The Maguires Reveal Son's Name: Otis Tobias

07/03/2009 at 02:30 PM ET
Michael Loccisano/Getty

After eight weeks of waiting, Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer Maguire have revealed their son’s name! The family’s latest addition is called Otis Tobias Maguire, the actor’s rep confirms to CBB.

Baby Otis arrived on Friday, May 8th in California. He was spotted out and about last month, but mom Jennifer kept him under wraps in a pouch! Lucky for us, x17 Online snapped some photos of the little cutie.

Otis joins big sister Ruby Sweetheart, 2 Β½.

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Ashley on

Otis Tobias has a nice ring to it although I’m not a fan of the first name Otis. Tobias Otis would’ve have been my pick. Oh well, I love Ruby Sweetheart and her adorable name and I love this little family. Congratulations again on your baby Otis!

Jazz on

Not my kind of name but to each their own. Congratulations to the Maguires!

Felicia on

I love this family, but really? Otis? I would have kept it under wraps, too.

Sanne on

I actually think it’s cute. A very boyish name for him and a girly one for his big sis… Congrats Toby & Jennifer!

Mandy on

After Ruby Sweetheart I was actually anxious to hear the baby’s name…. not so much any more. Otis is not my choice, sounds like it would be for a dog more so than a child. Then again, this is not my child and Toby and Jennifer loved it enough to name their son Otis so yeah… To each their own.

brannon on

Love the name Otis!!!

Casandra on

I love Otis because it reminds me Otis Redding, who I absloutely love. Otis + Ruby sound adorable together! Much better than some of the other celeb choices.

Alice on

I’m not a fan of Otis on its own but Otis Tobias looks and sounds nice, and I think Otis and Ruby flow really beautifully!!
Welcome baby Otis!

Jamie Stefanie on

Congrats Toby, Jennifer and big sister Ruby!

I really like the name Otis Tobias – though I wouldn’t use it myself due to the fact that in Germany where I live almost every elevator and escalator is labeled with “Otis” the manufacturer and I don’t really like the idea of using a name that is linked to too big companies even though the name itself is great

Jessica on

I don’t really like those two names together. Otis is fine and so is Tobias but together doesn’t really flow for me. But I like them. They are a cute, young couple.

Nika on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!

As girlie as Ruby ‘Sweetheart’ sounds for a girl, this one sounds like a name for a cool little guy! I think it fits perfect together.
And it’s not very common so that is great!

Jackie on

I agree with most of the other posters. I’m thrilled to death for Tobey, Jennifer and Ruby, but Otis? Very unusual. It’s not an unheard of name, but certainly not one that I would choose, nor a common one. The middle name was no surprise to me, given that Tobey’s middle name is in honor of his father. Otis Tobias…love that rhyming sound! Still, everyone seems happy and healthy, and I wish all four the best. Congrats to all!

Ashley on

Really? Is this the reason they didnt release the name? I really just think celebrities think their kids will be tormented when they grow up because of who their parents are. It really is not a cool trend they have started.

Mary-Helen on

Otis isn’t my cup of tea persay, but it sounds really nice with their last name and alongside Ruby so it’s perfect for them!

Vivie on

Hey, Mandy, you have MY dog’s name! LOL. I think Otis is nice and old fashioned like Ruby. I dig it when people theme their children’s names. Ruby and Otis sound great together!

Jaclyn on

Otis is different, but not unheard of or weird. Certainly nothing that will get picked apart on the playground (although honestly, every name could and I never hear kids actually making fun of names anymore – just the parents!).

Chris on

I think Tobias would have been cute for the first name.

