The Name Game: Double Dare

07/03/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Some expectant parents are fortunate enough to quickly and easily settle on a name for baby-on-the-way, but more often than not, the decision is one that is agonized over. Imagine, then, doubling that agony — with twins! That was the challenge facing Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, who welcomed twin daughters Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Ewell 11 days ago. While the reaction by CBB readers to their choice in names ran the gamut, co-founder Linda Rosenkrantz notes that the couple are “just the latest in the bumper crop of twin starbabies to be born in the celebrity world in the last few years.”

But regardless of your celebrity status — or lack thereof — the same tricky terrain must be navigated, and the possibilities are endless. “Should they be alliterative (Addison and Ava) or rhyming (Chloe and Zoe) or themed (Violet and Daisy), as they so often used to be, or are matchy-matchy names a thing of the past?” Linda asks. “Should the names be contrasting or similar in style, separate but equal?” With regard to the latter, Linda notes that equality is subjective — and not so easily achieved!

“Could jealousy rear its ugly head later in life if just one of the pair is chosen to inherit Mom or Dad’s name? One of Rebecca Romijn’s daughters has Rebecca as a middle name, the other does not.” Patrick Dempsey’s boys each took a piece of his name for their middle — one is called Sullivan Patrick, while the other is Darby Galen, dad’s middle name.

The full range of approaches have been explored by celebrity parents. For Charlie and Brooke Mueller Sheen, short and sweet won out, with Charlie joking that twin sons Bob and Max were so-named because they are “easy to spell.” Julie Bowen also embraced this mindset with twins Gus and John. For other couples, it’s hard to tell the gender from the name. Melissa and Tammy Lynn Etheridge opted for the gender-bending combination of Miller and Johnnie for their boy-girl twins, while Lisa Marie Presley named her twin daughters Harper and Finley.

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Click below to read about the biggest twin naming tradition of all.

Twins also provide their parents with twice as many chances to pay tribute to their family heritage. Hodge and Ewell both come from Sarah Jessica Parker’s family tree, D’Lila Star and Jessie James — the 2 ½-year-old twins of Kim Porter and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs — both have ancestral connections, and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s twins Maximilian David and Emme Maribel honor Jennifer’s father and Marc’s late sister respectively.

Speaking of tradition, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more closely associated with twins than the tradition of sharing a first initial. Kurt Warner pursued this path with twins Sienna and Sierra, Geena Davis is mom to twins Kaiis and Kian, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon welcomed twins Jaid and Jax in 2007, and there are no less than six ‘J’s’ in Jenna Jameson‘s family — with twins Jesse Jameson and Journey Jett both sharing her initials.

In addition to her work with, Linda has co-authored ten baby-naming books with Pamela Redmond Satran. Their newest title, Beyond Ava & Aiden, is available now.

— Missy

Did you, or someone you know, adhere to a theme when naming twins?


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MarijaP on

I had 2 pairs of twins as a school mates. The first one has same initial M ( Marian and Marco both boys) the other pair boys also has totally different names Peter and Martin. Here most couple of the twins get same initial names or sometimes same ending names and also we don’t have middle name/s. I know a pair who has quadruples and there names are paired 2 and 2. Two starts with A and two with S.

P.S Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline should be part of the list as names with ancestral connections.

Julia A on

Among friends and family, I know 4 pairs of twins with shared initials. I think it’s sweet, kinda like announcing their twin status.

Anon on

My mom is a twin. She’s named Cyrena which is persian and her sisters name is Kay. Everyone, who was around my Grandma was like “what kind of names are those for twin girls?” so they took it upon themselves to christian them Jean and Joan. They’re 53 now but EVERYONE still calls them that. I think if I had twins I would give them individual unrelated names.

Andrea_momof2 on

The twins I went to school with were Ryan and Robert and also Julie and Kristen.

Ash on

I had two pair of twins at my school. The girls were Jamie and Jessica, and the boys were Brad and Eric.

Michelle Machado on

Twins I know/knew were Mason/Jason(boys), Jackie/Lolly(girls), Jennifer/Steven(girl/boy), Mike/Michelle(boy/girl) ,Andrew/Michael(boys), Aaron/Alisa (boy/girl),Nicole/Michelle(girls).Nothing outrageous or too cutesy.

Makenna on

I have two sets of twins:
I chose same initial for my first set,
Beckham and Bella (2 1/2 yrs)
and I chose family names for my boys,
Emmette and Lakelin (3 months)
(However it was spelled Lachlin in my family, I decided to spice it up a little. Emmelia was the originally my grandmothers but I changed it to Emmette for a boy)

Ana on

Twins I know/knew were called nothing outrageous really…Grace/Elizabeth. Alexander and Victoria.Ruby Isabella and Alyssa Elizabeth.
My mum also knew some sisters (think two of them were twins) called Hope, Faith and Charity,- i see a definate pattern there!

Its difficult choosing one name never mind two!

Jess from Ohio on

If I had twins I would probably give them names with the same letter, but they would definitely not sound alike. But I also wouldn’t be against giving them “unrelated” names.

Beth on

I was named Elizabeth Megan after two great-grandmothers (Mary Elizabeth and Margaret (Megan is Irish for Margaret or so says my mom) and my twin brother was named William Davidson for my maternal grandfather whose first and middle name were the same and for my father and both grandfathers (All three named William)

morgan on

I have a twin brother named Zach. I go to school with other twins such as: Trevor and Makayla, Will and Zach, Alyssa and Chloe, Elizabeth and Anthony, Cole and Caleb, Delaney and Ainsley

noam on

my name is noam and my twin brother is named zygmund. my mother named me after noam chomsky and my father named my brother by opening up a baby name book and picking the last name in there. my mother’s maiden name was josephs, so zyg got joseph and i got josephine for middle names. ugh is about all i have to say to our names…
but they aren’t the worst. i know of quads named antonio, dallas, houston, and austin (because they were conceived on a vacation to texas) and twins named harper chase. both of them. one is a boy, the other a girl. apparently, their mother couldn’t think of a second combination she liked, so she named them both that, and just called her daughter chase (because she was born second.) it was awful…in the eighth grade, we took a school trip to ireland, and they almost couldn’t go, because the passport people didn’t believe that they were both named the same thing…even now, chase gets her brother’s mail, info, etc…

Colleen Wilkerson on

I have twins named Kevin Mitchell and Kendall Marie. I had to keep the same initials!

