The Stefani-Rossdales' Fro-yo Fun!

07/03/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Demis Maryannakis/Splash News Online

Hey baby! Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, 10 months, enjoyed a bite of fro-yo courtesy parents Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani while out in New York City on Sunday.

Big brother Kingston James McGregor, 3, enjoyed his own Fruit Loops-topped cup — with a little help from his nanny!

The family was in the city while No Doubt played two shows in the area. They’ve now separated again — Gavin is in London while Gwen continues to tour the country with her band.

Kingston rides in a Brio Go in Blue (£500).

Click below for a photo of Gwen and Zuma!

Demis Maryannakis/Splash News Online

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Sanne on

Rockstar parents to me! Please people, don’t shoot Gavin & Gwen because the nanny is there…

Alex on

While I would never hire a nanny myself (because I can work from home at my own hours and have family members who are more than willing to help), I still do not understand the criticism of people who do hire a nanny. As long as the child or children in question are well cared for, I don’t see the problem in bringing in outside help.

ljc on

I love Gwen. I saw her last night in concert with No Doubt at Summerfest in Milwaukee…amazing. She is great. How could they not have a nanny? I think it would be impossible – especially with their careers and being in seperate places. And after I have this next baby, my goal is to have kick ass abs like Gwen. Great family! The Stefani-Rossdale’s are probably the coolest set of parents out there!

L on

That nanny has it MADE…gets to travel the world…take care of 2 beautiful children & get paid for it!!!

April on

I think it’s great. That nanny has been with them a long time, since before Zuma was born I think. It’s wonderful that Kingston has another person to bond with and I agree lucky her, getting to see the country on tour! Hopefully she gets breaks sometimes though, I imagine those two little boys must be exhausting!

mslewis on

Zuma is always so animated!! Such a cute kid.

Trust me, nanny does not get to see much of anything!! She works hard for that money!! But I would imagine Gwen would be great to work for.

Chelsea on

I saw Gwen perform with No Doubt last night in Milwaukee. Gwen is an amazing singer this was my third time seeing her and everytime I’m blown away at how talented she is. Before No Doubt took the stage I saw Kingston. Omg was he cute! He was dancing with a little girl and his nanny on the side of the stage!

Lauren on

Is that a Pinkberry cup Kingston is holding? Ah, Pinkberry-I finally tried it two nights ago after hearing all the hubbub. Big mistake! That stuff is addicting and will suck you bone dry. Two small cups of pomegranate fro-yo with two toppings each set me back 12 bucks in two days. And I thought a Starbucks habit was bad…

Julie on

I love this family. Adorable boys!!!

Lilah Eden on

By far my favorite celebrity family :]

Kingston will always be my all-time favorite celebrity baby and the whole family is just stunning. It’s refreshing to see someone like Gwen who looks very healthy and happy.

Jessica on

I don’t think it’s a matter that they have a nanny, I think it’s a little odd how the nanny is ALWAYS there. I have 2 kids 18 months apart (2 & 6 months) and I don’t understand why they need so many adults for a trip to the playground or something. I could not watch another woman taking care of my kids day in and day out.

katie on

If I could afford a nanny I would get one. Not to live with me, but it would be nice to have the extra help sometimes.

If I were a celebrity I would definitely have a nanny because I think the kids would be more secure with more adults around.

Sarah M. on

I really just looked at the comments to see how soon the ‘nanny debate’ would begin. First comment, wow! I have the utmost respect for parents who are able to entrust someone else with the care of their children. I imagine that it is immensely hard and, in most cases, the parents would be with the children if it was possible. The world the way it is now, both parents need to work in order to make ends meet. That said, if the parents ONLY focus after they have a child is that child, their relationships with everyone will suffer at some point. Taking care of children is hard and tiring work. Everyone needs a break sometime. (Yes, even moms and dads!) Hopefully they have a large support system of people that they can count on for a break or help if needed. A lot of the time, that simply isn’t the case, though. So many families have to rely on outside help. I think the most important thing, though, is that a child can NEVER have to many people to love them! The people are endless: parents, other family, family friends, childcare provider, etc. As long as the child is getting tons of love with whomever is taking care of them at that time, that’s what counts in the end!

If none of that gets my point across, this should. I’m a nanny. Need I say more?

Off my soapbox, now! Beautiful family!

