Tori Spelling's Sandy Surprise!

07/03/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Hold still mom! Liam Aaron McDermott, 2, uses Tori Spelling as his own personal sand castle while enjoying a day at the Silver Spoon Beach House on Wednesday in Malibu, Calif.

Tori, husband Dean McDermott, Liam and daughter Stella Doreen, 1, played in the sand and surf — the parents tried paddle boarding as well! — before heading home.

Catch the family’s reality show, Home Sweet Hollywood, Tuesday nights at 10 on Oxygen.

Albert Michael/Startraks

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Bela on

That is one flat stomach for someone who has had 2 babies, and so close together!

CTBmom on

You can say that again, Bela! BTW…the older Liam gets, the more he looks like Tori’s brother!

Brooklyn on

Haha! Liam’s getting so big now!

Julia on

I think Tori seems so thin because she’s had 2 babies back to back and were so used to seeing her with extra baby weight

kim on

i am sorry this is just disgusting and very sad that Hollywood celebrate this ,she is wayyyyyy too skinny and it looks really bad and i dont know how anyone can look at her(and sadly she is not the only one)and think that this is sexy or attractive.

Ashley on

Well I guess some people were wrong with the photos from the swings! It does not look like Tori is expecting again!

Julie on

Yes, she was always thin (pre-babies), however, she now looks anorexic to me. Look at her arms. I hope she gets healthy for her and her children’s sakes.

Tina on

Liam is saying look mom maybe you should eat this sand to gain some weight…haha
Cute kid, she’s way to skinny

Angi on

What a cute photo! I hope they get a copy for the family picture album!

Becky on

I don’t think she looks anorexic in this picture at all. Granted a few months ago she looked unhealthy skinny but she seems to have gained some weight now and looks good to me. If she looked anorexic, we would see her hip bones and rib cage sticking out in this picture. Plus her arms are being stretched back. I think she looks good, but that’s JMO. I love her bathing suit BTW.

April on

I think she looks great. *shrugs* Liam’s adorable and Tori’s being a good sport letting him cover her in sand! Don’t know that I’d be so accommodating. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jess from Ohio on

I think Tori looks amazing in these pics. And Liam is so adorable! He has the most adorable personality (or what I’ve picked up from watching T&D).

Bren on

I think she looks fine, maybe thin but I always remember thinking she was a very thin women way back in the day. She might be a bit thinner now but if you watch her show, you wouldn’t be surprised. She is always on the go!

Janet on

Wow, how I wish I could have a flat stomach like that!

Kait on

Becky, FYI not all anorexic people “look anorexic”. Some women start at a higher weight and you may not know they have an eating disorder. Even though Tori is looking better than the past few months she could be struggling with her weight, gaining or losing. I’m not sure if she’s anorexic – she does look too skinny (but forementioned, she is naturally thin) – but I just wanted to point that out. Liam is such a cutie pie and I love his hair color!

Rach on

Honestly, I don’t think that anyone should be critical of anyone else’s weight.

I really don’t understand why in our society it is so acceptable to be so blatant and comment about people like that.Not only that, there is a huge double standard.If she was bigger we would have to think twice before saying “my ! what a fatarse she is”, but in our society it seems so acceptable to call someone anorexic etc when they are thin.

Whether she is or not, that is not any of our business.She looks very happy and she seems more confident.

Also, the one thing I have always noticed as far as weight is concerned, women are the ones that are far more critical when it comes to other women than men are.We really, as women, need to stop doing this to each other.

Laura on

She has implants, correct?

Maddy on

yes, tori is thin…but has anyone watched any 90210 reruns lately? she has ALWAYS been this thing, naturally. she eats healthy, exercises, and chases two adorable children. plus she has a wonderfully loving husband, who I’m SURE wouldn’t let tori do anything to jeopardize her health. i think everyone should back off.

Molly Mae on

I think she looks just like she’s always looked. She’s always been a very thin adult. And she definitely doesn’t look anorexic. Not everyone shovels mounds of crap into their mouths.

Anna on

Tori seems very happy (and looks healthy, albeit a little skinny), her husband and children seem happy and healthy… so what’s the problem?