Tina on

i knew twins named Kelly and Karen.

Claire on

I have twin girls and their names are Carlisle Kathleen and Lowell Denise.

All are family names…
Carlisle is my boyfriend’s grandfather’s name.
Kathleen is my mother’s name.
Lowell is my last name (our daughters have my boyfriend’s last name as theirs but I wanted to use mine in some way).
Denise is my boyfriend’s mom’s name.

I liked Carlisle and Lowell together. Both are not very feminine, sound like last names, and end in an L-sound. However they both come with cute feminine nicknames. Carly and Ellie.

Elizabeth on

My aunt Kari is a twin. Her brother’s name is Kirk. She also has twins and named them Nicholas Patrick and Molly Patricia. Patrick is their father’s name and both of the grandmothers are named Patricia.

Elle on

My mom had twin aunts named Goldie and Golden. She also had twin aunt and uncle named Henry and Gladys. I know twin sisters named Evelyn and Erica that are about 30. And another set of sisters named Adrian and Lillian and they are 4. I know twins sisters named Bonnie and Connie and they are in their 50s. I think the rhyming thing is kind of annoying. Theme names can be cool…I also think some anagram names are nice too.
Something like Nia and Ani.

hermowninny on

The twins I know have completely unrelated names Airenne (Erin) and Gabrielle, but their Aunts are Jennifer and Julianna. Then I went to school with a Carla and Rhonda they don’t begin the same, they end the same. Then Daniel and David. Then I have two students of my own Noah and Nathaniel. Then I know a Caroline and Elizabeth and a Madilyn and Steven and a Nicholas and Arwen. I have seen the twin name game go both ways, similar and not. I myself wouldn’t give twins similar names because I have known so many sets and I just know how they are just completely different people.

Amanda on

There was a teacher at my high school was a twin, her mother had names picked out but when her father was filling out the birth certificates he forgot what they were. So he named them Karen and Sharon…Carin’ and Sharin’

Quite a funny story.

Amanda on

Also, my mom has twin cousins named Jack and Jill.

Devon on

Twins that I’ve known or know…Ashley/Chad (g/b), Megan/Alisha (g/g), Marc/Matt (b/b). Nice normal not too matchy but the same vibe.

If I were to have twins. I think I would try and go for the same vibe or meaning in the name rather than giving them matching names. If they started with the same initial, it would only be due to liking the names, not because I would want them to match initials. I’m not a fan of when one gets more than one middle name or when one is named after a relative and one isn’t.

Alex on

i had twins in my elementary school named Labrie and Labrice. (both girls)

other twins i know,
Halle and Sam (g/b)
Seth and Jamie (b/b)
Antonio and Sophia (b/g)
Kacie and Paige (g/g)
Allison and Olivia (g/g)

all of them except Labrie and Labrice are very different.

Micheley on

I love names that have meaning and a story (ancestorally or not) and so those are always my favorite. But for twins it irritates me to no end when they have the same letter name (molly,megan) and/or the same sounding name (chloe, zoe). People in my family have done both of these things when naming twins, and I just think these kids share birthdays, outfits (usually dressed matchingly), schools, friends, etc. and it is usually hard enough to tell them apart so why add on to their lack of individuality.
So my picks would def. be Vivienne and Know, and the originals Mary Kate and Ashley

Micheley on

I meant Knox🙂

cat on

Twin girls i know (adults) Mercedes and Margarita, Jimena and Chantal, boy girl: Tomás and Sofía…

Sarah M. on

Amanda – The first story is funny. The Jack and Jill idea, not so much.

I have quite a few names picked out for when I have kids. I think it would be fun to have a set of twins (hard work and tiring, but fun) and even have some names picked out for a set of twins. But I’ve learned from other comment sections on here, it’s not worth even telling anyone what they are until you’ve actually had the kid! People are less likely to berate a name to the parent/potential parent after a kid is born than before!!

Hazel on

I have a twin brother and his name is Richard and my name is Hazel. He was named after my father’s brother and I was named after my great aunt, which neither one had children of their own. I also went to school with twins who shared similar names like Kristopher and Kristine and I also twins with non-matchy names like Sheena and Bridgette. So I guess it depends on personal preference.

TV on

They forgot to mention that one of Rebecca Romijn’s twins is named after their uncle Charlie. So really I don’t think there would be any rivalry between the two just because one happened to inherit their mom’s name for their middle name.

As for other twin names I have a set of uncles that are Jim/John. Then a set of cousins who are Shayna/Shauna with another that are Arianna/Brianna. Used to have a supervisor that was Karen with sister Kay. A guy that I used to date was Benjamin with his brother being Nathan.

Loux on

I knew twin boys named Joshua and Josúe (which is Joshua in spanish)…not too original or maybe to original.

Kelly on

I had 7 sets of twins in my class growing up. They were: William and Jerome (Billy & Corky), Jennifer & Jaqueline, Jacquie & Julie, Jenny and Julia, Kelli & Kari, Dawn & Gail, and last but not least Christopher and Katherine. My sister has twins and she kept their first initial the same and their middle names start with the same letter as their 2 younger siblings (E & J).

Aileen on

My twins are named Cecilia and Lucy after the songs.

Ali on

My mom, Sandy, is a twin and her sisters name is Susan. Both of their parents names also began with S’s (Stanley and Seena) so I think their parents just wanted all of their names to have the same first initial, even their dogs names were S’s. Their grandfather was also named Sam, so it was partially because of that. Neither my name or my brothers start with an S, but both of our middle names do after our grandmother, which I think is nice.

TiffanyNicole on

My grandma is twin her name is Cleonia and her twin sister was Leona and also i have twin girl cousins named Lillian and Samantha.I went to school with twins Morgan and Meagan(b/g), Hope and Faith(g/g), Shaughnessy(Shay) and Lexington(Lexi)(g/g)

Alice on

I actually went to school with a set of twin girls. Their names were Sylvia Winter and Sybil Summer. They called each other Sylvia and Sybil but for some reason they had friends, teachers, etc. call them Summer and Winter.

Namephile on

Aileen- I love your twins names! So sweet! They don’t start with the same letter/rhyme, but they are in the same style and have a similar special meaning to you.