Pamela on

Reminds me of the children’s movie Milo and Otis! Still, I don’t mind it!

marimel on

Ha! Jamie Stefanie, most elevators in America say Otis too, but I would’ve never thought of that without you saying it! Too funny! As far as the name goes, seeing that mommy and daddy are celebs, they can get away with it because there are far more “unique” names in celebrity world than otis, but I think I’d do a double-take if I ever heard a little kid named that here in Indiana.

mommaruthsays on

I love Otis — they can nickname him Otto or Otie or Oz. But let me make sure I’m saying Tobias right. Does it rhyme with Otis — like o-tis to-bi-is? Or is it to-by-is? I’m hoping for the latter, because to say Otis Tobias when it rhymes is kind of silly! Either way, CONGRATS. Now when can we see the little booger?!?!

April on

Toe-by-is. It’s Tobey’s real first name.

I think Otis goes well with Ruby. I don’t particularly care for it though. But I am glad they decided to go public with the name!

Here are some pictures of him, he’s very cute.

mslewis on

I am laughing so hard!!! People crack me up with their comments about baby names!! Not only do you people decide what the kid should have been named but you give them nicknames too!!! It’s hilarious!!

Otis is a perfectly fine name and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Please stop critizing the names given to children. It’s none of your business!!! Really!!

As my dear Mama always said when we were about to go see a newborn cousin or niece: “If you can’t say anything good, just shut up and eat”!!!

Alice on

An uncommon name so he will most likely be the only Otis in his class, yet it is not way out there. I like it!

liza on

LOVE the name Otis…..was on the shortlist for our little fella….we chose Banjo instead but Otis was surely a front runner.

Andrea_momof2 on

Vivie, way to go! πŸ™‚ Otis is a perfectly “normal” name, they didn’t make it up or anything.

Erika on

My Youngest Nephew Is Tobias πŸ™‚

Ellen on

What a lovely name. Otis is a great name for a little lad and it will carry on into adulthood.

Give me Otis over the now common Braydon, Mason, Dylan, Brandon, Cruz etc etc. Otis won’t be common but won’t leapout like the weirder names either.

Great name. Now if only the Maguires had a word with the Martin-Paltrow’s a few years back.

Elizabeth on

Maybe he was conceived in an elevator?
J/K. Great name!

Rebecca on

Oh My Gosh! Otis! Wow, it sounds like a name that someone would give to their Dog! Sounds like a redneck name. Ruby Sweetheart is just gorgeous, probably because my Mom’s name is Ruby! LOL. Oh well to each his own, but again Otis! OMG!

Millikate on

I don’t love the name, but I’m glad they finally released it. Now, if we can only find out what Rachel Griffiths named her little one.

Katrina on

Otis is a fine name for a little boy and I honestly do not see what all the fuss is about. It is traditional and is quite a nice name really. One of my fave actresses (Amanda Mealing) has an absolutely adorable little lad with the name Otis.

Otis and Ruby has a really nice ring to it – both oldish names but that seems to be the current fashion.

susan on

Oooh, that’s unfortunate.

CTBmom on

Awww. I looked at the pics on x17online, and he is adorable! I think he favors Toby, whereas Ruby really favors her mama more. Otis is a fine name….be nice.

Brooklyn on

Hmm. Interesting. I’m not sure what to think other than it reminds me of a former local athlete, Otis Floyd. lol.

nosoupforyou on

They should have kept this name hidden. Forever.

Suzanne on

Hmmmm, um OK….

Sarah on

Otis is ok, not bad, not great. I like Tobias better.
And at least it’s uncommon without being too odd or ridiculous. It’s so much better than Zuma Nesta Rock or Bronx Mowgli.

susan on

I don’t like the name – that doesn’t mean it is the wrong name for the child. I just don’t terribly care for it. I am certainly entitled to my opinion, and as I sincerely doubt Otis’ parents will check this site for our opinions, I feel absolutely no compunction saying a negative, but not mean, comment about the name.

Sarah M. on

Millikate – I’m with you, entirely. I just wonder if Rachel Griffiths will give the new one a more ‘normal’ name. Unlikely, given the names of her older 2, but perhaps.

He is adorable in the photo! Good luck to the whole family!

Sarah M. on

On a side note, Josh Turner’s oldest son is Hampton Otis. So there are others.