Lola on

Well said Molly Mae! I personally think that those people who are so quick to shout “anorexic” should post their height, weight, and dress size next to their comment….lol

Elle on

In this picture Liam looks SO much like my son. It is kind of nuts! I showed it to my husband and he had to look twice. Crazy! So of course I think Liam is a cutie. Haha.

Julie on

As I said, “She has always been thin, but now she looks anorexic TO ME” — everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I stand by mine. And no, if she were “bigger” I wouldn’t have said anything – to me she looks like she is unhealthy, hence my comment.

I grew up in Southern California where eating disorders are rampant – I can’t even count how many girls I knew who had eating disroders – and now I’m a mom to a 10 year old girl whose friends are “dieting”, so yea, if I see a celebrity that I think looks anorexic, I’ll say so, (and not worry about being un-PC)instead of saying I think she looks great when I don’t. I think it’s hilarious that people get up in arms about opinions made about celebrities.

Julie on

Oh, and I’m 5’7 and 135. Call me fat all you want, LOL!

Anon on

“I really donโ€™t understand why in our society it is so acceptable to be so blatant and comment about people like that.Not only that, there is a huge double standard.If she was bigger we would have to think twice before saying โ€œmy ! what a fatarse she isโ€, but in our society it seems so acceptable to call someone anorexic etc when they are thin.”

I don’t think thats true. Carnie wilson was/is huge and many people myself included criticized her for it. I’m not going to talk about Tori’s thinness. I will however suggest that she do something about her botched boob job. I have nothing gets fake breasts but hers are just messed up.

Lisa on

That’s. Just. Gross. Liam’s arms are bigger than hers….. eat something girl.

Lorus on

Since everyone is so focused on Tori’s weight I’ll pipe in with something else safety wise.
Liam should be wearing a hat! He’s old enough to know a hat needs to be worn and shouldn’t pull it off. He’s so fair, I worry about his scalp.

Rach on

I’m sorry, I just think it is pretty pathetic and sad that people are so very invested in putting someone down or being critical of someone regarding their size.What does it matter to you ?

Julie,I am not getting all up in arms because she is a celebrity. I am getting up in arms because she is a person, and a person that not many of us probably know personally.I find it very distasteful that anyone would be so judgemental about someone that they didn’t know, and honestly,I am a firm believer in saying things about someone that I would say to their face. It’s bad to me to say these things about a stranger. There is a difference with having an opinion and just being rude. Sometimes I think with the addition of the internet and these sites/forums, people tend to forget themselves and they get pretty colourful and bold in their statements.

I don’t know, calling someone anorexic etc is the same as calling someone fat in my books.I have many friends who have “babies” that are 5 years old and they still have their “baby weight”. I would never ever make statements about them or to them about it because I think it is rude because not everyone has the discipline to go to the gym or eat healthy.

I tend to focus on my family and myself rather than other peoples issues.Honestly,I don’t have the time or patience for it anymore since becoming a mom. I want to at least try to make the world a good positive place one person at a time for my child.After all, a lot of these kids will listen to their parents comment on other people as such and then one day turn to your teenager in high school and make fun of their weight/looks/race/etc.

And as for anorexia, I suffered from that while I was a teenager. Anyone who suffers from it will also tell you that it is more to deal with emotional than physical issues.And an anorexic will zero in and dwell over every single negative comment said about themselves.A lot of the times,it is the family and friends that actually make it worse.Your comments/views do matter, its just sometimes you have to observe who is listening.

Rach on

Also, I remember how people like Melissa Joan Hart commenting before on how upset she would be after seeing the comments that people would make about her on their blogs and the comments etc. I just don’t think comments like that are helpful at all.

Ashandra on

I think some of the comments on here are very unkind.
Julie, you don’t know whether Tori is anorexic or not. Just because you know many people in your hometown who are does not make you a medical expert who is able to judge the healthfulness of Tori’s weight.

For all of you who are calling Tori too skinny, how would you feel if someone called you too fat? In my mind, there is no difference. There is intent to insult and to build yourself up at another’s expense.

