Christian Combs: Peace Out!

07/05/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Roger Walsh/Landov

Christian Combs, 11, flashes the peace sign — and sports some funky glasses — while posing with parents P. Diddy and Kim Porter at the VIP reception for The Rock N Roll of Hip Hop, held June 26th at the Celebrity Vault.

Diddy and Kim also have a set of identical twin girls together, D’Lila Star and Jessie James, 2 ½.

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Charlize on

Aww thats too cute
christian is so much like his dad
I want his glasses for myself
i never knew his twins were identicals
a rarity in hollywood

Marissa on

Nice Shades!

PunkPrincess on

Umm, that’s not a “peace” sign where I come from…

The “2 fingers up” gesture is widely used in Britain as an equivalent to the middle finger.

Tina on

well its peace here lol 🙂

dean on

in america is a peace sign

L on

Daddy has STRONG genes…handsome little boy though!

J on

Oh Lord, not that gesture again. It’s not exactly a peace sign in America, it’s a stupid fad gesture complete with serious face and pout as the young gentleman above demonstrates. Yuck.

brook on

OMG!! Some people make such a HUGE deal out of this every time it comes up in a picture…they are in America so it is safe to assume that is the “peace sign.”

Angie on

I think it’s nice that Kim and P.Diddy seem to spend so much time with their kids together even though they’re not a couple anymore. It’s always nice to see.

Liz on

Regardless what the sign means, at least we all learn something new culture-wise. Never use that sign in the UK. 🙂

fuzibuni on

isn’t the peace sign the other way around? what he is doing has quite a different feel to it.

Sharon on

oh my gosh he is all grown up and such a cutie!
and as for the hand sign im pretty sure that is peace and nothing else!

Emma on

“Flashes the peace sign” or flicks the V (swearing) – lol – the same debate again. Yes, when I see a photo of a kid making that sign I am initially shocked because it would be swearing if a british kid did it and I am british – however you quickly have to remember that Christian is american, so it’s just an innocent peace thing 🙂

I also think it’s lovely that both parents can be together for their child even though they have broken up – unlike so many hollywood/celeb couples. Good for you.

Lydia on

It’s a peace sign. Let’s not cause a national crisis…

brannon on

not only together but color coordinated! cute family, cute kid! (notice i say KID because that’s what kids do…make peace signs and act cool 🙂

Andrea_momof2 on

Well, here in North America that is a peace sign. Obviously a 9 year old is not standing there in front of his parents trying to offend anyone!

J-Lin on

Christian is cute. It’s a peace sign and he has turned it so it photograph’s properly. I’m so tired of the Brits complaining about it. You all should know enough about American culture to know that. It became famous back when the US saved the world in WWII.

Enough of the culture and history lesson. I want to see pictures of the twins.

Alex on

J-Lin, that post was bordering on offensive. America isn’t the centre of the world that you believe it saved, not everyone knows everything about it, nor should they be required to. Sorry if that offends you. The sign is not attractive, whatever it means.

kai on

those glasses fascinate me. how do you see through them? lol

anyway, he’s a gorgeous boy – love his preppy style, too!

Bb on

He’s a very cool-looking kid. Not sure about the sign, I’m british and i’ve used and seen that sign in photos. Technically it’s swearing but now lots of people use it interchangeably with the peace sign. You probably wouldn’t show that to a random stranger but my friends and i are always pulling that sign in our personal pics.

Momta2 on


“technically” it’s a peace sign in the US and not swearing as has been discussed ad nauseum here.

Allie on

An example for everyone saying that the sign is offensive, how about the word “fag?” Here in America, it’s a derogatory remark used towards gays, but in the U.K. it is a cigarette. I don’t like being referred to as a “yankee,” because in the U.S., it CAN be made derogatory. But, most people from other countries refer to Americans as “yankees.” Learn what you can about other cultures, retain that knowledge, and pass it on. Make the world a better place by informing others. Ignorance isn’t always bliss.

nettrice on

Ignorance is NEVER bliss. In American hip hop culture that is indeed the peace sign, no matter what direction the fingers are pointed. “Peace!” is at the end of so many classic rap songs from back in the day that I am shocked and awed that non-Americans don’t know about it. In the U.S. two fingers means peace, period. Fin.

dee on

America isn’t the centre of the world that you believe it saved, not everyone knows everything about it, nor should they be required to.