Sarah M. on

Susan – Actually, there have been at least 3 (that I know of) celeb parents that have found articles about their families on cbb and read the comment section. Amy Dalley, Ryan and Trista Sutter and Ralphie May. They have all read the comments and then responded to some of them on here. Some of the comments for each family were absolutely horrible, too! Just plain mean!! They have all been fairly recent, too. So, while it is unlikely that they will see this, it has been known to happen before.

I’m done now! Some comments were added while I was typing mine that I felt the need to respond to. πŸ™‚

Mimi on

Marimel, what uppity part of Indiana do you live in? I live in Indy and have heard plenty of weird names (Pixie, Maverick, Rainbow, Dong, Ja’Tamaisy) and those kids fit in just fine (maybe because they don’t know people like you).

BTW, my son Lucas gets made fun of because of his name. Lucas-Pukas. Luke the Puke. My brother Michael was called Mike the Dyke. Having an ordinary name doesn’t save anyone from anything.

Otis is a charming name.

susan on

Sarah – that is true. But if I were lucky enough to be a mother and have a child, I wouldn’t give a damn what anyone says.
Just because I don’t like the name Otis Tobias doesn’t actually have any bearing. I have an opinion on the matter, but why should two loving and happy parents care, even if they become aware of my dislike? I have a very common name, and many people don’t care for it. So what? I love my name, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. And neither should Tobey and Jennifer. (Susan is not my actual name, I am hyper senstive about my privacy. I have to be, I am a writer for a living, and much of my work is research and sources, and you would be astounded how simple it is to do a person/name verification; right down to address, spouse, criminal and driving record, occupation, etc. Anyway, I prefer to keep my name out of the headlines and onto the bylines).

Anon on

I don’t like the names together, but I like them seperate.

I’m curious what was Trista Sutters response to the comments on her childs name??

susan on

Er, sorry for the above digression. What can I say; my career is showing!

Regardless of anything else, a name is part of an identity – almost tangible. How we respond is also part of that idtentity. But again, I digress. Oops. Sorry. πŸ™‚

Ellen on

Lucas is so common now you would think kids would get over the silly rhymes. Although saying that kids can find ways to make fun of names like John and David.

You can imagine the fun I had in school when Elllen DeGeneres’ Puppy Episode was broadcast!

Amy on

As soon as I saw this – I thought of Otis Redding.

Sittin’ on a Dock of the Bay. πŸ™‚

JMO on

Otis Tobias??


Otis just reminds me of that movie Milo and Ottis oh and not to mention Odie from Garfield!! I also know someone that has a dog named Otis. So for me not a fan. But nonetheless congrats!

Sarah M. on

Anon – Some comments made by others were “How horrendous.”, “Why would they even think about doing that to their child?”, etc., etc. etc. Ryan responded about Blakesley Grace) with “Blakesley is actually a family name, he mentioned how far back the name went…” and other things. If you type in Ryan Sutter or Trista Sutter in the search box, it should bring up all the articles that cbb has done on them. Find the one where they announced when she had Blakesley (should be beginning April 2009.) The comment section should come up. (Be warned, it is a lengthy comment section!) Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

Sanja on

Not a fan of the name, but it beats Bronx Mowgli or Moxie Crimefighter any day, imo.

One thing I don’t get, aren’t they Jewish? The Jewish families I know were adamant about not naming a baby after a living relative.

April on

Sarah I remember that, it was on the birth announcement I think. But I believe it was a member of Trista’s family that commented though, not Ryan.

Erica on

Otis, Bob, Tabitha, and Marion should all start a baby shuffleboard league in the next couple of years. lol.

I would never choose it for anyone but my dog but honestly, Otis is not a horrible name at all. And I agree that it is miles better than Bronx or even Braydon/Jaden/Caden etc. Otis Tobias doesn’t flow at all though.

noam on

sanja-you’re correct,traditionally, jewish families don’t name their children after living relatives. if anything, we use the same initials…but it isn’t a law or anything, and in mixed-religion marriages, it’s definitely not unheard of now days. if i remember correctly, tobey is named after his father, so they are perhaps just carrying on his family tradition…

otis is such a cute name, and it goes well with ruby…

Amy on

One thing I don’t get, aren’t they Jewish? The Jewish families I know were adamant about not naming a baby after a living relative.