There is also a lot of jealousy about women who are thin after having babies…good on them!

SH on

Get over it people. She’s skinny. Always HAS been, always WILL BE skinny. Geez.

marimel on

Forget her weight, i wanna know how the heck she’s sitting on that sand without a towel!!! Granted I don’t love in southern california and don’t know what the temps been, but my experience with sand of that color is it gets hot… FAST! brave woman haha. Liam is such a cutie and I love his fair skin and strawberry blond hair in this pic. And just kidding, I will comment somewhat on her weight…. I’ve never had kids and don’t have a stomach that flat, wonder if she’d like to trade me?!?! haha

CelebBabyLover on

Becky- Right on! I, too, think she’s actually gained a few pounds. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jase on

Well to all the people that are saying they find it ”disgusting” how skinny she is. Well do you know what I find disgusting? Mothers that stay overweight after giving birth – but it seems it is almost celebrated here if a mother is overweight after giving birth.

babyboopie on

While the picture is undeniably cute, my own son does that when we go to the paris plage but all I can see is potruding bones, when I first look at it.

jessica on

I think (regardless of celebrity status vs ‘normal’) that their weight should be judged on health! Does she look healthy, well personally I don’t think so- I do think she looks underweight.. in the scheme of things what I think about her weight really DOESNT matter and it shouldn’t. I think its more important that we focus on the fact that she’s spending good quality time on her son and family, that says something more than the weight debate as such.

Sarah on

Liam is adorable!

aurora mia on

I think she had some sort of tummy tuck or band surgery. If I were here, I would too. It’s really hard to compete for rolls in Hollywood. I think she looks really good, and I just love her to bits. Cute picture and cute Liam ๐Ÿ™‚

Debbie on

These people never gets tired of having photogs after them all the time? I can clearly see they like it and want it this way. I find THAT disgusting. Come on woman, share that sweet moment with your child only with your family, not the whole world!

Julie on


If I were Tori’s friend WOULD say it to her face. I would say, “I’m starting to worry that you aren’t eating enough”. Trust me, I have had a very intense conversation about anorexia with a friend of mine when we were teens – I was concerned about her health and said so. She wasn’t upset and years later after being recovered, told me I was the only one that had the guts to say anything to her face. So, yes, I say it on a message board, because, excuse me if I’m wrong, that is what it’s here for – to make comments on photos we see.

I truly hope she doesn’t have anorexia – I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, however, I’m commenting on what I see and if she does indeed have it, she is getting more validation out of the “she looks great!” comments than the one I made.

I made my comment out of concern and was very respectful in doing so. I’m sorry any of you feel it was out of line – obviously the moderators of this site didn’t, or else they wouldn’t have posted it.

Ashandra, call me fat all you want – I posted my height and weight – I’m sure by Hollywood’s standards I am. And THAT is what I find sad.

Chris on

I think hier mplants make the rest of her body look even skinnier. But she has always been thin so who knows? That is a really cute pic BTW!

Suzanne on

I see a sweet picture of a happy mom and son enjoying a day together at the Beach. I think she looks fantastic for having two little ones so close in age!

Amanda on

I just want to say that I think this is a very cute photo and that while she is skinny she doesn’t look to skinny to me. My sister has three kids (4, 2, and just born 2 months ago) and she is skinnier than Tori. She has always been bone thin. She got pretty big with each pregnancy but two days later had lost it all. Some people just are built that way. I don’t know why people have to be so critical about it. I think Liam is getting to be so grown up and this is very adorable. They’re having a “mommy & me” moment. She really does seem to love her kids and that’s all you can ask.

megan on

Tori has always been thin. She looks great, a little thin but then again I think it’s her nature.

On another note, I could never put up with all the photographers in her life- can’t she have a moment of privacy with her son? I guess not though when you film a reality show.