I don’t think I would give twins matching names, but maybe names that seem to mesh. I wouldn’t name one twin a hyperfeminine name like Annabella and one a unisex name like Taylor(g), for example. I would give twins names that would work for any siblings, even if they weren’t twins. I know some twins named Kimberly and Sarah, Zachary and Ian, Riley (g) and Connor, Nina and Eve, and Elizabeth and Catherine (Eliza and Cat).

Allegra on

Twins I know are Justine and Rebecca (girls), Joel and Harley (boys), Richard and Edward (boys), Ruby and Tom (girl/boy), Harley and William (boys), Fred and Frank (boys), Rainer and Ruben (boys), Alice and Erin (girls), Marlee and Tahnee (girls), Elias and Emmanuel (boys), Edwin and Robert (boys), Tamsin and Olivia (girls).
None of them are overly matching, except for maybe Fred and Frank.

Desi on

I went to school with several sets of twins.

Porchia and Presley-girls
Kelly and Kara-girls
Courtney and Candy-girls
Anabelle and Isabelle-girls
Kirk and Kameron-boys
James and Jonathan-boys
Madison and Mindy-girls
Daniel and Diego-boys
Jordyn and Ryley-girls
Jasmeen and Yasmeen-girls
Ashley and Nicole-girls
Jeffery and Luke-boys (we called them Pedesky Squared)
Shannon and Sharon-girls
Miranda and Stephen-boy/girl
theres one other set of girls that I cant remember for the life of me…and I even looked through the yearbook for them!
Then the quads-
Amanda, Genevieve, Crystal and Kayla
I dont know how they did it, but somehow they are split.
2 are seniors this year
2 are juniors.

I like how most of them are completely opposite each other though.

Robin on

I have infant twins named Wren (female) & Grayson (male). I like how the names sound when said together. They have pretty traditional middle names: Wren Ellen after my grandmother and Grayson James after my husband’s middle name and his father’s name.

The babies have my husband’s last name and I don’t. I didn’t like not sharing a name so I wanted first names that have a connection to me. Wren is a bird just like my name Robin is a bird. And Grayson is actually the name of Robin’s alter-ego (Dick Grayson) in the Batman comics! I don’t know that we’ll always share those connections with people but I like knowing that I have a special name connection with my babies.

They also have my last name as a second middle name but I doubt it will be used except on birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.

Darlene on

I have girl/boy twins and their names are Kayla and Alexander. My sister has twin girls and their names are Alayna and Ciara.

Rocky on

my 8 yr old nephews are Cruz (before the Beckham trend) and Juaquin (Joaquin spelt differently). They were both given spanish names as my parents are originally from Spain. Other than that theres nothing similar about their names.

CelebBabyLover on

MarijaP- I agree! Knox is honor of Brad’s grandfather (Hal Knox Hillhouse), and Marcheline, of course, is in honor of Angelina’s beloved mother, Marcheline Bertrand.

Cassie on

I go to school with twin boys named Jeremy and Josh.

Mia on

I know Rodrigo/Raphael [b/b], Luma/Bruna[g/g], Maria Luiza/Ana Clara [g/g], Marcela/Renata [g/g], Fabiola/Fabricia, those are all identical twins.

Clarice/Bianca [g/g], Clara/Geraldo [g/b], those are fraternal.

And I also know identical triplets called Paula/Flavia/Luiza

Bancie1031 on

I can only think of 3 sets of twins I went to school with and all 3 sets were identical ….
1: Alison and Mandy (g/g)
2: Lindsey and Mandy (g/g)
3: Jeremy and Joshua (b/b)

Bancie1031 on

LMAO oh yeah I forgot that I have twin cousin’s duh!!! Their names are
Misty and Matt (g/b)

Bancie1031 on

LOL oh yeah one more … my ex-husband was a twin ….
Scott and Portia (b/g)

LOL ok I think I’m done now ….. trying to think …. but I think that’s it sry about the 3 posts back to back

michelle on

Growing up, our housekeeper had a set of twin girls. Their names were Deborah (pronounced Debra) and Deborah (pronounced DaBOREah, like boring). I thought it was awful.

But I went to school with a Sally/Shannon, Meredith/Dixon, and Amy/Kelly…all nice and normal.

My niece and nephews are triplets – Emily/Benjamin/Collin.

I am not into matchy-matchy names for twins, but I think they should fit thematically. Giving one an exotic name like Gabriella and the other a plain name like Sue would feel wrong to me. For some reason, I would try harder to make sure the names had a similar number of letters and syllables. Not exact, but close. I think it would be weird to have an Elizabeth Katherine and an Amy Jane. But that’s just me.

I always thought if I had twin girls, I would name them Audrey Grace and Lydia Louise.

Leni on

I guess it really is personal preference.

The twins I know are:
Kelsey/Ashley (g/g)
Dominik/Benjamin (b/b)
Alexandra/Sarah (g/g)
Svenja/Kevin (g/b)

Nothing outrageous and pretty much individual.

However, I know TWO (!!!) families, completely unrelated, who both had three daughters and named them: Lacie, Stacie and Tracie – now that I find annoying.😉.

Maria on

I’m having twin girls in 3 months and I’m thinking of Sylvia Madeleine (which is the name of my boyfriend’s mother) and Louisa Katerina (Katerina is my mom’s name,we’re Greek).I have a 5 yr old son named Minas (greek name too, it’s toned in a) and his middle name is Lawson (my bf’s father’s name,which most people aren’t too fond of but we really like it)…I think Sylvia and Louisa sound nice together,they’re both really feminine🙂 What do you think?

Christine s m on

i went to school with twins named marget and maureen

lelee on

In my family are twins and their names are Sabine / Rinaldo; i’m still not a fan of the name Rinaldo, but it’s my cousin🙂.

And twins i knew are calling Tanja / Vanessa, and i know a family with triplets and their names are Pascal / Reto / Sandro.

I think twins should have individual names, but i’m okay with very similar names. They should only match with the last name.

Marlena on

The pairs of twins I know are Kerstin and Julia, Jannis and Till and Kaye and Faye (the two hate that one) One combination I really liked however was Emmeline and Adeladie (ancenstral connection), called Emmi and Addie.

amy on

I went to school with twins called Ruby and scarlett

Denise on

I have a lot of twins in my family and they all have “average” names. alhough m twin cousins are called Luc and Claudia because their mum is French and she wanted to keep the French tradition within their names. I like the idea of giving twins names that go well with each other, though I’d never go as far as to name them Holly and Molly or something wild like that.