That is VERY true. There are five cousins on my mother’s side. When my aunt named her son with the same name as my older brother, my mother was FURIOUS. It is just something we don’t do. It was not my mother being silly or overreacting – it is simply not done. It is considered a disservice to the already living person – as though they are being replaced before their time, or do not live up the potential of the name.

Enormous insult. It is been 18 years – my Mom is still miffed at her sister. I mean – there were two other boys in the family of our generation. It isn’t like they RAN out of names. My mother’s feelings were genuinely hurt.

oziky on

Newspapers here in Australia reported days ago that Rachel Griffiths had named her bub Clementine Grace.


We heard the same and have been trying to confirm with her rep. Hopefully soon!

– CBB Staff

Amber on

Otis was my sister’s dog’s name, so that’s what I think of when I hear it. It sure is a different choice for a name. It’s bound to be unique, and it’s spelled correctly, so that makes it a-okay for me!

JustMe on

Otis Maguire! That is one AWESOME name-
Love it.

Tina on

i am not trying to insult anybody that are jewish, but why cant you name people after other people in the family?

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Love both the names Otis and Ruby, but don’t like Tobias, and really don’t like it along with Otis, the two ‘s’ ending names, too similar, but like Otis. At least Tobias has meaning for them and that’s why he had it included I’m sure, to honour baby’s dad, which is great. Think their kids’ names are both nice and was wondering what they’d called him. A soap actress (who played a murderess called Tracy!) over in the UK (I’m in NZ but it’s a popular show here too) on a long-running UK soap called Coronation Street, named her son Otis, from memory. don’t know if Coro St is aired in the US however?, I’m sure it is in OZ though. Congrats Tobey, Jennifer and Ruby!

Sarah M. on

April – The one I’m talking about was when they actually announced her birth, before they were even able to order any birth announcements. (Blakesley was only a day or 2 old at that point.) And Ryan said in the first line of his comment “This is Ryan.” I believe that another family member commented on the one with their actual birth announcement, too, though. πŸ™‚ (I could be wrong, though. Don’t quote me on that.)

andrea on

I can’t believe its been 8 weeks already, I like the nam Otis though it’s pretty cute. Congrats to them

April on

Sarah, that’s what I meant, the announcement of the birth on cbb. not the photo birth announcement. sorry I should have been clearer. I meant this post

I just see the comment from Tristas relative, nothing from Ryan?

Amy on

i am not trying to insult anybody that are jewish, but why cant you name people after other people in the family?
Not to worry, I’m not insulted. Fair question.

Technically, Jews of European descent do not name after living relatives. And the Sefardim (a sect and locale of a Jewish “tribe”) more often tend to name after living relatives).

The main reason (and it just tradition now) is that Jews often did not have surnames. So two David’s in one family could get confusing. Known by trade (David the butcher) did not help in the differentiation. To avoid that confusion, or the need to say David the Elder, which wouldn’t work in the case of cousins or aunts and uncles anyway, people simply weren’t named after living relatives.

Anyway, never be afraid to ask a good question! This was a good one. Have a good day, and Shalom to you (it means peace – among other things – in Hebrew).