Anon on

Despite what people have said, I don’t think that being told you’re too thin is the same as being told you’re too fat. For some people, being told that they’re thin is a compliment. Being told that you’re overweight, on the other hand, is never a compliment. Dieting, achieving weight loss goals, and eating healthily is celebrated and admired in this culture. Ergo, weight loss is usually seen as positive. On the other hand, excess weight is always seen as disgusting, embarrassing, shameful, etc, etc. So in that sense being told you’re thin, or that you’ve lost a lot of weight, is very, very different from being told that you’re overweight.

Besides which anorexia is a psychological disorder, as others have mentioned above, so raising concerns about someone being anorexic is not necessarily a statement of judgement about the attractiveness of their body, but instead a question of concern about their psychological health. So again, accusations of being underweight is not equivalent to obesity.

Personally I find comments like Molly Mae’s – “Not everyone shovels mounds of crap into their mouths” – offensive, frankly, but that’s just me. To insinuate that people who aren’t as thin as that are that way because they shovel mounds of crap into their mouths… wow.

Donna on

Tori looks great! As she has said on her show, “People will criticize if you look to skinny or too fat. You can’t ever win.” She comes from tiny people. Aaron Spelling was a very small man and her mom is petite. We should all be so lucky.

M on

tori is emaciated. that is not merely thin.

Bri on

I think a lot of people who look at this site have something against Tori…There is never a post about her that I don’t see a bunch of negative comments! Look at Victoria Beckham, Courtney Cox and Gweneth Paltrow! They are all super skinny, but everyone talks about “how great” they look, not how they “look anorexic”…It’s such a double standard for Tori, and I don’t understand it….I think all the Tori haters need to stay off her posts…It’s disgusting to hear some of these comments

annie on

I have nothing aagainst Tori,actually Ive always been a fan of hers and like her reality show,and in no way suggesting shes anorexic,but she does look a bit too thin,if Im not mistaken you could almost see her ribs inn this pic but that is just my opnion Im not bashing her and yes maybe she’s always been thin all her life but I cant remember her being this thin.This is just an opinion not that it counts and I think people are entitled to make one as long as its not in a nasty manner of course.

danigirl on

Tori looks fine. You people harp about anything.

Nicole on


You say that comment about the paparazzi following her as if they have a choice… and most likely the cameras were there for the show.

Now about her weight… seriously people get over it! People get mad about being called fat, overweight, etc, but yet you all sit here and ridicule Tori for her weight. It’s the same thing!! How much she weighs is no one’s business, but Tori’s! You wouldn’t want someone telling you that you’re fat, so why is it ok to sit here and call someone Anorexic when you truly have no idea and aren’t a medical expert who can make that call??

Nona on

i didn’t even pay attention to Tori, cuz I am busy admiring Liam’s strawberry blonde hair. Very cute.

stephanie on

FYI!!! tori always have been skinny!! if you saw her in 90210… she was skinny like she is now. the only think is that we were just seeing her big she was pregnant like for 2 years. but she has always been skinny. i love her and god bless her beautiful family.

Liza on

I love his little farmer tan from wearing tshirts in the sun.

ang on

Tori has people all around her making sure she is happy and healthy she doesn’t need ongoing commentary from complete strangers. Dean’s main concern apart from that she’s ok is her confidence isn’t affected by the criticism. She’s skinny,she’s fine.when she collapses or ends up in hospital, then you can freak out.

sdfsd on

“Well to all the people that are saying they find it โ€disgustingโ€ how skinny she is. Well do you know what I find disgusting? Mothers that stay overweight after giving birth โ€“ but it seems it is almost celebrated here if a mother is overweight after giving birth.”

Haha, I agree! It seems like celebrities on this site who DON’T lose their baby weight right away are applauded while those who do are criticized! Everyone is different; some people lose pregnancy weight right away and some people don’t.

Jane on

After reading some really insenstive comments regarding Tori’s weight and overall appearance, I am offended as an adult woman battling anorexia for the past 8 years. It is not “gross”, it is a psychological/medical disease that requires a diagnosis from medical professional, not some of you, the readers. “How can anyone look at her”…that was a nice comment “Lisa”. Well, her kids do with lots of love and that’s what counts. We are still human beings who should be recognized for the people we are inside and not outside.