Although these aren’t twins, Holly Marie Combs clearly wanted a tradition in her family when it came to naming her boys: Finley, Riley and Kelly. “ey” was obviously something she wanted to keep. I think it’s quite cute, but I’d probably never do it for my own kids.

j.U.d.E. on

Why would someone call both their boy twin Harper Chase and their girl twin Harper Chase…. WOW!

My cousin had triplets boys (it’s in the family) but only two survived. They are called Paolo and Nicola.. Nothing special.

Juliana on

My twins are Olivia and Annabel – which I think are both sweet girl names🙂 I didn’t care about matching their names but I like names starting with vowels (my boys are Arthur and Eric).

actualsize on

Robin, I adore the names you chose for your twins. How beautiful and unique are Wren and Grayson! If you imagine the names in terms of color, Wren is a wonderful deep maroon or red, while Grayson balances it out so well with a mature, masculine gray (of course!) or blue. I’ve never heard of Wren before but it’s very pretty and petite.

Sorry to single you out, but I just adore beautiful names and yours take the cake in this thread, for me.

Kate on

I have 5 boys including a set of triplets. All my sons are named for characters in the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon.


When we had trouble deciding on a middle name for Brian I emailed the author and she helped us out.

mel on

my faternal twin cousins are named samuel jose and jose samuel. their father is also named jose so jose samuel is called joseph

N on

Hmmm… I know quite a few. Mary Claire and Olivia Frances, Henry Paul and Hannah Ruth, Andrew Ross and Alexandra Kate, Maren and Marley (I don’t know their middle names), Taylor Kate and Stevie Cullen (g/g), Megan Lake and Ian River, and Seth and Sara. I suppose most are fairly different!

Ashley on

I have three year old twin boys (wish me luck). My husband and I went through a very heated battle over whether or not to give them similar names. I didn’t want to but my husband did. We decided on the name Finn Alexander for baby A but couldn’t figure out another name. We were looking online when we came upon the name Sawyer, we both fell in love with it and that was baby B’s name. My husband liked it because they both had something in common in reference to Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

We now have two very active and healthy twin boys Finn Alexander and Sawyer James whose nickname is Saw.

Alice on

Maria, congratulations on your having twins soon! I think Sylvia Madeleine and Louisa Katerina are very pretty names and do sound nice together, Syliva and Louisa.

Twins I’ve known/known of through the years:
Donna & Mark
Kent & Brent
Susan & Sharon
Abby & Becky (Abigail & Rebecca)
Jeannie & Joanne
Cindy (Cynthia) & Karen
Pat & Mike (Patrick & Michael)
Triplets Kari, Mari & Shari (Karilyn, Marilyn & Sharilyn)

And last but not least, me and my twin!
Alice & Candice

I have always liked the way my twin’s name and my name rhyme but not really, they just end the same. Hey, when you hear your name practically always said in tandem with your sister’s they start to sound the same even when they don’t, if that makes any sense.

Shannon on

I knew twin girls named Kelsey and Chelsea. Way too close together I think!

ns509 on

I am a twin with a boy. My name is Nadine (pronounced Nah-dine, as in Nah-dia, not Ney-dine) and my brother’s name is Nuno (pronounced Nuh-nuh). His is a very traditional, unique and centuries old (albeit still very current) Portuguese name. My parents say that they enjoyed the common initial “N”, followed by the “ah” sound for the girl and the “u” sound for the boy. Also it was a homage to our birth country with my me (France, with the “ine” at the end) and a homage to our Portuguese roots with my brother’s traditional name. Interestingly, although I am called by my first name, people in France had the hardest time pronouncing my brother’s name so eventually everyone, including my parents and family, started calling him by his middle name Miguel. I am still the only person who uses his first name, even when in Portugal. As most Portuguese people we both got mom’s maiden name as our first last name (which for me happens to be my middle name as well), and dad’s family name as our last name. This represents the blending of two families.

Kaitlyn on

When I found out I was having twin girls my husband and I decided we didn’t want rhyming names but similar so we went with Gracen Tate(Grace)and Georgeanna Blue. We wanted them to have the same letter but not initials.

Ceceilia on

Twins I know

Eammon Thomas and Connor Thomas ( thomas means twin)

Joshua Antonio and Domenick Antonio

Kellie and Callie

Janna and Ingrid

My little girls are

Willa Meghan and Thea Lauren

Ratty on

Twins I have known (various nationalities):

– Royce/Graham (b/b) (my grandfather and his twin – as different as could possibly be)
– Amanda/Megan (g/g)(they get shortened to Megs and Manda so they sound more alike)
– Mark/Julie (b/g)
– Brett/Phillip (b/b)
– Regie/Renee (g/g)
– Rebecca/Samantha (g/g) (get shortened to Becky and Sammy)
– Kerry/Sherry (b/g) (way too similar for my tastes)
– Daniel/Michael (b/b)
– Reese/Yolanda (b/g)

I don’t know of any particular reason for the way any of the above were named but for Regie and Renee who were both given ‘r’ names like their mum – Rosa – and their brother was given a J name – Justin – like their dad – John.

Jessica on

I can only think of Erica/Jerica and Jaleena/Jaleesa. I thought those were terrible. I also knew a Laura and Amanda. All identical.

Laura UK on

My 3 year old brother and sister are twins. They are called Daniel and Olivia – totally different, independent from each other, but they also go very well together. Bth have two middle names, honouring their great-grandparents and grandparents.

Melissa C. on

growing up i knew a few twin girls all with very unique names.

patience and precious (i’m not kidding) and caress and crystal.

I wonder how they like them now as adults????

Ashley on

My little twin sisters’ names are Kimberly and Jessica. My parents went through several possibilities of same first initial names but couldn’t agree and when the twins were born. Jessica came out first and Kimberly second. Both were names both my parents liked so they decided to name (Baby A) Jessica, the first out and (Baby B) Kimberly, that way they are J-K just like in the alphabet! My parents are so cool🙂

Sara on

Riley and Chloe (girls)
Deborah and Darlene (girls)
Kennedy (girl) and Hunter (boy)
Riley and Shannon (girls)
Stephanie and Tricia (girls)
Chrissy and Rachel (girls)
Those are the twins that I know.🙂

Laurie on

I’ve got a set of twins called Jake and Aven. I like these names together because both have an a and an e in it, but still, they’re different names. I don’t like it went people change only one or two letters in twin’s names, like Jason and Mason, or Paul and Paula. That’s awfull! I think twins need to have different names, but with the same amount of letters🙂 or the same theme, cause I love Otis and Othello for twins😀

Maria on

Melissa C. – Patience and Precious?Jeez I would so hate my parents for naming me Patience or Precious!Patience can turn it to Patty,but Precious?Poor gal.