April on

Not a horrible name but not what I expected. That being said…everyone has opinions on names whether good or bad. It seems everyone comments on names too (in your real life). I remember when I was pregnant and mentioned some names to my mom and mother in law and it seems that each one I said got a “oh that’s not good” reaction even though they were mostly “normal” names. We liked Ethan and my mother in law just down right said “I hope it’s not that because I hate that name.” Well we ended up changing our pick 2 weeks before the birth but it had nothing to do with her opinion. I think people feel the need to be especially harsh to celebrities for some reason. Myself included….especially with Blakesly but again it is just an opinion and when it comes down to it it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks of the name you choose. What matters is what it means to you. Blakesly is very hard to enunciate but it has meaning to the parents and it has a family history which in itself makes it a great name for them to have chosen. Celebrities should be used to getting jabbed even if it is for the baby name(s) they’ve chosen. Like they care what us “normal” people think anyways πŸ™‚

Heather on

not that our opininos matter, but I LOVE the, funky, sweet…just love it

dylancrazy08 on

amy, I want to elaborate on what you said, it was a good explanation but there is actually a religious one too. In Judaism the soul goes through many progressions of lives. It was considered bad luck to name your child after someone alive because the person would be splitting their soul. Also, souls are supposed to commit a certain amount of righteous deeds in their lifetime in the Jewish faith. Its not a certain number, but its based on your life path. Sometimes Jewish people name their children after dead family members so that the person’s soul can finish their good deeds through the child. I think that most people do not know these explanations, because they are mainly very very old rabbinical traditions. but they are beautiful and I wish that more Jewish people were informed of them.

marimel on

#42 Mimi,
I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to imply by saying “people like you,” and correct me if I am wrong, but if you’re basing your judgments about me thinking I live under a rock or in a snooty part of town because I don’t happen to know anyone named Otis or Rainbow, then think again. I live outside of Indianapolis and have encountered a variety of people with a variety of names, I know twins named Orangejello and Lemonjello (Or-ahn-jello; Luh-mon-jello), but you bet your butt I did a “say what” to myself. How incredibly rude of you to think I live in an uppity part of town, but isn’t it a bit “uppity” of you to assume I don’t know anyone but those named Matthew or Katherine?

And quite frankly, I don’t think I said anything overly negative for you to make such a rude comment to me and only called it unique, not “weird,” as you did. Nor did I say a child with that name wouldn’t fit in unless he was of celeb offspring or that he is bound to be made fun of for a name like that. I simply said I would do a double take, in other words, I’d think “huh, that’s not something I’ve heard before/ in awhile.” But I would never laugh in a person’s face because of their name or even make a negative comment that would be offensive. You took what I read and made way too many (incorrect) assumptions with what I was implying.

And in case you are wondering, I don’t necessarily like Jacob, Lily, Ethan, Isabella and all the other over-used names we hear today either, I like names you don’t hear everyday and ones where a child will be the only one with that name in their class (I was the only person with my name in high school and college, so it’s not like my name is Katie), but forgive me if I also don’t particularly care for Otis or Rainbow. Besides which, as I said the first time, there are far worse names, such as a woman I did service work for who named her kid Placenta. Different strokes for different folks. In all honesty, I meant nothing negative or offensive by my comment, but again, assuming I think I am better than people named Maverick (which by the way, is a GREAT name) is ridiculous and unnecessary. I guess the days of Hoosier Hospitality are out the window… or maybe it only still exists in my “uppity part of town.”

marimel on

and a side note, but I think other comment’s are far worse than anything I said.

* sorry for the lengthy response, but I really resent being called uppity and essentially called ignorant because of an innocent comment that was dissected beyond necessary. In all honesty, I don’t even dislike Otis that much, I just wouldn’t ever use it and haven’t heard it since Otis Redding, which is why I said I’d do a double-take. OK, enough of me justifying myself for people I don’t even know.

Kelly on

Im sorry but Otis reminds me of a dogs name. Why cant celebrities name their kids a somewhat normal name!!

Congrats to them on the birth of their son.

Mia on

Just another comment about Jewish naming traditions or “guidelines”: It’s a old story and tradition that if a baby is named after a family member(example: “David”) that is still living, that if the “angel of death” comes, they will be confused and will take the wrong person. It’s just a safety/precaution. It’s more honoring to name “for” someone, like the same initial, rather than after, living or dead. I think it’s pretty cool.

The little baby is adorable. Not a huge fan of the name, but I think it has a strong sound, and its pretty regular name, nothing too crazy. I agree that the little guy looks more like his father, and the daughter looks more like the mother, but I think its a good combination of both parents in both children. Cute family.