Nicole R. on

I don’t have a nanny, but I know several families that do, and sometimes when we get the kids together the nanny comes along too. So then there will be two moms, our kids, and a nanny on a park outing or playdate or whatever. It seems people on this site always wonder why, but it’s about providing the nanny with dependable employment. Nannies are not baby-sitters. Just because my nanny-employing friend is home doesn’t mean she can also send her nanny home, because the nanny is guaranteed a certain number of hours per week.

So is Kingston’s nanny just supposed to wait at the hotel or stay on the tour bus? That would be silly.

JMO on

I need to take my nanny skills to NYC or LA…maybe I can be their nanny some day! How awesome would that be!!! Love them!

Jessica on

I agree it’s odd to me to have a nanny. It’s ok to need help every now and again, but to have some one there every waking moment is weird. It’s like you’re paying someone to be the kids mother while you supervise.Ok so the nanny needs dependable work-no don’t make her sit in the hotel or the tour bus, just say go explore the city! We don’t need you today. If you have the money for a nanny, you have the money to pay them salary. What’s the point of having kids if you aren’t going to be the one to raise them.

Sarah M. on

Nicole R. – I’ve seen the same thing. The majority of families that I’ve interviewed with say “We want you to be part of the family, not just an employee! We’d love you to do stuff with us when you’re not working. The time can be yours if you prefer, also.” That to me is the best type of relationship that a nanny/family can have. With this type of relationship, it would then become extremely rude to not invite the nanny with the family at times. Almost like saying to a biological family member “You aren’t allowed to intrude on our family!”

Jessica – Not all families have a nanny that works every waking moment. In fact, the majority don’t! The family I’m with now only have me 2 days a week, 7 hours a day, not 24/7. I’m considered a nanny because I have the same hours and days each week with a set pay rate. As opposed to a babysitter, where the parent contacts the sitter every now and again asking if they might be free to watch the kiddos for a specific/one-time deal. There are usually extra perks to being a nanny (paid time off, the family pays for memberships to various places, etc.) All like it’s a REAL job, which it is. There is a huge difference between the two! We don’t know, maybe Gwen and Gavin’s nanny was given the option of going out to explore the town or go with them, and chose to go with them. Who knows?

Molly Mae on

Is it really necessary to bring a nanny along on an ice cream run? If two parents can’t handle two kids on an ice cream run, then that’s pretty pathetic.

Maddie on

I think this photo is great and a lot more representative of what celeb families are probably really like than most pics we see (off the top of my head, I think of all those photos of Jessica Alba striding around everywhere with Honor in her arms – we never see the person shlepping behind her with the stroller & other stuff.)

What’s the objection to nannies? To me, i’s just another way to grow the support system you need to raise a family. Not everyone has relatives or really good friends around to help.

cas on

oh they are such a cute family

Forever Moore on

Almost every photo I see of this adorable family is Mom and Dad loving, holding, laughing with their kids. Perhaps the nanny has become a friend after all this time…I find that refreshing! I wanna hang with Gwen, Gavin, King and Zuma, too!

Angel on

LOL at the comment about the nanny being able to see the world. I really do not think the nanny gets paid to sightsee. She is there to take care of the children and probably never gets to set foot out of the hotel room except to go on a walk with the parents so she can take care of their children while they smile for the cameras.

Samira on

Ok lets put this whole nanny thing to rest! Why is it such a big deal if she is out with them?! These nannies are an extension of the family. Sure they are paid to be there, but the bond is there just as any other family member. To clear up some stuff, lets post the facts here… nannies such as Gwens’ get paid salaries so whether you use them or not, you’re paying for their time. When it comes down to spending time with the family, you’re mainly an extra set of hands. Example above: she’s helping kingston with his frozen yogurt, or getting a taste of his, depending how you look at the picture, while Gwen and Gavin are hanging out with the baby. Most likely they wanted to go for a stroll and get out of the hotel and included everyone in the outing because it’s a nice gesture- not because they are incapable of handling them. Can you imagine if they were going to be like,” We’re going for ice cream but you can’t go- see you later!” Also, nannies do get time off to go explore the city(s), just like any other job, there can be set schedules!

As for nannies raising the kids, yes, that can happen in some families but mainly I’m sure she’s there to watch the kids while mom and dad are on stage performing and making a living and doing what they love! It’s sad to see people criticizing a situation we all have no knowledge of.

CelebBabyLover on

Samira- I couldn’t have said it better myself! Also, we actually see more photos of Gwen and Gavin caring for the kids than the nanny caring for the kids (even in these photos, Gavin is holding Zuma in the first one, and Gwen in the second one).