Alice,thanks a lot!Actually we where discussing baby names over lunch today (we’re in my parents’ place in Greece and we’re staying till the birth ’cause I wanted to have the girls in the same city I was born🙂 ) and my son insisted we name the “hairier” girl Minas II after him😛 My younger brother told him “listen kid,don’t you ever call your sisters hairy,they’re gonna mount you on the wall” and he was so petrified to touch my belly then,lol!

Kelly on

In college twin girls lived next door to me. They were Michelle and Melissa and they were identical. You never quite knew which one was which. So everyone just started calling each of them “Michlissa”. They hated it! That’s one of the problems with similar sounding names.

Nixx on

I have twin boys and their names are Connor and Jack. Both are Irish names (my family is Irish).

Whitney Sterk on

my mom is a twin – She is Robin Ann and her brother is Robert Allan – I call them both Rob…..;)

Whitney Sterk on

I knew twins that were Larry and Lawrence – so Lawrence could never be called Larry –

mazzie on

if i had twin girls it would have been esme laurel and romola eve, so that they would share the intials of their mum and dad.. boys would have been ludo james and theo david.. all family names.. and pretty matchy matchy in style and flow i guess…

Nona on

i knew fraternal twin boys growing up, named Gordon and Graham. being a kid, I got them confused with Golden Grahams.

Mia on

If I were to ever have twins I would just name them 2 names that I liked. I don’t think they have to be the same sounding name, or same initial because that would just be too confusing. Twins are two individuals, just because they are born at the same time, doesn’t mean they should have the individuality of their name(s) taken away.

Danielle on

I will name my twins Emerson (girl) and Harrison (boy). Harrison is a family name, and Emerson I just liked the sound of.

Me on

i have twin cousins called;
Abigail Anne and
Juliette Johanna
…anne+johanna both being family names.

i like all names but have always thought they’d be better mixed around a bit (rather than initials AA and JJ, JA/AJ for example)
but then they’re not my babies lol.

i recently worked with triplets called; Erin,Evie and Riley. (all girls, riley being from a seperate egg,the other two identical)…i liked that they sound like they’re from a similar era, though thought it seemed a little odd to seperate them so obviously, though the mother also kept riley in a seperate cot and let the others share which also seemed a little strange to me, but again, her perogative.

if i were to have twins i’d give them names from the same era/similar sounds (i really like lisa marie prestley’s harper and finley, for example), and Dave+Jordyn Grohl’s Violet and Harper (i know they’re not twins but names go together really well i think).

sdfsd on

I agree, Mia. What’s the big deal about twins? If I had twins I wouldn’t name them any differently than two kids born at separate dates. Twins aren’t any more similar to each other than they would be to their non-twin siblings, unless they’re identical.

sdfsd on

“When I found out I was having twin girls my husband and I decided we didn’t want rhyming names but similar so we went with Gracen Tate(Grace)and Georgeanna Blue.”

Where does the name Blue come from? I notice a lot of celebrities use that for a middle name (for example, John Travolta and Kelly Preston have Ella Blue). Is that a family name, or is it after the color?

Sarah M. on

Twins I nannied for were William Ford Jr. (Billy or Bill) and Lana Hope. Billy’s name, obviously, was a family name. Lana they liked, and Hope I believe was a family name. They were trying for another baby, and had a 25% chance of having another set of twins. I wonder what they would have named another set.

h.f on

Triplets- Phoebe Faith, Ruby Grace and Sofia Hope.
I quite like the idea of the pattern shown in the middle names and the fact that their forenames are dissimilar.

Alexandra on

My mom is a twin and her name is Julie and her sister is Jill. Both J’s. I go to school with
Morgan/Austin (g/b)
Katie/Will (g/b)
Kirsten/Kyle (g/b)
Carley/Savannah (g/g)
I also know
Grace/Michael (g/b)
Katherine/Kyle (g/b)

Nothing crazy but then again they weren’t just born. Now a days people name their kids crazy things not just celebrities. It is apparent from other people’s comments.

sara on

my aunts are twins and they are named sharon and shirley. my grandmother named all their kids together, robert james (jim) roberta jean (jean), dora and donna…. and then there was my uncle sam lol.

shaaaa on

my mom is a twin. Her name is Darlene and her twin sister is Charlene lol. my friend is also a twin, she is Brittany and her brother is Christopher.

not a fan of the names being similar in any aspect.

i hope i have twins.. i love sloane & blyth for girls and slade & kane for boys🙂

Mary Catherine on

My twins cousins names are Megan and Catherine.

Mel on

I have 4 boys. The two older ones (who are not twins) are Cody and Conner. I just liked both names, wasn’t really trying for matching letters. Then when I found out we were having twins I knew I wanted somethign with same letters. I thought about 2 more C names but figured that was definitely too matchy. So I went with a different letter and named them Braxton and Beau.

sara on

oh yea i forgot to add that my brother in law’s are jared and james… and my uncle sam had 2 kids sammy(b) and samantha… and the only twin names i can remember from school are jessy and jacky.. oh and darren and daniel are my hubby’s cousins.

ab on

robin – I love the names wren and grayson! love especially the batman connection🙂

my dad and his sister were twins, named wilbur and wanda.

Alex on

I went to school with:

Christopher & Louie (b/b) & Jennifer/Jessica.

If I had twins I’d give the same initial names, but nothing matching/rhyming.

Skitty on

I have two sets of twin cousins: Ted & Terry and Tommy & Johnny.
Growing up in school I remember: Tom & Jon, Joni & Jena, Allie & Andy, Jake & Josh, Jeanne & James and triplets Jared, Jeremy, and Jonathan.
My idea for twin boys would be Trent & Trevor and girls would be Ellie & Carrie.

Daniella on

There are four sets of twins in my family: three identical sets & one fraternal set. All three identical sets are boys (Robert Everly & Robin Jenson, Dallas Emory & Austin Finley, Jesse Kieran & Sean Aiden) & the one fraternal set is boy/girl (Sarah Ashlyn/Shannon Emerson).