Alex, I could say the same thing about British culture and what is and is not offensive there. What? Just b/c it’s offensive to Brits it’s supposed to be offensive to all?

J-Lin, being the American that I am and having a grandfather who proudly served in that endeavor I can honestly say that we did not save the world during WWII. We helped in the effort with a number of allies who were fighting long before we joined in.

Alex on

Dee, I never said that because it’s offensive in Britain, it should be offensive everywhere. What I said was that it was wasn’t an attractive sign, whatever the meaning. I’m not sure how you got some kind of supremacy from my post either, but whatever! Given the content of the rest of your post (putting the correct info about the Allies during the war), I’m surprised you didn’t understand the spirit and context of what I was saying.

SH on

yeah, i guess that’s a peace sign…but it’s not the classic peace sign i’m used to. i always think of the picture of john lennon standing by the statue of liberty doing the peace sign. his hand is turned around and not across his body. the fingers are pointing up. that’s a peace sign to me, not what this kid is doing. maybe i’m getting technical though…but if i were to do the peace sign it wouldn’t be in this fashion.

Suzanne on

That looks ridiculous…

Michelle on

I can’t believe that such a nice pic of this family has caused such a ridiculous uproar on these boards.

Sage on

Christian is such alittle stud I love it.

“Oh Lord, not that gesture again. It’s not exactly a peace sign in America, it’s a stupid fad gesture complete with serious face and pout as the young gentleman above demonstrates. Yuck.”

Actually it is a Peace sign and I really don’t understand how people in the U.S. here on CBB could ever see it to be anything but a peace sign. Even though its been explained many times.I don’t understand when people say it has a “different feel to it” which makes no sense its just your hand turned the opposite way.*GASP* People act like he’s holding Weapons or something.He is giving the peace sign not giving the finger people.There are many people of all ages who use it in a fun manner as the peace sign so I don’t understand the hostility.

People need to understand that cultures are different around the world and in your own communities where one lives. So things such as giving the peace sign(which can be done in more then one way)may not be acceptable in britian that doesn’t mean that it isn’t acceptable here in the U.S.or at all.

Yes *Alex*”America isn’t the centre of the world that you believe it saved, not everyone knows everything about it, nor should they be required to”
You are correct but when you are sitting here making incorrect judgement about a little boy doing nothing wrong and making it seem like he is doing something inappropriate. Well then maybe one needs to be required to know more about American culture and cultures in general when one is making a broad statment. It bothers me when commenters on here ignore people who try to inform them on a different view points on what something means and of a culture,becaus they’re mis-informed and see it as a negative thing, when its actually the opposite. But yet still choose to ignore it is mind blowing. Ignorance is Bliss.

Ellen on

Americans are not refered to as “Yankee” in the UK as Allie claimed. We call you “Yanks”. The same way I am refered to as a “Paddy” when I go to America. Am I offended? Not one bit. I want people to know I’m Irish rather than British because you guys over that side of the water assume anyone who speaks fluent English in an accent other than Amercian MUST be British. I get as irate being callled British/English as Canadians do when being called American.

Yank usually refers to an annoying American. Having worked in the hotel industry throughout the UK and Ireland for almost 20 years that word was always saved for the “special” (annoying, demanding, rude) American guests.

I just wanted to make sure you all knew that we don’t call everyone a Yank but if you hear it you might want to check your attitude.

For the record, I now live in London. The sign Diddy’s son is doing is NOT the same as giving someone the finger. Maybe I’m just more down wif de kidz 🙂

Alex on

Gosh Sage, way to call an unwarranted judgement. Once again, what I said was that the sign was not attractive, whatever it meant. Sure, where I come from it is offensive if done to a stranger (perhaps amongst friends it’s a jokey thing), but I’m not condemning this kid because he did something that would be offensive in some parts of the world. I don’t like the sign, but he’s American, it means something different there, so there’s no real issue beyond him understanding that. I don’t need to be educated about American culture to get this (moreover since I never misunderstood), it’s quite rude of you to suggest that. People have said a lot worse than I have on here, so it’s kinda crazy that you’ve chosen to focus on me, but them the brakes I guess! I’m thinking that perhaps you’ve misread my post….I can’t understand the condescending way in which you jumped on my words otherwise. I’m certainly not ignorant and I definitely don’t think anyone who is should consider it bliss. I’ve seen ignorant people on this forum though. Whatever. Peace lol.