Also, I want to mention a possibility that no one else has mentioned yet: Maybe Gwen had to get ready for one of her concerts right after the ice cream outing, or she and Gavin went out for some adults-only time right afterwards. Thus, since the nanny was going to be needed right after the ice cream outing, they just invited her along for the outing.

Oh, and what’s wrong with being friends with your nanny and inviting her to go on outings with your family?


Jealousy…….. So what she has a nanny……… Are those your kids, NO! Do you pay the nanny’s salary, NO! Why do you have to make negative comments about stupid little things such as having a nanny….. I tell ya, Jealousy……… I’m ready for all the “im not jealous” arguements…….

Bring it on!

Sanne on

Sarah M, I didn’t say it to offend nanny’s… I actually thought it was great! Nanny’s could become family so that could be the reason she was there, I’d like to think so. Instead of ‘Oh my God, Kingston and Zuma want to go for ice cream, let’s bring the nanny ’cause we can’t handle it by ourselves’.

With don’t shoot Gavin & Gwen I meant: Let them to their thing. If they want to bring the nanny along, they should do so! Nothing wrong with nanny’s. The more love kids get, the better!

Chris on

It’s their life but I don’t understand why a two-parent household with only two children would need a nanny in the first place, especially on an outing like this. Anyway I think this is the first photo I’ve seen of Gavin holding Zuma. I always see Gwen holding the little one! 🙂

sara on

Those kids are so oblivious to the fact that the parents are rock stars, love it! Just wait until they’re old enough to realize it!

zuma is huge as compared to Kingston at that age.

Jessica on

Oh geez, why does someone always think because you disagree that you’re jealous? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a nanny when you have to go to work and stuff, but every pic I’ve seen of this family on this site it always says “and nanny”. It’s just weird to me that she’s always there. I’m not dissing nanny’s, raising kids is the hardest job in the world! I give them props actually, I couldn’t deal with someone elses kid, changing diapers and tantrums. It’s different when it’s your own child. I’m definitely not jealous lol. I had kids so that my husband and I can be the one to raise them and we love doing it!

megan on

This nanny has been in other photos with the kids and the family before. check out just jared for the proof. Gwen and Gavin aren’t touring together, so of course Gwen would have a nanny with her and the kids. Gavin probably just met up with them to visit.

Marie Snyard on

So what she is Kingston’s nanny you never see her with Zuma.. She
is always taking Kingston to the park..And even now feeding him
ice cream..

JMO on

Would anyone be up in arms if this was the Stefani-Rossdales out and about with their mother? or Auntie?

The nanny is probably more then just a caretaker she’s probably like family. Maybe they didn’t need her along for ice cream. Did anyone perhaps think that maybe they invited her along??

who cares!

danigirl on

Really you guys, who cares??? They probably just invited her along and if she was there to nanny then its really nobodies business as to whether they can handle their two kids or if there was some other circumstance as to why she was there (doing her job btw!). After a while all these comments sound like an annoying hum – “wha wha wha wha..”

Ryo on

I actually think it’s healthy – to me it says that they are not treating the nanny like “hired help” that’s left on buses or in hotel rooms. She’s part of the family which means she comes out when they go places. Would you rather them treat her like part of the furniture or something? She probably provides a lot of security for the kids anyway – she’s always there which means she’s not in and out of their lives on days when Gwen needs her.

Jase on

Lol people who have problems with nannys really shouldn’t come to a CELEBRITY baby website!

Mariasha on

Wow, I so knew it. Out of the two pictures I selected to read. I thought the Tori Spelling one will have a ton of comments about her weight and this one will get a ton of comments about the nanny.

It is actually quite disgusting that people never seem to disappoint me in this area. GET A LIFE!

The kids are cute and everyone seems to be happy!

And of course it gives some people material to b***h about, so everyone is happy. /sarcasm off/

FC on

Wow, that seems like a big frozen treat Kingston has there! 😉 No wonder he seems to be looking at it like, “Okay, how am I going to eat this and where do I start first?” 😉

And I love Zuma’s little whiff of hair on his head. So cute. 🙂

kim on

i get the nanny bit…i do…but why when you are out as a family does the nanny need to be there? i have three kids…i can handle them on my own and when my husband is there it’s even easier.

lizzielui on


I often like my nanny to come with us when we are out as a “family” because she has become just that, a part of our family. Plain and simple. Yes, on paper she is an employee who gets paid to assist my husband and I with our children. However, over the past four years she has become so much more than that. She is not only a caregiver but also a friend, “auntie,” and a very dependable and trusting confidant who I like having around. It is not about being unable to handle my children. For us, it is about often including someone we care about in a lot of the fun stuff we do outside the home. While I cannot speak for anyone else, this is what works for our family.