The first set of identical twin boys (Robert & Robin) were originally expected to be fraternal boy-girl twins, so my uncle & aunt decided on the names early & did everything in Robert & Robin. So, once the twins were born & it was discovered that they were both boys, my aunt & uncle eventually decided to simply go with the names since Robin is technically a unisex name.

Dallas & Austin are actually not named after cities. Dallas is named after a character from the novel The Outsiders, which is my aunt’s all-time favorite book, & Austin is named after one of my uncle’s best friends from the Army who was killed in action.

All of their middle names pay homage to our family’s very strong Gaelic roots. There were also ten sets of twins in my graduating class, which is amazing considering there were only about 400 kids & all but three sets of the twins were identical. Molly/Nadine, John/Justin, Lamar/Latoya, David/Ethan, Courtney/Mallory, Britney/Whitney, Christopher/Breeden, Christian/Taylor, Dana/Megan & Bernie/Allison.

sam and freya's mum on

Don’t know many sets of twins from school or generally, most friends and family had singletons, but ones I do know i are my 1st cousins Christopher/Charlotte (not a fan of either name myself, Charlotte’s ok though I guess) and friends of friends have boy/girl twins Alex & Holly, both of which I like, as not too matchy. I don’t like rhyming names, such as some WWF celebrity I recall being posted on CBB having girls called Taylor and Kayla if I’m correct?!, can’t remember the couple’s names, but no thanks! We liked shorter names, but not too similar/matchy when naming our two, a few have commented they go well, but aren’t at all alike, one being more common than the other, but we liked them. Have friends with a Daniel and Ciara, which I like, love the name Ciara, good old Irish name. Had Connor in mind if we’d had a 2nd son, Sam & Connor not similar either. I’m a fan of going for names I like the sound of for when they’re older and not too long-winded to spell, not too way-out (I hope?!) in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s etc as well, and living their own lives.

I can’t believe someone called their twins Jack and Jill, poor kids! Darlene/Robin – like both your twins’ names. Must be hard coming up with combos for more than one. I agree with the posts about individuality. They may have come into the world together as twins, but they’ll grow up to have their own lives as adults, while not celebrate that, rather than cutesy pairings that may sound amusing when babies or young kids, but silly when adults? They may be embarassed by it too, JMHO…

sam and freya's mum on

….Danielle, like your names too, Emmerson’s a great girls’ name, IMO. My hubby wouldn’t go for it though if I’d suggested them while preg with either of our two, as he’s personally not a fan of surname-sounding names as first names, such as Harrison, Jackson, McKenzie etc, which don’t bother me, but have to both agree I guess – men huh?, lol…

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t know that many sets of twins (I also happen to know several people who have a twin….But I don’t know their twin’s name, nor, in most cases, have I even met/seen the twin!). I once knew a set of twins named Alex and Ashleigh (boy/girl). Also, my mom went to school with twin girls called Nora and Nonie (pronounced “No-knee”, rhyming with Joni or Tony). Those were their nicknames, though, not their actually names (Nora was short for Lenora, and I forget what mom said Nonie was short for).

That said, the method for naming twins that I most like is using the names that start with the same letter. I agree that it is a very popular tradition. In fact, it’s one that’s even been used for naming twins in movies! For example, there’s Luke and Leia from Star Wars.🙂

Ashley on

Oh I also used to work with a girl who had fraternal twin girls she named Mariah Leilani and Maniyah Kaelani lol quite the names!
I remember going to school with:
Chris and Cory- boys
Lesley and Lindsay- girls
Rontel and Montel- boys
Erin and Abby- girls
and an interesting fact- Marlon Jackson from the Jackson 5 I just found out had a twin brother named Brandon Jackson who died the day they were born!

Jennifer on

I have boy/girl twins… their names are Jet Kalei and Jordan Vanessa. My name is Jennifer Lee. I like the letter “J.”

British Twin Mummy (aka Emma) on

I have twin boys. Naming them wasn’t a problem, (I had plenty of names!) but i wanted names that fit together.We named are twins Oscar Matthew and Fintan James (commonly known as Oz & Finn) We had liked Nathaniel & Theodore (Nate and Theo) and they were named this for a while i was pregnant until we changed our minds!

Personally i hate it when twins are given similar sounding names, such as Jason and Mason (how awful!), or even the same initial. I am even a bit OCD in that i don’t want to repeat sounds for my children, for instance, i couldn’t call another child Jasper or Spencer because it sounds too much like Oscar (which is a shame as i love those names!!)
I kinda feel like you need to give children, esp twins, as much of their own identity as possible, which begins with their name.

I love the fact that SJP has chosen names that are very different from each other, not sure i’d be happy to give one of my children 3 names and the other 2, but hey, that is for them to decide.

Dana on

My daughter played softball with twin girls, Kaylee and Kennedy… But I think the twin girls I went to high school with take the cake… Born on Christmas… Holly an Noelle

Dana on

Ugh, typos… I apologize!

mommasboys on

With the whole Rebecca naming her one child after her she actually gav her the same name as Dolly Parton whom she has stated she is a fan of so maybe it isn’t after herself

stedine on

Twins I know were
Abi and Gaby formally Abigail/Gabrielle
Janyll and Giselle
Iris and Irene

Alice on

I thought of some girl twins my sister-in-law has mentioned that she works with that are named Joy and Joey, two names that are fine on their own and perfectly ridiculous together.

Lacey on

I once dated a boy named John, who had an identical brother James.

DeeDee on

I will never understand the appeal of giving twins “matching” names, in any form. It’s enough that they will always be “the twins” their whole lives – they should at least have names that allow them to be individuals. No rhyming, no same first initial, no theme… I think the best twin names I’ve ever heard I just read here – girls named Carlisle and Lowell.

brannon on

I had triplets my first year of teaching – Kristen, Kirsten, kristine. Painful.

Emma on

My mum also has twin cousins named Jack & Jill – lol🙂

I also know:-

Erin & Niamh (girls)
Steven & David (boys)
Juliet & Rachel (girls)
Robbie & Michael (boys)
Michael & John (girls)
Nora & Hilda (girls)

also triplets:-

Chloe, Amy & Lucy.

Nothing too outrageous there!

