the whole point of the study was that toxins are EVERYWHERE; they are in our air and our water supply. They are in the water used to make formula, too.

There has been NO study that ever indicated that breastfeeding is “only” good if you follow some perfect diet. Even if it were true that breastmilk lacked some important nutrients if mother’s diet were not good enough, breastfeeding would still be recommended as the superior food for babies because of its immunilogical properties, ones that affect lifelong health for both mother and baby.

Who the heck cares how babies are fed? Entire coalitions of physicians, WHO staff, public health officials, cancer experts (as not breastfeeding increases mother’s change of breast and ovarian cancer), baby care specialists, I could go on and on. It shows ignorance of the issues to act as though it’s the difference between Coke and Pepsi. We know too much now to let mothers-to-be think that it’s an inconsequential decision with no real detrimental effects. An ASTOUNDING amount of peer-reviewed research has made it very very clear that formula feeding introduces risks to babies in many areas of health, from increased SIDS rates to cancer to asthma to allergies to obesity to less-optimal jaw development, higher rates of morbidity and mortality all around.

To suggest that nobody should care how a baby is fed is akin to saying that nobody should care if anybody smokes, it’s all good as long as their family loves them – I mean we can find research for anything, right? I mean, cigarette smoking’s probably not that bad, it’s just all those crazy studies that make it look that way, right?/(sarcasm).

lauralee on

Also, I think a lot of this reaction to Rebecca weaning at 6 months is subjective based on cultural and community norms around you. For those who either did not breastfeed very long or do not have many twin-mom friends who nursed very long, it sounds like congratulations are in order and she deserves a hearty slap on the back for all her hard work. For those of us who nurse for years, not months, and know plenty of twin moms who nurse for 1-2 years, too, weaning at 6 months seems premature and Jerry’s comments, though meant as humorous, come off as odd.

Terri on

I think he was thinking that it wasn’t easy and that’s why he wanted her to switch to formula. I wasn’t offended by his comments at all. I’m not exactly sure what was offensive in what he said.

Dad of two on

Whoa! He is not ignorant…anyone who knows about breastfeeding can imagine how rigorous it is to breastfeed twins..he only meant that it would make it easier on her and probably so that he could also help with feeding. Gimme a break, way too much estrogen from some posters. I have a 3 yr old micropreemie that my DW pumped for over a year and a current 5 month old that is solely breastfed, so I know that it can be wonderful but at the same time takes dedication.

Rach on


Am I coming on here as a medical professional ??? NO. I was merely stating a report that I had seen on the news not too long ago and information that was told to me by many health professionals and lactation consultants. This is a comment box on a celebrity site..I wasn’t aware that it was a medical site where people get medical information with bibliographies necessary. I am sure if I had the time,patience and no life,I imagine as Ellen stated above,that I could find something. My baby is far more important than carrying on with some pointless debate on a site I just visit when he naps.

LOL and I wasn’t even talking about toxins. The study was about healthy women vs women who ate junk/smoked etc. Mind you,I always thought it was odd that even though breast is best,you still would have to take things like Vitamin D.

And seriously, get off your soapbox…or you know, do the seminars where the information is actually relevant.. I was not saying that no one should care, I was saying for people to MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS when it comes to someone elses child and stop being so judgemental and being as someone above stated a “sanctimommy”. Formula or breast, whichever is a personal preferance and up to the parent.There is no need to make anyone who did not breastfeed feel inadequate.

You remind me of the nurse at the hospital who kept telling me it was fine that my NICU baby was not getting any milk because my milk hadn’t come in yet and to keep breastfeeding and not to offer him a bottle and that IV fluids and offering a breast with no milk was best.I had to watch my child be poked and bled after every feeding just to make sure he was getting adequate nutrients and sugar.They would prick his heel and squeeze his blood out manually into a little test tube thing. Listening to him screaming in pain made me want to do all sort of mean things to that woman. I kept pleading with them,my baby is hungry,please,lets just feed him a bottle,I will try breastfeeding later.The responses I got were I guess supposed to make me feel like a bad mother that was feeding poison to my child by opting to bottlefeed.Finally I had a huge meltdown not caring what they thought and got some formula.The poor child took so much because he was starving.

It’s funny,after I started feeding him formula, the prickings stopped, his sugar went back up and his stay was cut down from 7 additional days and he was released the very next day. I think I have had enough of “breastfeeding professionals” for one lifetime thanks. I am tired of other people thinking they know what is best for other people’s children and thinking they know best.Just try minding your own business.

It’s funny, didn’t I say above that the breastfeeding crowd tends to get more offended than the bottlefeeding bunch ?

happyokie11 on

OK>>>>> I only want to comment on the fact that I was physically unable to breastfeed any of my 3 children due to the fact that I didn’t produce any milk whatsoever…SO, my only option was to feed them formula. My children are now 14, 12, & 11. My sons (14 & 12)are now both 6 ft tall, and my 11 yr old daughter is 5 ft 4 inches. They are not fat, nor obese. They are simply well-fed, healthy growing children. Formula is “not” biohazardous materials. They are tested by the FDA!!! Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to sell the stuff on grocery store shelves.

People really do need to get over this stuff. He was making a joke! He wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I’m quite sure he went over the “script” stuff about possible topics with his wife before he even went to the show. They are an honest, normal family, which is truly appreciated in these times.

lulumay on

People need to lighten up. Jerry is a big time goofball. He’s a comedian. He always says nutty things. When will I learn to just come to this site to look at the pictures – whenever I read the comments I get all riled up. People can be so silly.

Jennifer on

Kudos to Rebecca for breast feeding twins for 6 mos. That is a huge feat! I’m a new mom to a 8 week old and I opted for bottle feeding. No regrets here.
Jerry’s stories of going back and forth with 5AM wake up feedings is hilarious. My husband and I go through that too. Parenthood is an adventure!

Jennifer on

BTW – I’m electing not to participate in the breastfeeding/bottle feeding debate some of the posters are doing here. That topic has been debated already to death and there really is nothing more to add to it. Good luck to all the parents out here on all your adventures!

AC on

once you get the hang of breastfeeding it is WAY easier than formula. No heating, adding water. Just pop the baby on your breast and you’re good to go!

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