Helen on

There were people thinking that Tobey and Jennifer would follow the same pattern as Ruby. I bet people were thinking he was called Jasper Handsome!

Cece on

I agree with another comment, that Otis Redding comes ot mind. It kind of grows on you, and settles in nicely!

Shan on

Tradition,opinion,religion…..what should it matter? they named their son what they wanted, good for them. Now let’s let it go and leave the family be.

dolleybots on

I love the name. Otis is such a cool name.
can’t wait to see him!

Alex on

I don’t love the name, but it’s not the very worst I’ve ever heard. I don’t think it flows terrifically well with the middle name, although Otis Maguire sounds okay. I think subconsciously I was expecting something cuter like big sister Ruby Sweetheart. I just keep coming back to images of Otis the Aardvark, which would prevent me from ever using the name myself!

aurora mia on

I agree, I really like Otis and Ruby….cute cute names.

Denise on

Wow, Otis is such a wicked name. I love it. It’s unusual, I like it. My friends son is called Otis, which I was quite shocked to hear but it’s really grown on me. I love it.

T. on

I like Otis especially with Ruby. Otis Tobias I don’t like together too many of the same letters and sounds for me.

Diamond Girl on

I’m old, so I think of Otis as the guy on Andy Griffith who was always in the drunk tank : )

Didn’t they say that the Jewish tradition is why David Arquette didn’t want Coco to be named Courteney after her mother and grandmother? That would make sense.

I’m Italian, and it’s very traditional to name children after the grandparents. My grandpa had five brothers, they all named a daughter after their mother, so my mom had five cousins with her same first and last name. Traditional, but confusing! Of course then my uncle married a girl with that first name too, so then there were seven.

Ellen Smith on

Wrong name, all wrong. What were they thinking? Doesn’t sound masculine, not retro, except for the fact that it is not popular now, and sounds like the suffix for a disease.

Liv on

Love the name!

Toni on

Poor boy. He will forever be associated with Otis Campbell, the loveable town drunk on the Andy Griffith Show. Oh well . . . matches well with Ruby Sweetheart. Where do these people get these names??????????????????

j.U.d.E. on

Yes! I like the name too! Cool name! Love Otis! It’s special!

Tina on

thanks for answering my question Amy πŸ™‚

Mary Catherine on

Not a bad name….just different

Alex on

I love the name Tobias. Otis is a serial killer name (Otis O’Toole). Plus Otis doesn’t have an attractive sound at all.

M on

Whats wrong with the name…seriously you people have nothing better to do.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Oh, now we’ve come to serial killers. Really. Charles Manson, but people still name their children Charles. Ted Bundy, but people still name their children Ted. David Bianchi, but people still name their children David. Jim Jones, but people still name their children Jim. Let’s take it further, John Dillinger. The first man on a wanted poster. Everybody don’t name your children John. They’ll forever be associated with a killer. That has to be the most ridiculous statement to date on Celebrity Baby. But you sanctimommies can be counted on to through hate at a child.

I think Otis is pretty neat and I happen to be a fan of Otis Redding, one of the best singers to ever live.

hollie on

i love love love the name otis!!!!

it has been top of my list of baby names for years!
there a lovely family!!xx

British Twin Mummy (aka Emma) on

Love the name Otis – how great is that name!!! Personally, i wouldn’t have teamed it with Tobias as they both end in an ‘s’ and thus too similar sounding to me – maybe Otis Tobin would have been better?! Though individually, I love both of the names!

lizzielui on

As long as we are going the serial killer route, let’s not forget John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Gary Ridgeway (Green River Killer), Richard Ramirez (the night stalker), and David Berkowitz (The Son if Sam.) So John, Jeffrey, Gary, Richard and David should be out as well if you follow Alex’s logic. I’m with Aroundthewaygirl, some of the comments in this thread are just plain silly.