J-Lin on

I think CB is a very respectable and responsible website and would not post a picture of a kid doing something offensive. Christian is putting up a sign that peace, see you later (peace-out), or what’s up. If you walk into any American school, mall, or place frequented by young people, you will that sign given millions of times.

If the US isn’t the center of the Western World, than what is?

Dee – Both of my grandfathers were in WWII. Do you think the Allies would have won if the US didn’t get involved? Really? They were begging for our involvement.

Alex on

CBB, I’m sorry, but I think J-Lin’s posts are crossing the line now. I’ve had posts rejected for much less.

dee on

J-Lin, I honestly couldn’t tell you since I am without my time machine thus limited in my ability to change the course of world history. The fact of the matter is we didn’t save the world, we were fighting on the good side with a lot of others and we ALL won.

thomisha125 on

christian looks just like his father

N on

Holy guacamole! He is a super cute kid! And I love the shades (and the peace sign)!

J-Lin on

Please Alex. At what point did I cross the line? I asked a question. If you disagree, provide an answer.

Alex on

J-Lin, not only do you seem to be trying to rewrite the past in some U-571 style movie script (check for reference), but you have somehow managed to drag a post about a child and his mum and dad into a debate about WWII. Both offensive and off topic, that’s how I consider you cross the line.

Mary-Helen on

Haha, love the shades! Christian certainly has his Daddy’s charisma, that’s for sure. Even in a still photo, you can see the confidence radiating from this young man. Definitely a mogul in training!

gaia's mommadukes on

Some of you are ridiculous. “That sign is not attractive” when does anyone look at a hand gesture and say “hmm that is pleasing to the eye?” give me a break, I beg you! Its a generational thing and evidently you aren’t part of that generation and if you are one word: square.

Michelle on

The only thing that bothers me about this picture is Christian’s sweater vest…… for Diddy to be a fashion designer, you would think he’d notice his son’s sweater is too big!:)

Allie on

Ellen, go back and REREAD my comment. I said “most people from other countries” call Americans yankees. I’ve been around MANY of people from different countries, and have been referred to by those people as a “yankee.” I was told it is a general term for an American. I don’t expect people from other countries to understand that I grew up in the southeastern U.S. where it can used in an offensive manner. I was using that as an example, which you misconstrued. Btw, I don’t think everyone from the U.K. is English. How ignorant to assume that all Americans think that. GEEZ.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Oh my goodness. Bob Dylan and John Lennon have all made the “peace sign”, but as soon as a Black little boy does it all the santimommies and bigots come out.

I’m loving those shades.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Next someone will be claiming it’s the terrorist peace sign, much like Obama’s terrorist fist jab. Racists always show their true colors.

Alex on

gaia’s mommadukes – Please. You took that far too literally. I just meant it in a general sense. Like you say to someone ‘that is not attractive’ instead of just saying ‘I don’t like that’. Instead of considering that, you took it a step too far, and started throwing things about like ‘square’. From your spelling of ‘momma’, I’m guessing you’re not from Britain, where the hand signal is offensive (like I said before, in informal circles, it may be accepted, but generally it’s rude). Coming from Britain myself, I’m hardly likely to say ‘Oh I do love that V sign’. The ‘attractive’ comment was meant to just mean I didn’t personally care for it. Your comment was rude and I’d expect an apology, but given how rash and off-colour your assessment was, I most certainly do not think I’ll get one.

Brandi on

What is a santimommy?

J on

Actually it’s just a fad way of doing the peace sign among kids who don’t know better than to follow what others do and for drunks and party people who feel the need to photograph themselves doing Lord-knows-what making this gesture and putting it all over the internet. It’ll end in a while. You’re right, ignorance is bliss for some…

Oh and I agree Alex (post at 12:03)

J-Lin on

Alex – You are way too serious for this site. Chill out and enjoy the pictures.

Peace (two fingers)

Alex on

Actually J-Lin, I’m not serious usually at all. But when someone so seriously gets it wrong as you do and flies miles and miles off topic, yeah, I get kinda serious about it. I’ll say this to you, if you want to distort history and discuss world wars, perhaps this isn’t the place for you lol.

J on

I thought this sign started when myspace kids wanted to pose in front of cameras for photos to post? Now it’s American culture? LOL!

