Halle Berry and Nahla: Comfort Zone

07/03/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
VT/SJ/Splash News Online

Someone’s ready for night-night!

Halle Berry and pajama-wearing 15-month-old daughter Nahla Ariela are prepared for a sleepy flight as they make their way through Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday.

Dad is model Gabriel Aubry.

Click below for a family shot!

VT/SJ/Splash News Online

Halle pushes Nahla in a Baby Jogger City Mini stroller in stone/black ($230). Check out our review of the City Mini Double here.

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M.R. on

BEAUTIFULSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS mother and daughter!!!!!

Emma on


Mina on

This is one of my fav celebrity families! they’re so down to earth & Nahla is so GORGEOUS!!

martina on

They are too gorgeous for words.

kimmy on

nahla is a gorgeous little girl and i think she will be tall she looks long for a 15 month baby

aurora mia on

Is that the most beautiful little girl ever???????????? Precious!

k on

Such a lovely little girl and beautiful mom. I love the family picture – the way Gabriel and Halle look at each other, awwwwwwwwww.

Shirelle on

Nahla is so cute

Simply Bohemian on

So beyond cute!

erica alayne on

What a gorgeous family, and I LOVE seeing photos of them because I can relate to them so well; I am biracial like Halle, my husband is white, and we have the most amazing son who will be three on July 22nd. I love seeing families like mine!

Alex on

I too love seeing biracial familes. I have a friend who has two children. She herself is white, the father of her seven-yr-old son is Chinese and her three-yr-old daughter’s father is black. Her current partner (husband) is white and you should see the looks they get sometimes, like something isn’t right with the family. It breaks my heart as they are a beautiful blended family who are raising two lovely kids and it’s just wonderful to see a family like this one who are in a blended situation also. Beautiful trio.

whalenconst on

so cute!

Anon on

Halle makes the pixie cut look so good. My heads to big for that mess.

starr on

Mother and daughter are absolutely beautiful.

Bancie1031 on

Gorgeous Family!!!!

JMO on

Hands down the most beautiful Celeb baby and mom!

giftbox on

While the first shot (mom & baby) is precious, I so love the second shot just for the way Halle and Gabriel are looking at each other. It’s so lovely.

Marissa on

There are no other words to describe both Nahla and Halle except for BEAUTIFUL. Well, no, thats not true… beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, cute, the list goes on! I love this Mother/Daughter duo!

Meream on

Oh, look at her and her pajamas and socks. How cozy. She is a beautiful baby.

christina on

Alex…um, sounds like your friend should be more careful! Wow…3 fathers for 3 babies is bound to get people talking — and looking!

brannon on

a bit harsh christina … 2 children with 2 different fathers is hardly uncommon these days. regardless, a bit judgmental?

beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

eva on

Nahla is a beautiful little lady.In this particular shot she resembles her mom, they have matching pensive expressions.

I agree with Brannon,a proud and loving mother doesn’t care about outsider’s stares and gossip.For some people,happy and healthy children are enough to be content with themselves, regardless of what others say.

Lani on


Ellie on

This family looks so happy, just honest, true, happiness is shining through in these photos. The love from this family must be unbelievable.

And why is the fact that they are a biracial family such a big deal, they’re biracial, good for them. More importantly, they are obviously quite in love and I predict that they aren’t going to become just another pretty hollywood couple who falls in and out of love. She reminds me of Julia Roberts in that she keeps Nahla (BEAUTIFUL NAME) out of the spotlight, and she doesn’t parade her around all the time, therefore, I have tremendous respect for Halle and Gabriel.

CelebBabyLover on

christina- Re-read Alex’s comment, please. It’s TWO children with TWO different fathers (from the sounds of it, Alex’s friend doesn’t have any children with her current husband yet). That said, we don’t know what the situation was like (maybe when Alex’s friend met the first two men, she thought they were each “the one” and then they ended up being abusive to her, for example), so we have no right to judge.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and christina, people aren’t going to know just by looking at Alex’s friends family that her two children have two different fathers, neither of which is her current husband, just by looking. They might assume the kids are adopted.

Joy on

Wow! How time flies! Nahla is really not in the ‘baby’stage anymore. She is beautiful. Those eyes!!

Mia on

That baby is ALL daddy, and Halle and Gabriel look so in love 🙂 Congrats to the family.

VR on

Halle’s baby is so cute. I think she looks better with short hair and her boyfriend is so sexy. She looks so happy I’m happy that she has found happiness hopefully one day I can.

Annie on

I love the second picture.

Dee on

Beautiful family!!!!

Angela on

Halle’s known for her short hair. She wore it long but I think it looks fab as is.

FC on

Halle and Nahla look so cute, though sleepy, in that first picture. They even have the same tired expressions on their faces. 🙂

Terri on

Now that is a gorgeous family!