Educate yourselves about the disease before slamming people. It has the highest mortality rate in regards to mental health diseases. Just so you know comments such as “eat something girl” are not the cure. Be ashamed of yourselves. We should be supportive of our gender, no matter what the size. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

I thought Celebrity “Baby” Blog was about the babies and children, not to slam their mothers and at times even fathers. So with that, I will say that Liam is a sweetie and his mom looks like she is having wonderful one on one time with her “little man” as she calls him.

Molly Mae on

From personal experience, it is just as offensive to harp on someone for being thin as it is if they are overweight. My mom has been a lifelong vegetarian, has never had a huge appetite, exercises regularly and has always been a very thin woman. She’s always stayed around a size 2/4. She’s naturally this way and is very healthy. I can’t BEGIN to tell you the amount of comments TOTAL STRANGERS say to her. Just two days ago we were out to eat and sitting at a restaurant bar. The woman next to her turned to us and would not SHUT UP about how THIN my mother was. She asked her about her diet, told her she needed to eat more bread, and even asked her how she gets her protein!! This went on for well over TEN MINUTES. She was basically interrogating my mother. We finally got up and moved. People can be just as rude to thin people. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. LOL.

Andy on

That poor boy is getting sunburnt.

Beverley on

The reason Tori is always being photographed is that she has a contract with Startracks. She gets paid a portion of the money they make for selling these pictures. Notice that they always smile and pose for Startracks but almost never for other agencies. I am fairly certain that Victoria Beckham, Courteney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow don’t have contracts with paparazzi agencies.

As for her weight, she looks so skinny because of those grapefruit halves she calls implants. They look so unnatural. If Tori’s top and bottom halves were in proportion, she would look more normal.

CelebBabyLover on

Andy- You don’t know that. Maybe Tori slathered sunscreen on him before they went out.

Jana on

This is the sweetest pic. and I think Tori looks absolutly beautiful:)

ericka on

my cousin has 2 babies and looks very similar to that…she doesn’t have an eating disorder she just has good genes. Her mother had 6 kids and looked VERY similar to that also…NO STRETCH MARKS either!

jenny on

Sh and Bri: Well said! I totally agree with both of you! She is not too thin and I am sure she is smart enough to have put sunscreen on Liam!!! Honestly people, find someone else to pick on

karlee on

i agree with lisa she does need to eat somthing

CelebBabyLover on

Ericka and Molly Mae- I totally agree with both of you! Some people are just naturally skinny. Nicole Ritchie and Angelina Jolie are also naturally skinny.

Ali on

All the comments are quite laughable…we come to this site because we are naturally interested in the celebrity life, probably because it is so different from our own. These people know the cameras will most likely catch everything they do, I think, even though they may not like it all the time, they accept it, so for us to look at the photos & then comment that they should do things in private is silly–if they did it in private & we didn’t have the photos to look at, we’d have nothing to do when we’re suppose to be hard at work! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think it is sad we go off on too fat or too skinny…and it is true, as women, we are more critical. I wouldn’t waste time arguing with each other over all this, it’s fine to have your opinions, but why get so angry!? I agree with some of the comments that she’s happy & has a husband who seems to adore her & I think he would do anything in his power to keep her healthy. And it is true, she did say herself she is either “too fat or too thin” she can’t win in the public eye.

I think, bottom line, is this is a cute photo of a mother & son…and I’d trade places with her in a second if I could! Tori looks good to me,(and I’m 5′ 100lbs BTW, so I’m sure I’m too thin to a lot of people too) and looks exactly like she always did on 90210 in her mini-mini skirts & cut off shirts showing her belly, which looks the same–lucky! If we’ve kept up with Tori over the years, we saw her gain a lot of weight with her pregnancies & she got back to pre-baby body & I think it’s great, I don’t know her, but I’m proud of her! I’d hope to be so lucky!

I think, just enjoy the photos, that’s why you come to this site…it’s why I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

Silvia Corradin on

I think Tori looks fine. Models walking the runway are WAY thinner than her. If I had the media scrutinizing me every single day I would be dieting constantly too. Let’s focus on her bizarro mother instead, what can we do to make her go away? LOL.