J on

Aroundthewaygirl, nobody else has claimed it was a race thing, you did that on your own. Please don’t start the race mess when you know as well as everyone else that people of all nationalities make this sign.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Yes all people of different nationalities make the peace sign, but bigoted sanctimommies on Celebrity only seem to comment and bring up WWW II when a Black celebrity kid does it. So fall back, J. I’ll post what I think just like everyone else and will live it up to Celebrity Babies if they think the post should or should not go through.

Liz on

OMG! Unbelievable!! It is a peace sign in America, but other parts of the world it is an offensive sign. Instead of saying he is American, so he has the right to do it. let’s just all clam down and learn something about other culture.

dawn on

It’s a peace sign for heavens sake!! I don’t think the picture was meant to disrepect anyone. CBB’s office is based in The U.S. so I’m thinking they follow U.S rules? If you take offend to it, all I can say is don’t visit the site Or email them about it.

On another note, I think diddy and his family looks great! his son is a splitting image of him,and is growing like a weed!

lizzielui on

Here’s some pop culture knowledge folks: For kids Christian’s age this gesture is called, “throwing up the deuces” and its meaning is one in the same with the peace sign. Kids all over America do it, both black and white, especially in pictures to make themselves look cool. Totally benign and harmless. And seriously, people need to remember what is cool for adults is not always cool for children (hence the checkered sunglasses.) This kid is 11 years old and clearly is just having fun hanging out with his parents.

Bb on

Momta2 –

I never said it wasn’t a peace sign in the US, i was just saying it was “technically” a swear sign in britain but was interchangeable here adn therefore not automatically offensive. I was only giving my opinion!

N on

lizzelui- can I tell you how hysterical it was to read “throwing up the deuces” ha! I frequently tell my friends “deuces” when we leave somewhere, usually accompanied by the peace sign! I’ve just never read it actually written, but there are many pictures of us “throwing up the deuces.” I end just about every informal call or email among my friends with “peace” or “deuces”

FYI… I am not a kid anywhere near his age range, I am a 25 year old grown woman. It is just an informal hello or goodbye.

One more thing, when we did visit Britain last year, we most certainly did not use the peace sign. The same reason why we didn’t point while in Asia. Just do your research and learn about other cultures.

Sage on

Alex I read your comment and I disagreed with it. I was nreally trying to put a target on your back or anything. I am sorry if it came out that way.

What was bothering me is I am guessing you are from Britian? People mentioning that the sign is viewed as inappropriate over there. Then I read what you said and I guess this is what rubbed me the wrong way was when you said “the sign isn’t attractived whatever it is” When people clearly explained what it was.

But before that you said “not everyone knows everything about it(the U.S.), nor should they be required to”. But we can say that for every country but then we wouldn’t know much about other people and where they come from would we.

Alex on

Sage, I see where you’re coming from, but you read me totally wrong. I’m not at all saying that people shouldn’t find out about other countries and other cultures, just that it shouldn’t be considered ignorant if people do not have specialised knowledge of a certain country.

Unfortunately, there are those with the attitude that their country is the most important on Earth (and trust me, that’s not localised to America, there are those here too, as I’m sure there are across the world), and that everyone else should be required to know everything about their customs as if it’s law, a plainly ridiculous notion. Anyone with any respect for others will of course take the time to understand how different countries do different things, but the arrogance that makes certain people believe it is a requirement, or that their country’s traditions are more important, is staggering. In terms of which country is more important and/or should set generalised rules, the answer is none of them, since we are all different and shouldn’t have to live by another country’s guidelines just for the sake of arrogance and perceived superiority. Some comments make me wonder if there are those who need to think whether they truly understand that.

All that said, I think we all just need to remember and respect that sometimes things are done differently depending on where in the world we are. To be honest, I’m still in a bit of shock that an offensive hand gesture/peace sign has been taken to this level….

Tracey on

ridiculous…my gosh it’s a freaking picture of a kid posing for a picture…and by the way the glasses are completely and utterly stupid

Anon on


You’re coming off like you think that Britain is the only country in the world. My boyfriend is British and he throws up this sign. I’ve been to England many many times and have seen kids my age(I’m 21) throwing up the peace sign.

Where my mother comes fromt eh ‘okay’ sign is offensive. Should I walk around pointing that out when I’m in England or America or anywhere else?

You are so uptight. Chill out.

and I must say I agree with Aroundtheway girl, if it wasn’t Diddys black son I don’t think it’d get this kind of response.

