Cobie Smulders Welcomes Daughter Shaelyn Cado

07/03/2009 at 11:35 AM ET
Roger Karnbad/Celebrity Photo

Cobie Smulders has met her daughter! The How I Met Your Mother actress and her fiancé, actor Taran Killam, are the proud parents of a baby girl, PEOPLE has learned. Shaelyn Cado Killam arrived on Saturday, May 16th.

While attending an event in January with her co-stars — including fellow pregnant pal Alyson Hannigan — Cobie joked that the pair’s topics of conversation were generally focused on baby! “You really can’t help it, because you have babies on the brain, and you can’t help but talk about it a lot,” she laughed. “From creams, doctors, birth methods, dilation … You talk about everything.”

Fortunately, she had Alyson — who welcomed daughter Satyana in March — to confide in, with the two often swapping stories on set. “It’s nice because we can just talk about babies all day long, and not be like, ‘Okay, this person has to be sick of this,’ because you know that she’s just as excited as I am,” noted Alyson.

Shaelyn is the first child for Cobie and Taran, both 27, who were engaged in January. The pregnancy was announced last November.

Source: PEOPLE

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Becky on

Oh I LOVE the name Shaelyn! Beautiful! Side note – Doesn’t she look like Demi Moore’s daughter Rumor in this picture?

Becky on

I just noticed….the pregnancy was announced in Nov. Wow! They announced it very early in the pregnancy!

Corrie on

What a pretty name! I love her on HIMYM. I can see Shaelyn and Satyana growing up to be best friends – how cute would that be?

April on

How do you figure that Becky? She was 3-4 months when they announced, that’s pretty normal…

Glad we finally found out about the baby! I was hoping nothing had happened since we didn’t hear anything. I’d love to know the meaning behind the middle name. Can’t wait for new HIMYM episodes!

Harley on

OMG! Oh I’m so happy for them! Shaelyn is such a beautiful name!

Laura on

Wow can’t believe she had her and we are JUST finding out. (Please don’t take that to mean that I think we should know all of their business lol I’m just surprised she was able to keep it quiet for so long)

Cute name 🙂

Becky on

Nov was 8 months ago. If you’re pregnant for 9 full months (beginning of 10 months) that would make her only 2 months pregnant in Nov. If I’m doing my math right….

Becky on

OH! I just noticed she was born in May. I was thinking she was just born and that’s why I was surprised they announced it in Nov. Oops! My bad! 😉

JMO on

That’s a name on my baby list!!! Congrats!

lola from Paris on

Congrats to them !!!
Can someone tell me how to pronounce “Shaelyn” ?? thanks a lot!

Lynn on

I’m so excited for Cobie and Taran! I’ve been going nuts waiting for this announcement since she’s one of my favorite actresses and I love HIMYM.

I also love the name. I knew a Shaylynn in high school.

S on

lola, it’s pronounces Shay-lynn

Congrats to them! Love Cobie on HIMYM, so happy for her!

Abby on

I love the middle name, even without knowing the meaning behind it! Very cool and unique!

Brooklyn on

Aww! Yay! I’m so happy for Cobie and Taran! And I absolutely LOVE the name! It’s one of my favourites…it makes me love her even more! lol. =)

Blah on

cool name!!! can´t wait to see a pic of cobies lilttle girl

Karm on

I was getting worried that something had happened!!

holden on

I have been waiting for this announcement for quite a while now. Like others, I was afraid something had gone wrong. Congratulations, Cobie and Taran 😀 ! Shaelyn is a lovely name.
I see Shaelyn and Satyana (the names even match!) growing up to be good friends.
On a side note to CBB – I think this should’ve gotten a nice, ‘Breaking News’ yellow box announcement like most other birth announcements do. Is this baby not famous enough to get one of those 😦 ?

Nope, it’s just that this is “old” news, as rumors that she’d had a baby girl around that date had been out for weeks now – we were just waiting for confirmation before we could post.

— CBB Staff

Heather on

I love the name Shaelyn too! I may be a little biased though as my daughters middle name is Shaye. I came up with that when I was pregnant with my son, whose now 6, before we knew if he was a boy or a girl. Anyway the way we came up with that is my Grandma, whose one of my most favorite people, has the middle name Faye and my Mom is named Sherri. So I came up with Shaye to combine Sherri and Faye. Yeah Grandma gets more of the name then my Mom lol and my Mom jokes that she’s the sh part of it like be quiet lol but I like the name. With a name like Shaelyn I’m guessing she may have combined some names to honor family as it sounds like a combo of some names, but either way it’s a beautiful name!! Congrats to the new parents!! 🙂

Elle on

I have a little cousin named Shaelyn. I think this name is really cute. Too bad all the -lyn trends are all over the place though. My cousin is 10 so she was able to avoid all of that. But I wonder about the Cado. Is it like Kay-doe or Ca-do? Haha. That sounds funny.

Brittany on

I love the name Shaelyn! Growing up, I was a fan of the ice dance team of Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz, so this name brings back good memories!

misspalin on

I’m finally beginning to hear more of that name. My name is Shailyn but I pronounce it Shay-leen. But of course everyone says Shay-lynn, which I’m pretty sure is this baby’s name. It’s a great name and I’m happy to see that it is becoming more popular. Congratulations 🙂

Shalyn on

I love the name!!! Of course I am partial because my daughter is Shayla and my name is Shalyn. Congrats to Cobie and Taran..

Eva on

Congrats for Cobie and Taran!
Shaelyn is such a cute name!
I hope we’ll get to see a picture of the little girl soon 🙂

Cassie on

Like the name Shaelyn. Cado? Uh, not so much.

Liv on

I really like this name too. I love how i met your mother.

MelBel on

I’m so glad they have finally released her name to the public, although it was nice they could have a bit of privacy. It is a beautiful name they have chosen. I thought it was going to be Schyler not Shaelyn, cos I was told the initials a long time ago. So happy for Cobie and Taran.
Also, she was actually born on May 15 not 16.

It was the 16th per both her rep and sources.

— CBB Staff

Mary Catherine on

Adorable first name….. strange middle name. 🙂

catmandu on

Congratulations to them both! I can only imagine how beautiful this baby is. AND, I’m impressed they were able to keep this announcement private until now! As an aside, does anyone know if Cobie and Taran met on HIMYM when he played Barney’s colleague Blauman? Or did they know each other beforehand???

brannon on

Remind anyone else of kato kaelin?

Janet on

Love that name! Good to know other folks such as them spell it Shaelyn…pronounced Shay-Lynn.

sharon on

congratulations and what a great name! my 14 year old’s name is Shalyn – i used the first 3 letters in my first and middle names Sharon and Lynn and, viola, SHALYN

shaelyn on

my name is shaelyn and you spelled it right!omg