Susan on

I went to school with twins named
Laura and Lacey (same letter)
Megan and Katie (nothing similar)
Matthew and Meghen (same letter)

And I have cousins named
Jacob and Jayden (same letter)
Jesse and Jessica (same letter and same name when jessica is shortened)

If I were to have twisn myself i would go with
Aydin and Akeelah (boy/girl)
Aydin and Braxton (boys)
Akeelah and Destinee (girls)

Kait on

I couldn’t tell you if any of my ancestors were twins but I was researching and thought I’d share. Seven siblings, and I believe all but one were themed: Opal, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and two others that are also gems😀 Very interesting, this was back in the 1890’s. I think Charlie and Dolly would be okay if they were b/g but mentioned before, having a name that’s really feminine then using a unisex name for the other twin is just difficult (especially Charlie as a girl). My sister and I aren’t twins but I’m Kaitlyn and she’s Meghan. Similar sound but not rhyming (although our parents still call us by the other’s name :/)

Also I love one of the commentor’s twins’ names Sawyer and Finn. Very cute🙂

Sarah M. on

I actually have a list of celebrities that have multiples. The list is too lengthy to put here. If anyone wants to see it, let me know.🙂 Some of them are quite surprising. The names and the fact that the celebrity in question had multiples.

marimel on

@Susan– Absolutely love the boys’ names you’ve chosen should you have twins!!! Aydin and Braxton and strong, masculine names and go nicely together!!

@Danielle- Emerson and Harrison are two beautiful choices that aren’t “out there” but aren’t overly common either. Emerson is actually one of my favorite names, but I’m also a lover of Ralph Waldo Emerson, so that’s part of it😉

and @Claire– I may steal Carlisle one day if I ever have a daughter! I actually knew a little girl with that name a long time ago and forgot about it until your post. Simply beautiful, and I love Lowell too, plus their nicknames of Carly and Ellie, so cute🙂

Kaitlyn on

When I found out I was having twin girls my husband and I decided we didn’t want rhyming names but similar so we went with Gracen Tate(Grace)and Georgeanna Blue.”

Where does the name Blue come from? I notice a lot of celebrities use that for a middle name (for example, John Travolta and Kelly Preston have Ella Blue). Is that a family name, or is it after the color?

Blue comes from my husband’s alma mater Duke University. We actually picked Blue before Georgeanna, and she was the twin with blue eyes so that is how we picked which one would be “Blue”

Jennifer on

We have a set of identical twins boys who are 5 yrs old. We named them Ethan and Owen. Ethan Carl (Carl is a 5th generation middle name for eldest son) and Owen Alexander (Alexander is my husband’s grandmother’s maiden name). We also have a 2 yr. old daughter named Addison. Her middle name is MaryJane (Mary after my grandmother and Jane after my husband’s grandmother). So, we have an Ethan, Owen, and Addison. I guess we like vowel babies!

Ali on

I’ve seen:
1. identical girls
Elleri & Emeri
nicknames: Elle & Emme
2. identical girls
Olivia & Mackenna
nicknames: Liv & Kennie
3. faternal boys
Jace & Grant
4. faternal boy & girl
Cash & Carrie
(For those of you who live in FL, they were named before the grocery store “Kash ‘n’ Kerry” came out.)

Allie on

My sisters 5 month old twin girls are Meah and Myah.

CelebBabyLover on

Allie- Are the names pronunced “Mee-uh” and “My-uh”?

Stacey on

I have friends with twins named Luka Tim and Laura Kim and my step-grandma and her sister (identical twins) were called Lara and Laura. They always had matching bee-hives, v-neck sweaters and neck scarves on so it was near impossible to tell them apart, even when they were 70!
My twins (fraternal boys) are Tobias David and Dominik James. I’m American, my husband is German and we live in Germany so our main problem was to find names we liked which both families could pronounce!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Allie, I like both your nieces names! We had both those names in mind for our 2nd child once we found out the gender at 20 week scan, but not overly keen on both being used as twin sisters, like either one separately, just me. Myah’s a cute name, but just a bit ‘matchy’ IMO…Having said that, I’d already commented (so guess I should be consistent, lol) that they do grow up as individuals and go their separate ways as adults anyway, so as long as the parents and the girls’ like their names as the grow up, doesn’t really matter, and your sister obviously liked it…

N on

Kait ~ My great grandmother’s sisters were Ruby, Opal, Pearl and Emerald. For some reason, she was named Bernice (how unfortunate!) She is the yougnest and I suppose they couldn’t think of any more names! ha! I think that they just kept trying for a boy : )

Daisy on

I have known all girls twins so far actually…..

Lavette and Verona who are in their 40’s, their mother loved France and Romeo&Juliette but didn’t want to be obvious.

Eimear and Meabh….for those who aren’t sure of Irish they are pronounced E-mhur and Me-ave

Mairead and Joanne

Kareena and Lauren

Rosemary and Leah, such a teraditional then such a modern name seems oddish to me.

Jana on

Well, I have twin sisters named Nicole Ashley and Allison Lynn…I think Nicole and Allison go nicely together. Then I have cousins named Gale and Dale…both girls. They are nice names but I’m not too crazy about the rhyming. Gale also has twins named Jeremy Dale and Josie Grace. In school, I know of twins named Erin and Dereck which are nice.

Kaitlin on

The twins that I know are:
Cassidy/Andrew (g/b)
Dominique/Cassandra (g/g)
Paul/Brian (b/b)
Timmy (Timothy)/Ryan (b/b)

pyjammy on

when we named our BBB triplets, we didn’t even consider how their names sounded together. i just knew i didn’t want them to be “matchy”. so they’re linus, oliver, and miles. all different, but i think they just happen to go together nicely.🙂

pyjammy on

oh, and ps – giving your twins the same initials can cause problems as they get older with medical records and such. one good reason not to do it, if you ask me!

Julie on

I have two sets of twins (they run on both sides of the family).
When we had our first set of twins, we already had a son Samuel Alijah. I wanted to name our daughter Sophie, but didn’t want the same initial. So we named them Laura Julieann and Philip Alexander. Julieann is my name, and Alexander is my husbands. Alijah was my father’s name, so it was nice to have the boy’s share an initial as their middle name.
Two years after Laura and Philip, we had identical twin girls Elly Charlotte and Emma Jasmine. I really wanted them to share the same initial for their first name, and my husband loved the names Elly and Emma. Jasmine was my mother’s name, and also began with the same letter as Laura’s middle name. Charlotte was my sister’s name who passed away, so it was another family name!
A year after Elly and Emma were born, our last child Sophie Claire was born (3 weeks ago!). I have always loved the name Sophie, and since our other singleton’s name started with “S” we thought it would be fun for them to share the same first letter. I also wanted her to share the same letter for a middle name as Elly. Since Claire was my husband’s sister’s name it worked out perfectly!
We tried to link our children in a special way, but not too similar. We are definitely done having kids! But love all their names, and how they are interconnected!