Alex on

Anon, if you really think I’m thinking that Britain is the only “country” (funny in itself, since Britain isn’t a country), then you have either not read my posts, or you’ve entirely misunderstood them. I’m not uptight at all, but I’m not going to be accused of things that are blatantly not true and then not defend myself against them. I find that crazy, since I certainly haven’t thrown out the most controversial points here, but never mind.

You don’t have to walk around anywhere explaining yourself, just don’t do something you know to be offensive when you’re away from home even if it’s perfectly okay when you’re at home. That’s pretty obvious I would’ve thought. Keep ‘throwing up the peace sign’ in Britain if you want to, but I guarantee you that at some point someone will take offence to it, even if you don’t mean to cause them offence. It just largely means something different here than it does in America. This thread should show you how it can be taken.

And on the ‘Diddy’s black son’ point, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I never once thought about the colour of the kid’s skin being any factor in this. I don’t know why it would be either.

Sage on

Alex I agree with everything you just said. Thank you for responding back to me and making me see your view point and also recognizing my view point in a respectful way. I appreciate it very much.

Alex on

Thank you Sage. I’m glad we’ve been able to understand and appreciate each other’s views. Peace and love to you lol.

And on a side note to Anon (and perhaps I should’ve mentioned this before, but silly me, I didn’t think it mattered), I am actually mixed race, was born in the US, and love every part of my heritage. Just in case that became an issue, I’ll address it lol.

gaia's mommadukes on

“It wasn’t an attractive sign whatever the meaning”

So something about the way it lookings you find unattractive, because as you said the meaning isn’t influencing how you feel about it. Which my comment makes sense in respone to that quote and no apology is deserved.

I can’t blame people for thinking there country is the centre of the universe..because some of those countries are. America? Britain? They’ve shaped a lot of this world so its no shock that there’s a level of arrogance from those places. When everyones singing michael jackson songs, and many people speak English because of expansion…its hard to blame them.

And I’m not american, though I live in america and travel extensively for work.

Alex on

gaia’s mommadukes – I didn’t want you to apologise for your views (they are your opinions after all, you are entitled to them), it was how you jumped on what I said that offended me. The way you went about it was rude. Frankly, I’m tired of being accused of things on this thread and your comment was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back. I keep having to defend myself against rubbish today, and what you said and the way you said it was uncalled for. I didn’t really expect an apology, so let’s just leave it there.

Amandamay on

In the name of learning about other places/cultures…

“Britain” is not a country (As people keep referring to it in this thread) “Great Britain” is an island. The countries of Scotland, Wales and England make up the island of Great Britain. “The United Kingdom” – Or “UK” – includes the island of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Anna on

I think it’s more the attitude that seems to come with the sign that is not attractive. Where I’m from this signs doesn’t mean anything. The other way around is the peace sign and this way has no meaning (yet).

When I was 11 w smiled for photos and we took off our sunglasses (if that’s what they are) off when inside.

J-Lin on

How long ago were you a child Anna? Did you have the papparazzi in your face constantly? Were you a boy trying to imitate your father or impress your friends. Sometimes you have to expand your mind and think outside of the context of your life.

Diddy’s kids are your average children. They have kicked it with celebrities their whole lives, are constantly on TV, and are well traveled. There’s nothing wrong with the the sign. And to top it off, his kids are well mannered, articulate, and extremely creative.

Heck, Miley Cyrus gives it all the time and I never here this type of outrage except that it’s cheesy.

Renae on

I think some of you should take Christian’s advice. PEACE. This is one of the most ridiculous discussions I’ve seen on CBB. Whether or not it means peace where you’re from that’s what HE meant. Take it for what it is and move on people. I actually had to shake my head at a peace sign not being “attractive”. Wowza!!!!!

Alex on

Shake your head all you want Renae….yet another person who either wildly misunderstood, didn’t read my posts properly, or hasn’t seen a thesaurus. There are multiple ways of saying you don’t like something, I chose to say it wasn’t attractive. Big deal, stop making it into something it isn’t please. And Anna, I think you’re onto something with the attitude point. I still can’t believe how badly this has been blown out of proportion. There has been too much nastiness and judgement in this thread, I think it’s time we all stop saying anything. I know I’m sick of having my words twisted, I’m sure I’m not alone.

Renae on

“Blown out of proportion” (shaking my head some more and since I got permission, why not). You’re funny…I’m not the one who took a peace sign of an innocent child and blew it out of proportion. Whether are not it means anything to you accept it for what it is. I read your comment and I “wildly” understood you perfectly. I just don’t get the dissecting of this innocent gesture…that’s all.
I don’t see what’s unattractive about holding up two fingers. I hold them up all the time when I have to gesture the number two. Sometimes I hold up three, sometimes five. God forbid the message should be more important than the execution.