Andy on

My comment is not about the is questioning why a 3 year old needs to be pushed around in a stroller like a baby.

I could understand if they were out for the entire day, but putting a fully-capable of walking 3 year old in a stroller is just damn lazy.
So you’re worried your kid is going to run off?? Go catch it if it does.

No wonder kids are getting lazier these days.

lizzielui on

Andy, how do you know that they weren’t out for the whole day? You have no idea surrounding the circumstances surrounding this outing other than what is being shown in this snapshot which is a second out of an entire day.

Beverley on

I have no problem when working people have nannies.

I don’t like it when stay at home mothers also have a nanny. Why do you need a nanny? If you are the stay at home mom, then it should be your job to take care of the kids. I have a nanny friend who works for a family where the mother stays at home. She goes out to lunch every day with her friends, shops, gets mani/pedis weekly, gets her hair done and basically does no children tasks. I think THAT is disgusting. But a working family, I have no problem with them having a nanny.

My nanny friend has also been let go from two positions because the children bonded with her more than their mothers because of how much time she was spending with the kids. So having nannies can be a double-edged sword.

CelebBabyLover on

Andy- You should never, ever refer to an innoccent child as “it”. Children are PEOPLE, NOT objects!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Andy, if you read the post, it says that they were in New York City. In a huge city like that, I’d use a stroller for my three-year-old, too. Normally we don’t see Kingston in a stroller, so I think it’s safe to say that he does plenty of walking!

Ashandra on

Beverley, why is that disgusting? If your friend is happy and so are her children, why would you label her in this way? Just be happy for your friend that she is lucky financially.

I think such jealousy of others is sad. I saw it on the Tori Spelling thread, too.

Beverley on

Ashandra – I just think that you shouldn’t call yourself a stay at home mother if you don’t even take care of your kids.

Jana on

This is so cute…they all look so happy.

Kasee on

Sarah M., I actually snorted out loud when I read the part about parents working “to make ends meet”. While that is entirely true for the vast majority of America, most of those individuals can only afford daycare, not a private nanny. And the thought of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale needing a nanny so they can work to make ends meet is what produced the snort…I’m not trying to pick on you and I don’t have anything against nannies in general, but that was sort of a poor defense in this case.

L on

The nanny is probably there so that the children bond with her. If she is only around when the parents are not the kids would know that Nanny = no parents. But if she is around with the parents in the children’s eyes she is one of the parents (family). They feel safer this way and more comfortable with her.

TayTay on

i understand why gwen and gavin have a nanny with them all the time because if you have people with flash cameras following you around all the time you’d be greatful that there is an extra set of eyes making sure your childs ok

MiB on

Andy Says:
July 5th, 2009 at 6:31 pm
“My comment is not about the is questioning why a 3 year old needs to be pushed around in a stroller like a baby.”

Well Andy, he is eating a frozen yoghurt, and I would much rather have a three year old eating anything sitting down than walking about, especially anything messy! Besides, the stroller is most probably for Zuma.

As for the nanny, has anybody though of that both Gwen and Gavin are on tour, which means that they are even more in the spotlight than otherwise. That would also mean more fans coming up wanting autographs and photos and more risk for contact seeking crowds. I can imagine that that would be quite distractive for Gwen and Gavin, and if I ever were to be in a situation like that I would be glad to have someone else with me who could keep an eye on the children to make sure that nothing happened to them while a fan stuck an autograph book under my nose.

Marsha on

I think it’s great that they have a nanny. So what she’s with both of them and the kids. It is very important to spend quality time together as a couple without the kids also. I wish I could afford a nanny.

bubbs on

thanks L – that is EXACTLY why our nanny spends time with our family when I am at home, or my husband is at home…. Children quickly work out that nanny = mummy going away if that is what constantly happens. We pay our nanny for longer hours then we strictly need so that we all get to spend some time together – she is also reallly really fun and likes talking about my children almost as much as i do, so we get on great!

I do understand why some people are wary of nannies though. the bond you develop with your child in those first few years is just so fundamental to the way they view the world. I guess i have just made a compromise that feels right to me: great nanny and as much time with the kids as i can manage (i work 3 days). I’m sure Gwen is doing the same.