Candice on

I am a twin and our names are Alice and Candice. Our names sound alike at the end but since they begin differently they don’t totally rhyme. We went to summer camp with twins named Hope and Charity! I wonder if their sister was named Faith!

Rebecca Sill on

I have twin boys named Chandler Patrick and Chance LeRoy. Chandler was named after my husband’s grandfather his last name is Chandler and Patrick is my father’s middle name. He was born on St. Patick’s day, and the twins were due in March. Chance was named LeRoy after my husband’s fathers side of the family. His middle name is at least 5 generations old. Chance came from a baby name book, my husband really liked. I agree with not naming them really similar now because my boys are now called Chancellor alot because I get tongue tied alot. I also have trouble with the insurance company, not wanting to pay on one twin or the other.

If I had twin girls I would like to name them Ever and Faith.
I just really like the names.

Lyssie on

My aunties are dena and gina,
and dena’s daughters are sabrina and marina
her dog’s name is xena. nad then gena named her daughter amanda? haha,
but all of the females in my family have names that end in A.
Dena, Gina, Estella, Alyssa, Vanessa, Aisha, Victoria, Sabrina, Marina, Valencia, and Amanda.

i know twins Chris/Curtis, Bryanna/Sean, Esme/Anji, Darwin/Yajaira, Sara/Paul, Diego/Jett, Arley/Brinley, Aidan/Nadia(which i think is really cool), Rozlyn/Delphine.
and then triplets Arley Layne and Brynli. yup, that’s all

Emily on

My twin cousins are called Katherine and Victoria.

My great-grandmother was a twin; their names were Ethel Maude and Hildred Blanche(!)

Twins run pretty prominently in my family…so I guess there’s a chance I might end up coming up with my own twin names!

NannyCourt on

As a nanny i have looked after many multiples
none of their names matched
Just some of them
Kezia & Briallen gg
Tamati & Brooke bb
Poppy & Louie gb
Jed & Toby bb
Chris,Joshua & Liam bbb
Misha, Tasmin & Reese ggg

MiB on

I have worked a lot with children and I really hated twin names that sounded alike, it is really difficult for both the adults and the kids to hear the difference between Anna and Hanna. I think that you must take three things into account when naming twins (or triplets, quads…). The first is that you should be able to hear and see the difference between the name (twins and their stuff usually get mixed up enough as it is), the second is that they shouldn’t have the same initial, so that monogrammed things and things with name tags don’t get mixed up that easily and the third is that you should be able to shout them (because, believe me, you will). Oh, and don’t give them names that make part of a third name, Stan and Lee or Mary and Lynne will not like constantly being called Stanley or Marilyn by people who think that they are funny.

I have also noticed that twins themselves don’t tend to like too matchy names very much.

Cris on

Yes – there are several twins in my family and they all seem to have gone with a theme. Annette and Bernadette, Karen and Sharon, Darryl and Derrick, and Micah and Morgan. they either rhyme or are alliterative.

Beth on

I have a few sets of twins in my family Rosalie Heather(RIP) and Helen Brooke(RIP)They where named after their grandmothers everyone caled them Heather and Brooke , Dominic and Keith, Jerome(Jerry) and Larry.

Sarah M. on

Twins I went to school with:
identical – Gail/Michelle, Brooke/Lindsey and Anthony (Tony)/Mikel (Mike)
fraternal – Brandi/Jessica, Danette/Luke, Amber/Ryan (g/b)

Twins I’ve babysat for:
identical – Peter (Petey)/James
fraternal – William Ford (Billy/Bill)/Lana Hope

None really seem to have a theme.

Emma on

My sister’s are idential twins and are Kate & Sarah.
Also knew

Mandy on

If I were to have twins, I would want a boy and girl lol. I would name the girl Nikoline Amelia and the boy would be Nikolaus Adrian. Nickoline just because my MIL would hate it and Nikolaus because I like that name lol.

Allegra on

If I had twins I would definitely not want their names to be matchy. If I had a boy and a girl they’d be Harper Zion Rose and Saxon Bruno James, if they were boy/boy they’d be Saxon Bruno James and Milo Henry Alexander and if I had two girls they’d be Harper Zion Rose and Clementine Isabelle Honey, or Nova Isabelle Rose and Sage Honey Blossom.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Allegra, don’t like matchy names either (sorry, have already posted on here earlier, but had to comment, lol) – I like your other boy’s name of Milo Henry Alexander, like all 3 of those ames, and Nova Isabelle. Am biased re your middle name choice as we have a Freya Isabelle, with the xtra ‘l’ & ‘e’ on the end, liked the look of it written down more, don’t ask why. While preg we had both names sorted out but then played around with the spelling of middle one, eg Isabel, Isobel, and Isabelle, etc. Think Freya’s is the French spelling, from memory. Haven’t really heard the name Nova before – like girls’ names with first name ending in an ‘a’ and middle name ending in an ‘e’. My little quirk perhaps, lol, but just like the ring to girls’ names like that, think they flow better, don’t sound too similar perhaps?, have a friend with a Kayla Jane, and Olivia Renee, who’s the same in terms of like the ring to the ending of the names she said – so not the only strange one, haha…

Vicki on

Twins really run in my family…my dad is a twin, his name is Perry and his sister’s name is Wilma. My brother and I are twins and our names are Derek & Vicki and now my cousin (from my aunt who is a twin) is expecting twin boys, Mason & Tyler

Nicole on

My brother and sister (twins) are Damon and Karlie, some other sets I know are:

Dana and Deanna
David and Danny
Jim and Gene
Erica and Jessica

Mariska on

I went to school with two sets of twin girls. Their names were Daphne & Joanne (identical) and Mila & Lara (fraternal). And one set of twin boys named Ruben & Casper (fraternal)

I also have twin cousins named: Domenique (boy) & Juliette (girl)

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