Alex on

Oh dear. I didn’t take the peace sign out of context, I just said I didn’t like it anyway, I personally express myself in different ways, but people can choose to do what they like and what is appropriate where they come from. The fact that I’ve now had to defend myself against the level of vitriol that has been blasted has possibly left you with the impression that I think Christian is swearing. I do not. Where he comes from, this is fine. I don’t think I can say it any plainer than that. If you are seeing hostility in my initial comments (and since you are giving me some hostility, I’m guessing this is what you’re imagining) then you HAVE misunderstood and you HAVE blown it out of proportion. My completely innocent commentary on this subject has been taken entirely out of context and has resulted in this rubbish still going on now. It’s ridiculous. The things that have been said (and not just you, Renae) seem to suggest that people are not allowed to say anything that doesn’t go along with the norm. Jeez. Bottom line here, is that this means something different in different places, and since the majority of us on here have been saying that from the start, I don’t get why this is still an issue at all. It’s beyond me why I’m still having to defend myself. I’m not even defending an opinion, since we apparently seem to agree, Renae. You seem to have misunderstood to the point where you actually think we have different viewpoints. We don’t. Now, can we all just find some inner peace and put this rubbish to bed?

Renae on

There is no hostility coming from me. Believe me I’m quite calm. Honestly I’m not jumping on you. You have a right to your opinion and so do I (which I was stating). I wasn’t aiming it anything at you. I just put what I had to say out there in the universe and you just happened to bite back. (By the way your responses aren’t exactly peaches and cream either). I get what you are saying. I know you don’t think Christain is swearing. My point was he’s saying Peace, why can’t we just leave it at that? It’s just two little fingers but oh well. You’re right though this needs to be put to bed. Peace (and out of respect to you, I did not throw up the peace sign)

J on

Anna you’re right! It’s sad that a few had to make it a race issue. It’s the fake attitude that goes along with the gesture that makes it look so cheesy, not race. Shame on some for bringing race into it, I thought people were better than that.

bananasong on

have many asian friends and they all use the peace sign when taking’s almost innate…. it’s not an insult and the way Diddy raises that kid, I doubt he was swearing…he looks so cute

Terri on

Loving the shades, dude! It’s the peace sign, people. If you took it for something else, that’s your deal.

CrystalDex on

How about this one ladies, gents, whatever…

Um that picture was taken on US soil so it is safe to say it is a peace sign.

Now if it were taken in GB then I can see a uproar of the population having a hissy over it.

I swear a lot of people have nothing to do with their time but gripe about the dumbest things.

I highly doubt his parents would sit idly by and let him throw up profanity to offend a whole nation if they were in that country.

Chill out….

Abi on

Just my opinion, but I don’t think the kid’s nationality or the fact the picture was taken “on US soil” are the issue here. What is an issue is whether the content of the post is suitable for the audience of this blog. It seems that the majority of readers are American and I’ll take your word for it that this gesture is a positive one over there.

But there is also clearly a significant minority from the UK (and presumably also Ireland, Australia & New Zealand since they’re English speaking countries where I believe the sign is also rude). In light of that, is it wise to post a picture of such an offensive gesture? Perhaps in future CBB should adopt the approach that many Livejournal communities take. If something may offend people, you post a warning and hide the potentially offensive material “behind the cut” meaning it’s only visible in the extended post. That way the American readers would still get to see it while those of us who find it offensive wouldn’t have to.

As for those like Anon who say that young people in the UK use this sign, yes some do. You often see it on Facebook photos just like you see American kids giving the finger to the camera: because they think it’s cool and rebellious to be obscene. Friends who flick the Vs at each other tend to be the kind of friends who also swear at and insult each other casually. In other words they aren’t the nicest people and don’t represent most of society or even most of the young people. I’m 21, English and I think it’s rude. When I lived in France and people did that sign meaning “two”, it upset me. It wasn’t done deliberately but our culture is deeply ingrained so when I see it, I find it offensive. Surely a little cultural sensitivity isn’t too much to ask?

CrystalDex on

Yeah the issue is that people have nothing better then to gripe about a little kid using a peace symbol because it might mean something somewhere else.

Like I said too much time to gripe about the silliest things.