Molly B on

@ Marimel. No, you do not know twins named Orangejello and Lemonjello. That is an extremely well-known (racist) urban legend well-documented on Also, I have heard about 20 different people tell me that same story about Lemonjello name. Simply not true.

Daisy on

I love the name. Although perhaps to keep some people on here happy they should have just called him Max.

Otis goes really well with Ruby, and it’s a name that is cool for a child and grown-up enough for an adult. Love it.

Terri on

May 8th!!! That’s my birthday! He must be one very cool baby ;o)

marimel on

Molly B,
If you’d like to believe I made that claim in a weak attempt to defend myself, then so be it. I don’t know you or Mimi from Adam, so quite frankly, if you and every one else who has read my posts would like to picture me as a lying, ignorant person from an uppity part of Indiana, that’s your choice. But just for the record, I have never even heard of and would never promote a racist joke, innuendo, urban-legend, or story for personal “gain,” or any other reason, for that matter.

marimel on

HAHA, Daisy! Good call, and while Max is a better choice than say, Lettuce or Pecan , it is quite popular, especially lately, so I too am glad to hear something different!

CelebBabyLover on

Toni- I realize that was probably a retorical question, but I’d like to point out that Otis could very well be a family name (for example, maybe one of Jennifer’s or Toby’s grandfathers was named Otis).

CelebBabyLover on

Molly B- How do you know she doesn’t personally know twins with those names?

Emily on

@ Molly B – I agree with CelebBabyLover: who’s to say someone who had twins didn’t read and decide to call their kids Orangejello and Lemonjello in a fit of madness? There was a case in NZ where a child was named Tallulahdoesthehula (with a change later enforced by law, I believe) and another case here in Australia where someone named their three children with names closely related to Nazism. It DOES happen. Silly assumption to make that Marimel couldn’t possibly have known kids with those names, and kind of rude to word it the way you did!

Emily on

Also – CBB. Public forum. People are allowed to express their personal taste about names – whether for or against. If they start to become rude and belittle the parents (or the poor children) for the decision then that’s where it becomes completely inappropriate. But I feel that some people get overly uppity when people say “I really don’t like the name” or “I wouldn’t call my child by that name”. There’s nothing wrong with an opinion if conveyed in a sensible, measured, non-offensive way.

For the record – love the name Tobias, not a great fan of the name Otis (for me, reminiscent of Milo & Otis, as well as elevator). But that’s okay. I’m really happy for the Maguires and look forward to seeing pictures of the gorgeous addition to their family!

tylerbrenner on

Worst. Name. Ever.

I’m sure he’ll go by his middle name or a nickname.

marimel on

@Emily– bahahaha Tallulahdoesthehula, that reminds me of an episode of FRIENDS where Phoebe changed her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock, hilarious episode. Good for the NZ government for realizing how unfair that is to the poor child, and since the name has since been changed, I think it’s safe to laugh now. As for the Nazi names, you mean to tell me there are two sets of parents that would name their kids after such a horrific event(s)?! In New Jersey, I believe, there is a family with kids named Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell– this was a big story in the States after Wal-mart refused to write “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” on the boy’s cake. How disgusting is that?!?! (The names, not the wal-mart incident)

CelebBabyLover on

tylerbrenner- Really? I think Audio Science, Moon Unit, Peanut, Pirate, and Pilot Inspecktor are much worse names!

MiB on

I love the name Otis Tobias! It has a nice flow and one of the first things that came to mind was Otis Redding! Maybe they are fans? Besides, I remember that there were a lot of people who didn’t like the name Ruby Sweetheart either back when her name was announced.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Marimel/comment 102: we live in nz, and remember all the drama and coverage of the case – poor girl. ITA, at least they had the sense to overrule it, spare the poor girl any more hassles when she’s older!

Emily on

@Marimel: Oh, oops! That was the story I was thinking of. I think the person who was telling me about it was misinformed and thought it happened in Melbourne, but obviously not. That’s what I mean – bizarre things like that do happen! And yeah, that particular case was TERRIBLE!